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Trippie is an airport navigation app created to help travelers navigate the often-confusing world of airports. The app is designed to make your airport experience less stressful by providing real-time information on your flight and offering interactive maps of terminals and gates.

The Trippie app is particularly useful for those who have connecting flights or are traveling through an airport for the first time. With Trippie, you can create a personalized itinerary that includes everything from boarding times to gate numbers.

The Trippie app also provides up-to-date security wait times and notifies you of delays or cancellations. Trippie offers exclusive food and beverage deals at various airport restaurants and shops.

Trippie is a must-have app for anyone who wants to make their airport experience more efficient and stress-free.

What Is Trippie App?

Trippie is an airport navigation tool that assists travelers in navigating huge airports. It features interactive airport maps, photographs, restaurant reviews, and menus for airport restaurants.

Trippie is an airport navigation app designed to simplify and streamline the air travel experience. This innovative app provides real-time updates on flight schedules, gate changes, delays, and cancellations, ensuring that users are always informed and prepared for any situation.

Trippie also offers detailed maps of major airports, including terminal layouts, restaurant and shopping options, and even restroom locations, making it easy for travelers to navigate the often confusing and overwhelming airport environment.

With a user-friendly interface and intuitive design, Trippie is the ultimate travel companion for anyone looking to simplify their airport experience and make the most of their time in the air.

You’re probably familiar with a layover’s agony if you’ve flown by plane. You can explore the airport while you have a layover and grab a bite before boarding your flight. 

If you have a brief stopover, there won’t be much time to check your bags, eat something, and relax before your next departure.

Trippie enters the picture at that point. The Trippie app simplifies airport navigation. This app provides flight tracking and an interactive airport map to see where everything is located. 

Trippie displays restaurant menus, ratings, and hours of operation and calculates the time required to obtain food from a restaurant.

Trippie Shark Tank Update
Company NameTrippie
FounderRyan Diew
ProductTrippie: Airport Navigation App
Investment Seeking$100,000 for 10% equity in Trippie
Final DealNo Deal
SharkNo Shark
Business StatusIn Business
WebsiteVisit Website

Who Is The Founder Of Trippie?

Ryan Diew founded Trippie, a computer science student who played NCAA Division 1 basketball for two years at Colgate University. 

He introduced Trippie to Shark Tank in October 2017. Ryan approached the Tank, searching for a $100,000 investment in exchange for a 10% stake in Trippie.

Trippie Before Shark Tank

Ryan Diew, a young entrepreneur, founded the Trippie app. The airport can be frustrating for the average traveler, as Ryan travels to and from college regularly and as a traveling college basketball player.

The company will develop an app enabling travelers to interact and find airport information. He accomplished all of this before graduating from college and then began growing the app with the assistance of his brother.

Ryan Diew came up with the idea for Trippie while at the airport. During an extended layover, the sophomore studied at Colgate University in New York from Oakland, California. 

He desired food but did not want to lug his baggage through the airport or miss his flight. He ultimately opted to leave his bags with a stranger while he went in quest of lunch.

Diew began teaching himself Swift coding with another Colgate student, Samantha Braver. 

They pitched Trippie together at the 2016 Entrepreneur Weekend and received over $22,000 in investment. He was a 2017 Entrepreneurs Fund recipient, receiving $15,000 and a workspace to work on his idea full-time.

Shark Tank called him after his business was featured on’s Coolest Colleges Startup competition. Ryan Diew went on Shark Tank in October 2017 and requested $100,000 for a 10% share in Trippie. Diew’s experience on Shark Tank exceeded his expectations.

One Shark believed the app did not tackle the relevant problem; another saw no competitive edge, and yet another did not regard it as a complete business. 

After Diew’s visit, one of the sharks, Mark Cuban, challenged Diew to prove the sharks incorrect about the app. He chose to appear on Shark Tank because he required capital to expand.

How Was Shark Tank Pitch of Trippie?

Ryan entered the Shark Tank after receiving one more hug from his mother and explaining to the panel that Trippie would become the go-to app for navigating huge airports and interacting with weary fellow passengers.

Ryan Diew appeared on Shark Tank requesting an investment of $100,000 in exchange for a 10% stake in Trippie. Ryan explained to the Sharks that as a college student from Oakland and a student-athlete, he sometimes felt like he was constantly at an airport. 

Spending hours at an airport terminal may be a difficult experience, much more so for frequent flyers such as him and business passengers.

Ryan picked up his bags, preferring to demonstrate his experience to the Sharks rather than simply telling them about it. Whenever he walked through the terminal, the directories were nowhere to be found, so he would wander across the airport looking for things that might not be there.

Picking up a soggy tuna sandwich, Ryan explained that he usually ended up at the newsstand closest to his gate. He declared with Trippie that he would never have to settle for whatever the nearest shop offered, flinging the tuna sandwich into the stage rubbish can. 

He could easily find a good burrito rather than a mushy tuna sandwich at a store. He bit into a taco he’d hidden behind a stage plant. Ryan began by demonstrating how Trippie functioned on a large screen monitor to the Sharks.

When you click on the airport, a list of restaurants appears, including “Shark Tank Diner.” When you click on a restaurant, Trippie displays the restaurant’s gate location, the distance from it, and the restaurant’s hours of operation. 

A blue dot on a map displayed the user’s location and guided them to their destination.

Ryan said that Trippie would alleviate most of the tension involved with airport travel. He requested the Sharks for assistance in getting Trippie into the hands of millions of frequent travelers worldwide.

Robert inquired as to the number of airports included in the program. Ryan stated that he operated four airports – in San Francisco, Atlanta, Chicago, and Toronto – and was expanding to five additional locations.

Barbara observed that eateries always alter their locations, prices, and menu items, particularly in airports. 

She was curious as to how Ryan added and updated Trippie’s information. At the moment, Ryan explained, all data is manually entered with descriptions of the restaurant’s menu items, such as the type of cuisine or beers served.

Ryan stated that just weeks before the taping, he had turned down a handful of job offers from huge businesses such as Google and Facebook to work full-time on Trippie. 

He stated that he is always thinking about it. Mark asked whether Ryan continued to live with his parents, and Ryan acknowledged that he did.

Ryan was responsible for all coding and iOS development for Trippie. Since he first released the software, it has received 850 downloads and approximately 160 monthly active users. 

Ryan acknowledged that other available apps accomplished roughly the same as Trippie, but Robert advised him not to worry about competition; he wanted to hear why Trippie was superior to other available apps.

Trippie’s primary objective was to connect travelers at the airport. Ryan anticipated Trippie would take on the role of Waze in the airport environment. 

He imagined travelers exchanging information on the length of the TSA line as they approached. Lori thought that was an excellent concept, but it was omitted from Ryan’s presentation.

Ryan used the Google Maps API to monitor travelers’ movements throughout an airport. The distinction was that Trippie would establish a community of travelers capable of communicating and exchanging information about their airport experiences.

Barbara was curious about what Ryan intended to accomplish with the investment money he hoped to obtain from one of the Sharks. 

Ryan stated that his primary objective was to enable users to load their itineraries into the app. 

He boasted that monthly users had climbed 40% in the weeks following graduation, but when he disclosed it was just 179, Mark observed that the growth was trivial at that number.

Robert questioned why Ryan had not figured out a way to connect to airport backends. Ryan stated that he had not contacted airports to establish direct contact.

Lori believed that Ryan’s goal to become the Waze of airport terminals was a good one and that he should concentrate on the functionality of displaying security line wait times. 

She stated that she would have loved to have observed that some new functions were already in development and were subsequently canceled. 

Ryan appeared irritated, lamenting his lack of a wealthy uncle or pals who could invest in Trippie. Robert was not amused and reprimanded the young businessman, explaining that he was an immigrant and his mother worked as a receptionist. 

Ryan needed to toughen up, be more inventive, and accept his predicament. Robert informed Ryan that he needed to produce value for Trippie and left, followed by Rohan.

Ryan was extremely unhappy when three Sharks were eliminated. Barbara informed him that while she believed Trippie was a wonderful idea, it was not yet a business, and it was premature to seek financing. She, too, resigned.

Mark considered Trippie to be more of a feature than a commercial product. He explained to Ryan that he realized how difficult it was to establish a business of this nature. 

The most difficult part was learning to view his situation realistically. Mark wished Ryan well but stated that he was also out. Ryan was devastated, claiming he had invested his blood, sweat, and tears in this endeavor. Mark advised Ryan to refrain from self-congratulation. 

All the Sharks on the panel had toiled and sweated their way to success. Mark advised Ryan to work diligently to establish his business’s worth and value. Ryan left the Shark Tank stage without securing any deal from the Sharks for Trippie App.

Final Deal: No deal between Trippie App and Sharks.

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What Happened To Trippie After Shark Tank?

Trippie was in only four airports at the time the show aired. Trippie will be available in 22 airports worldwide by June 2020. Trippie promotes on their Twitter account that they are the number one airport app in the United States.

Since December 2017, their Facebook page has not been updated. Still, it does not appear as though Ryan has given up. The software has been updated numerous times since the Shark Tank broadcast.

They expanded their network of international airports to include Frankfurt, Sydney, and Tokyo. Ryan may have been depressed after exiting Shark Tank without a deal, but he has not given up. 

Trippie has been updated multiple times since his debut, with 18 airports and extensions to Frankfurt, Sydney, and Tokyo international hubs.

Trippie now allows users to search for airport restaurants based on their category and location. Additionally, the app now includes a restaurant rating system to connect travelers.

He did win $10,000 at the “Tech Done Right” pitch competition despite failing to win anything from his Shark Tank appearance. He was listed among the most influential African-Americans in technology.

They introduced more capabilities, such as searching for restaurants by category and by airport. Additionally, the Trippie app now allows users to rate eateries within the app. It has a 4.3-star rating.

Ryan maintains the business’s Twitter account, although the website and Facebook page are no longer active. 

Occasionally, he will send himself inspirational notes like “Focus on the positive.” On May 24, 2018, Trippie announced they would be “making something insane for you guys… keep an eye out.” As of 2023, no further information about the new venture has been released.

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Trippie App Shark Tank Update

Trippie, an application famous for its innovative features after appearing on Shark Tank, is now accessible in 120 airports worldwide. The company has expanded its reach by adding 18 new airports, such as Tokyo, Frankfurt, and Sydney.

After the television appearance, Ryan returned to refine his app. Despite not securing an investment deal, the significant publicity generated from the show attracted widespread interest in his app. This was unsurprising, given that many people struggle with navigating airports.

Immediately following the broadcast, Trippie expanded its coverage by adding 18 airports in major international destinations. This strategic move demonstrated Ryan’s determination to develop his business despite setbacks.

By the end of 2019, Trippie had expanded to include 120 airports, with the most popular options being in the United States. However, the app also included several options in Europe, Asia, and South America.

The year 2020 presented significant challenges for Trippie due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which caused a significant reduction in travel. Nonetheless, Ryan is optimistic about the future of the travel industry and has temporarily shut down the app while working on new features to enhance its performance when travel resumes.

As the world returns to normal, the app has been reopened, generating an annual revenue of approximately $3 million.

Trippie’s social media presence is limited. The company has an Instagram page with over 3,000 followers, but it is not regularly updated, with the most recent post being over a year old.

The company’s Twitter account has over 2,000 followers, but the last post was made in June 2020. Notably, the company does not have a website, and the app is only available on the App Store, as it has not yet been developed for Android devices.

Despite these limitations, Trippie has a 4.1-star rating on the App Store with over 900 ratings, indicating that users find the app helpful and enjoyable.

However, the app has not been updated since mid-2021 and is starting to become outdated. Therefore, it would benefit Ryan and his team to release new updates soon.

In conclusion, Ryan has achieved impressive success with Trippie, proving the naysayers wrong, despite the company’s limited social media presence and outdated app.

The COVID-19 pandemic caused the firm to operate at a reduced pace, but it appears to have recently accelerated its efforts to serve its customers.

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Is Trippie Still in Business?

Trippie has grown from four airports at its Shark Tank appearance to 22 airports worldwide, with airports in the United States accounting for 82 percent of all flight travel.

Trippie’s user base increased significantly following the episode’s airing. Trippie has added several new features to the app, including the option to rate eateries. 

Trippie Shark Tank Update

Trippie is now exclusively available on Apple iPhones. However, there are plans to make it available on Android.

Trippie App is still available for iPhones; however, its website redirects to a random casino website. Also, the last social media post was made in June 2020.

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What Is the Net Worth of Trippie App?

The valuation of Trippie App was $1 million when it appeared on Shark Tank. The net worth of the Trippie App is unknown as of 2023 since there has not been much information about the company in the public profile.

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