Return Home Shark Tank Net Worth

Return Home is a funeral service that appeared on Season 15, Episode 02 of Shark Tank. It offers an environmentally friendly approach to human remains disposal called Terramation. Terramation is a natural form of human composting that transforms a deceased person’s body into the soil over 30 days. 

The process involves removing non-biodegradable parts from the composted body, either returned to the person’s loved ones or used to enrich the wilderness of Washington state.

Return Home is committed to providing a more sustainable alternative to cremation or traditional burial methods. 

By utilizing Terramation, Return Home allows individuals to return to the Earth in an environmentally friendly way. Return Home offers the option for families to include organic matter such as cake, candy, or letters with the deceased.

The company’s founder, Micah Truman, was inspired by passionate conversations with his mother and friends about the importance of eco-friendly bodily disposal. 

He worked closely with soil scientists, HVAC specialists, embalmers, engineers, and funeral directors to develop biodegradable clothing and containers that facilitate natural decomposition.

Return Home provides Terramation services to create a comforting and serene environment for mourners. The facility features a bathing room where loved ones can wash the hair and body of the deceased for the last time, as well as a lying-in room for memorial services. 

The company has received recognition for its efforts, including being named the 2022 Washington State Funeral Home of the Year and winning the National Funeral Director Association’s Pursuit of Excellence Award.

While Terramation is legal in only seven states, Return Home advocates for nationwide legalization by working with the #Idratherbecompost movement and urging consumers to contact their local state legislature. They have also testified before state funeral boards in support of legislative changes.

Return Home has garnered positive customer reviews, earning a rare five-star rating on Yelp. Customers have praised the staff’s compassion, fair rates, and the facility’s amenities. 

Return Home’s commitment to providing a compassionate and respectful experience during the composting process is evident through testimonials of satisfied customers who appreciate being able to fulfill their loved one’s last request.

Regarding fundraising, Return Home raised over $675,000 on StartEngine in 2022. However, its appearance on Shark Tank did not go as planned. The proposed valuation of $40 million and the asking price of $2 million for a 5% equity offer proved unfavorable for the sharks. 

Despite this setback, Return Home continues its mission to offer an eco-friendly alternative to traditional burial practices.

Company NameReturn Home
EntrepreneurMicha Truman and Katey Houstonno
ProductAn innovative modern lamp that unfolds from a book
Investment Asking For$2 Million For 5% equity in Return Home
Final DealNo Deal
SharkNo Shark
Return Home Episode Season 15, Episode 2
Return Home Business StatusIn Business
Return Home WebsiteVisit Website
Return Home Net Worth$1 Million

What Is Return Home?

Return Home is a funeral home and Terramation (human composting or body composting) facility that aims to revolutionize the deathcare experience by providing transparent, ethical, and sustainable practices. 

They offer in-person laying-in services and allow families to visit their loved ones throughout the Terramation process.

The Terramation process at Return Home involves gently transforming human remains into life-giving soil using only alfalfa, straw, and sawdust. 

Return Home Shark Tank Update | Return Home Net Worth

Unlike other providers, Return Home does not use machinery within the vessel to break down the body, creating a quiet and peaceful environment. The process takes approximately 60 days and consists of several stages.

First is the laying-in service, where families can bid farewell to their loved ones in person or virtually while adorning them with items that celebrate their memory. 

Next, oxygen flows through the vessel, stimulating microbes in the body. These microbes rapidly transform the body into soil in just 30 days.

After Terramation, the soil is screened for inorganic materials and placed into a cube to rest and cool for another 30 days. 

The resulting beautiful, life-giving soil can be returned to the family or scattered at Return Home’s Woodland, an 8-acre dedicated space for the scattering of Terramated remains. This process helps revitalize local ecosystems and continues the cycle of life.

Return Home emphasizes unparalleled transparency throughout the process and encourages families to ask any questions they may have. 

They also offer personalized vessel decoration by family and friends, allowing for an intimate and meaningful experience. Additionally, families can receive any amount of their loved one’s soil after the Terramation process is complete.

Return Home is more than just a funeral home; it is a community dedicated to showing love, kindness, inclusiveness, and respect in everything they do. They welcome in-person tours of their Terramation Center in Auburn, WA, and strive to provide compassionate support during difficult times.

Who Is The Founder Of Return Home?

Return Home was founded by Micah Truman, a Seattle native and serial entrepreneur, in January 2019. Micah Truman has over 25 years of experience leading rapidly growing companies in the United States and internationally. 

He deeply desired to contribute positively to the world and saw an opportunity in the funeral industry to offer a sustainable alternative to traditional post-death practices.

The idea for Return Home was initially sparked through a conversation between Micah Truman and his mother, Lexi. 

This conversation was catalyzed by groundbreaking legislation in Washington state, making natural organic reduction, also known as human composting, a legal possibility. 

This legislation opened up new possibilities for eco-friendly funeral services. Inspired by this, Micah Truman formed a diverse and eclectic team of professionals, including funeral directors, HVAC specialists, engineers, death doulas, general contractors, and soil scientists, to bring his vision to life.

Before appearing on Shark Tank, Return Home had already undergone significant development and research. They worked diligently to create a fully operational business that officially opened its doors to the public in June 2021. 

Micah Truman considers his work with Return Home to be one of the great privileges of his life, and he is supported by a remarkable team that shares his passion for offering sustainable and respectful alternatives in the funeral industry.

Return Home’s mission is to create a community that provides a respectful, transparent, and ethical alternative to traditional post-death practices. 

By offering human composting services through their Terramation process, they aim to contribute to the growing societal emphasis on sustainability and respect for the Earth.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of Return Home?

During the Shark Tank pitch, Founders Micha Truman and Katey Houstonno presented their burial and cremation alternative company, Return Home. 

They introduced their innovative process called Terramation, which involves composting the body to create soil within 60-90 days. 

They highlighted the environmental concerns associated with traditional burial and cremation methods and aimed to provide a more sustainable end-of-life service.

The founders sought a $2 million investment in exchange for a 5% equity stake in their company, valuing Return Home at $40 million. 

However, none of the Sharks were convinced to invest. Lori Greiner, Daymond John, Mark Cuban, Kevin O’Leary, and Daniel Lubetzky decided not to make an offer.

The Sharks expressed concerns about the company’s valuation, which was $40 million. 

They also questioned why Return Home priced their service at $5,500, considering traditional burials cost more and even cremation is slightly cheaper. 

The Sharks were skeptical about the business’s profitability and couldn’t justify investing at that stage.

Ultimately, Return Home did not secure a deal with any Sharks. The update suggests it’s too soon to assess the company’s sales performance following its appearance on Shark Tank. 

However, Return Home received additional attention after the show, including being featured in an article by The Seattle Times. 

The company’s website also showcases different packages, indicating a slight price drop since the episode aired.

Final Deal: None of the Sharks made an offer, and the founders did not provide a counteroffer. Therefore, the deal was not accepted by any Shark.

Did Return Home Get a Deal on Shark Tank?

Return Home did not get a deal on Shark Tank. The founders, Micha Truman and Katey Houstonno appeared on Season 15, Episode 2 of Shark Tank to expand their business and secure funding. 

They asked the sharks for $2 million for 5% equity at a $40 million valuation. However, despite explaining their business model and the concept of transforming human bodies into soil through Terramation, they did not receive any offers from the sharks.

The sharks expressed concerns about the valuation and profitability of the business. 

Mark Cuban was out immediately, while Lori Greiner mentioned they had not achieved significant financial numbers but were asking for a substantial investment. 

Daniel Lubetzky commented that the valuation did not make sense and subsequently chose not to invest. Daymond John expressed passion for the overall business concept but did not feel compelled to invest in Return Home.

Shark NameShark OfferCounter Offer from FounderStatus
Lori GreinerNo offerNot Accepted
Daymond JohnNo offerNot Accepted
Mark CubanNo offerNot Accepted
Kevin O’LearyNo offerNot Accepted
Daniel LubetzkyNo offerNot Accepted

Return Home did not secure funding from the sharks. Despite raising $5 million in funding by 2023, the business has not yet turned a profit.

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What Happened To Return Home After Shark Tank?

After appearing on Shark Tank, Return Home, a company that turns human remains into soil using Terramation, has continued to scale its growth under the leadership of CEO Micah Truman. 

The exposure on the show has piqued the curiosity of countless individuals and has helped the company gain recognition. Return Home has become one of the three major organizations in the human composting business in Washington.

In addition to their appearance on Shark Tank, Return Home has been actively exploring other avenues of success. 

The company recently presented at the National Funeral Directors Association Annual Convention in Las Vegas and the Washington State Deathcare Providers Convention in Vancouver. 

Return Home Shark Tank Update | Return Home Net Worth

By openly and honestly discussing death, Return Home’s alternative funeral practice aims to shift the conversation to a celebration of life.

Return Home is based in Auburn, Washington, and operates from its office at B PI Northwest. They can be contacted through their website, where detailed information about the funeral home and their contact and fax numbers can be found. 

With a team consisting of soil scientists, HVAC specialists, engineers, funeral directors, and embalmers, Return Home strives to ensure that the final point in the lives of people’s loved ones is equally special and memorable. 

The company continues to challenge the status quo in the funeral industry, and its growth is eagerly anticipated.

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Return Home Shark Tank Update

After appearing on Shark Tank, Return Home gained significant attention and curiosity. They have since become one of the top three companies in the human composting business in Washington. 

The company has also presented at various conventions, including the National Funeral Directors Association Annual Convention.

Return Home’s Auburn, WA Terramation Center, the world’s first large-scale human composting facility, is equipped with 74 custom-designed vessels. 

The company is committed to transparency and allows families to visit their loved ones during the Terramation process. They also offer in-person laying-in ceremonies.

Return Home Shark Tank Update | Return Home Net Worth

Before their Shark Tank appearance, Return Home had raised $675,911.30 on StartEngine to help build their facility. 

While exact post-Shark Tank sales figures are not publicly available, the company’s innovative approach and popularity suggest a positive trajectory.

Return Home’s services are available to families in 49 U.S. states and Canada. The company has received positive feedback for its ethical and sustainable practices and its dedication to providing a meaningful end-of-life experience.

To learn more about Return Home’s services, visit their website at

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Is Return Home Still In Business?

Yes, Return Home is still in business. The company was founded in 2021 by Micha Truman and Katey Houstonno. Initially, they faced challenges in attracting clients, but the business started to progress over time. Return Home is one of the top-rated human composting companies in Washington.

The company’s headquarters is located in Auburn, Washington, United States. According to their LinkedIn profile, Return Home currently has 2-10 employees working for them. 

Despite not receiving funding for Shark Tank, Return Home continues to operate and provide its services. Return Home offers a green alternative to burial and cremation by transforming human bodies into soil through Terramation. 

They use natural materials such as alfalfa, straw, sawdust, and time to compost the human gently remains. Families can then use this composted soil for memory gardens of their loved ones.

What Is the Net Worth Of Return Home?

According to our research, the net worth of Return Home is estimated to be $1 million based on their funding on StartEngine. The valuation of Return Home was $40 million, as presented by its founder when appearing on Shark Tank.