Wine Doctor Shark Tank Update

Many wine preservers have the drawback of making it impossible to determine when enough air has been pushed out or when more air has been introduced after a bottle has been pushed out.

Most preservers available on the market today let air escape into the bottle within minutes or even hours after the food has been preserved.

You are therefore exposing your highly expensive bottle to oxygen capable of destroying it, despite you believing it is safe.

The Intelli-stopper is the only wine preserver available on the market that uses a visual indicator, allowing you to easily determine whether or not all of your wine has been properly preserved.

When the red indicator on the bottle appears, the container still contains some oxygen. You will notice that the red indicator no longer appears once you pump out the air. When the window is clear, you may rest assured that your wine is not tainted.

Wine can only stay free for two or three days without any preservation, but with Wine Doctor by Intelli-Stopper, your bottle will remain fresh for up to two weeks after removing the cork.

The Intelli-Stopper is a stopper for wine bottles that features a visible indicator in the form of a red dot that illuminates if there is air trapped inside the bottle. Intelli Stopper provides a solution not available in any other wine preservation product. 

Intelli-Stopper was founded by Chase Hoyt and two other individuals in 1999. Hoyt says you can never be sure how much air is being pumped out and never know if that air gets back in the container.

What Is Wine Doctor?

Wine Doctor is a stopper for wine bottles that features a visual warning in the form of a red light that illuminates if the air is trapped inside the bottle. It offers a solution that can’t be found in other wine preservatives.

Many wine preservers make it impossible to tell when enough air has been pushed out of a bottle and when new air is introduced.

Most preservers available on the market today let air escape into the bottle within minutes or even hours after the food has been preserved.

Therefore, you’re exposing the expensive bottle you spent so much money on to oxygen at a rate of 21% per hour, even though you believe it is safe.

WineDoctor Shark Tank Update

WineDoctor is a unique wine preserver that uses a visual indicator, allowing you to determine if your wine has been properly preserved immediately.

An indicator in red on a bottle indicates that the container still has some oxygen inside. The red indicator will no longer appear once you pump out the air.

Rest assured that your wine is not tainted when the window is clear. When you don’t preserve your wine, it will only last for two or three days, but the bottle will remain fresh for two weeks when you use Wine Doctor by Intelli-Stopper.

Company NameIntelli Stopper WineDoctor
EntrepreneurBob Hoyt and CHase Hoyt
Product / BusinessA machine for pumping air out of bottles of wine.
Investment Asking For$250,000 for 10% equity in WineDoctor
Final DealNo Deal
SharkNo Shark
Episode Season 5, Episode 25
Business StatusOut Of Business
WebsiteVisit Website

Who Is The Founder Of Wine Doctor?

Chase Hoyt and his father, Bob Hoyt, are the founders of WineDoctor. They enjoy wine in their household. His cellar’s wine makes it easy for his father to provide the ideal beverage for family gatherings since he always has plenty of wine.

The Wine Doctor, more than just an advanced cork, relies on a vacuum pump system to eliminate air from open bottles of wine. An “Intelli-stopper” is used to seal the package, a patented silicon “cork” accompanied by an airtight sealing sequence of O-rings.

The stopper on the bottle will signal red if any air has gotten into the bottle, letting you know it needs to be pumped out. Oxygen in the air is wine’s enemy. If you let too much air into that gorgeous bottle of Cabernet, it will turn into bitter vinegar.

If the bottle of wine is not sealed as soon as possible after opening, the wine immediately begins to change. The Wine Doctor uses a suction pump and high-tech cork mechanism to close open bottles.

Wine Doctor Before Shark Tank

The father-and-son team of Chase and Bob Hoyt has traveled from Tucson, Arizona, to visit the Shark Tank. They are the company that developed the Intelli-Stopper technology and are looking for an investment of $250,000 in exchange for a 10% equity stake in their business.

Chase says that the Intelli-Stopper technology will transform how food and beverages are preserved.

There is a problem with the wine preservers on the market today because there is no means to determine when enough air has been removed from the bottle, nor can it be determined whether air has been reintroduced.

The oxygen in a bottle of wine preserved with commercially available preservatives can be re-entered in a few minutes or hours after the cork has been replaced.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of Wine Doctor?

Chase Hoyt and his father, Bob Hoyt, from Tucson, Arizona, presented their company on Shark Tank in April 2014.

They approached the Tank in the hopes of receiving an investment of $250,000 in exchange for a 10% stake in the Intelli-Stopper.

This valuation of $2.5 million did not go over well with the Sharks, particularly with wine aficionado Kevin O’Leary, who said to the Hoyts, “There’s so much we could be doing together if you weren’t such selfish pigs.”

The Hoyts had invested $300,000 in their product but failed to secure a contract on Shark Tank despite investing the money themselves.

Robert inquires about the Intelli-ability Stopper to preserve wine, and Chase explains that this feature is certainly one of the product’s selling points.

In comparison, a re-corked bottle of wine has an average life span of two days. If you use an Intelli-Stopper, the wine should be good for up to fourteen days.

Kevin claims he has six wine cellars and owns every single preservation system that has been manufactured, including ones that do nitrogen and argon gas. Kevin also claims that he has a collection of antique wine bottles.

The primary distinction between the Intelli-Stopper and its predecessor, a preservation system that generates $15 million in annual revenue, is that the latter features an indication that indicates whether or not air is allowed to enter, while the former does not.

Chase responds that they did sales of $150,000 in the previous year and are scheduled to do sales of approximately $350,000 this year (2013) in response to Robert’s inquiry concerning sales.

Chase says that just recently, they successfully secured a significant order of Intelli-Stoppers from a major retailer known as Bed, Bath and Beyond.

However, Kevin acknowledges that despite his need for a product and his intention to buy one, he cannot wrap his brain around the fact that the company is valued at $2.5 million.

Mark asserts that it is unmistakable that the Hoyts have “made a better mousetrap,” but he cannot identify the mouse or determine its destination.

Mark continues by stating that he does not know enough about the potential uses or markets of the Intelli-Stopper technology and is even astonished that people like Kevin collect oils. Kevin is one of the people whom Mark finds surprising.

Mark is a little off in his assumptions because he believed that some products, like wine and oils, would improve with age and use. As a result, Mark backs out of the business transaction.

Lori also leaves, adding that in her time working at QVC, she has seen a great deal of merchandise that claims to provide the same advantages as the Intelli-Stopper, but nearly none of it has ever been successful.

The next Shark to be eliminated from the agreement is Lori. Robert, too, pulls out of the transaction, citing that the Intelli-Stopper is not something he would use as his reason for doing so. Kevin is the only Shark that is still available.

Kevin begins by stating that he uses the Intelli-rival Stopper’s product daily and that the reason for this is that he begins each evening with a glass of wine and then uses the rival’s product to stop the flow of wine before moving on to other wines.

His competitors have his business because mass distribution is nailed down, and he can only keep two bottles halted at a time. This is because his competitors have mass distribution locked down.

Kevin believes that if the people behind the Intelli-Stopper weren’t so greedy, they could accomplish much more. 

He thinks that the value of $250,000 is completely unreasonable. Kevin is the final Shark to be eliminated from the competition.

Even though Chase and Bob Hoyt bought each Shark a beautiful glass of wine, they were still unsuccessful in finding a deal.

Robert makes Kevin laugh towards the end of the conversation by joking that he has a problem and making fun of the idea of an intervention.

What Happened To Wine Doctor After Shark Tank?

The Intelli-Stopper technology once allowed for only one Intelli-Stopper but has since been improved to cover a wide range of subject matter.

It is available under the brand name “WineDoctor,” and marketed under several different packaging options.

These kits differ in that one consists only of the stoppers in a two-pack, while the other contains the pumps that expel air from the bottle in addition to the stoppers.

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The OliveDoctor and the CoffeDoctor are the only businesses of their kind, and sadly, a simple Google search for “WineDoctor” will yield an inaccurate listing of a Bordeaux and Loire specialist.

Wine Doctor appears to be heading down the drain due to receiving unsatisfactory evaluations of only three to four stars on websites like Amazon, Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

Wine Doctor is only available at specialty retailers such as Bed Bath & Beyond, and the price starts at $11.49 directly on Amazon; however, Prime members do not qualify for free shipping on orders placed through Amazon.

Wine Doctor Shark Tank Update

Intelli-Stopper received a huge boost after Hoyt’s appearance on Shark Tank. They went out of stock soon after the show was broadcasted.

Wine Doctor experienced healthy sales on Amazon and Bed Bath & Beyond during this time. However, the reviews weren’t particularly positive. The Hoyt family decided to close WineDoctor in December 2018.

WineDoctor Shark Tank Update

Wine Doctor or Intelli-Stopper is out of business as of 2022.

Is Wine Doctor Still In Business?

The founder of Wine Doctor shut down the business in December 2018. 

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What Is the Net Worth of Wine Doctor?

The valuation of Wine Doctor while appearing on Shark Tank was $2.5 million. The net worth of Wine Doctor is unknown as of 2022 since the company went out of business in 2018.