Wake n Bacon Shark Tank Update | Wake n Bacon Net Worth

Wake n Bacon was a product featured on the second season of Shark Tank, which garnered significant attention for its innovative approach to waking up in the morning. This product was essentially an alarm clock with a twist.

Wake n Bacon uses the aroma of cooking bacon to wake the user instead of sound. The product’s main feature was a small wooden box that contained a digital alarm clock and a compartment where the user could place a piece of uncooked bacon the night before.

The box was specially designed to be safe and fire-resistant. When the set alarm time arrived, the Wake n Bacon clock would start to heat the bacon using halogen bulbs, gradually filling the room with the delicious smell of cooking bacon.

The Wake n Bacon provided a unique sensory approach to wake up, which many users found preferable to a loud, abrupt alarm. The smell of bacon cooking is not just pleasant; it’s also tied to feelings of hunger and anticipation and could even stimulate dopamine release in the brain.

Moreover, some people find it much more natural and less stressful to wake up to a gradual sensory stimulus like smell rather than a sudden and often jarring alarm noise. 

Nevertheless, Wake n Bacon wasn’t just about its functional advantages. It also represented a novel, creative, and somewhat humorous approach to product design, bringing joy and whimsy into the often mundane routine of waking up in the morning.

As such, it is an excellent choice for people looking for a more enjoyable, less stressful way to start their day. It appeals to those who enjoy cooking and food or simply love the smell of bacon. 

However, it’s important to consider the safety risks associated with leaving unrefrigerated bacon out overnight and cooking it without supervision. The Wake n Bacon product attempted to address these concerns, but they’re important to remember when considering this product.

Company NameWake n Bacon
EntrepreneurMatty Sallin
Product / BusinessBacon Maker Alarm Clock
Investment Asking For$40,000 for 20% equity in Wake n Bacon
Final DealNo Offers
SharkNo Shark
Wake n Bacon Episode Season 2, Episode 2
Wake n Bacon Business StatusOut Of Business
Wake n Bacon WebsiteVisit Website
Wake n Bacon Net Worth$0

What Is Wake n Bacon?

Wake n Bacon is an alarm clock designed to wake you up with the smell of cooking bacon. Instead of a traditional alarm sound, it features a small grill that cooks pre-loaded slices of bacon. The delicious aroma of sizzling bacon is your cue to wake up.

The concept aimed to make the waking experience more pleasant, providing a sensory alternative to loud, jarring alarms. Wake n Bacon presented an interesting concept, but it also raised some safety concerns due to the use of a heating element.

Wake n Bacon Shark Tank Update | Wake n Bacon Net Worth

Matty Sallin designed the Wake n Bacon alarm clock. The concept was simple: instead of being jolted awake by a blaring alarm, the Wake n Bacon would wake you up with the smell of bacon cooking beside your bed.

Here’s how it works:

  • Before bed, you would place a piece of frozen bacon inside the Wake n Bacon.
  • Then, you would set the alarm for your desired wake-up time.
  • Ten minutes before your alarm, the clock would start cooking the bacon.
  • Your alarm would cook the bacon, and its smell would wake you.

The idea behind this product is to make waking up a more pleasant experience. However, there were some potential safety issues due to the involved cooking process. The Wake n Bacon didn’t reach mass production.

Who Is The Founder Of Wake n Bacon?

Matty Sallin, an entrepreneur with a background in technology and design, invented the Wake n Bacon alarm clock. Sallin has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Computer Art from the School of Visual Arts in New York City, and he also studied Interaction Design at New York University.

Throughout his career, Sallin has been known for creatively and playfully blending art and technology.  The idea for Wake n Bacon came from Sallin’s simple desire to wake up to the smell of bacon.

He loved the aroma of cooking bacon in the morning, and he thought it would be a wonderful and less jarring way to wake up compared to the traditional noisy alarm.

He started experimenting with different materials and components and eventually devised a prototype that he thought could work. Sallin built the Wake n Bacon alarm clock out of an old-fashioned wooden alarm clock, a pair of halogen lamps, and some tin foil to hold the bacon.

Before appearing on Shark Tank, Sallin had been showcasing his Wake n Bacon prototype online and at various events, trying to drum up interest and potentially find partners to help him commercialize the product.

The device generated a fair amount of buzz and attention due to its novelty and humor. The concept of an alarm clock that could make breakfast intrigued many people, and the quirky design made it stand out.

This buzz eventually led to his appearance on Shark Tank, where he had the chance to pitch the product to a panel of successful entrepreneurs and potentially secure investment to bring Wake n Bacon to the mass market.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of Wake n Bacon?

When Matty Sallin took the Wake n Bacon to the Shark Tank in Season 2, he presented his unique alarm clock concept to the Sharks panel with humor and seriousness. His proposal was for $40,000 in exchange for a 20% stake in the company, valuing Wake n Bacon at $200,000.

He explained that The investment would be used to develop the product further, improve its safety features, and initiate mass production.

Sallin began his pitch by telling the Sharks about his dislike of traditional alarm clocks and their jarring wake-up calls.

To offer a more pleasant awakening experience, he introduced the Wake n Bacon: an alarm clock that wakes you up with the smell of cooking bacon. Sallin demonstrated the product, explaining its features and how it works.

The Sharks’ reactions to Wake n Bacon were mixed. Some found the idea innovative and humorous, but others expressed concerns about the product. Safety was a significant issue raised by several Sharks.

The idea of leaving unrefrigerated bacon in the device overnight and the potential for the unit to become a fire hazard were concerning factors. Some Sharks pointed out that not everyone might appreciate waking up to the smell of bacon, potentially limiting the market for the product.

Furthermore, Shark Kevin O’Leary questioned the scalability of the business. They were skeptical about how many units Sallin would be able to sell, given the product’s novelty status and the inherent safety concerns.

Unfortunately, despite Sallin’s enthusiastic pitch, none of the Sharks decided to invest in Wake n Bacon. They appreciated Sallin’s creativity and the inventiveness of the product, but they felt that the product presented too many risks and potential issues to be a viable investment. As such, Sallin left the Shark Tank without securing the investment he sought.

Did Wake n Bacon Get a Deal on Shark Tank?

No, Wake N Bacon did not get a deal on Shark Tank. Despite the positive response from some people online, none of the sharks decided to invest in the product. The sharks raised concerns about safety, market demand, and the financial aspects of the business. Ultimately, Matty left the tank without securing a deal.

What Happened To Wake n Bacon After Shark Tank?

Despite not receiving an investment after the Wake n Bacon presentation on Shark Tank, the product and its creator, Matty Sallin, received significant attention.

The appearance on the show served as publicity and exposed the product to millions of viewers. In reality, Wake n Bacon’s progress after the show hasn’t been as straightforward as one might expect.

After the presentation on Shark Tank, Wake n’ Bacon did not receive the investment that Matty Sallin had requested. The Sharks had several concerns, including the potential fire hazard of the product, high production costs, and a lack of clear sales projections.

After the show, unfortunately, the business didn’t prosper much. There were some inquiries about purchasing the product, but it never turned into a real product available for sale.

It was important not to seek investment too early in the product cycle based on this experience. The Sharks usually evaluate products based on their established safety, recent and current orders, and any patents protecting their uniqueness.

As for Matty Sallin, he moved away from entrepreneurship and is now working in User Experience (UX) at a financial technology firm. Sadly, Wake n’ Bacon never made it beyond the prototyping stages and is currently out of business.

Wake n Bacon Shark Tank Update

After appearing on Shark Tank, Matty Sallin’s Wake N Bacon did not become a viable product. Despite an outpouring of online support from people who said they would buy the clock, no steps were taken to mass-produce it.

This was a crucial lesson for entrepreneurs about the importance of timing when seeking investment. Sharks are typically interested in products with a demonstrated market, a solid history of sales, and the potential for patenting unique aspects.

Matty had only a prototype, which wasn’t enough to attract the Sharks. The lack of a defined plan for proceeding after creating the prototype and the absence of sales projections also did not help his case.

Wake n Bacon Shark Tank Update | Wake n Bacon Net Worth

After his time on Shark Tank, Matty chose to step away from entrepreneurship. According to his LinkedIn profile, he is currently working in the User Experience (UX) field and has recently joined a financial technology company named Finix.

So, all bacon lovers hoping to wake up to the smell of bacon from an alarm clock will need to stick with traditional cooking methods. The Wake N Bacon remains an interesting concept that didn’t quite pass the early development stage.

Is Wake n Bacon Still In Business?

Our research shows that Wake N’ Bacon is out of business. The Wake N’ Bacon, an alarm clock that cooks bacon, was presented by entrepreneur Matty Sallin on Shark Tank. Despite its unique concept, the product did not secure an investment from Sharks due to food safety concerns and potential fire hazards.

After its appearance on the show, it appears that Wake N’ Bacon did not progress into mass production. There is no evidence of the Wake N’ Bacon being marketed or sold.

Meanwhile, Matty Sallin has continued to work in the tech industry. He has held various roles, including CEO of a tech startup and a full stack developer for the National Democratic Training Committee as of 2022. As such, it can be concluded that Wake N’ Bacon is not currently in business.

What Is the Net Worth Of Wake n Bacon?

According to our research, the net worth of Wake n Bacon is $0 since the company is out of business. The valuation of Wake N Bacon was $2.5 million.

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