What Happened To Zero Pollution Motors After Shark Tank?

What is Zero Pollution Motors (Air Car)?

Zero Pollution Motors is one of the United States licensees for MDI, a Luxembourg-based manufacturer of air-powered vehicles called AIRPod. 

The license authorizes the corporation to produce and sell the AirPods in designated zones around the United States. 

Three products are available: the AIRPod Standard, the AIRPod Cargo, and the AIRPod Baby.

Shark Tank featured a pitch for Zero Pollution Motors, an eco-friendly car that runs on compressed air, in 2015. 

The pitch stood out for a variety of reasons. Pat Boone, the singer, was one of them. 

Two, investor and automobile enthusiast Robert Herjavec, investors agreed to contribute $5 million in exchange for a 50% stake in the business. 

The deal fell through following the show. Zero Pollution Motors did not control the rights to distribute its vehicles in North America. 

According to Herjavec, “Zero Pollution Motors did not control the product’s rights in North America.” 

They were, in fact, a distributor, which is not always negative. However, scaling that out at the scale we desired to build became difficult.”

Company NameZero Pollution Motors (Air Car)
FounderPat Boone And Ethan Tucker
ProductCompressed-air-powered cars that are environmentally friendly
Investment Seeking$5,000,000 For 50% equity in Zero Pollution Motors
Final Deal$5,000,000 For 50% equity in Zero Pollution Motors
SharkRobert Herjavec
Business StatusOut Of Business
WebsiteVisit Website

Who Is The Founder Of Zero Pollution Motors (Air Car)?

Pat Boone and Ethan Tucker are the founders of Zero Pollution Motors (Air Car). They have almost two decades of experience in the business and claim to be the first to manufacture an air-compressed automobile in the United States. 

Pat Boone began his career as a musician, whereas Ethan Tucker worked as an actor, producer, and playwright. Ethan is currently assisting entrepreneurs in launching technology startups aside from the firm.

Zero Pollution Motors (Air Car) Before Shark Tank

Zero Pollution Motors is a new company, but their first vehicle, the AIRPod, has been under development since 2000. 

Ethan Tucker and Pat Boone gained the rights to manufacture AirPods in Hawaii before appearing on Shark Tank.

Zero Pollution Motors Shark Tank Update

Ethan and Boone’s motivation for developing eco-friendly automobiles was to produce clean, low-pollution locomotives to help rescue the environment in the busy cities of the United States. 

Additionally, they wished to contribute to the reduction of cars’ reliance on fossil fuels. While residing in Vermont, Ethan embarked on a project that required him to write a movie about one of the renowned innovators, Nikola Tesla.

Pat Boone and Ethan Tucker were already allowed to manufacture AirPods in Hawaii before proposing their firm on Shark Tank. 

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Tucker viewed the AIRPod as a market-creating breakthrough. It piqued his curiosity about cutting-edge green technologies.

The environmentally friendly car’s founders encountered similar challenges to those experienced with previous breakthroughs even though it won certification in 2010. 

Production delays resulted from certain investors the company contracted failing to live up to their half of the bargain. Tucker says that the delays have come to a triumphant end.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of Zero Pollution Motors (Air Car)?

Robert recognizes Ethan immediately when he sees him with Pat Boone. Ethan expects $5 million for 50 percent of the company. There is a debut of the air car and the sharks. 

They explain how the air car functions and how it is better than battery vehicles. The sample they provide is only a photograph of an aircraft — they don’t have a prototype.

What Pat’s biggest hit is more interested in Robert. Daymond calls it a wheel lunch box. They say that a 4-hour charge will go 100 kilometers on the aircraft. 

The Sharks have the $10,000 price tag impressed. They say that they created a small plant in Hawaii and developed microfabrics.

Ethan outlines the NDI parent business relationship. Each car produced in Hawaii, for example, is peculiar to that territory. Mark would like to wait and observe how other plants work. 

He’s out. Kevin believes that the business concept is defective. Ethan explains the parent business relationship, but he thinks that a national policy should be in place. 

Zero Pollution Motors Shark Tank Update

He’s out; Daymond believes it’s too early. Lori loves the idea, but she wants a domestic deal. She’s out. Kevin is too. 

Robert wants to be able to go on a test drive, but he’s always curious. He thinks there will be a lot of interest in the rest of the country once they’ve been successful in Hawaii. 

It offers $5 million to negotiate for the rights for the whole US market. They accept! They accept!

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RESULT: DEAL $5 million with Robert on 50 percent Zero Pollution Motors depends on the rights of the US.

What Happened To Zero Pollution Motors (Air Car) After Shark Tank?

You can pre-order the AIRPod on the Zero Pollution Motors website. They come in three different types. 

Shark Tank normally displays three to four passengers. There is a smaller version with two seats as well as a loading version that I love. 

It would be excellent for transporting items for craft shows. According to their site, a celebrity like Rocky Carroll of Chicago Hope fame has funded them. 

The small, environmentally friendly autos are attracting the attention of several corporations. 

The most important are USPS and NYC Taxi Service. It appears that complete delivery would be a useful use for autos. 

A letter courier or a pizza supplier would be the perfect candidate as they can go 100 miles and are simply and cheaply replenished. 

Zero Pollution Motors has another amazing idea: their taxi service. Manhattan’s clogged streets could be more manageable if they were filled with AIRpods.

Zero Pollution Motors (Air Car) Shark Tank Update

The deal between Robert Herjavec and Zero Pollution Motors on the Shark Tank show was never finalized.

Zero Pollution Motors’ website is still active and taking preorders as of 2022.

Is Zero Pollution Motors (Air Car) Still In Business?

Robert Herjavec invested $5 million for 50% ownership in Zero Pollution Motors, his largest investment on Shark Tank. Not only was it Rober’s highest investment, but it is also still the largest to air on Shark Tank.

The agreement relied on obtaining a license to design to sell AIRPod in the continental United States.

Zero Pollution Motors Shark Tank Update

According to an article on Green Auto Market, Robert backed out of the purchase nine months after investing. The following was posted on the company’s Facebook page:

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After nine months, Robert (Herjavec) withdrew from the arrangement struck last year. We are now free to seek further investors! Are you a participant?

Thus, although billed as the largest sale ever, it never materialized. Robert’s stake in Season Six would be much lower without the arrangement.

What Is the Net Worth of Zero Pollution Motors?

The valuation of Zero Pollution Motors was $10 million when it appeared on Shark Tank. The net worth of Zero Pollution Motors is unknown as of 2022 since the company has not released any of its products into the market.