Squeeky Knees Shark Tank Update

What Are Squeeky Knees?

Squeeky Knees are a pair of soft squeaky pants perfect for the infant on the go. In Season 5, they will present their ideas to the Shark Tank investors. The knee pads in this product line are designed to protect the knee joints without adding additional weight or bulk to the product’s overall appearance.

Squeeky Knees are designed to absorb the noise and vibrations created by jumping, jogging, and ascending stairs, which is why it has patented technology that uses silicone to absorb these. Squeeky Knees toddler pants make a squeaking sound to alert you to the location of your children. 

Squeeky Knees Shark Tank Update

They have sold 500 units in the past three years and earned $10,000 profit. Lisa and Ivan worked tirelessly to secure the patent during the project’s first year.

Squeeky Knees has outperformed and outperformed other infant knee pads on all fronts. Squeeky Knees are soft and squeaky pants perfect for getting babies moving. They’re comfortable, long-lasting, and come with a fun squeaker hidden within.

This results in the knee pads squeaking every time she crawls. You can rest assured knowing her knees will be protected, she will have a good time, and the little squeaks will alert you if she crawls away when you are not looking.

Squeeky Knees are leggings with knee protection built directly into them, and they come in various adorable designs for both boys and girls. The knee protectors integrated into the leggings remain precisely where they are.

The knee pads are made from a durable material that will outlast even the most aggressive of the little crawlers. They can be used on many surfaces, including ceramic, wood, and even concrete.

Squeeky Knees are useful for a variety of tasks other than crawling. They continue to provide an extra bit of cushioning to shield your child from bumps and scrapes even when your child learns to walk. You can find sizes up to 18 months, and they’ll last until she’s stable on her feet.

Who Is The Founder Of Squeeky Knees?

Squeeky Knees were founded by Evans and developed in 2010 to protect his son’s knees and bum while also letting him explore the house for fun. Lisa and Ivan created Squeaky Knees to help track their energetic newborn child because they were too busy.

It isn’t surprising to hear their clothing squeak when a toddler moves around. Additionally, they seem to be beloved by children, as they are always aware of where their youngster is.

When a young child suffered bruises and scrapes because he crawled around the house when no one was looking, his mother made a clothes patch to protect him while letting them hear where they were. The Evans line was originally designed and distributed by Right Bank Babies, but that company discontinued it after a short time.

Squeeky Knees’ other clothing items include jeans, shorts, slacks, one-pieces, stockings, and leggings. All the apparels from Squeeky Knees are machine washable and manufactured in the United States.

Company NameSqueeky Knees
EntrepreneurLisa Evans and Ivan Barnes
Product / BusinessKids’ squeaky pants that alert you when they move
Investment Asking For$80,000 for 20% equity in Squeeky Knees
Final DealNo Deal
SharkNo Shark
Episode Season 5, Episode 19
Business StatusOut Of Business
WebsiteVisit Website

Squeeky Knees Before Shark Tank

Squeeky Knees are a pair of padded leggings for children with a squeaking sound integrated into the padding. They are available in several colors. Lisa and Ivan founded Squeeky Knees because they were too busy with other commitments to keep track of their energetic new child.

Lisa had a problem with her kid crawling around the house when she wasn’t looking, so she crafted a clothes pad to keep him secure and alert her to his location. Ivan and Lisa spent the first year of their business trying to patent their product as a precaution against other companies copying their ideas.

On the other hand, Lisa and Ivan did not put out any effort to increase sales or distribution because they had a website that was barely publicized. They believed they had an amazing idea and the drive to build their business, so they applied to appear on Shark Tank. They were invited to participate in Season Five of the show.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of Squeeky Knees?

Ivan and Lisa appeared on Shark Tank requesting an investment of $80,000 in exchange for a 20 percent stake in Squeeky Knees.

Squeeky Knees Shark Tank Update

Final Deal: Squeeky Knees didn’t receive any deal from the Sharks.

What Happened To Squeeky Knees After Shark Tank?

Squeeky Knees failed to gain traction after appearing on Shark Tank. Lisa and Ivan may have seen an increase in sales following the Shark Tank episode that aired immediately after their show.

They appear not to have made any effort to market and grow the firm since then, as their Facebook page has not been updated in more than a year, despite consumers’ interest in their re-runs.

Lisa and Ivan continue to operate a website through which they offer their product. On the other hand, most of the products are out of stock. Kevin has suggested that they have not taken the time to develop more products due to the market’s small size.

Lisa and Ivan appear to have decided that committing to Squeeky Knees full-time was not right for them and their family. As Mark stated, a successful small business requires the commitment of its owners’ full-time attention.

Ivan and Lisa made several mistakes before and after their appearance on Shark Tank. Lisa and Ivan, like many others, believed that patenting their idea was the most important thing to focus on. 

However, the Sharks are almost unanimous in their belief that sales should be the first thing to be focused on in the business plan because sales indicate a real market for the product.

Lisa and Ivan did not appear to have a large enough market for Squeeky Knees, which could have greatly benefited their situation.

Zoobean Shark Tank Update

Daymond pointed out that they also did poorly defending their company and accepting criticism simultaneously. They claimed that the product had failed to take off because they are parents and do not have marketing experience, but in reality, those issues cannot be solved by an investor or by raising funds.

The entrepreneur can only resolve these issues by dedicating the necessary time and effort. Like Lisa and Ivan, many entrepreneurs enter the Tank without fully dedicating themselves to their business due to doubts about their product’s success.

However, if a business owner is not confident about their product, it is unlikely the Sharks will be either.

Squeeky Knees Shark Tank Update

Squeeky Knees saw three times as much traffic on their website immediately after the event as they did in the previous three years combined because of the increased demand for their goods that resulted from the show.

However, they cannot deal with this situation because many of their products run out of stock, and they cannot keep their inventory up to date because their products are never taken off the market.

Squeeky Knees are plagued by various issues, which ultimately led to the cessation of its business operations in the latter half of 2017. The Squeaky Knees website is no longer available, nor is its Facebook page. Squeaky Knees have completely gone out of business.

Are Squeeky Knees Still In Business?

Knowing that that noise might turn off some potential customers, it took Evans a few days to manufacture Squeeky Knees leggings that did not squeak for $22.95.

Milk Snob Shark Tank Update

There is no longer a Squeeky Knees online store, and its Facebook page is no longer active. Squeeky Knees went out of business and closed its door in 2017.

What Is the Net Worth Of Squeeky Knees?

The valuation of Squeeky Knees was $400,000 when it appeared on Shark Tank. The net worth of Squeeky Knees is unknown as of 2022 since the company has gone out of business.

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