What Happened To ReThink App After Shark Tank?

Trisha Prabhu, 16, a 16-year-old computer prodigy, pitches ReThink, her anti-cyberbullying program, in Shark Tank’s season 8 premiere episode 801. 

ReThink App is a computer software application and smartphone app that employs an algorithm to identify offensive language and prompt the author to reconsider sending the message. It’s compatible with social networking and texting.

Prabhu was inspired to create the patent-pending program in the fall of 2013 after reading a news story about an 11-year-old girl who committed suicide by falling from a water tower. 

The girl was a victim of cyberbullying. Trisha was aware that systems were in place on social media platforms and in schools to address cyberbullying once it occurred, but she desired to eliminate it. She began coding at an early age and built the program in 2014.

When children are warned about bullying language before clicking the “send” button, they choose NOT to send the abusive message 93% of the time. 

The same study stated that ReThink users reduced “the average adolescent’s overall inclination to post an objectionable comment from 71% to 4%.”

The app is available for free download on Apple and Android devices. There is a “community edition” available for schools and school districts – probably at a cost. 

Shark Tank featured ReThink anti-cyberbullying software on September 23, 2016. Trisha Prabhu, the founding member of the tank, got an exit deal worth $100,000 from Mark Cuban and Lori Greiner for 20% of the company. 

Here’s a quick review of the anti-cyberbullying software pitch, as well as news about a ReThink upgrade following Shark Tank.

What is ReThink?

ReThink App is a free iOS and Android software that supports English, Spanish, and Hindi. It is capable of detecting and preventing cyberbullying and hate speech. 

ReThink App assists in preventing it before it occurs — primarily through community and school social networking platforms by teachers, students, and parents. 

ReThink App Shark Tank Update

It warns against offensive content before the author can submit it – with a claimed 93 percent success rate. 

It has since amassed over 500 000 downloads across 1500 schools globally and positively influenced millions of people’s lives.

Company NameReThink App 
FounderTrisha Prabhu
ProductAnti Cyberbullying Application
Investment Seeking$100,000 For 20% equity in ReThink App
Final Deal$100,000 For 20% equity in ReThink App
SharkMark Cuban And Lori Greiner
Business StatusIn Business

Who is the Founder of ReThink App?

Trisha Prabhu is the founder and CEO of ReThink. From a young age, an entrepreneur and a global crusader against cyberbullying. 

Trisha has received numerous prizes and plaudits for her work against cyberbullying and prejudice since the launch of her company.

ReThink has been generously supported by numerous illustrious foundations, businesses, and well-known individuals. 

She continues to work on other projects while making public appearances and speaking engagements. Additionally, she is pursuing an undergraduate degree at Harvard University.

ReThink App Before Shark Tank

Trisha, who was only 13 at the time, was both heartbroken and inspired by the story of a 12-year-old Florida girl who committed suicide after being mercilessly tormented online. 

Trisha began designing and patenting the technology that would eventually become ReThink, grieved by this happened.

ReThink amassed approximately 150 000 downloads and $52 000 in sales during its first nine months online. 

As her brand and global recognition grew, Barack Obama invited her to share her story at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit.

Trisha had already delivered three Ted presentations and had been honored by MIT for her accomplishments before participating in Shark Tank.

Trisha founded Girls Who Code to share her experience with others. The video flashed in front of her as though she were in a school full of other teenage females enthusiastically tapping away on their computers. 

Trisha indicated that she believed in the positive use of technology and was committed to resolving a problem she believed technology had caused — cyberbullying. 

Trisha soon began looking for like-minded investors. To assist her in scaling her vision and increasing the app’s functionality and awareness.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch of ReThink App?

Trisha exited the stage and entered the Shark Tank. She firmly identified herself as the developer of ReThink. She asked for $100,000 in exchange for a 20% ownership in her business. 

Trisha began her presentation by informing the sharks that the show had received its share of critical remarks. 

Among the comments, she cited: “You are a zero, not a hero,” “You are a cockroach!” and, of course, “You are not an entrepreneur, you are a want-trepreneur.” 

She explained to the sharks that if they felt the tank was horrible, they had not yet visited the Internet. 

She defines cyberbullying as bullying others using cruel and degrading comments while hiding behind their computer screens.

Trisha was adamant that cyberbullying was a pandemic affecting millions and that she was committed to putting an end to it. 

Her software, ReThink, intervene before harmful remarks become an issue. She added that the program could detect an offensive message sent by an adolescent and give the author a second chance to reconsider their words before putting them out into the world. On stage, a big display was set up to resemble an iPhone screen.

It depicted the phone’s standard messaging software as fictitious. Joey invited Erica to a dance. You could see the forgery. Erica initially typed, “no, you’re so unattractive.” 

The Sharks all made shocked noises, while Trisha stated no reason to say “no” in such an obnoxious manner. 

A popup appeared on the screen, asking Erica whether she was sure she wanted to say that. You observed the insulting remarks being removed from the screen, followed by her retyping, “that sweet, but I’m sorry, I can’t.” 

Trisha stated that Erica eventually reconsidered her decision and made a more rational one. She asserted that both teenagers would have gone away from that event unscathed.

Kevin cut her off and stated that he did not believe Joey would have ceased asking. Trisha laughed but did not respond to the remark. 

She began her lecture by stating that ReThink is beneficial in the digital parenting era. 

According to her, it enabled parents to influence their children’s conduct by “encouraging positive decision-making both online and offline.” 

She concluded her presentation by asking the Sharks if they wanted to sit back and reflect on what might have been or if they wanted to join her in putting an end to cyberbullying for good.

Robert was the first to intervene, asking Trisha if Erica notices the pop-up and then clicking okay to ensure the message is still sent. 

Trisha stated that it would, stating that they were not removing anyone’s right to express their emotions or opinions. 

She believes that if Erica chose to submit the message, it would still be posted; the app only added a little extra time and space between the sensation and the news. 

Barbara then inquired of Trisha whether the potential cyberbully was required to sign up for the app themselves. 

Trisha told her that was an excellent question and clarified that cyberbullies were not the intended audience. 

ReThink was designed with parents and educators in mind. These were the individuals who sought a resolution to the cyberbullying problem.

Barbara requested Trisha to share a bit more about her past with the Sharks, as she was intrigued about how Trisha came up with the app in the first place. 

Trisha stated that she was a 16-year-old junior in high school who taught herself to code at ten. 

Three years prior, she had read a news report about an 11-year-old girl who had been cyberbullied for a year and a half before committing herself. 

According to her, the narrative crushed her heart. Someone younger than her had been troubled enough to commit suicide over an avoidable situation. 

She chose to use her knowledge of technology to assist in resolving the issue. She reaffirmed her desire to use technology for good, to avert a problem generated by technology.

Barbara expressed her surprise at learning Trisha was only sixteen years old. She referred to her as very powerful. 

Robert inquired whether they had sold anything, and Trisha informed him that they had earned $52,000 through the educational program We Think ReThink. 

Trisha explains that new state and federal legislation forces schools to provide anti-cyberbullying teaching. 

She assisted them in obtaining ReThink technology for school devices as well as curriculum for classroom instruction. 

Pavlok Shark Tank Update

Additionally, she gave metrics to the schools to demonstrate the app’s effectiveness. Trisha reported that over nine months, the ReThink app had received over 128,000 downloads. 

Robert noted that the program had amassed an outstanding number of downloads in just nine months. He stated that while it was an excellent idea, there were obstacles.

Robert perceived the primary flaw with the Rethink app to be the user’s control over the experience. 

He reasoned that internet bullies could click through on every occasion, rendering the software ineffective. 

Trisha stated that she had the same reservations when she first launched the app. She tested 1500 users and discovered that 93% of the time when teenagers received the reconsider notice, they changed their minds. 

Mark Cuban immediately begins grilling her with questions. He inquired as to her daily usage, which Trisha stated was approximately 80,000 users each day. 

He inquired who was responsible for all the coding, and Trisha answered that she had been coding since she was ten years old. 

Kevin inquired as to whether she was the one who coded it, and Trisha responded affirmatively. Barbara described herself as a phenomenal entrepreneur.

Barbara informed Trisha that she needed to make a choice. ReThink could be a for-profit firm or a non-profit organization. 

Barbara stated that if she were confronted with that dilemma, she would establish a charity and begin fundraising for the cause because it was so deserving. 

The real estate entrepreneur stated that she left because she believed it would not operate as a business. 

Trisha expressed gratitude. Kevin was the next to speak, stating that everyone thought she was an incredible talent. 

He argues that when she acquired an investor, she assumed the additional task of generating revenue. Trisha emphasized that she was entirely devoted. Kevin exited.

While Robert admired the concept, he explained that content filtering technology was not novel. He stated that while he supported eradicating cyber bullying, he did not view ReThink as a business. 

Daymond inquired as to why she desired the money. Trisha mentioned that she wanted to hire staff to scale the app to reflect the level of interest. 

She continued, claiming that she has had inquiries from 1200 schools interested in installing the ReThink technology on all of their devices for the following school year. 

Additionally, she stated that T-Mobile Europe was interested in incorporating the technology into all of their handsets. Still, she desired that the technology be available on more than one carrier.

All of the sharks appeared perplexed. Robert inquired as to whether a carrier had contacted her, and she declined. 

Trisha reiterated her statement, indicating that she believed multiple carriers could be in various parts of the world. According to Daymond, he does view it as a business. He made a $100,000 offer in exchange for 30% of the company. 

Lori stated that it was a passion of hers, and she also admires entrepreneurs who make the competitors think, “Oh crap, she’s up.” Their feet touch the floor. 

She stated that she was willing to provide Trisha $100,000 in exchange for the 20%. Lori said that she was not opposed to collaborating with another Shark and inquired about Mark’s availability.

As Daymond slumped in his seat, Mark sat forward and stated that if ReThink was to succeed as a business, partnering with the carrier was the wisest course of action. 

According to him, this allows the carrier to preinstalling software and offering parents a kid-friendly phone. 

First Defense Nasal Screen Shark Tank Update

Mark asked Trisha if that was the case and if she would consider it, and she stated that she would be able to make those judgments if she had an investor with his knowledge. 

Mark stated that he would consider partnering with Lori on her plan, which would entail requesting $100,000 in exchange for a 20% stake. 

Robert informed her that she faced a choice. Trisha made the logical decision of working with Lori and Mark. They all shook their heads.

What Happened To ReThink App After Shark Tank?

Trisha Prabhu presented the sharks on Shark Tank Season 8 Episode 1 her anti-cyberbullying program and software. 

ReThink is a piece of software that prompts people to reconsider sending possibly offensive or dangerous messages online. 

Essentially, if the software believes a harmful message will be transmitted, it will prompt the user to reconsider before pushing send.

ReThink had generated $52,000 and accumulated 128,000 app downloads in the nine months preceding its appearance on Shark Tank. 

Trisha stated that her organization aims for educators and parents to ensure that their pupils and children communicate with their peers appropriately online. 

ReThink App Shark Tank Update

Additionally, Trisha stated that T-Mobile Europe had approached her regarding the software’s inclusion on its phones.

Lori Grenier, who stated her commitment to the cause, offered Trisha precisely what she came into the tank seeking and invited Mark Cuban to participate. 

Daymond John also offered Trisha, but he demanded $100,000 in exchange for 30% equity. 

ReThink exited Shark Tank with a $100,000 investment from Mark Cuban and Lori Greiner for a 20% stock stake.

ReThink is still operating in 2021 and is collaborating with teachers, students, parents, and law enforcement to help combat cyberbullying in terms of a post-Shark Tank update. Additionally, the app remains available on Google Play and Apple App Stores.

According to her website, Trisha is presently enrolled at Harvard University, pursuing her undergraduate degree. She is scheduled to receive her diploma in 2022.

Is ReThink App Still in Business?

The deal with Mark and Lori is quite likely to have fallen through, as neither Shark has the firm in their Shark Tank portfolios.

Since its appearance on Shark Tank, ReThink has accumulated over 56,000 downloads on Google Play, currently holding a 3.5-star rating. It is also available on the App Store, where it presently has a 3.2-star rating.

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The app’s ability to change negative thought patterns has been lauded by users. The majority of complaints and concerns arise from technical issues with the app, which is still being fixed.

The app plans to add in-app purchases for parents and expand its language support in the future. ReThink is currently available in three languages: English, Spanish, and Hindi.

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