What Happened To Gobie H2O After Shark Tank?

The Gobie H2O water bottle with a built-in filter is durable and ergonomic while also removing dangerous and unpleasant tastes and odors from tap water.

Rusty Allen, an industrial designer, committed to waste reduction, designed the Gobie water bottle. Each bottle holds 22 ounces and is constructed of BPA-free Tritan. 

The ergonomic handle and mouthpiece on the Gobie bottle make it convenient to grab and drink from on the go. It fits comfortably in a normal cup holder and features a non-slip base to avoid spills.

A carbon-based filter inside the bottle removes chlorine, minerals, and aromas from tap water, leaving only crisp, refreshing, and clean H2O. 

A single filter may cleanse up to 100 gallons of water throughout its three-month life and is easily replaceable. The filter is made entirely of burnt coconut shells, which makes it completely biodegradable.

What is Gobie H2O?

Gobie H2O is a BPA-free water bottle in response to the roughly 50 MILLION plastic water bottles dumped daily in the United States of America. 

The reason behind Gobie H2O provides consumers with a high-quality filtered water bottle would help reduce the amount of plastic waste generated by water bottles. 

Through his creative skills, he created a reusable water bottle made entirely of BPA-free plastic. 

Gobie H2O Shark Tank

The innovative Gobie H2O features a flexible diaphragm that allows you to squeeze water through the filter, an extra-large lid for easy filling and cleaning, and an ergonomically formed mouthpiece that fits comfortably in the human mouth. 

The Gobie H2O retails for $29.95, while replacement filters – which filter 100 gallons of water – are available for $10. Using a Gobie H2O in place of bottled water can result in significant cost savings.

Company NameGobie H2O
FounderRusty Allen
ProductBPA-free water bottle
Investment Seeking$300,000 for 10% equity in Gobie H2O
Final Deal$300,000 for 40% equity in Gobie H2O
SharkDaymond John
EpisodeEpisode 4 Season 21
StatusOut of Business

Who is the Founder of Gobie H2O?

Gobie H20 was designed by Rusty Allen, a San Diego-based industrial designer. It is a 22-ounce water bottle with an integrated filter filled with tap water at any location. 

The design features a rubberized surface that makes the BPA-free bottle squeezable, and the filter is made entirely of burnt coconut shells, making it completely compostable. 

A second selling point is that people will save money not purchasing bottled water and have a smaller carbon footprint.

Gobie H20 Before Shark Tank

Rusty Allen is an entrepreneur in the field of industrial design who created what he refers to be the world’s “most advanced filtered water bottle.” 

His bottle, dubbed Gobie H20, featured a one-of-a-kind design that incorporated hard and soft shell technology. 

The softshell component of the bottle makes it simple for the drinker to squeeze the bottle and draw it up through the filter.

Rusty Allen, an inventor of Gobie H2O, has made his Shark Tank debut. Rusty is also an industrial design entrepreneur, and he has come to solicit a $300,000 investment in exchange for a 10% stake in his company. 

When the recession came four years ago, Rusty found he was spending more money per gallon on single-use water bottles than gas for his automobile. 

This infuriated him, and it was at this point that he decided to create Gobie. According to Rusty, Gobie is the world’s most advanced filtering water bottle on the market.

Flex flow technology combines the strength of a hard shell with the portability of a softcover. This provides rapid access to clean, purified water. 

Rusty discovered after inventing the product that they can filter out much more than simply tap water, and he’d love to demonstrate this to the Sharks. 

The filter can eliminate 99.99 percent of all pollutants found in water with their improved filter. Rusty demonstrates by shaking some earth, which is fine potting soil. 

This is nasty, filthy water that no one would drink. However, you can rapidly filter out clean, purified water — Rusty simply squeezes the water into a fully clean wine glass.

He was inspired by his frustration with the amount of money he was spending on single-use water bottles. He claimed that he realized he was spending more on water bottles than on gas to fill his car at one point.

He made his Shark Tank debut in April 2013, in the show’s twenty-first episode of the fourth season.

How Was the Shark Tank Pitch of Gobie H2O?

Rusty’s shark pitch contained a 10% stake in his business in exchange for a $300,000 investment. 

He emphasized the bottle’s unusual design – softshell with a hard shell – and then informed the sharks that his filter removed 99.9 percent of all impurities found in conventional drinking water, which the consumer would use to fill the bottle.

He substantiated this allegation by filling a bottle halfway with tap water and potting soil, shaking it vigorously, and then pouring it into a glass. Rusty drank the clean water from the glass.

Kevin was a little perplexed as to who the intended market was. Was Gobie H20 intended to compete in an already crowded water bottle market, or was it meant to deliver clean drinking water to places of the world that lack access to it? 

Rusty said that his objective was to compete in the US market for single-use water bottles.

Kevin still didn’t see how that was a successful strategy, given the generally adequate tap water quality in the United States. 

Mark interjected by admitting that while most people believe tap water is OK, there are also bottles on the market with built-in filters that are sufficient.

Robert was the second person to react. He informed Rusty that his children had been drinking water from a water bottle with an inside filter for several years.

Lori reasoned that the primary distinction between the Gobie bottle and others on the market is Rusty’s product’s unique design – hardshell and softshell. 

She has noticed a plethora of other water bottles for sale that either feature a filter or allow for the addition of one.

Rusty said that the mix of soft and hard materials was more effective at filtering water than either gentle squeeze or hard bottles alone. 

He stated that squeeze bottles were frequently produced cheaply and would not survive the life of the filter. The hard bottles hampered the filter’s ability to suck water in. 

In comparison, Gobie H20 would use the soft side to generate up the pressure, allowing the water to flow more readily through the filter.

Daymond desired figures. How much did it retail for, and how much did it cost to manufacture? Rusty informed him that it retailed for $30 and was produced for $10. 

The bottle included one filter that was designed to last three months or 100 gallons, after which the consumer would need to purchase a replacement filter every three months. 

Mark inquired as to whether he designed the filter himself or licensed the technology. Rusty confirmed that the technology for manufacturing the filter was freely available. It was nothing more than a carbon atom.

Daymond and Robert both expressed an interest in learning more about the figures. How much money did he gain from sales? 

Rusty informed them that he had earned $285,000 in sales over the last 17 months. Although he conducted all sales online, he approached Bed Bath & Beyond, Target, and JC Penney. He claimed they liked the bottle but were hesitant to purchase it unless he added more colors.

Lori was not convinced by that story. She reasoned that if Rusty’s bottle were genuinely revolutionary, stores would have snapped it up regardless of the lack of color availability. 

She felt they didn’t want it because they already competed with similar products at a cheaper price. She withdrew because she did not believe he could compete in this crowded market.

Kevin asked a straightforward question: Why was the product worth $3 million today, and how much would it be worth tomorrow? 

When Rusty attempted to justify the company’s value by stating that everyone on the planet drinks water, everyone sighed, and Kevin noted that this was not the answer he desired. Kevin then withdrew.

Mark had a few words to say. He believed it was an aesthetically pleasing bottle and that he should sell it for its design rather than its water filtering capabilities – especially given that his water filter could not filter out more toxins than any other filter on the market. 

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On the other hand, Rusty continued to promote the idea that his design was superior to other bottles on the market in terms of filtering. Mark appeared irritable and opted out.

Robert delivered the most scathing criticism. He believed it was a poor presentation and believes Rusty is unaware of the business he is in. He prophesied Rusty’s demise. And then he vanished.

That leaves Daymond, who admits to finding the bottle “sexy.” However, he was concerned about what the other sharks were saying. 

He inquired as to what Rusty intended to do with the $300,000. Rusty stated that he required it to cover inventory and operating expenses. 

Daymond then asked whether he was in debt, to which Rusty replied that he was not. 

Daymond then offered $300,000 for 40% of the company – significantly more than Rusty’s 10% offer. Daymond also attached a condition to the request – it had to be accepted by a big-box retailer.

Rusty responded to Daymond’s offer by asking if he would accept 20%. Daymond stated that he provided the price he believed the goods were worth. 

Rusty then requested permission to contact his business partner to obtain his viewpoint. 

After a little conversation, the sharks conceded, and Rusty returned and asked Daymond to bring in two of the remaining sharks – Mark and Lori. 

However, Daymond was not interested in being a part of that. He stood by his initial offer. 

Rusty took a brief pause before sprinting over to Daymond to shake his hand and accept the agreement.

What Happened To Gobie H20 After Shark Tank?

Gobie H20’s website is still functioning, albeit there is no indication of the water bottles for sale. On the site’s navigation, under “What’s New,” there is a blog entry from 3/8/20 about how to sell successfully on Amazon. 

Additionally, there is a post about what to look for when purchasing a water bottle and an article about Omaha, Nebraska’s drinking water. It is unknown whether this URL was stolen by another water company.

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On Amazon, reviews were divided, with some praising the design and others claiming it was a mold magnet, broke quickly after purchase, or began leaking.

Rusty’s LinkedIn profile includes information about Gobie H20 – and claims it is still in operation even though no merchant appears to carry it. 

Rusty is the founder of Happi Canine regarding his current endeavors — “the first daily fish oil-enriched CBD supplement specifically formulated for dogs.”

What Are the Sales And Net Worth of Gobie H2O?

Before his appearance on Shark Tank, Rusty Allen had been selling the Gobie H2O online.

He sold 10,000 bottles and 15,000 new filters, totaling $285,000 in revenue during 17 months.

The company sold the bottles online for $30, each unit costing roughly $10 to produce.

This pricing point alarmed some Shark Tank panelists, as they knew identical alternative products offered at a lower price.

Is Gobie H2O Out of Business?

The Gobie H2O corporation faced some setbacks following Rusty Allen’s meeting with Daymond. Several negative reviews on Amazon resulted in an average rating of only 2.3 stars for the bottles.

Numerous concerns were made about the Gobie’s design, which included leaking, air bubbles streaming through the mouthpiece, and the inability to be put on its side.

It appears that the Gobie H2O bottles are no longer available for purchase, with the last documented social media activity occurring in 2016.

Cookie Kahuna Shark Tank Update

The Gobie H2O appears to have been attempting to compete with larger companies that offered cheaper alternatives to the Gobie. 

Additionally, these other products were able to provide a more effective design that was less difficult.

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