Simple Sugars Shark Tank Update

Simple Sugars, a line of handmade, all-natural skincare products developed specially for people with sensitive skin, was developed by 11-year-old Lani Lazzari.

The scrubs for the face, body, and feet all do three things at once: clean, exfoliate, and moisturize. Lani’s mother decided that a handmade holiday gift for their relatives and friends would be the best gift for her children that year.

Lani developed the product to contain no chemicals and be gentle on her delicate skin because she suffered from eczema her entire life.

The scrub was made with sugar, vanilla extract, and almond oil. It was an overwhelming gift, and everyone who received it was enthralled. As the news got out, more individuals requested the scrub.

She enjoyed a pastime that also allowed her to earn some extra cash. She told him it wasn’t until she was about to start her junior year of high school. At that point, what had started as a pastime had evolved into a real online retail operation. 

She chose to engage in self-directed studies rather than go to school to be free to concentrate on the company. Lani stayed true to her commitment to using only natural ingredients as she expanded her product line. 

She uses natural ingredients such as emu, apricot, grape seed, and jojoba in her cleansers and exfoliators, while she uses accents such as lavender, hazelnut, and eucalyptus in her aromatherapy oils.

Lani had little knowledge of what Shark Tank was about when a producer approached her.

After researching everything there was to know about the event, she concluded that participating in it would be a fantastic opportunity. She submitted her application but did not anticipate any response.

However, there she was, facing the sharks at the age of 18, just three months after graduating from high school. Mark Cuban, whose kid suffers from eczema, became immediately interested and eventually became a business partner with Lani.

What Are Simple Sugars?

Simple Sugars is a brand of gentle sugar scrubs made entirely from natural ingredients and developed for those with sensitive skin. You won’t need more lotion after using these products, as they exfoliate and hydrate simultaneously.

Simple Sugars is a company that provides 100% natural skincare products for people with sensitive skin.

Simple Sugars Shark Tank Update

Simple Sugars were established to meet demand in the market for products beneficial for the skin daily because it is hard to find beneficial products.

Various all-natural products are featured in the collection, such as body lotion, facial products, men’s goods, and foot care, packaged in gift boxes of various sizes.

Company NameSimple Sugars
EntrepreneurLani Lazzari
Product / BusinessExfoliating sugar scrub and moisturizer with almond oil
Investment Asking For$100,000 for 10% equity in Simple Sugars
Final Deal$100,000 for 33% equity in Simple Sugars
SharkMark Cuban
Episode Season 10, Episode 6
Business StatusIn Business
WebsiteVisit Website

Who Is The Founder Of Simple Sugars?

Lani Lazzari is the founder of Simple Sugars. Lani Lazzari has demonstrated an entrepreneurial spirit and business acumen since she began selling hair scrunchies to her classmates in the third grade.

Growing up, Lani suffered greatly from the symptoms and discomfort caused by a severe case of eczema. The physician’s appointments and the never-ending attempts to fill prescriptions did not accomplish her purpose.

She took matters into her own hands by going to the laboratory and trying to find a cure for her illness and the illness of others.

Lani devoted a significant amount of time to investigation and experimentation, attempting various formulations and chemical mixtures.

She successfully found the ideal recipe that cured her psoriasis and eczema and did wonders for her aunt’s condition.

In a unique recipe, she developed Simple Sugars by combining sugar crystals and all-natural oils in her kitchen.

Lani has been the CEO of Simple Sugars since she was 11 years old. She is responsible for convening her meetings and managing every element of her company.

Lani, who has just finished high school and is now 18, was ready to leave behind her parents’ kind support and venture out independently.

She was eager to find out if she would be able to walk away with some investment money, along with the advice and guidance of the Sharks on the panel, to take Simple Sugars to the next level.

Simple Sugars Before Shark Tank

Lani Lazzari, who is now eighteen years old and is from Pittsburgh, has a strong entrepreneurial spirit in her. When she was in third grade, her entrepreneurial spirit was well established, and she was selling hair scrunchies from her backpack.

She did quite well in this, but it wasn’t until several years later that she finally found an industry where she would be able to make a name for herself.

Lani had a bad case of eczema throughout her youth, a disorder that affects the skin and causes it to become very dry. After a while, everyone had had enough.

She was tired of the dry skin and the dermatologist’s appointments, where he always prescribed treatments that didn’t work for her. So she headed over to the laboratory.

Lani spent uncountable hours tinkering with different combinations of ingredients before she hit upon a method that she dubbed Simple Sugars, which did wonders for her.

She not only got relief from her aunt’s psoriasis but was also able to cure her eczema. The product’s combination of natural oils and exfoliating sugar crystals worked wonders for their sensitive skin.

Lani has been CEO of Simple Sugars since she was 11 years old and has run her own business since then. She also runs her meetings. Lani had recently graduated from high school and was prepared to venture out independently, despite her family doing all to assist her.

She would have to win a shark’s trust before accomplishing this goal. She gave the impression that she was confident in her talents, even though this assignment was not easy.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of Simple Sugars?

Lani appeared on Shark Tank seeking an investment of $100,000 in exchange for 10% equity in Simple Sugars. Simple Sugars is a natural skincare line she developed after her friends and family started requesting her recipe.

She could now focus only on the growth and success of her company that she had completed in high school. Lori assisted Lani in demonstrating Simple Sugars. Crystals remove the outermost layers of dead skin so the oils can reach the underlying layers and soften them.

The crystals melted as Lori rubbed the ointment onto her hands. The scent of strawberries made her gush, nourishing her skin with oils. Daymond was eager to get down to business, so he asked where Lani was in the production process.

She explained that 60 percent of her revenue came from internet sales and sales at a high-end grocery store. At the end of the year, she anticipated sales of $100,000. Lani only paid herself about $400 a month sometimes, even though the profit margin was 75%.

Lani had increased Simple Sugars’ retail presence from six to twenty locations in the three months following her high school graduation. She was negotiating with an internet retailer for $150,000.

Lori raised the topic of Lani’s claims about Simple Sugars. Because of her product’s legal difficulties, Lani avoided making promises that her medicine would cure psoriasis or eczema.

She was permitted by law to highlight the benefits of utilizing the chemicals. Her dermatologist had tested Simple Sugars and started advertising it. Mark’s son had eczema, and he expressed gratitude for Lani taking the time and effort to find a remedy.

The majority of Americans have eczema. The majority of respondents complained of dry skin. Robert was visibly pleased with Lani’s determination, zeal, and entrepreneurial energy. He desired to understand what motivated her work ethic.

Lani, whose mother took maternity leave, saw her mother struggle in the corporate world and miss out on a promotion.

Lani was determined never to be placed in such a predicament again, and the only way for her to do it was to run her own business. She was accountable for her accomplishment.

Daymond wished for a return to the figures, having had enough of the sentimental talk. Considering Lani’s request for investment funds, he wondered what she would do.

She intended to hire a sales staff to be free to focus on acquiring new clients rather than managing those already established. There were three employees at her Pittsburgh manufacturing facility. Lani’s work with Simple Sugars so far has been praised by Daymond.

He had little to contribute in the absence of expertise in the industry, so he respectfully withdrew. Lori adored every aspect of Simple Sugars. Lani’s presentation and composure made her think that the goods were of the finest quality.

She believed, however, that the rivalry was too intense. Although she would have been a consumer, she didn’t feel comfortable investing in Simple Sugars, so she also exited.

Kevin was also frustrated with the industry and the competition to find retail shelf space, so he quit.

Lani’s efforts were admirable, but he did not believe she knew what was necessary to make Simple Sugars a success. Robert has also left. He refused to accept a higher stake in her business to match his risk estimations, so he pulled out.

Mark was the last remaining Shark, and he took it personally. He desired to know how to treat his son’s eczema. Lani claimed that her blend of exfoliating oils was the answer to his son’s struggles.

Simple Sugars’ primary competitor was Fresh, which sold a similar product online for nearly five times the price of Simple Sugars. Lani stated that she still had very strong profit margins and wanted to further reduce production costs by optimizing the process.

As Simple Sugars was still in its infancy, Lani was still getting experience in the business world. Mark needs to ensure the market is moving in the right direction before investing.

Mark would like to be involved in the decision-making process for such an endeavor. Lani requested $100,000 in exchange for a 33 percent stake in the business.

Lani responded by offering 25% of Simple Sugars for $100,000. While Mark remained strong and steadfast, he offered an “all or nothing” approach. Liani accepted the deal and completed it.

Lani impressed all the Sharks even though they declined to invest in Simple Sugars and wished her luck. “She turned eighteen days ago!” Daymond exclaimed. If she’s our future, we’ll be in good hands.

Final Deal: Mark Cuban agreed to invest $100,000 for a 33% equity in Simple Sugars.

What Happened To Simple Sugars After Shark Tank?

Lani’s goal in participating in Shark Tank was to secure a deal that would allow her to receive guidance and capital from a successful entrepreneur. She parted with a larger portion of her company than she had hoped, but she gained more in exchange.

There is no viable way to accurately value the value that Mark’s insights and experience might provide for Simple Sugars and Lani in reaching their objectives.

Simple Sugars experienced tremendous expansion within the time spanning from her initial debut on Shark Tank until its conclusion six months later.

Simple Sugars revenues increased to $1 million in less than two months after she made a deal with Mark, which required her to hire an additional several dozen employees in addition to the eight interns she already had.

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Mark treated her with dignity and respect, and she could not be happier with their relationship. The most successful company in the specialized field, Lani, was offered a business partnership by Destination Maternity.

The introduction of Simple Sugars occurred simultaneously in all 575 sites, with total sales of $3 million. Mark was motivated to go into business with Lani by showing him that he had made the right choice.

Mark believed that Lani had what it required to turn Simple Sugars into a $20 million business worth.

Simple Sugars Shark Tank Update

Lani appeared on “Shark Tank” to obtain financial backing and business advice from a successful entrepreneur. She ended up giving away a larger portion of her business than she had intended, but she received a lot more in exchange.

Billionaire Mark Cuban invested $100,000 for 33% equity in Simple Sugars. You cannot measure the value that Mark’s expertise and experience can bring to Simple Sugars and Lani.

Simple Sugar’s growth has been remarkable since it was featured on Shark Tank six months ago.

Lani experienced a significant rise in revenue to $1 million in less than two months after establishing an agreement with Mark, which led her to hire a few dozen extra staff members and eight interns.

She said that Mark treated her with courtesy and respect and that she was pleased with how the two conducted business together.

Lani was able to secure a collaboration with Destination Maternity, the most successful company in the sector. The launch of Simple Sugars was simultaneous across all 575 locations, contributing to total revenue of $3 million.

The possibility of convincing Mark that working with Lani was the best choice served as a source of inspiration for her. Mark believed that Lani possessed the qualities necessary to grow Simple Sugars into a firm with annual revenue of $20 million.

Simple Sugars Shark Tank Update

Lani also shares that she has reached $3 million in sales and is now distributing in over 500 Destination Maternity locations. She initially said that she feared Mark Cuban would treat her like a child, but now she maintains that he has greatly assisted her.

Mark is confident that Lani is the genuine deal and will quickly bring Simple Sugars to a sales level of $20 million. Billionaire Peter Thiel selected Lani to participate in the Thiel Fellowship program in 2017.

Simple Sugars generates annual revenues of $6 million and has sold nearly $33 million in total sales since it was established as of 2022.

Are Simple Sugars Still In Business?

Simple Sugars reported total lifetime revenue of $55,000 before appearing on Shark Tank. The first twenty-four hours after the show was broadcast, Simple Sugars generated $200,000 in sales.

Lani had 22 positions to fill during the first week. The company’s sales reached one million dollars within a month and a half.

Lani’s objective was to grow Simple Sugars into a company with annual revenue of $30 million. She completed the task earlier than anticipated, which was a success.

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Lani’s company is continually expanding, and the most recent addition is a skincare line geared just toward males.

Mark contributed significantly to getting the products into 700 retail stores and expanding the company’s global market presence by implementing international shipping.

Simple Sugars is still in business, with annual revenue of $6 million as of 2022.

What Is the Net Worth Of Simple Sugars?

The valuation of Simple Sugars was $1 million when it appeared on Shark Tank. The net worth of Simple Sugars as of 2022 appears to be around $10 million.