What Happened To Mo’s Bows After Shark Tank?

Shark Tank episode 522 featured Moziah Bridges, a 12-year-old who sells hand-stitched bow ties called Mo’s Bows.

Mo’s Bows is a bow tie business that was founded by Moziah Bridges and his family in Memphis, Tennessee. He used to work for Daymond John, a designer he loves.

Mo’s grandmother taught him how to sew ties because he loved to look great wherever he went. Everyone wanted to have bowties, like Mo.

Mo’s passion for fashion led him to start his own bow tie company. He has also received highly attention, including Oprah Magazine, The Steve Harley Show, and Forbes.

Mo was able to obtain his products in a number of retail stores in Memphis and then sell his products online.

Mo wanted to find a manufacturer who would help him grow and was a huge fan of Daymond John, so he applied to be on Shark Tank, season 5.

What Is Mo’s Bows?

You don’t have to wear bow ties if you’re a tuxedo-clad James Bond or a nerdy academic like Sheldon Cooper. Bow ties are making a comeback with MO’s Bows.

Mo’s Bows is bringing the classic bow tie to the world of fashion. Bow ties are not only for goofy academics like Sheldon Cooper and suave tuxedo-clad James Bond.

Mo’s Bows Shark Tank Update

The company creates beautiful bow ties and ties, handkerchiefs, and other accessories for any modern gentleman’s wardrobe.

The result is that their product range has benefits for everyone, from fashionable hipsters to powerful corporate executives.

Company NameMo’s Bows
EntrepreneurMoziah Bridges
ProductBow ties that are fun and stylish
Investment Asking For$50,000 For 20% equity in Mo’s Bow
Final DealNo Deal
SharkNo Shark
Episode Season 5 Episode 27
Business StatusIn Business
WebsiteVisit Website

Who Is The Founder Of Mo’s Bows?

Moziah Bridges founded Mo’s Bows while he was still in elementary school in 2011.

Mo remains an active member of the company under the guidance of his mother and mentors.

His future objectives include expanding his product line and developing apparel-related talents while in college.

He also intends to compete in an upcoming fashion designer competition in 2021 to display his abilities.

Mo’s grandmother taught him how to grow vegetables, but his father’s elegant sense of style is also likely to have contributed to the success of his business. The young prodigy founded his corporation when he was nine years old.

A new bow tie with a great pattern he saw while shopping online made him want to take some of his grandmother’s fabric and make his own.

He began selling them to members of his neighborhood shortly after that, and the business flourished.

He then began selling them for $40-50 on Etsy, an e-commerce site for handcrafted things and quickly received numerous orders.

The young upstart gained widespread exposure soon after and featured on television, in news articles, and magazines. He also got the attention of the Shark Tank producers.

Mo’s Bows Before Shark Tank

Moziah Bridges founded Mo’s Bows, a bow tie company, with his family when he was a young entrepreneur in Memphis.

The creation of Mo’s bow-tie business came about after Mo’s grandma taught him how to sew. He always wanted to look his best, so he was taught to sew.

Mo’s love for fashion allowed him to turn his original bow tie business into a thriving business by appearing on Oprah Magazine, the Steve Harley Show, and Forbes.

Mo was able to sell his goods in Memphis retail stores and online by the time he was ten years old.

Mo applied to Shark Tank for Season Five as a fan of Daymond John and was eager to find a manufacturer to help him expand.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of Mo’s Bows?

Moe and his mother Tramica appeared on Shark Tank seeking an investment of $50,000 for a 20% stake in Mo’s Bows. 

He then touched on his motivations for looking his best before going into the details of how the company got its start.

Tramica explained before distributing samples that the sharks are not only investing in the bow ties but also in their future because Mo inspires so many people.

Barbara said that she found Mo fascinating, and then she inquired if the goods were for sale.

The 2000 bows fashioned by Mo and his grandmother, all handcrafted, were sold. They made $55,000 in total sales, and Mo’s product was sold in eleven different stores.

Daymond was equally fascinated by the figures as he was by Mo. Mo estimates that they sell the bows for $45-$55 and make them for $5-$10.

Barbara inquired about Mo’s inspiration for the bow ties, and he replied that it came from his passion for dressing up and his family.

When Barbara described Daymond John standing next to his mother, she felt as if she saw them together. 

Mo’s success led Daymond to congratulate him and say that he had also started his business at a young age.

Daymond was curious about how the money would be spent, and Tramica said it would go to a manufacturer. 

They already had stores waiting and expecting development since they reached out to other retailers.

Mark defended Mo, claiming that raising pricing is necessary when there is more demand than supply, but Kevin was the first to complain about the high price tag.

When Mo and Tramica learned that Robert had bought the manufacturing, they assured him that her grandma would be fine if he fired her, as long as the company succeeded.

Daymond inquired about Mo’s plans for the company, and Mo replied that he hoped to start a clothing line by the time he was 20 years old.

“Why do you need investors?” Daymond asked, and Mo responded that his company was on its way to becoming the “next great thing.”

It’s true that Mark was pleased with Mo and agreed, but he couldn’t help him out with his outfit and went out. After saying he was not the ideal match, Robert found someone else.

Kevin was eager to make an offer as a royalty arrangement because of his large profits. Kevin gave Mo and Tramica $50,000 in exchange for selling ties for $3 each.

Barbara came to the meeting and said the business didn’t need an investor and it could grow without an investor, so she left.

Daymond was the only one remaining, and everyone wanted to hear his opinion. Daymond turned down a $10,000 offer for 40% of his company in 1989.

Those 40 percent would be worth $40 million ten years from now. He decided not to take on an investor but volunteered to mentor Mo instead.

Kevin replied that he was the only one willing to write a check, and Daymond reminded him that if Mo accepted Kevin’s offer, he would have Mr. Wonderful over him as his mentor.

Mo and Tramica turned down Kevin’s offer, but they agreed to have Daymond join them as a mentor to help the company progress.

Mo left the Shark Tank stage without securing any deal from the Shark Tank show.

Final Deal: No deal between Mo’s Bow and Sharks.

What Happened To Mo’s Bows After Shark Tank?

Mo gained some fame after appearing on Shark Tank and became a celebrity in his hometown.

Daymond kept his word and mentored Mo as promised. Mo has made more than $100,000 in sales.

Robert Stewart, a renowned tie producer in the United States, was introduced to Mo by Daymond.

Neiman Marcus has tried Mo’s Bows in some places; if they do well, Mo might go BIG. You can also purchase Regular ties which are now available from Moe.

What Happened To U-Lace After Shark Tank?

The NBA signed a seven-figure license arrangement with Mo in July 2017 for one year.

Mo gets another update section in the 1206th episode of Season 12. The new update features Mikaila Ulmer of Bee Sweet Lemonade and Daymond, Mo.

Daymond marvels at how quickly they’ve grown and how successful they’ve been in business. He expanded his product line to include facemasks in response to the Covid-19 Pandemic in 2020.

Mo’s Bow is still in business, while young Mr. Bridges has a net worth of more than $2 million as of January 2022.

Mo’s Bows Shark Tank Update

The popularity of Mo’s Bow and Mo skyrocketed after appearing on Shark Tank.

Daymond helped Mo find a manufacturer who could keep up with his sales boom due to the Shark Tank impact.

Robert Stewart Inc. made the ties by hand in the United States for over a century. To Mo’s delight, he found this to match his original goal of having the goods manufactured by hand.

In addition, Mo was able to put his bows through their paces at the upscale department shop Neiman Marcus. 

Since then, Mo has expanded his product range to include pocket squares. Since appearing on Shark Tank, Mo had made over $200,000 in sales.

Mo’s Bows Shark Tank Update

Mo’s Bows’ popularity has increased even more since the Shark Tank update. Mo’s products are now available in several states, Canada, and the Bahamas.

Several media outlets have featured the company because of Mo’s dedication to helping people.

The bows Mo provided to the new draft photos for the 2015 NBA draft were also quite impressive. Time magazine named Mo one of the 30 most important teenagers in a recent article.

A motivational speaker, Mo also has his fashion line at twenty and will be the next great thing in the industry with his enthusiasm and dedication.

Is Mo’s Bows Still In Business?

Mo’s Bows is still in business and doing well. Mo is a millionaire despite being barely out of his twenties. He is planning to attend college to study fashion.

Alternatively, you may purchase their handcrafted goods from Amazon or their website. Mo’s mom serves as CEO of the company, which currently has six full-time employees.

Birddogs Shorts Shark Tank Update

The NBA named Mo a fashion consultant in 2015, and he now has the exclusive right to use the league’s logos on his clothing collection.

What Is the Net Worth of Mo’s Bow?

The valuation of Mo’s Bow was $250,000 when it appeared on Shark Tank. The net worth of Mo’s Bow is above $2 million as of 2022.