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The Kombucha Shop, which appeared on Season 10 of Shark Tank, offers an all-in-one home brewing kit for kombucha, a fermented tea known for its health benefits. The product simplifies the process of making kombucha, making it accessible to anyone who loves this probiotic-rich drink.

The Kombucha Shop offers a unique kit that gets you started brewing your kombucha right from the comfort of your own home, including all items you need. 

It provides a 1-gallon glass brew jar, a kombucha culture and liquid starter, organic cane sugar, loose-leaf tea, a reusable cotton tea bag, pH test strips, a temperature gauge, and a detailed step-by-step guide. 

The kit includes a tight weave cloth and rubber band covering the brew jar during fermentation. The Kombucha Shop stands out in the market due to its commitment to quality and ease of use. 

All ingredients in the kit are organic and non-GMO, ensuring a natural, healthful brew. The included guide demystifies the process, offering clear, straightforward instructions regardless of the user’s experience level. 

Kombucha’s popularity has increased due to its reported health benefits, such as aiding digestion, improving gut health, and potentially boosting immunity. 

Home brewing kits from The Kombucha Shop offer regular drinkers a cost-effective alternative to store-bought kombucha, allowing them to create their brews for a fraction of the price. 

Furthermore, users can experiment with various teas and flavor additions, such as fruits and herbs, making the product a good choice for those seeking health benefits and a customizable, creative brewing experience.

Company NameThe Kombucha Shop
EntrepreneurKate Field
Product / BusinessKombucha tea
Investment Asking For$350,000 for 10% equity in The Kombucha Shop
Final Deal$200,000 for 10% equity in The Kombucha Shop + $150,000 line of credit
SharkBarbara Corcoran and Sara Blakely
The Kombucha Shop Episode Season 10, Episode 5
The Kombucha Shop Business StatusAcquired
The Kombucha Shop WebsiteVisit Website

What Is The Kombucha Shop?

The Kombucha Shop is a business that specializes in providing high-quality kombucha brewing kits, ingredients, and supplies to customers who want to make their kombucha at home. 

The company offers a wide range of tea blends specifically designed for kombucha brewing and handcrafted flavoring syrups, making adding unique flavors to the finished product easy. 

Customers who have purchased the Kombucha Shop’s starter kit report that it contains everything they need to get started and that the instructions are clear and easy to understand. The business has received favorable reviews and numerous features in various publications. 

Kombucha brewing has become increasingly popular as more people seek healthy and flavorful alternatives to traditional soft drinks. 

The Kombucha Shop is a business that specializes in providing customers with the tools and resources they need to brew their kombucha at home, including starter kits, brewing supplies, and handcrafted flavoring syrups.

Kombucha Shop’s focus on flavor stands out from other brewing supply companies. Kombucha Shop offers a variety of handcrafted flavoring syrups that can be added to the finished kombucha to add delicious flavors that aren’t available from other businesses.

The Kombucha Shop Shark Tank Update

Customers who have purchased the Kombucha Shop’s starter kit report that it contains everything they need to get started and that the instructions are clear and easy to understand. 

The kit includes a brewing vessel, a SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture Of Bacteria and Yeast), and all the necessary brewing supplies. Additionally, the Kombucha Shop offers a wealth of resources on its website, including instructional videos and brewing tips.

The business has received favorable reviews and numerous features in various publications, partly thanks to its commitment to quality and customer service. Whether you’re a seasoned kombucha brewer or a first-time enthusiast, the Kombucha Shop is a great resource for all your brewing needs. 

Who Is the Founder Of The Kombucha Shop?

Kate Field, an entrepreneur passionate about health and wellness, founded the Kombucha Shop. Before starting The Kombucha Shop, Field worked in various roles but felt a pull towards entrepreneurship and healthier living. 

Field first encountered kombucha while living in China, where she was introduced to this fermented tea drink with a history dating back thousands of years. Intrigued by its taste and potential health benefits, she began to research and experiment with brewing her kombucha at home upon her return to the United States. 

However, Field quickly realized that sourcing the necessary supplies and deciphering the brewing process could be daunting for beginners. This challenge gave her the idea to create a comprehensive home-brewing kit to simplify the process and make it more accessible to others. 

Field launched The Kombucha Shop in 2013, focusing on high-quality, organic, non-GMO ingredients. The business began as a small online store but gained momentum quickly thanks to word of mouth and social media. Her appearance on Season 10 of “Shark Tank” further propelled the brand’s recognition and success. 

Field’s background, passion for health and wellness, and desire to bring kombucha brewing into everyday households have been pivotal in creating a successful and impactful business. 

Her ability to identify a gap in the market and provide a practical solution showcases her entrepreneurial understanding and commitment to empowering people to take charge of their health through diet and nutrition.

The Kombucha Shop Before Appearing on Shark Tank

Before appearing on “Shark Tank,” The Kombucha Shop had already made a name for itself in the niche market of home-brewed kombucha. Kate Field, the founder, had successfully turned her passion for kombucha and healthy living into a viable business model, offering a complete home-brewing kit online.

The business operated primarily through its online store, selling kits and additional supplies like extra cultures (also known as SCOBYs – Symbiotic Culture Of Bacteria and Yeast), organic teas, and flavorings. 

The company’s early growth was largely driven by word-of-mouth referrals and social media promotion as more people became interested in brewing their kombucha at home for health benefits.

Kate Field also put considerable effort into educating the public about kombucha, offering how-to guides and brewing tips, which added a valuable resource component to The Kombucha Shop. This focus on education further differentiated the business and built a loyal customer base. 

Despite this success, however, the visibility and potential for investment that “Shark Tank” offered was an opportunity to expand the reach of The Kombucha Shop even further. 

By the time Field pitched her business to the “Sharks,” the company was already profitable and had a robust online presence, but she was seeking to scale and develop her business even more. 

The national exposure she gained from the show and the potential financial investment were key factors driving her to participate.

The Kombucha Shop Shark Tank Recap

Kate Field, the founder of The Kombucha Shop, presented her business on Season 10 of “Shark Tank” with confidence and passion, demonstrating her comprehensive understanding of the product and market.

Kate Field was seeking an investment of $350,000 in exchange for a 10% equity in The Kombucha Shop, valuing the company at $3.5 million, indicating her belief in the value and potential growth of the business.

Field started her pitch by introducing herself and her product – the home brewing kit for kombucha, a fermented, probiotic-rich tea. She then explained the health benefits of kombucha, emphasizing its popularity and the increasing consumer interest in healthier food and drink choices.

She offered samples of home-brewed kombucha to the Sharks, showcasing the quality that could be achieved using her kit. Field further explained how her kit simplifies the kombucha brewing process, providing all the necessary tools, ingredients, and easy-to-follow instructions.

Field detailed her business model, which primarily involved online sales of the brewing kit and other kombucha-related products. She also provided impressive sales figures, indicating that the business was already profitable and growing. 

She explained the significant markup on store-bought kombucha to bolster her pitch and how her product offers a cost-effective and fun alternative for enthusiasts. To demonstrate the growth potential, Field highlighted the growing market for kombucha in the United States and worldwide. 

She argued that with the right investment and strategic partnerships, The Kombucha Shop could reach even more consumers and potentially branch out into physical retail spaces.

She used her time on “Shark Tank” to effectively present her vision for The Kombucha Shop, making a compelling case for why an investment in her company could be lucrative for the right Shark.

Kevin O’Leary was the first shark to raise concerns about the company’s valuation request. He could not envision investing at such a valuation, leading him to withdraw his interest after learning of the company’s financial history. 

Lori Greiner, too, displayed a lack of interest and subsequently decided to drop out of the opportunity. The company generated over $3 million in sales, but several sharks had reservations about investing.

Since Kate was actively seeking a strategic partner, she genuinely desired someone who deeply respected her business. Sara Blakely and Barbara Corcoran eventually proposed a cash investment of $200,000 in exchange for a 10% stake in The Kombucha Shop.

Furthermore, they pledged to provide the company with a line of credit of $150,000. After carefully considering it, Kate Field decided to accept Barbara and Sara’s proposal.

What Happened To The Kombucha Shop After Shark Tank?

After the Shark Tank episode aired, the company saw a spike in sales and suffered from overwhelming demand for its Kombucha product. The Kombucha Shop became a leading global brand, as reported in the Wisconsin State Journal.

According to her LinkedIn profile, Kate departed The Kombucha Shop in June 2020 to pursue new endeavors. The magazine Inc. recognized her pet as the second most memorable of the season. 

The business thrives and prospers despite changing ownership. The official website offers an array of flavored syrups, botanicals, and two distinct types of kits. Additionally, wholesale opportunities are available through their online platform. 

In 2020, the company was acquired by Habib Bakshi, a renowned expert in digital marketing. Given his focus on luxury brands thus far, it will be intriguing to observe the new direction in which The Kombucha Shop will venture under his guidance.

Let us now provide an update on The Kombucha Shop’s progress to determine if the company has experienced growth in the months and years following its appearance on Shark Tank. Regrettably, the proposed deal with Barbara and Sara was never formalized. 

However, the positive outcome is that the exposure gained from featuring on Season 10 of Shark Tank appears to have propelled the company in the right direction. The company has set ambitious financial targets exceeding $2 million for the 2022 calendar year.

The Kombucha Shop Shark Tank Update

After appearing on “Shark Tank” in 2019, the Kombucha Shop, founded by Kate Field, experienced significant developments. Kate Field aimed to provide customers with the materials to make their kombucha at home, offering a cost-effective alternative to store-bought options.

During her pitch on the show, Kate Field faced initial skepticism from the sharks. However, she managed to secure a deal with Barbara Corcoran and guest shark Sara Blakely. The proposed deal involved a $200,000 investment and a $150,000 line of credit in exchange for a 10 percent equity stake.

Although the deal with Barbara and Sara was not finalized, the Kombucha Shop experienced a surge in sales following its appearance on “Shark Tank.” The show’s publicity increased orders and the company eventually partnered with Whole Foods.

In 2020, Kate Field decided to sell the Kombucha Shop, but the company thrived without her involvement. It was acquired by Habib Bakshi, who has successfully maintained its operations.

The Kombucha Shop Shark Tank Update

The Kombucha Shop generates approximately $2 million in annual revenue and offers a range of products, including home-brewing kits, bottling supplies, flavorings, merchandise, and brewing accessories.

The Kombucha Shop experienced a surge in sales and secured a partnership with Whole Foods after appearing on “Shark Tank.” Despite Kate Field’s departure from the company, it continues to be successful under new ownership, providing customers with the resources to make their kombucha at home.

Here are some of the things that happened to The Kombucha Shop after appearing on Shark Tank:

  • The company saw a significant increase in sales.
  • The company expanded its product line to include kombucha-infused snacks and drinks.
  • Habib Bakshi, an expert in revenue growth and digital marketing, acquired the company.

The Kombucha Shop is now one of the leading kombucha brands in the United States. The company is committed to providing consumers with high-quality, affordable kombucha.

Is The Kombucha Shop Still In Business?

The Kombucha Shop is that it is still in business. The company has continued its operations and is thriving under new ownership. In 2020, Kate Field, the founder of The Kombucha Shop, decided to sell the company.

The Kombucha Shop was acquired by Habib Bakshi, a serial e-commerce entrepreneur and SkyDiamond Elite CEO who recognized the value of the company’s focus on healthy living and the growing demand for kombucha.

The acquisition followed The Kombucha Shop’s success on the TV show “Shark Tank” in 2018, where the company received interest from all four sharks. Under Habib Bakshi’s ownership, The Kombucha Shop has experienced remarkable growth. 

The Kombucha Shop specializes in premium organic kombucha home brewing kits and has become the top-selling kit online and on platforms like Amazon. 

Bakshi’s expertise in digital marketing has contributed to a significant increase in sales, with a three-fold growth noted. The company remains committed to using organic ingredients and supporting local U.S. businesses.

While the exact current financial details of The Kombucha Shop are not available, it is mentioned that the company generates approximately $2 million in annual revenue under its new ownership. The Kombucha market is projected to reach USD 10.45 billion by 2027, with an expected growth rate of 23.2%.

Therefore, based on the information available, The Kombucha Shop is still in business and continues to provide its customers with home brewing kits, bottling supplies, flavors, merchandise, and brewing aids, maintaining its presence in the kombucha industry.

What Is the Net Worth Of The Kombucha Shop?

The net worth of The Kombucha Shop is estimated to be $5 million as of 2023, which is significantly higher than its valuation while appearing on Shark Tank. The valuation of The Kombucha Shop was $3.5 million when it appeared on Shark Tank.

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