TactiBite Fish Call Shark Tank Net Worth

If you’re a fan of Shark Tank, you may have seen the episode featuring the TactiBite Fish Call. This unique device attracts fish by emitting sounds similar to their natural feeding calls.

The TactiBite Fish Call is an electronic fishing device designed to help attract fish and increase the chances of catching them. It was invented by father-son duo Jeff and Jack Danos, who pitched their product on Season 8 of the show “Shark Tank.”

The TactiBite Fish Call emits sounds and vibrations that mimic the noises of distressed fish and other underwater prey. These sounds and vibrations stimulate fish’s predatory instincts, attracting them to the area where the device is deployed.

The device is meant to be attached to a fishing line and submerged in the water, where it can effectively draw fish toward the angler’s bait or lure.

This innovative fishing aid targets recreational and professional anglers, offering a unique and potentially more effective way to attract fish in various fishing environments.

The TactiBite Fish Call has been marketed as a convenient, portable, and easy-to-use tool that can improve the fishing experience and increase the likelihood of catching fish.

Company NameTactiBite Fish Call
EntrepreneurJeff Danos and Jack Danos
Product / BusinessBait devise that calls fish electronically
Investment Asking For$150,000 for 10% equity in TactiBite Fish Call
Final Deal$150,000 for 10% equity in TactiBite Fish Call
SharkRobert Herjavec
Episode Season 8, Episode 2
Business StatusIn Business
WebsiteTactiBite Fish Call Website

What is TactiBite Fish Call?

The Tactibite Fish Call is an electronic speaker that mimics the sounds of feeding and schooling fish to attract and capture them. The mobile speakers have a hard surface mount and are called tactile transducers.

The fisherman must fish near these speakers to obtain wholesome fish. In appearance, the product looks like a beer can and weighs about a pound. You can purchase Tactibite Fish Call for $99.99.

Tactibite Fish Call provides a portable speaker, an anchor, and an anchor line in a single package. The product was reviewed by many fishermen who were unsure whether it would work before using it, but they said that once they used it, they would use it again.

Tactibite Fish Call was launched via a Kickstarter campaign with a $10,000 objective that raised approximately $112,573 and was therefore deemed quite successful.

TactiBite Fish Call Shark Tank Net Worth

TactiBite Fish Call is a revolutionary new product that allows you to attract fish from a distance without using bait or lures. The device uses sound waves to create a ‘bubble curtain’ around you, which confuses the fish and causes them to swim toward you.

The TactiBite Fish Call emits a low-frequency sound wave that is inaudible to humans but is proven to attract fish. When the fish is close enough, they are attracted by the sound and swim toward the device. 

You can use TactiBite Fish Call both in fresh and salt water. Its versatility makes it ideal for recreational as well as commercial fishermen. The best part about the TactiBite Fish Call is that it’s safe for humans and fish. There are no harmful chemicals or toxins, and the sound waves are at a frequency that won’t hurt humans or fish.

The TactiBite Fish Call is perfect for anyone who loves to fish. It’s an easy and convenient way to attract fish and is completely safe and environmentally friendly. So if you’re looking for a unique and innovative way to attract fish, the TactiBite Fish Call is the perfect device.

Who is the Founder of TactiBite Fish Call?

Jeff Danos and Jack Danos are the founders of TactiBite Fish Call. Jack developed this device using a 3D printer when he was 15. The two partners joined forces several years later, raised $112,573 through a successful campaign, and brought the product to market.

It was the father-son duo who brought an idea to life. Jeff explained that, like every fisherman, he never felt content after fishing since there were many times when he got a few fish and decided to advertise the company’s product instead. Jack and Jeff enjoy fishing, and they now assist others with ease when it comes to fishing.

Laid Brand Shark Tank Update

TactiBite Fish Call Before Shark Tank

Those who have encountered a fishing enthusiast know that fishing is one of those sports in which people get very passionate. Jack Danos, who was just six months old when Jeff Danos taught him to cast a fishing rod, was no exception.

Jeff’s claim that he was the “Fish Master” was revealed as a tall tale when the pair failed to capture any fish. The veteran entrepreneur Jeff had a background in accounting and had built many successful businesses, but Jack was another genius.

When Jack was 12 years old, he began building websites for fun. When he received a 3D printer as a gift, he and his father began working on restoring Jeff’s ‘Fish-Master’ status. The duo eventually developed an innovative fish call called the TactiBite Fish Call, which uses more sophisticated technologies than worms.

The two created prototypes and then turned to Kickstarter to raise $10,000 all-or-nothing through a 60-day campaign. The Kickstarter community accepted the hook, and eight hundred investors filled the fishermen’s wallets. The Danos received an advance sales order of over $112,000. The original invention was manufactured after the campaign was completed.

Joyce’s Lulu Bang Shark Tank Update

Their business expanded during the following months, and they applied successfully to appear on The Shark Tank to expand further. They had one of their best chances at catching the largest and most fearsome aquatic creatures in September 2016, but could they entice a shark or two?

How Was the Shark Tank Pitch of TactiBite Fish Call?

The TactiBite Fish Call was pitched on Season 8 of the television show “Shark Tank” by the father-son duo Jeff and Jack Danos. They sought an investment of $150,000 in exchange for a 10% equity stake in their company.

During their pitch, Jeff and Jack explained the concept and functionality of the TactiBite Fish Call. They demonstrated how the device works by emitting sounds and vibrations that mimic distressed fish and underwater prey, attracting predatory fish. They also highlighted the product’s portable, easy-to-use, and innovative nature.

The sharks showed interest in the TactiBite Fish Call, and several of them asked questions about the effectiveness of the device, the target market, the competition, and the company’s sales figures.

Some sharks expressed concerns about the product’s scalability, the size of the market, and the potential for copycat products.

Despite these concerns, the father-son duo secured a deal with shark Robert Herjavec. He offered to invest $150,000 for a 10% stake in the company, which was exactly what Jeff and Jack had initially requested.

With Robert’s investment and mentorship, they aimed to grow their business and expand the reach of the TactiBite Fish Call in the fishing industry.

What Happened To TactiBite Fish Call After Shark Tank?

After their appearance on Shark Tank and securing a deal with Robert Herjavec, the TactiBite Fish Call experienced a boost in sales and brand recognition. The show’s publicity helped raise awareness about the product and its innovative approach to attracting fish.

The father-son duo, Jeff and Jack Danos continued to work on refining the TactiBite Fish Call, incorporating customer feedback to improve the product. They also focused on marketing efforts, targeting recreational and professional anglers who could benefit from the device.

The company expanded its distribution channels, making the TactiBite Fish Call available through various online and brick-and-mortar retailers and their official websites.

TactiBite Fish Call Shark Tank Net Worth

In addition to selling the product, the company offered tutorials, tips, and information about using the device effectively.

According to an official press statement, TactiBite Fish Call is sold worth $2 million in sales by the end of 2016, as opposed to the initial $750,000.

TactiBite Fish Call’s contract with Robert Herjavec may have fallen since the episode aired. However, this still needs to be confirmed. Furthermore, Amazon no longer sells the TactiBite Fish Call, available only through Clever Training.

TactiBite Fish Call Shark Tank Update

Jeff and Jack gained a lot of new fans by performing their TactiBite Fish Call duo in the aquarium. He garnered attention from multiple media outlets about young entrepreneurs in the weeks following the show’s initial airing for his ability to handle the intense negotiations in the tank.

Jack explained that when he and Jeff prepared for their time in the tank, they had focused on earning an offer, so when three sharks started battling for the opportunity to join them, it was unexpected, and that was the one time they weren’t completely prepared for their appearance.

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The segment was first broadcast in September 2016 and aired again in December 2016. TactiBite Fish Call had generated $2 million in sales by Christmas 2016 due to ten million viewers across both shows. Sales have remained the same since then.

A strategic partner is needed to help TactiBite Fish Call keep up with their “skyrocketing” sales, making it difficult to keep track of inventory and ship orders. Their website, Thefishcall.com, advertises their search for such a partner.

Robert Herjavec appears to be something other than a partner on the TactiBite Fish Call website, but they are seeking a sales associate to maximize their retail sales.

The problems Tactibite is currently having indicate that Robert Herjavec may no longer be involved with the company after the shark tank deal did not go through.

Jeff and Jack Danos certainly have the capabilities to guide the firm to even greater success, but current Fish Call sales are nearly too much for them.

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There are mixed reviews for the Fish Call on both Amazon and the company’s website, where the now-lowered price is $69.99. Although some fishermen have trouble becoming “Fish-Masters” with the high-tech bait, others can’t stop praising it.

Jeff and Jack Danos would almost certainly generate substantial profits without Robert Herjavec’s assistance, even if a contract between them and he was still being determined.

Is TactiBite Fish Call Still In Business?

TactiBite Fish Call is still in business and doing exceptionally well. The TactiBite Fish Call’s sales skyrocketed following Shark Tank, and the father-son duo reached two million dollars in annual sales. 

SiliDog Shark Tank Update

Robert Herjavec has never mentioned any fish call-related talks after the broadcast, so whether the purchase was completed after the broadcast is unknown. There is no doubt that the company’s sales are phenomenal. 

What is the Net Worth of TactiBite Fish Call?

The net worth of TactiBite Fish Call is $2 million. The valuation of TactiBite Fish Call was $1.5 million after securing an investment from Robert Herjavec on season 08 of Shark Tank.