Vinamor Shark Tank Update

Vinamor Wine Aerator is a new and revolutionary product that allows you to aerate your wine without using a wine aerator. Vinamor is a wine aerator that was featured on Shark Tank. 

Vinamor is a handheld device that attaches to the top of a wine bottle and aerates the wine as you pour it. This allows the wine to breathe and open up, giving it more flavor and aromatics.

Vinamor is made of stainless steel and has a silicone stopper that fits snugly into the neck of the bottle. It has two settings, “Aerate” and “Pour.” The “Aerate” setting aerates the wine as you pour it, while the “Pour” setting allows you to pour without aerating.

Vinamor is a handy little device that is great for those who love to entertain or are simply looking for a way to enjoy their wine more. It makes a great gift for any occasion.

Vinamor Wine Aerator is a must-have for any wine lover. It is the perfect way to aerate your wine without using a wine aerator. Vinamor Wine Aerator is the perfect way to aerate your wine. It is easy to use and aerates your wine in seconds. 

If you are a wine lover, you must get your hands on a Vinamor Wine Aerator. 

What is Vinamor?

Vinamor Wine Aerator is an innovative wine aeration equipment that eliminates the need to open wine bottles before consumption. Before enjoying its flavors and aromas, you won’t need to wait for the wine to breathe. 

Vinamor Wine Aerator is a wine aerator designed to help you enjoy your wine more. It is a small, handheld device that you can use to aerate your wine. This aerator is designed to help you improve the taste of your wine by adding oxygen to it. The oxygen will help release the wine’s flavor and make it more enjoyable. The Vinamor Wine Aerator is a small, handheld device to aerate your wine.

The Vinamor Wine Aerator is easy to use. All you need to do is place the aerator in the bottle of wine and then pour the wine into your glass. The aerator will do the rest. 

The Vinamor Wine Aerator is a great way to improve the taste of your wine. You won’t have to worry about cloudiness in your wine with the Vinamor Wine Aerator since it features an integrated filter to prevent it.

You can aerate your wine with the Vinamor Wine Aerator and preserve its freshness for a long time. Vinamor Wine Aerator is a must-have piece of equipment for wine lovers, and it’s sure to make a great addition to your home bar.

Vinamor Shark Tank Update
Company NameVinamor
EntrepreneurGary Dejohn
Product / BusinessAn aerator for wine
Investment Asking For$75,000 for 30% equity in Vinamor
Final DealNo Deal
SharkNo Shark
Episode Season 3, Episode 9
Business StatusIn Business
WebsiteVisit Website

Who is the Founder of Vinamor?

Gary Dejohn is the founder of Vinamor Wine Aerator. The Vinamor is an aerator for wine that can only be found in the wine business. Gary DeJohn, who has five years of experience working in the field of service for fine dining establishments, is the brains behind the design of this single-glass aerator.

Gary is aware of how aerators and decanters can influence wine’s flavor, and he put that to good use when he designed a dishwasher-safe model that is simple to use and delicious.

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The Vinamor is easily identifiable by its glass sphere and stainless steel filter; it is positioned to fit neatly on the top of each wine glass. Vinamor exposes wine to a generous amount of surface area, mellowing tannins and enhancing flavor development when the wine is poured over the sphere.

It may take the wine between a few minutes and several hours to breathe correctly in many decanters with a large base. Vinamor, however, uses an aeration procedure that allows the wine to be consumed quickly. The sediment and particles, if any, that may be present are captured by the filter, preventing them from getting into the wine glass.

Vinamor Before Shark Tank

The next entrepreneur to join Shark Tank is Gary DeJohn, who runs a company that caters to wine connoisseurs. Gary announces that he will be the Shark’s server tonight, then takes a moment to express his exhaustion at always making these announcements.

Gary then announces that he has discovered a product that will fundamentally change the way wine is served across the globe. Vinamor is the name of Gary’s company, and he is looking for an investment of $75,000 in exchange for a 30% stake in the company.

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Gary maintains that wine is alive; however, when a wine is bottled, it is effectively put to sleep. The wine must be awoken before tasting. This device, a traditional wine decanter, is frequently used by people who are dissatisfied with red wine’s astringent flavor or acidity.

Pouring a bottle’s contents into its cap results in a mess, but waiting sixty minutes is the most challenging part. Gary’s product makes this possible in just a few seconds.

Vinamor Shark Tank Recap

How exactly does adding Vinamor bring out the wine’s full-bodied flavor? Vinamor is a simple device that fits on the top of any wine glass; when you pour wine into the glass, the wine goes down a path until it reaches a ball, which opens up the wine so that air can interact with it from every angle.

Vinamor provides the maximum amount of surface area possible and enables the wine to breathe; every glass of wine, whether consumed at home or in a restaurant, should be poured through Vinamor to achieve the optimal flavor.

Gary will be able to make Vinamor on a far wider scale with the help of the $75,000 investment, and he will also be able to launch his marketing effort to get Vinamor into every home, liquor store, and bar in the world.

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Gary doesn’t waste any time and quickly asks Kevin to taste test a selection of wines for him. Kevin is the Sharks’ undisputed champion when it comes to his knowledge of wine. Gary uses a wine glass without the Vinamor to pour a glass, and then he uses the Vinamor to pour another.

Kevin explains straightforwardly that the method works after tasting each glass a little bit. He then bends down to retrieve the wine glass that has been aerated and declares that he will keep this one. However, Kevin then asks Gary if other aerators are available, to which Gary responds that other options are available.

Kevin responds with an affirmative because he is the sole owner of all of them. It is obvious that he does not possess Vinamor, but it is distinctive, even though the fact that it is made out of a glass makes it significantly more fragile than other aerators. On the other hand, Gary thinks they could make it out of fine acrylic, making it more long-lasting.

Kevin is curious about the characteristics that set the Vinamor apart from other aerators, given that they can successfully aerate wine. Kevin is perplexed by this, but Gary explains that the waiters are instructed to pour into the ball at the bottom of the Vinamor. Kevin is still perplexed by this, but Gary adds that the other Aerators cannot measure a glass of wine.

Theoretically, this would cut down on expenditures associated with over-pouring and under-pouring, allowing one bottle of wine to yield a greater total profit. Mark expresses his interest in observing the Vinamor, after which he acknowledges that it is an ingenious little gadget; Gary then distributes samples to each of the Sharks.

Kevin inquires whether Gary envisions the product being sold in every bar or restaurant with a cellar, traditionally considered to be establishments of a higher social level.

Gary responds that he wants to expand its distribution. Vinamor may be branded in the same way that Olive Garden is marketed. You should put them on the restaurant’s retail menu and sell them to customers there.

Robert inquires whether Gary has made any sales, but Gary admits that he has only moved about a thousand units of the Vinamor so far.

Barbara inquires about his sales method, to which Gary responds, “straight to the consumer.” Gary works in the hospitality industry, where he got the concept for the business in the first place.

Every table with someone drinking at it receives a bottle, and the going rate for each bottle is forty dollars. Kevin is quick to point out that the price of the Vinamor, which can be made for only $20, is absurdly expensive. Gary will be able to export his product to countries where it can be manufactured more cheaply because of the Sharks’ financing.

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Robert adds that he could not fit everything he knows or cares about regarding wine into one of Gary’s glasses even if he tried. Therefore, he is the very first Shark to leave the arena.

Kevin then shifts his attention back to the business transaction and inquires about the marketing approach Gary intends to implement to introduce the Vinamor to consumers.

Gary adds that the overall plan is to offer his product to any restaurants that serve wine, and from there, they will have free sales staff working in the restaurant. This is the broad strokes view of the situation. Gary responds with “yet” when Kevin explains that restaurants do not sell wine apparel. Kevin explains why this is the case.

After highlighting the intricacy of the Vinamor’s layout, Barbara inquires as to who was responsible for its creation. Gary adds that he was the one who built it and that he is aware of a statistic that can be extremely useful.

He says that if you are at a restaurant and finish your first glass of wine before your food arrives, you are 78% more likely to order a second glass of wine.

As a result, sales are increased at every table where wine is consumed. Daymond continues by stating that he cannot assist the company because he needs to be more knowledgeable about the market. The next Shark to be eliminated is Daymond.

Mark states that he “hates to join the chorus,” but he explains that he has a rule that states one should never put their faith in a bottle of wine that costs less than $5.

Despite this, Gary extends an invitation to Mark to test out the Vinamor on one of his bottles of wine, which, if successful, would make it taste like a bottle of wine that costs ten dollars.

However, Mark claims he is not a wine drinker but a beer drinker, which means that Mark cannot be of assistance and cannot be a part of the agreement. Mark is eliminated from consideration. Only Kevin and Barb are left in the deal after three other Sharks have dropped out.

Barbara believes there is a market for the product, but ultimately, she wants to avoid investing her money in it since she wants to avoid losing it. As a result, Kevin is left standing among the Sharks after Barb is eliminated from the competition.

Kevin begins by stating that he understands how the product works, even though it is not original. Kevin wants to avoid going through the trouble of obtaining a license for the product because doing so is the only way for it to be operational. Kevin is the last of the Sharks to walk away from the arrangement.

Nevertheless, Kevin argues that the measurement of a glass of wine is an excellent concept, but, in light of the facts, an investment of $70,000 at a return of 30% does not pique his interest.

Instead, Kevin enjoys going out and making money to treat himself to $2,000 bottles of wine, which he savors by sipping through a straw the entire time.

Gary backs out of the arrangement and makes the same offer for 45%, but Kevin is unmoved and refuses to re-enter the transaction. Gary looks around at the other members of the Sharks, mainly at Mark because Mark is a fan of the Dallas Mavericks. 

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Despite this, Mark confirms that he is a beer drinker, and Daymond admits his sorrow, saying that he wishes he had a better understanding of the industry since he would like to work with Gary.

Regrettably, Gary cannot secure funding for the Vinamor from a third party. Although he did not walk away with a transaction, Robert notes that Gary is persevering through the challenges of becoming a genuine entrepreneur and expresses his optimism that everything will turn out well for him.

What Happened To Vinamor After Shark Tank?

Gary did not reach an agreement with the Sharks, but the Shark Tank Effect generated thousands of orders worldwide, which didn’t significantly slow down Vinamor’s progress. The wine aerator company was actively sought after by other investors who wanted to purchase stakes.

Gary Dejohn still owns the entire company and is probably not on the lookout for angel investors. Gary Dejohn negotiated a better deal with Vinamor’s manufacturer, which allowed him to cut costs and increase the product’s selling price to just $24.95 online.

Joyce’s Lulu Bang Shark Tank Update

After the episode aired, Gary sold most of the Vinamors to the show’s producers and a few Sharks, including Kevin O’Leary. It is interesting to learn this information. Kevin seems to own all of them now, truly.

Vinamor Shark Tank Update

Unfortunately, Vinamor’s appearance on Shark Tank four or five years ago seems to have ended the entire affair. When searching on Google, all that comes up is Gary’s appearance on Shark Tank; however, if you conduct a more detailed search, you may discover where and how you can access Vinamor.

Currently, Vinamor is inaccessible, according to the link to the Amazon shop page. There is no stock available – We are still determining when the item will return.

Wine Balloon/Air Cork Shark Tank Update

Vinamor is sold through a company called “Wine Enthusiast,” which suggests Gary found either a distributor or a potential business partner before setting up the enterprise himself.

You can purchase the Vinamor at for $24.95 by visiting the company’s website. The website also allows users to create accounts for themselves.

Vinamor’s website appears to have been created in the late 1990s. Vinamor is the only product available for purchase through the website. You can find it on the “All Products” page. 

Vinamor Shark Tank Update

Vinamor is the only product, and to tell you the truth, I see it being around for a little while longer; Gary may have aimed too high, and he could not achieve a more reasonable objective. The Vinamor has been relegated to the less prominent sections of the internet.

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However, there was only one other post to the page on April 20th; before that, it was on December 7th, 2015. Vinamor has a Facebook page, which was updated less than a month ago; however, the last time the page was updated was less than a month ago. 

There are currently 625 individuals who like the page, which is a.2% rise from the previous week (WOW!). , and most recently updated statuses have only garnered a handful of comments and support from other users. After a protracted struggle to stay alive, the Vinamor is doomed to collapse.

Is Vinamor Still In Business?

Yes, Vinamor is still in business as of 2022. You can purchase Vinamor from Gary’s website for $24.95, plus shipping.

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What is the Net Worth of Vinamor?

The valuation of Vinamore was $250,000 when it appeared on Shark Tank. The net worth of Vinamor is unknown as Gary DeJohn has not published any financial information on Vinamor as of 2022.