GameDay Couture Shark Tank Update

The Gameday Couture apparel company creates and distributes appealing team uniforms for women.

They started by making adorable sweatshirts and t-shirts for collegiate sports as an alternative to typical unisex team wear (big and boxy).

Gameday Couture designs attractive team apparel with style and shape, rather than bulky shirts cut for everyone.

Kurt Feddersen and Shawnna Feddersen, the co-founders of Gameday Couture, gave a Shark Tank pitch in December 2014. 

The founders of Gameday Couture approached the Tank requesting a $500,000 investment for a 20% stake in GameDay Couture.

They struck a deal with Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban – $500,000 for a 33 percent stake — subject to certain conditions.

What is GameDay Couture?

Gameday Couture is a clothing brand that creates fashion for women who want to sport some of their favorite things. Gameday Couture makes clothing fans wear to show their support for their favorite sports team. The clothing can be worn to look stylish and show that they support their favorite teams.

The brand Gameday Couture specializes in women’s sportswear. They create apparel that supports their favorite teams and provides a stylish alternative to standard sports products.

GameDay Couture

Shawnna Feddersen created a stylish twist on the standard sportswear for women in response to the lack of women’s clothing for sports fans. 

Shawnna Feddersen and Kurt Feddersen, an Oklahoma couple, appeared on Shark Tank and asked for a $500,000 investment return for 30% equity in Gameday Couture. The episode aired during the sixth season of the series.

Who is the Founder of GameDay Couture?

Shawnna Feddersen is the founder of Gameday Couture, the woman’s high-fashion clothes firm, in 2010 to test the products. The following year, the company was fully launched.

Shawanna Feddersen explains during her pitch that after becoming upset with the absence of women’s gear for sports teams, she decided to start making clothing for women who want to support their favorite teams. Feddersen’s clothes were “traditional woman’s attire with a modern touch.”

GameDay Couture Before Shark Tank

A preliminary women’s clothing brand was launched at her high school in 2010. However it may be, one must unquestionably appear good while supporting one’s local team in today’s technological world. There is nothing more a woman could wish for. 

The concept of GameDay Couture has proven to be a hit. As a result, the concept of Gameday Couture was born. 

GameDay Couture has generated $1 million in revenue and hopes to grow substantially more.

They had the option of obtaining it in Mark Cuban’s shark tank. They must reach 20 million deals during the next few months and are now at 15 million.

They have managed several schools and are on their way to obtaining it from each of America’s universities.

GameDay Couture

Everybody enjoys seeing a decent and well-played game. It’s euphoric to see your home group win the important matches and give their all in them. For footballers, the support of their fans and individuals enables them to advance. 

This adds more responsibilities to the gamer, but as the adage goes, weight, commitments, and persistent labor can acquire the best of individuals.

Shawnna and Kurt Feddersen are from Oklahoma (as their names suggest), and they’re on a mission to solve one of life’s most perplexing dilemmas: you want to support your boyfriend’s sports team but have nothing to wear.

The dynamic duo created Gameday Couture in 2014 to develop elegant women’s sports gear, collaborating with NBA and NCAA teams to create one-of-a-kind, feminine clothing lines.

GameDay Couture Shark Tank Pitch 

Shawnna and Kurt appeared on Shark Tank requesting an investment of $500,000 in exchange for a 20% stake in Gameday Couture.

The models distribute samples to discuss their three-year increase from a quarter of a million to $1.25 million. They describe their product and the factors that contributed to their regional success.

Robert likens their enterprise to Tipsy Elves. Lori is a fan of the product and its pricing point. Kevin challenges their valuation, to which Kurt responds that they have invested money in licensing; he believes he could repeat the firm. He claims they’re worth $750K, at which point he’s out.

Daymond admits that he has experimented with the notion and depleted his collection – he is no longer interested. Daymond estimates the business’s value at $1.5 million. 

Robert runs out to encourage them to run a little faster. Mark is interested in learning about their online sales. He believes they should have expanded their online presence sooner. Daymond agrees. 

Mark offers $500K in exchange for 30% with a “mysterious caveat.” He desires an immediate response.

Mark wants them to create licensed Mavericks apparel for his biggest fan: HIS WIFE. Shawnna asserts that she already has a concept! They concur.

It’s difficult to focus on Shawnna and Kurt when their stage show is so distracting – a sea of shimmering, sequined women’s tops emblazoned with sports logos, MVP player numbers, and team colors.

GameDay Couture

You name it: hats, hoodies, t-shirts, tunics, leggings, and skirts. Everything is present, and it is all wonderful. “High-quality materials at competitive prices,” Kurt explains, emphasizing that the product is not only adorable but also functional and lasting.

“We have a following in the South, but we want to dress fans worldwide,” Shawnna continues.

Robert Herjavec interjects with an astute question, given his investment in a clothing business that has lately discovered how costly it is to obtain logo licensing from each college and university. “How many colleges and universities have granted you licensure?”

“There are currently 37 licenses, and we are in the process of acquiring more,” Kurt says, eager to prove that they are up to big-kid standards.

While the models hand out samples of gear and attire, the sharks go over the data.

  • GameDay Couture Annual revenues: $750,000 last year; expected sales of $1.5 million this year
  • $22 is the average wholesale price of GameDay Couture.
  • Price at retail: $44
  • Production cost: $8
  • Profit margin: 64% wholesale; 82% retail
  • Earnings projections based on $1.5 million in sales: $100,000 in revenue

Lori interjects to remark that she recently purchased her blinged-out, bejeweled sports team hoodie, but it cost $60-some odd bucks. 

On the other hand, Gameday Couture has a much lower and more economical price point. The brand has a better chance of being popular with the general public and selling successfully.

They’ve also worked diligently to secure an “alumni cut” to expand their customer base of students and universities.

Kevin chastises them for not being proprietary and failing to recognize their worth. “I believe you have overcharged your business and believe you are worth approximately $750,000.” 

This is deliciously ironic, given that the company generated $20 million in revenue just two years after this episode aired. Kevin is the first to withdraw.

Daymond comes next, followed by Robert.

Mark is interested in learning how their firm is doing online – as he believes most of their business should be conducted online. 

They are doing well, although not quite as well as he would like. After understanding that they needed to demonstrate their legitimacy to their licensing partners by shop orders rather than just ambiguous online fellowship, Mark seemed confident enough in the business to make an offer – with a caveat.

“I’m going to make you a complete $500,000 offer for 30% equity, but there is a catch. And I will not disclose that condition until you respond to the offer. As a result, you will have to trust me somewhat.”

Josh and Sara pause for a little minute before accepting Mark’s offer. (And what about the caveat? They need to create a line for Mark Cuban’s franchise, the Dallas Mavericks.)

Final Deal: Mark Cuban agreed to invest $500,000 for a 30% stake in GameDay Couture.

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What Happened To GameDay Couture After Shark Tank?

Gameday Couture is one of the most successful businesses – and greatest investments – that Mark Cuban has ever helped bring to prominence.

Mark Cuban joined the company for expansion after receiving financing from Shark Tank. Shawnna Feddersenn stated during the follow-up episode, “We are very privileged to be seated in such a valued scenario with such a powerful investor and mentor behind us.”

Gameday Couture generated an astounding $20 million in revenue in 2018.

Their entire product collection is available online, via Amazon, at Dick’s Sporting Goods, Social House Boutique, and several other retailers across the country.

The brand has now teamed with the NBA and produces women’s apparel for each league’s 30 teams.

They now have licensing agreements with over 1500 institutions and continue selling the product through a network of over 2000 outlets nationwide. 

Gameday Couture and Social House are now two of the company’s brands. Through an interactive social community, the brand Social House enables customers to complete their style.

Gameday Couture is routinely ranked as the best Shark Tank investment and the most successful Shark Tank company on online rankings.

GameDay Couture’s Instagram account has over 51,300 followers, while its Facebook page has over 329,430 followers.

This women’s fashion line revolutionized the game for fashionistas, designers, entrepreneurs, and investors.

Who is the Investor of GameDay Couture?

GameDay Couture was valued at $100,000 in 2014. During Shark Tank, Mark Cuban invested $500,000 in exchange for 30% ownership to create the line for the team he owns.

How Does GameDay Couture Make Money?

The proprietors explained that the product costs $44, retails for $44, and wholesales for $22 during the pitch.

Due to its promotion on various websites, such as Amazon and their website, and the fact that the company sells at boutiques and shops, the product has a broad reach on the web.

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What is the Net Worth of GameDay Couture?

Kurt and Shwanna decided to test their sports fashion gear in 2010, successfully establishing the following year.

During the show’s sixth season, the duo made their Shark Tank debut in 2014. They are seeking a $500,000 investment for a 20% interest in the company. Mark Cuban offers $500,000 in exchange for 30% of the stakes because he creates a clothing brand for his squad.

Kurt Feddersen mentioned during the pitch that they were aiming for $1 million in sales by the end of the year.

Gameday Couture anticipates revenues of $20 million by the end of the year and a profit of $12 million. The Gameday couture line continues to be one of the most profitable investments made on Shark Tank.

Gameday Couture has now collaborated with the NBA and produces apparel for all 30 teams; they have also been licensed to produce apparel for over 1500 college teams and have opened their second brick-and-mortar location, where they continue to sell their items.

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