Little Nomad Shark Tank Update

Enhancing Play Spaces: Little Nomad’s Stylish and Safe Play Mats

Little Nomad, a company featured in episode 15, Season 8 of Shark Tank, offers a unique and stylish solution to a common issue faced by parents worldwide: unattractive and bulky play mats.

Little Nomad is a company that offers premium cushioned mats designed to resemble stylish rugs but provide the comfort of walking on clouds.

Their product range includes the Play Mat for creating a safe play space, the Standing Mat for a wipe-clean standing surface, the Tumbling Mat for all-age fun, and the Bath Mat for a luxurious bath experience.

With thousands of 5-star reviews, Little Nomad mats combine style, comfort, and quality for everyday use.

Founded by Elizabeth Granados, Little Nomad has redefined the concept of foam play mats by seamlessly merging style and functionality.

Enhancing Play Spaces: Little Nomad's Stylish and Safe Play Mats

Little Nomad presents a line of durable, cozy, high-quality foam tiles designed to resemble hand-painted rugs. These foam tiles create a safe, cushioned surface for children to play on when connected.

This play mat sets itself apart because of its customization feature, allowing parents to choose between a variety of colors and patterns to match their home decor, ensuring the play area complements and enhances the overall aesthetic of the room.

Moreover, Little Nomad’s play mats prioritize children’s safety, being easy to clean and free from harmful substances like BPA, phthalates, lead, latex, and formaldehyde.

They provide a soft surface that can help prevent injuries during playtime. Beyond their aesthetic and safety advantages, these play mats offer versatility that is uncommon in other products of its kind.

They are simple to assemble and disassemble, making them portable and easy to store, suitable for various settings, from a permanent fixture in a playroom to a temporary play space at a friend’s house or during travel.

Little Nomad specializes in crafting high-quality, stylish play mats tailored to children. These mats are not only functional but also visually appealing, offering a safe and comfortable play area for children to explore.

Available in different designs and sizes, they cater to various spaces and age groups, aiming to provide parents with a practical and beautiful solution for creating a secure play zone for their little ones.

Made from non-toxic materials and designed for easy maintenance, Little Nomad play mats are a convenient choice for busy parents seeking durability and aesthetics.

They can easily blend with any decor or match the interests of a child, making them both functional and beautiful additions to any room. These mats come in a variety of patterns, colors, and themes.

Additionally, the company provides accessories such as play mat storage bags and wall decals that enhance the overall play area and ensure children have an enjoyable time playing.

Little Nomad Shark Tank Pitch: A Stylish Journey in the Shark Tank

Little Nomad presents a beautifully illustrated printed play mat that resembles a luxurious heirloom rug but offers the practicality of a wipe-clean foam play mat. It is ideal for activities such as crawling, tummy time, and learning how to sit up.

Customers have discovered additional uses for them around the house, such as under-standing desks, in kitchens for soft flooring, or even as exercise mats.

Elizabeth aims to bring a touch of tranquility to stylish parents’ homes with the support of the Sharks. She sought an investment of $80,000 in exchange for a 15% equity in Little Nomad.

During the pitch, Elizabeth impresses the Sharks with her innovative product. She shares that Little Nomad has already pre-sold an impressive $114,000 worth of play mats within three and a half months of being in business.

Through social media marketing, the mats captured the attention of the public and are scheduled to ship in November.

Little Nomad Shark Tank Pitch: A Stylish Journey in the Shark Tank

Elizabeth’s strategic approach of collecting email addresses has resulted in a substantial database of interested customers.

The Sharks inquire about distribution plans, sales figures, and production costs, delving into the details of the business model.

The Sharks differ in their opinions regarding the market potential of Little Nomad during the discussion. Some appreciate the quality and safety features of the product, but others question its price point and retail viability.

Elizabeth’s vision for the future involves aligning with renowned retail stores like Bye Bye Baby and Nordstrom to reach a broader demographic.

Despite the interest shown by the Sharks, challenges arise regarding the scalability and profitability of the business, leading to a thoughtful deliberation on the investment opportunity.

In the end, Elizabeth’s journey in the Shark Tank concludes without securing a deal. The Sharks provide valuable feedback and insights, highlighting both the strengths and potential obstacles facing Little Nomad in the competitive market landscape.

Elizabeth’s determination and passion for her product shine through, leaving a lasting impression on the Sharks as she exits the tank, ready to navigate the next chapter of her entrepreneurial endeavor.

Final Deal: No deal between Sharks and Little Nomad.

Success Story of The House of Noa (Formerly Little Nomad) Post Shark Tank Appearance

After appearing on Shark Tank, Little Nomad faced challenges securing a deal with the Sharks. However, the company continued to operate and underwent a rebranding to ‘House of Noa.’

They expanded their product line beyond play mats, now offering picnic mats, kitchen mats, highchair mats, yoga mats, and washable rugs.

The company changed its name to ‘The House of Noa’ and maintained an active online presence. Their official website now offers free shipping on US orders above $89.

You can find their products on the House of Noa website as well as on Amazon. There are mixed reviews for their products on Amazon, with some customers praising the durability and others expressing concerns about the material peeling off too quickly.

House of Noa has expanded its product line to include new variations based on customer feedback. They have also ventured into different sectors, such as kitchen comfort mats, portable high chair mats, and yoga mats.

Success Story of The House of Noa (Formerly Little Nomad) Post Shark Tank Appearance

Little Nomad has also formed collaborations and partnerships with illustrators, businesses, and retailers to expand their market presence further. 

They have implemented strategies like pre-selling and improved their manufacturing processes to meet the high demand for their products.

House of Noa has a significant following on Instagram, with nearly 100K followers, and an active Facebook page with over 62,000 likes. However, the Facebook page does not receive substantial engagement.

Little Nomad, now rebranded as The House of Noa, is still in business with an estimated net worth of $12 million.

Overall, Little Nomad’s ability to adapt and innovate has allowed it to successfully navigate the competitive market and continue operating as a promising business venture.