What Happened To PC Classes Online After Shark Tank?

Shark Tank episode 408 features David Cox, dubbed The Mac Guru, pitching his startup, PC Classes Online.

There are two people with David in the Shark Tank: Emmy-winning comedy writer Bruce Vilanch, and the other is David.

David developed an interest in Macs when he was a child and somehow ended up working at an Apple store where he informed over-50s.

A few years ago, after his classes were well attended, he decided to create a collection of online tutorials.

Subscribers to PC Classes Online get instant access to all lectures on Mac.

The vision of David is to bring his online educational library to the masses through an Apple Store add-on.

What Are PC Classes Online?

PC Classes Online is a subscription-based program for which members must pay a full year in advance.

PC Classes Online Shark Tank Update

The annual fee for access to all previous video lectures and upcoming live classes is simply $199.

Company NamePC Classes Online
EntrepreneurDavid A. Cox
ProductComputer classes online for people over the age of 50
Investment Asking For$150,000 For 15% equity in PC Classes Online
Final DealNo Deal
SharkNo Shark
Episode Season 4 Episode 9
Business StatusOut Of Business
WebsiteVisit Website

Who Is The Founder Of PC Classes Online?

David Cox is the founder of PC Classes Online. He worked at Apple Stores and taught very popular computer courses.

The majority of his students were 55 years old or older. He developed curriculums for classes taken at home as a result.

He planned to sell seminars along with hardware provided by electronic stores. Mark and Kevin reprimand David for using “upsell” rather than “bundle.”

The situation only deteriorated from there. David was not offered a deal because the sharks mocked his business concept, his meager earnings, and the fact that its 30 years too late.

PC Classes Online Before Shark Tank

David Cox and a few tech-savvy friends founded a podcast three years ago.

It was explored how people could make better use of their electronics and gadgets.

The podcast does not include the visual aspect most people require while learning new skills.

So, David decided to create PC Classes Online, a for-profit online classroom style.

How would the Sharks respond to a technology classroom proposal? Would they embrace it or dismiss it as an old rehash of an old idea? 

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch PC Classes Online?

David Cox entered the Shark Tank from the stage and pitched his business PC Classes Online.

He informed them that he was the CEO and creator of PC Classes Online and that he was seeking $150,000 in exchange for a 15% ownership in his business.

David formerly worked as the manager of an Apple computer shop and taught public introductory computer classes.

The classes became popular, and David recognized a trend. He began offering computer classes for older adults.

He recognized a need for computer classes for seniors trying to stay up with technological advancements.

Mac Guru is seeking $150,000 for a 15% stake in PC Classes Online.

He introduces Vilanch and claims to have taught his mother how to Skype.

David has a $35K revenue stream and is interested in expanding his membership sales to PC Classes Online.

When David looks unsure of the distinction between an add-on sale and a bundled sale, the Sharks launch an attack and chomp into him.

Mark Cuban became a big fan of online computer education in 1985. Many others have followed his example.

He did not mention identifying more than fifty people, and he conflated bundling and add-ons.

Mark Cuban informs him that he may believe he is leaving, which he is. He has left the building.

Mr. Wonderful calls him a bozo for not knowing the difference!

Mark asserts that online classes similar to David’s have existed since the 1980s and doubts David’s competence.

Mark leaves and is immediately followed by the rest of the Sharks.

Daymond John informs him that he has a terrible idea, a terrible pitch, and a terrible value and that he is no longer interested in pursuing it.

What Happened To Hater App After Shark Tank?

Kevin O’Leary has described him as a computer pimp for free labor; he exits.

Barbara Corcoran believes that classes for the over-50 audience are necessary.

You must start from scratch and get traction. As a result, she is also out.

Robert Herjavec believes you are around 30 years too late as an investment; I am exiting.

David departs with no investment, but Vilanch makes a lighthearted parting remark, “Let’s go eat Sushi.”

What Happened To PC Classes Online After Shark Tank?

David found that the “unkind” edit he perceived ended up being rather beneficial to him in the end.

He saw a significant increase in business thanks to his appearance on the Shark Tank show. David has conducted computer training across the country for corporations and live classes.

PC Classes Online Shark Tank Update

David leveraged his Shark Tank cache to grow the Mac Guru business while the PC Classes Online business grows.

He refers to it as “the Apple shop brought to your house” and provides full-service sales, servicing, and training on-site. He is truly “The TRUE Mac Guru.”

What Happened To Velocity Signs After Shark Tank?

David ceased operations of that business in 2015. He continues to educate computer users through his Tech Talk America YouTube channel.

PC Classes Online Shark Tank Update

David radically altered his business approach since appearing on Shark Tank, and it has led to PC Classes online reaching 200,000 users.

He offers free lectures on YouTube rather than a fee-based website. He generates revenue from advertising.

Students can choose from more than a dozen different languages to take classes in. 

He also grew his company’s ability to conduct training for Apple products due to his prior experience in that field.

Is PC Classes Online Still In Business?

David rebranded his PC Classes Online website as a tech news blog featuring product reviews and computer hardware and software updates.

What Happened To Hoppy Paws After Shark Tank?

He makes money from advertising and affiliate marketing while delivering his lectures online for free.

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