What Happened To Beloved Shirts After Shark Tank?

What Are Beloved Shirts?

Beloved Shirts is a lifestyle brand that creates whimsical graphics using an ingenious printing process. The clothing brand uses a fanciful design. 

Beloved Shirts prints its pictures on fabric that wraps completely around the apparel, resulting in a unique outfit.

It began with a small selection of t-shirts and has grown into a line of hoodies, onesies, jeans, socks, hats, and other clothing and accessories.

Beloved Shirts Shark Tank Update

A few of the most popular designs include the gushing unicorn, the big hamburger, and the Kin Jong Un poster.

You can create your print from scratch, and the possibilities are practically endless with Beloved Shirts.

A Beloved Shirt can be a great conversation starter that brightens up any gathering.

Katie Perry, who is frequently photographed wearing a pizza onesie, is among those who have purchased these hilarious outfits. 

You can find a wide selection of Beloved Shirts on Amazon, many of them eligible for free shipping through Prime.

Company NameBeloved Shirts
EntrepreneurJeremiah Robison
ProductApparel brand with a sense of whimsy
Investment Asking For$175,000 For 5% equity in Beloved Shirts
Final DealNo Deal
SharkNo Shark
Episode Season 7 Episode 21
Business StatusIn Business
WebsiteVisit Website

Who Is The Founder Of Beloved Shirts?

Jeremiah Robison is the founder of Beloved Shirts. Robison wears a bespectacled hat, the logo of Beloved Shirts. 

He began experimenting with this technology three years ago – with the ability to print all over clothing, sweatshirts, onesies, hats, and backpacks – and one of his favorite things, pizza.

Robison’s youngster was dressed in pepperoni pizza clothing, including a shirt, hat, and backpack, and the photo was shared on Reddit, sparking a Photoshop fight between Robison and another user. 

The Instagram post, which was posted by Instagram influencer 9gag, has received more than 330,000 likes.

Beloved Shirts Before Shark Tank

The business world has a somewhat serious working atmosphere. The Shark tank is usually pretty business-oriented once the Sharks get to work. 

Still, Provo entrepreneur Jeremiah Robinson pitched to the sharks a product that would make life a little more enjoyable and colorful.

Jeremiah used to play indoor soccer several years ago. The idea of decorating team shirts with realistic food images was born from his idea that it would be entertaining and potentially distracting for opponents.

The jerseys were fabricated by a sublimation process, in which the color is transferred to the fabric by heating it. 

The concept didn’t stop Jeremiah from starting his own company, and Beloved Shirts was launched.

Beloved Shirts offered a dill pickle design as its first design for sale to the general public. 

Jeremiah soon realized that the shirts’ brilliant colors, playful designs, and overall fun factor appealed to all the fun-loving potential consumers he encountered.

After Katy Perry endorsed, at an early stage, one of their most popular designs, the appetite-inducing Pizza onesie (or ‘belovesie,’ as Jeremiah tends to call them), the company received an unexpected boost.

She then created her own ‘Left Shark’ Belovesie for her fans through working with the brand.  Miley Cyrus and the Kardashians were also wearing brightly painted clothing not long after that.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of Beloved Shirts?

Jeremiah Robison appeared on the Shark Tank requesting an investment of $175,000 in exchange for a 5% ownership stake in Beloved Shirts.

He has a profit margin of 58 to 60 percent, which is good. Jeremiah has no inventory to worry about since all of his products are “made to order.” However, the 30 days it takes from ordering to delivery is an issue.

Daymond offered an investment of $175,000 in exchange for a quarter of the company.

Jeremiah counters with a 15 percent of Beloved Shirts for $175,000. Daymond returns with a 22.5% share of the Beloved Shirts.

Jeremiah realizes that he can’t give up that much equity in Beloved Shirts; he exits the Tank without any deal from the Sharks.

Final Deal: No deal between Sharks and Beloved Shirts.

What Happened To Beloved Shirts After Shark Tank?

Beloved Shirts’ collection is still very popular and highly stylish. Many celebrities, including Rob Zombie and Riff-Raff, wear the designs these days.

Jeremiah produced several chicken ramen sweatshirts featured in a recent video for Eddie Wollrabe’s track ‘Top Ramen,’ and Jeremiah has also made plenty of Pokemon-themed sweatshirts to correspond with the popularity of the Pokemon Go augmented reality game.

Jeremiah had stated that he had never regretted rejecting the only offer he received on Shark Tank. 

He believes that Daymond John didn’t consider the hoopla surrounding his products or the potential wealth that he believes awaits him in the future.

Some of Jeremiah’s most vocal fans have not shied away from criticizing the offer, calling it “greedy” and “short-sighted.” Jeremiah has nothing but good to say about his experience in the tank, but some of his most vocal fans have slammed it as “greedy.” 

A loyal customer base is one of the Beloved Shirts’ greatest assets.

Beloved Shirts are still in the early stages of charting its long-term viability in 2018. Still, with a large fan base and an increasing number of celebrity endorsements, their future could be just as bright as those blindingly vibrant shirts.

Beloved Shirts Shark Tank Update

Jeremiah may have left the Shark Tank stage without a deal for Beloved Shirts, but his appearance on the show has resulted in a lot of growth for the company in the six months since it was first aired.

The interest of people in Beloved Shirts has spiked dramatically. Although orders have now dropped back to normal levels, Jeremiah is confident that this will result in much greater sales in the business’s all-important fourth quarter, when it makes the majority of its profits.

Jeremiah was delighted with the advice he received from the people who sat in the QVC audience, particularly from the queen of QVC, Lori Greiner.

Jeremiah has reduced the number of individual products that the company supplies and the number of fixed expenses that the company has to incur.

One of the greatest improvements in customer satisfaction has been reducing the time it takes to complete orders.

After improving their manufacturing process, it now takes Beloved Shirts just five business days to make custom orders.

Beloved Shirts products are popular and extremely cool. Many celebrities are spotted wearing Beloved Shirts – from Rob Zombie to Riff-Raff.

Jeremiah has been quick to create a range of custom-made shirts for celebrities. This comes as a result of the increasing popularity of the Pokemon Go game.

Jeremiah has been very excited by the launch of a new platform that allows artists to submit their designs to be printed on Beloved Shirts shirts.

Once those designs are approved, the artists will receive 20% of the revenue from their designs, which is significantly more than any other commission offered to artists in the industry.

Jeremiah has never regretted his decision to reject the only offer he received in the show. He has honed his business skills to be even more successful than most other entrepreneurs.

Jeremiah believes that Daymond John didn’t give him enough consideration for the success of his business or the massive profits that he hopes to achieve in the future from the sale of his products.

Jeremiah has nothing negative to say about his experience on the Shark Tank, but some of his fans have been very vocal about criticizing the offer.

They have called it greedy and short-sighted, and if there is one thing that the Beloved Shirts business has plenty of, it is its loyal customers.

It is still very unclear what the future of Jeremiah and Beloved Shirts will be, but with a devoted fan base and many celebrity endorsements, the future of Beloved Shirts may well be as bright as those bright t-shirts that pop up blindingly on people’s doors.

Beloved Shirts is still in business, with revenue of $4 million in 2022.

Are Beloved Shirts Still In Business?

Yes, Beloved Shirts is still in business as of 2022, with a revenue of $4 million annually. 

What Is the Net Worth of Beloved Shirts?

The valuation of Beloved Shirts was $3.5 million when it appeared on Shark Tank. The net worth of Beloved Shirts is $4 million as of 2022.