Shake It Pup! Shark Tank Update

Shake It Pup! is a dog food seasoning that made its debut in Season 11 of Shark Tank. This product is crafted to enhance the taste and nutritional value of regular dog food, providing a delightful and healthy dining experience for our furry friends.

The minds behind Shake It Pup! have curated a selection of seasonings using only premium, human-grade ingredients. These seasonings are available in a variety of flavors, such as Salmon, Chicken, and Beef, tailored to suit the diverse palates of dogs.

The beauty of Shake It Pup! lies in its pet-centric design and user-friendly application. These seasonings are effortlessly sprinkled onto any dog food, whether wet or dry, instantly elevating the meal with an enticing burst of flavor.

For pet owners, Shake It Pup! offers a convenient way to diversify their pet’s diet without the need to switch dog foods entirely.

The seasonings are free from common allergens, preservatives, artificial flavors, added salts, or sugars, ensuring a wholesome dining experience for dogs.

Moreover, each flavor is enriched with a blend of essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that contribute to the overall well-being of dogs.

This makes Shake It Pup! a go-to choice for dogs with picky eating habits, loss of appetite due to age or illness, or those who need a flavor boost to enjoy their meals more.

Shake It Pup! Before appearing on Shark Tank

Shake It Pup! stands out for several reasons. It not only addresses the dietary needs of dogs but also promotes healthy eating habits by enticing them to consume their meals more enthusiastically.

The use of high-quality, human-grade ingredients guarantees that dogs receive the additional nutrients they require. Additionally, the product’s versatility makes it suitable for dogs of all sizes, breeds, and life stages.

In addition to being a gourmet dog food seasoning made from 100% human-grade, all-natural ingredients, Shake It Pup! is designed to enhance your dog’s meals without altering their current diet.

Handcrafted in the USA, this seasoning is free from corn, wheat, soy, gluten, and other harmful components, offering a range of flavors to add excitement and nutrition to your dog’s meals.

Shake It Pup! presents a convenient and delightful solution to enhance your dog’s meals and make mealtime more enjoyable.

The brainchild of AJ Crook and Brett Maiolfi, both passionate pet enthusiasts, Shake It Pup! was born from the desire to provide dogs with a more satisfying and nutritious dining experience.

Before their appearance on Shark Tank, the co-founders of Shake It Pup! were diligently working on establishing their business and promoting their product.

Through online platforms and their website, they introduced their initial range of dog food seasonings to a growing customer base, receiving overwhelmingly positive feedback.

Fueled by their love for pets and commitment to their nutritional well-being, the founders meticulously crafted Shake It Pup! to not only elevate meal times for dogs but also to deliver added nutritional benefits.

Their dedication to using only the finest, all-natural ingredients ensured that their products were not only flavorful but also healthful.

The journey of Shake It Pup! has been a testament to the founders’ dedication and passion for providing dogs with a premium dining experience.

With Shark Tank’s support, Shake It Pup! has made waves in the pet food industry, revolutionizing how we approach our furry companions’ meal times.”

Shake It Pup! On Shark Tank

AJ Crook and Brett Maiolfi showcased their company, Shake It Pup, on season 11 of Shark Tank. Their innovative product, a dog food seasoning in a convenient shaker bottle, aimed to revolutionize the way dogs enjoy their meals.

The duo’s inspiration stemmed from a desire to add flavor and excitement to dogs’ diets, especially when consuming the same dry food daily.

The presentation garnered positive feedback, highlighting Shake It Pup’s potential in the market.

Seeking to expand their reach and secure retail space, the co-founders turned to the Sharks for investment and strategic partnership.

During the pitch, the Sharks showed interest by sampling the product and discussing its competitive landscape against wet foods and freeze-dried toppers.

Proposing a $100,000 investment for a 20% stake in the company, valuing Shake It Pup at $500,000, the co-founders received varying offers from the Sharks.

While Kevin O’Leary recognized the market potential but raised concerns about marketing, Daymond John praised the idea’s ingenuity but refrained from making an offer.

Maria Sharapova opted out due to market saturation, while Lori Greiner and Mark Cuban presented alternative investment structures.

Ultimately, AJ Crook and Brett Maiolfi accepted Mark Cuban’s offer, believing in his ability to propel Shake It Pup forward. However, post-Shark Tank, the company faced operational challenges that led to a rebranding as Snap Wag.

Despite initial excitement, both ventures eventually ceased operations, leaving dissatisfied customers in their wake.

The downfall of Shake It Pup and Snap Wag underscored the challenges in scaling a business post-investment. Despite the initial buzz generated by the Shark Tank appearance, the companies struggled to sustain operations and meet customer demands effectively.

Shake It Pup! After Shark Tank

Following its appearance on Shark Tank, Shake It Pup experienced a surge in orders. However, the company encountered difficulties in fulfilling these orders, resulting in customer dissatisfaction.

Despite the growing demand, Shake It Pup struggled to fulfill existing orders while continuing to accept new ones, leading frustrated customers to file claims with their banks for refunds.

Customers complained about poor customer support and a lack of order status communication, with some even sharing the home address of a co-founder publicly.

The company’s Instagram page, previously used for promotions, ceased posting in 2021. Subsequently, AJ Crook departed from Shake It Pup, and Brett Maiolfi rebranded the company to Snap Wag, originally founded in 2016.

Despite the rebranding efforts, Snap Wag also faced challenges and eventually ceased operations, resulting in the closure of the business.

Shake It Pup! After appearing on Shark Tank

The failure to fulfill orders and the negative online backlash from dissatisfied customers impacted both Shake It Pup and Snap Wag significantly.

The inability to secure funding to address inventory shortages following the failed deal with Mark Cuban may have contributed to Shake It Pup’s eventual bankruptcy. Unfortunately, neither Shake It Pup nor Snap Wag show signs of revival at present.

While the concept of dog food seasoning garnered consumer interest, the companies failed to leverage their Shark Tank exposure effectively before their downfall.

After securing a deal with Mark Cuban, Shake It Pup initially enjoyed increased sales and popularity among dog owners.

However, challenges arose after the product became available on Amazon, with many users leaving negative reviews citing their dogs’ aversion to the food.

Despite the initial success, Shake It Pup ultimately went out of business, with AJ Cooper, the brand manager, leaving within a year of the Shark Tank episode airing in July 2021. Shake It Pup is out of business, with estimated lifetime sales of $5 million.

The negative customer feedback, particularly on Amazon, likely contributed to the company’s demise, with some users expressing concerns about the product’s safety for dogs.

Shake It Pup’s reported net worth stands at $0.5 million, and its stock is no longer available for purchase on Amazon.

Despite its brief success post-Shark Tank, Shake It Pup’s inability to address customer concerns and operational challenges ultimately led to its closure.