Tree T Pee Shark Tank Net Worth

Tree T Pee is a GSI Supply product founded on 2nd March 2005 by John G Georges (Johnny). In 1970, Johnny’s father, Rick Georges, invented the micro-sprinkler, or “Geor-Jet,” which transformed the irrigation sector.

Tree T-Pee is a water conservation and frost protection system designed for agriculture, specifically for tree crops. Invented by Johnny Georges, Tree T-Pee is a cone-shaped device made from recycled plastic around the base of young trees. The device is designed to work with micro-sprinklers or low-flow irrigation systems.

The Tree T-Pee contains the water and nutrients within the cone, directing them straight to the tree’s root system. This reduces water evaporation, runoff, and waste, resulting in significant water savings.

In addition to water conservation, the Tree T-Pee helps protect trees from frost damage by maintaining a more consistent temperature within the cone.

Johnny Georges and the Tree T-Pee gained widespread recognition after appearing on the television show Shark Tank, where the product received an investment from John Paul DeJoria. Since then, the Tree T-Pee has gained traction in the agricultural industry, helping farmers save water and reduce costs.

This way, watering the trees reduced the amount of water they needed and prevented them from being damaged by frost. After a few years, Georges Enterprises Inc. and Rick Georges developed the first Tree T PEE, which helped protect young trees from frost damage. 

However, this cone-shaped tree T-PEE only addressed half of the issue, as it requires human installation with a freezing warning. This was a time-consuming and labor-intensive process.

A few years later, Johnny invented an improved tree T Pee that could significantly reduce water consumption in irrigation technologies. This not only conserved water but also saved on the fuel or electricity used to pump the water.

However, this product does not alter established farming practices or processes, and farmers reject it. However, Johnny continued to erode farmers’ traditional methods.

He received a break in November 2013 when he appeared on ABC’s “Shark Tank” show, where he negotiated a deal with entrepreneur John Paul Dejoria. Johnny and his father’s goals of revolutionizing irrigation became a reality.

What is Tree T Pee?

Tree T Pee is a small device placed around the base of a tree to prevent it from getting frost damaged and to save water in the process. It is made from plastic and looks like a tepee.

A tree tepee is a plastic tepee that is placed around tree roots to prevent frost damage and save water in the process. Tree T Pee is a product that helps farmers protect their crops in the fall.

You can prevent frost damage and save money by letting you forget to water the plants. The product is made from plastic and is shaped like a tepee.

Johnny and his father developed a product called Tree T Pee that is placed around the bases of trees to prevent them from freezing and to save them from being damaged.

They worked in the citrus and irrigation industries for more than two decades. Johnny’s father created a plastic device that was put around the roots of trees in 1984 to prevent them from freezing and to help them use less water.

The Tree T Pee is a recyclable plastic cone used to cover the roots of young trees. It reduces water use per tree from 10,000 to 800 gallons per year in warm, southern climes.

Tree T Pee Shark Tank Net Worth

Tree T Pee conserves water and prevents frost damage during a rare and potentially destructive southern frost. 

A loss of thousands of acres of citrus trees in Florida can be prevented with proper freezing protection; a frost-free crop can provide a rich crop or put a grower out of business. 

The Tree T Pee is available in various colors and may be customized with logos. Tens of thousands of Tree T Pees are presently in use, and the growing demand for water conservation ensures that this product will continue to find applications in the future.

Company NameTree T Pee
EntrepreneurJohnny Georges
Productwater conserving containment
Investment Asking For$150,000 for 20% equity in Tree T Pee
Final Deal$150,000 for 20% equity in Tree T Pee
SharkJohn Paul Dejoria
Episode Season 5, Episode 7
Business StatusIn Business
WebsiteTree T Pee Website

Who is the Founder of Tree T Pee?

Johnny Georges is the founder of Tree T Pee. Rick Georges invented Micro Sprinklers, which transformed the irrigation sector; he coined the term “Geor-jet” for these micro-sprinklers.

Johnny and Rick designed Tree T Pee to protect crops against frost damage. The father and son piled soil around the young trees to prevent freezing and death. 

The dirt would have to be removed from the trees the following day to allow the trees to warm up in the sun, but this would take excessive time. 

Johnny once asked his father if there was a simpler method. Rick devised a cone to be placed around trees, which worked. The only remaining issue was that removing the cones would require excessive time and people. 

Tree T Pee Shark Tank Net Worth

Johnny considered producing Tree T Pee as a way to conserve water. He asserts it had a domino effect, resulting in power and fuel savings. Johnny had numerous farmers reject his ideas and continue to work with the status quo, but he was tenacious about changing one farmer at a time. 

Johnny was invited to appear on Shark Tank in 2013. Johnny stated in an interview, “It was to get up there and be yourself and hope they liked you.” If not, they get to demonstrate to the world what we are doing to conserve water”.

Tree T Pee Before Shark Tank

Johnny Georges has a great deal of admiration and affection for the American farmer. He spent nearly two decades working alongside his father, Rick, in the citrus and irrigation businesses. 

They invented a plastic device in 1984 that could be wrapped around tree roots to protect them against frost damage and conserve water simultaneously.

Some farmers have used Tree T Pees over the years but they were only available in limited geographic areas. Johnny offered a way for farmers to conserve money and water as they tended to their crops since he became aware that water conservation impacted agriculture. 

He possessed a product that farmers might utilize to alter their business practices immediately. Johnny entered the Shark Tank to secure funding and assistance to help farmers around the country expand the Tree T Pee.

Tree T Pee is an efficient method of conserving water during irrigation, reducing the amount of water consumed per tree from 25,000 to 800 gallons per year. Johnny is seeking $150,000 for a 20% stake in Tree T Pee.

Johnny is an expert in his field and his product. He has witnessed it in operation and comprehends how it can benefit the farmers he has worked with for years. He is not a public speaker, though, and is unfamiliar with the bright lights and cameras and the panel of renowned entrepreneurs to whom he is pitching his firm. 

Johnny felt the moment’s strain as he began his pitch and froze, unable to recall what he knew and had learned.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch of Tree T Pee?

Johnny Georges appeared on Shark Tank requesting an investment of $150,000 in exchange for 20% equity in Tree T Pee. The pitch began with Johnny struggling to recall his lines as he became flustered, stating that “when decent people come together for a noble cause, fantastic things happen.”

Johnny continues by describing the Tree T Pee, a water conservation product made entirely of recycled plastic that cuts water consumption from 25000 to 800 gallons per year through irrigation.

John Paul DeJoria, the show’s guest shark, inquires about the product. Johnny illustrates the product by stating that once set around the three, the Tree T Pee will collect three millimeters of rainwater in one hour. 

Kevin O’Leary inquires whether this is the first idea and why no one has considered developing a product that shoots water at roots.

Johnny informs him that the wind will carry the water away while such goods have been invented.

Kevin O’Leary seemed amused by the product’s potential to save so much water. Johnny adds that the only component needed is energy, as farmers possess their water.

Johnny adds that he has limited his sales to people he knows in five rural locations. In the state of California.

He has 127,500 Tree T Pee manufactured. Each unit costs $3.95, with sales of $4.50 per unit. The sharks were dissatisfied with the margin since he only earned a dollar on each sale. 

In response to their inquiry regarding the patent, Johnny informs them that he holds a utility patent in his name. Johnny further informs them that certain high-end models have a life expectancy of 30 to 40 years.

Mark inquires as to whether he has considered extending into other countries. Johnny responds that he simply hasn’t taken on the responsibility.

Lori inquires about his knowledge of the market, to which Johnny responds that he is familiar with 40 nurseries, 19 of which are commercial. 

Due to Johnny’s lack of network, these are the only people he marketed to. Johnny continues by recalling how one lady escorted him out, but he gave her five samples and his business card, and the following week she called to order 4,995 more Tree T Pee cones.

Johnny informs him that he simply wishes to be truthful. Kevin argues that the company’s margins were insufficient and that it would be tough to convince wholesalers to assist him in distributing his product countrywide. 

Johnny would require a network to distribute the product countrywide, which only distributors can assist with, and Kevin jumps in owing to the margin. John Paul DeJora begins by stating that farmers in every region of America are willing to pay between $6 and $7 for the goods.

John states that he will give Johnny all he requests, which is $150,000 for 20% of the equity because he recognizes Johnny’s commitment to the right cause. Onset, there is a little emotional moment as sharks congratulate him on the arrangement that can transform the lives of farmers worldwide.

Final Deal: John Paul Dejoria agreed to invest $150,000 for a 20% stake in Tree T Pee.

Did Tree T Pea Get Investment from Sharks?

Johnny Georges, the inventor of Tree T-Pee, appeared on Season 5 of the television show Shark Tank in 2013. During his pitch, Georges presented the Tree T-Pee as a water conservation and frost protection device for tree crops.

He explained the product’s benefits regarding water savings, cost reduction, and environmental impact. Georges sought a $150,000 investment in exchange for a 20% stake in his company.

During the pitch, Georges shared the personal story of his father, a lifelong farmer, and his experience in the agricultural industry. He emphasized his passion for helping farmers and conserving water. The Sharks were impressed by his dedication and the product’s potential impact.

John Paul DeJoria, the co-founder of Paul Mitchell and Patrón Spirits, expressed interest in the Tree T-Pee and saw its potential for positive environmental impact.

DeJoria offered Georges the full $150,000 investment but for a 25% stake in the company, which Georges accepted. DeJoria’s investment and involvement helped propel the Tree T-Pee to greater success and recognition in the agricultural industry.

The Tree T-Pee pitch is remembered as an emotional and heartfelt presentation, showcasing Johnny Georges’ genuine passion for his product and commitment to positively impacting the environment and the lives of farmers.

Who are the Investors of Tree T Pea?

Johnny requested $150,000 in exchange for 20% of the equity in Tree T Pee on the show. He was offered $150,000 for a 20% stake by John Paul DeJoria at the end of the pitch. John helped Johnny establish the network.

How Does Tree T Pee Make Money?

The local farmer was Johnny’s first customer before he entered the shark tank. He asserts that he was familiar with only 42 nurseries and conducted business with them. The product’s intended audience is farmers. 

The device can now be found for $8 at Home Depot locations throughout Florida and online after it appeared on Shark Tank alongside John Paul. The company has successfully shipped the goods abroad with John DeJora, elevating the company to a global level.

Tree T Pee Shark Tank Net Worth

Tree T Pee is available in Florida at Home Depot locations and online. Johnny disclosed during the pitch that each unit costs $3.95 and will be sold for $4.50. 

The product is now available for $8 on the company’s website, providing a higher profit margin. Tree T Pee has since extended outside its core products to include merchandise.

Tree T Pee Shark Tank Update

Johnny has collaborated with John Paul on presentations to large organizations since his appearance on Shark Tank. Tree T Pee retails for $9.97 at Florida Home Depot outlets, hoping to expand into a larger market. 

They sell the black version of the Tree T Pee on their website, and the number of Facebook fans on their page has risen to over 36,000.

The net sales for Tree T PEE increased significantly following Johnny’s participation in Shark Tank. Johnny began pitching the product to large corporations alongside John Paul. 

According to a recent Shark Tank post, the price of tree T PEE has increased to $9.97 at Florida Home Depot. Tree T PEE’s black color is available exclusively on their online website.

Johnny’s father, Rick, passed away more than a decade ago, but he would undoubtedly be pleased with his son’s work on behalf of the American farmer.

Today, tree T PEE’s net value is billions, owing to the product’s significantly larger market penetration. With an initial 36,000 likes on Facebook, T PEE has grown to over 62000 likes and is continuously growing at an incredible rate.

Now, with John Paul’s financial assistance and commercial backing, Johnny can increase Tree T Pee’s reach and assist farmers in conserving their crops, water, and money.

John Paul Johnny’s financial and business support allows the cooperation to expand the reach of tree T PEE and help farmers save their crops while conserving water, electricity, and money.

The company is already selling the product online at Home Depot locations throughout Florida. On the website, the product is priced at $8. Along with the Tree T Pee, the website sells various goods to benefit the business for $25.

Tree T Pee is available in two colors: white and black. Only the black variant is available online, as Johnny Georges believes it is the best for plants.

What Happened To Tree T Pee After Shark Tank?

After Shark Tank aired, Johnny received over 56,000 emails, resulting in thousands of sales. He is pleased with the results and has worked hard to grow the business.

Johnny was very pleased with the results of his participation in Shark Tank. He was very happy with the number of sales that the product generated.

Johnny continues to work with John Paul in various aspects of the business since watching the Shark Tank episode. Tree T Pee is still in the United States and doing fairly well.

The Tree T Pee product is now available in certain Home Depot stores throughout Florida. Tree T Pee was initially priced at $8, but they’ve since increased that price to $9.97 in hopes of reaching a larger market.

And it seems to be working. Last year, Tree T Pee earned more than $5 million in revenue.

If you live outside of Florida, you can purchase the tree protection device on the company’s official website. This tree is only available in black, which works on many varieties of trees.

It costs approximately the same as home depot items, which is merely $19.95. Tree T Pee products are now available for sale on Amazon. Keep in mind, however, that there is a minimum order requirement of ten trees.

It is worth a $4 handling fee, depending on where you live in the US. They charge an additional $5 for every order that you place. Call Johnny at 863 993-5335 or order one online to purchase a tree pee.

They have been working hard to bring the product to the global market. That should allow them to help farmers in drought-stricken nations around the world. That way, they can assist farmers in drought-stricken countries around the world.

Johnny’s father, who passed away over a decade ago, would be proud of his son and the company’s successes.

You can follow the company on its official Facebook page or keep in touch with what the company is doing on its YouTube channel.

We’re referring to those who have been on Shark Tank; they have already amassed over 61,000 followers. That proves how popular they have become.

Johnny will post on his website about the various products that are currently available for sale. Johnny posted on his Facebook page that he was selling 680 white T-Pees.

He uses that to let his followers know what he is working on. A few weeks ago, he posted a couple of photos he took in the hospital and a love note.

It is unclear what his doctor ordered, but according to the hospital records, he had surgery on his right shoulder. Interestingly, his Instagram and Twitter accounts appear to have been abandoned sometime in the past, and they were last updated in 2017 and 2013.

Is Tree T Pee Still in Business?

After Johnny Georges and Tree T-Pee received an investment from John Paul DeJoria on Shark Tank, the company experienced growth and increased visibility in the agricultural industry. The exposure from the show helped Tree T-Pee gain more customers and expand its reach.

The investment and support from DeJoria enabled Tree T-Pee to improve its manufacturing capabilities, increase production, and reduce the per-unit cost of the product.

This made it more affordable for farmers, leading to wider adoption. Tree T-Pee also received media attention, further promoting the product and its environmental benefits.

Tree T-Pee has been recognized for its water conservation and frost protection capabilities, helping farmers save water, reduce costs, and minimize environmental impact.

Since the Shark Tank’s appearance, the company has made a difference in the agricultural industry, promoting sustainable farming practices through its innovative product.

For the most recent updates, it is advisable to check Tree T-Pee’s official website or social media channels.

What Is the Net Worth of Tree T Pee?

The valuation of Tree T Pee was $750,000 when it appeared on Shark Tank. The net worth of Tree T Pee is estimated to be $1 million.

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