Sunniva Super Coffee Shark Tank Update | Sunniva Super Coffee Net Worth

Sunniva Super Coffee is an innovative beverage product introduced in Season 9 of the reality TV show “Shark Tank.” The brainchild of the DeCicco brothers is designed to provide a healthier, more beneficial alternative to traditional energy drinks, coffee, and similar caffeinated beverages.

Sunniva Super Coffee combines the stimulating effects of coffee with the health benefits of protein and healthy fats, offering consumers a nutrient-dense energy source. Each bottle contains Colombian organic coffee, which provides natural caffeine for sustained energy release throughout the day.

The beverage is also enriched with proteins and MCT oil, a healthy fat derived from coconut oil. Proteins are essential for muscle recovery and development, while MCT oil is known for supporting brain function and promoting weight loss by increasing the body’s ketone production.

Sunniva Super Coffee is committed to using clean, organic ingredients. The product is free from artificial additives, sweeteners, and flavors, adhering to the philosophy of promoting health and wellness without compromising taste. 

It comes in various flavors, including smooth mocha, creamy vanilla, and rich hazelnut, catering to diverse tastes.

Its low-calorie content is another appealing aspect of Sunniva Super Coffee. Despite its richness in nutrients, a bottle contains only around 80 calories. This feature makes it a favorable choice for health-conscious individuals looking to maintain a low-calorie diet without sacrificing energy levels or taste.

As for why it’s a good choice, Sunniva Super Coffee provides a perfect blend of health and convenience. For those with busy schedules, it serves as a ready-to-drink beverage that boosts energy levels and delivers essential nutrients.

It fits well into the growing trend of functional beverages, which are designed to do more than just quench thirst—they support the overall wellness of the consumer.

Furthermore, Sunniva Super Coffee’s commitment to using organic and healthy ingredients is aligned with the increasing consumer demand for transparent and clean food and drink products. Its distinct blend of flavor, health, and convenience sets it apart.

Company NameSunniva Super Coffee
EntrepreneurJordan DeCicco, Jake DeCicco, and Jim DeCicco
Product / BusinessCoffee and beverages
Investment Asking For$500,000 for 4.5% equity in Sunniva Super Coffee
Final DealNo Deal
SharkNo Shark
FireAvert Episode Season 9, Episode 22
Business StatusIn Business
FireAvert WebsiteVisit Website

What Is Sunniva Super Coffee?

Sunniva Super Coffee is a unique and revolutionary beverage meticulously crafted to meet the ever-growing demand for healthier alternatives to traditional coffee drinks. This innovative product, developed by a group of enterprising siblings, is designed to harness the natural power of organic coffee, combined with nourishing and energizing ingredients, to offer an unparalleled experience for consumers who wish to embrace wellness without compromising on taste and quality.

What sets Sunniva Super Coffee apart from its contemporaries is the carefully selected blend of components comprising Colombian organic coffee, lactose-free protein, healthy fats derived from coconut oil, and a subtle dash of sweetness from natural sweeteners.

Sunniva Super Coffee aims to satisfy caffeine addicts while promoting overall well-being and health through a wholesome and satisfying beverage. The infusion of protein and healthy fats in the beverage allows for sustained energy release, contributing to enhanced mental focus and physical performance.

Sunniva Super Coffee Shark Tank Update

Furthermore, consumers can enjoy their delicious drink guilt-free, without exposing themselves to unwanted chemicals or excessive calories, since there are no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives.

There is no doubt that Sunshine Super Coffee is gaining popularity due to its distinctive taste and well-rounded nutritional profile, which have attracted professional athletes, students, and working professionals alike.

Sunniva Super Coffee is poised to emerge as a formidable competitor in the competitive realm of health-focused beverages as it continues to captivate and inspire the taste buds of discerning coffee lovers worldwide in an age where leading a healthy lifestyle is more emphasized than ever.

Who Is The Founder Of Sunniva Super Coffee?

Three brothers, Jordan, Jake, and Jim DeCicco, are the co-founders of Sunniva Super Coffee. The brothers hailed from a small town in upstate New York and grew up as multi-sport athletes.

Jordan, the oldest, was a basketball player at Philadelphia University, Jake was a football player at Colgate University, and the youngest, Jim, played football at Georgetown University.

The idea of Sunniva Super Coffee came about when Jordan DeCicco, a freshman basketball player, sought a healthier way to stay energized throughout his long days of classes, practices, workouts, and study sessions.

Unhappy with the sugar-loaded energy drinks and bottled coffees on the market, he began creating his blended coffee beverage in his dorm room. His drink included Colombian coffee, protein, and healthy fats from MCT oil from coconuts, providing him with the sustained energy he needed to get through his busy schedule.

Seeing the potential of Jordan’s creation, the three brothers decided to take a leap of faith. They left their promising careers and schooling in 2015 to launch Sunniva Super Coffee.

Before their appearance on Shark Tank, the brothers hustled to get their product into the market. They began selling homemade bottles out of their car, visiting local retailers and gyms to share their innovative products.

They also participated in various food and drink expos, generating some interest from smaller health food stores and gym cafes.

Before Shark Tank, Sunniva Super Coffee had reached some level of success. They managed to get their product into a few regional and even larger national chains.

However, the big breakthrough came after their appearance on Shark Tank, which brought their product into the national spotlight and attracted interest from larger retailers and investors.

Even though the brothers didn’t secure a deal with the Sharks, their presence on the show helped elevate their brand recognition and boosted their product’s popularity.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of Sunniva Super Coffee?

The Shark Tank pitch by the DeCicco brothers, the founders of Sunniva Super Coffee, was certainly memorable. They came onto the show seeking an investment of $500,000 in exchange for 4.5% equity in their company, valuing it at a substantial $11.1 million.

The entrepreneurs presented their product as a healthier, coffee-themed beverage with high energy, nutritional benefits, and less sugar. They highlighted the product’s distinctive features, such as zero added sugar, 10g of protein, and 80 calories per bottle.

They also offered three different flavors, with the vanilla bean variant being the most popular, followed by dark mocha and maple hazelnut. The company’s financial performance was quite promising at the time of the pitch, projected to reach more than $2 million in gross sales for that year.

They had also secured placements in renowned stores like Target and Whole Foods and planned more retail partnerships, particularly on college campuses.

When asked about the beverage margins by guest shark Rohan Oza, the brothers revealed a 43% gross margin, with each bottle costing about $1 to manufacture and being sold to distributors for just under $2, while retail customers pay slightly over $3 per bottle.

However, despite the impressive figures and promising market potential, the DeCicco brothers didn’t secure a deal from the Sharks.

Barbara Corcoran showed some interest in partnering with the brothers, but the taste of their beverage put her off. The rest of the Sharks ultimately dropped out, leaving the DeCicco brothers to depart Shark Tank without a deal.

In the aftermath of their Shark Tank appearance, the brothers took the feedback on board and rebranded Sunniva Super Coffee to simply ‘Super Coffee,’ and they also made changes to the taste of their beverages.

Their persistence paid off, as their rebranding efforts and product tweaks helped the company reach new heights. By 2021, despite their initial setback on Shark Tank, the company’s gross revenues had soared to tens of millions of dollars, proving their venture was indeed a success.

What Happened To Sunniva Super Coffee After Shark Tank?

Despite not securing a deal on Shark Tank, the journey of Sunniva Super Coffee, rebranded as ‘Super Coffee,’ did not end there. In fact, the company’s trajectory skyrocketed after their appearance on the show.

The exposure on national television helped the company gain recognition, attract larger retailers, and significantly boost its product’s popularity. Following their appearance on Shark Tank, the DeCicco brothers rebranded their company. 

They simplified the name from Sunniva Super Coffee to just Super Coffee and refined the taste of their beverages based on the feedback they received from the Sharks, especially Barbara Corcoran’s comment about the taste.

The rebranding and product improvements worked in the company’s favor. Super Coffee saw an exponential increase in sales and revenues, with gross revenues reaching tens of millions by 2021.

The company’s products were stocked in renowned stores like Target and Whole Foods, as mentioned during their Shark Tank pitch, but they also expanded their retail partnerships, securing their place on college campuses and other retail stores across the country.

The company continued to innovate, introducing new flavors and expanding its product range beyond just coffee. Public exposure, product development, and strategic partnerships substantially allowed Super Coffee to grow its brand and business.

So, even though they didn’t get a deal on Shark Tank, the experience provided the DeCicco brothers with valuable feedback and visibility, helping them steer their business toward remarkable success.

Sunniva Super Coffee Shark Tank Update

After appearing on ABC’s “Shark Tank,” Sunniva Super Coffee, founded by Jordan DeCicco and his brothers, faced criticism from the Sharks but left without a deal. However, the company’s perseverance paid off, and experienced significant growth after the show.

Sunniva Super Coffee rebranded as Kitu Super Coffee and relocated its headquarters to Austin, Texas. The company expanded its product line to include various flavors of cold brew coffee, iced coffee, nitro coffee, and dairy-based creamers. They introduced a new formula with fewer calories and no sugar under the Kitu brand name.

Despite not securing a deal on Shark Tank, Sunniva Super Coffee’s exposure on the show contributed to its success. They attracted notable investors such as Patrick Schwarzenegger, Aaron Rodgers, and Jennifer Lopez, and their sales reached an impressive $55 million by 2020. The DeCicco brothers raised $1.4 million for their business, and the show’s exposure helped them attract private investors.

Sunniva Super Coffee Shark Tank Update

Kitu Super Coffee, formerly Sunniva Super Coffee, experienced tremendous success and growth. As of 2023, the company’s estimated worth is $200 million, and its products are available in supermarkets across the United States.

They have secured distribution agreements with major retailers, expanded their retail presence, and planned international expansion. The company’s revenue generated tens of millions in 2021, making it a strong coffee market competitor. Sales and investments continued to soar, reaching $100 million in 2022, and Super Coffee became the third top-selling canned coffee brand in the US.

In summary, Sunniva Super Coffee, now known as Kitu Super Coffee, experienced significant growth, expanded its product line, attracted notable investors, and became a strong competitor in the coffee market after appearing on Shark Tank.

Is Sunniva Super Coffee Still In Business?

Yes, Sunniva Super Coffee is still in business. In fact, it is doing very well. The company has rebranded as Kitu Super Coffee and has expanded its product line to include creamers, coffee grounds, espresso, and new Super Coffee flavors. The company is now available in millions of stores nationwide and has over $200 million net worth.

Here are some of the company’s recent accomplishments:

  • In 2020, the company inked a distribution partnership with Anheuser-Busch.
  • In 2021, the company raised another $106 million at a $200 million valuation.
  • In 2022, the company’s revenue topped $124 million.
  • In 2022, the company announced that rapper Vanilla Ice would be a spokesperson for its new Vanilla Iced Latte flavor.

The company is currently mulling an IPO to expand globally. Sunniva Super Coffee is a force to be reckoned with in the coffee industry.

What Is the Net Worth Of Sunniva Super Coffee?

The valuation of Sunniva Super Coffee was $11.1 million when it appeared on Shark Tank. As of 2023, Sunniva Super Coffee’s net worth is around $500 million. This is based on the company’s latest round of funding, which valued it at $500 million.

The company has seen rapid growth in recent years, and its revenue is expected to reach $124 million in 2022. Sunniva Super Coffee is one of the largest sellers of bottled coffee energy drinks in the United States, and it is only behind Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts.

The company’s products are currently available in 40% of U.S. retail outlets, but it is expected to expand its distribution in the coming years. Sunniva Super Coffee is a well-positioned company in the growing coffee market, and its net worth is likely to grow.