What Happened To Potato Parcel After Shark Tank?

Potato Parcel is a funny firm that sends anonymous notes to potatoes, as pitched in Shark Tank episode 805 by Riad Bekhit and Alex Craig.

It was a picture of potatoes with stamps on them that Craig saw in 2015 that inspired him.

He bought some potatoes and pencils, set up a website, and began selling them.

The customer creates their message online, and Potato Parcel ships it to the recipient on a potato.

The consumer can choose to give an anonymous gift.

You can put whatever you want on your potato, except for “hateful, damaging, or threatening remarks.”. The potato will reach the recipient’s house within 24 hours.

For $9.99, you can send a written message. You can also use a potato to print photos ($14.99) or postcards ($12.99).

You can purchase a tiny burlap bag for $4.99. It costs approximately $4 to ship the bag.

The sales Craig makes each month are over $10,000. They probably need a Shark to help with their marketing.

Will Shark like and invest in Craig potatoes?

What Is Potato Parcel?

Potato Parcel lets you send and write personalized messages on uncooked potatoes via the US Postal Service, just like postcards.

According to Potato Parcel, those who receive a messenger potato in the mail will be overwhelmed and amused. You can even customize your potato with your own photo!

Company NamePotato Parcel
FounderAlex Craig And Riad Bekhit
BusinessPotatoes With Custom Messages
Investment Seeking$50,000 For 10% equity in Potato Parcel
Final Deal$50,000 For 10% equity in Potato Parcel
SharkKevin O’Leary
Episode Season 8 Episode 6
Business StatusIn Business
WebsiteVisit Website

Who Is The Founder Of Potato Parcel?

The founder of the unique Potato Parcel company is Alex Craig, who hails from Dallas, Texas.

He earned a fortune by mailing potatoes with messages or faces on them. He graduated from the University of North Texas and built mobile apps before making a fortune by mailing potatoes with messages or faces on them.

The Potato Parcel was eventually sold to Riad Bekhit, an entrepreneur.

Potato Parcel Before Shark Tank

If it had not been for Reddit, Potato Parcel might have never existed.

Craig was exploring the internet when he came upon a five-million-view potato post.

The trendy potato was sent in the mail with postal stamps on it.

Craig thought a simple potato sent in the mail could be transformed into a lucrative business model if it could capture the attention of millions of people. The idea worked.

Craig developed Potato Parcel in two days and made $2000.

The popularity of Potato Parcel grew even further. The company recouped its investment in just a few months.

Potato Parcel donated one potato to a food bank for every potato sold, thanks to a monthly profit of nearly $20,000.

Potato Parcel has included holiday-themed potatoes and a wide range of “wacky” items.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of Potato Parcel?

Riad and Alex reach Shark Tank seeking an investment of $50,000 in exchange for a 10% stake in Potato Parcel. They present their pitch and distribute samples.

The only exception is Mr. Wonderful’s potato, which has an image of a shark on it. He claims there is nothing proprietary about it.

They prepare potatoes for various holidays, like sweet potatoes for Valentine’s Day.

The Sharks believe the guys are joking until they hear the sales data.

The company has sold over 12,000 units since its launch. The numbers are impressive.

They’ve made $213,000, which they’re reinvesting in the company.

The company is owned by Riad, who purchased it from Alex for $42,000. Alex receives a $1 per potato royalty for 60 days following Shark Tank.

Robert likes it, but the price is too high for him, so he’s out. Daymond believes they went too far with the humor, so he’s out. Lori is close behind.

Mark isn’t convinced they’re mad, but he goes out anyway. Mr. Wonderful was jolted awake by the phrase “royalty.”

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He offers $50,000 in exchange for 10% of Alex’s royalties and half of his royalty for 60 days, after which he demands a dollar for each potato until he recoups $150,000.

Robert offers $50,000 for 25%, and the boys counter with 17.5 percent. Robert refuses to go, so Kevin goes after some back and forth.

Final Deal: A $50,000 investment by Kevin O’Leary for a 10% stake in Potato Parcel.

What Happened To Potato Parcel After Shark Tank?

Potato Parcel has inspired many copies since it appeared on Shark Tank.

Kevin considers this deal one of the best deals he has ever made.

They’ve sold over 70,000 parcels and made over $7 million in sales as of early 2020.

It is now feasible to send a brick or an eggplant through the mail through various companies.

Potato Parcel Shark Tank Update

Potato Parcel, on the other hand, is still going strong. They gained a lot of attention in March 2017 after sending potatoes to the NFL.

They now have stickers, T-shirts, and even bachelorette party packages available for purchase on their website.

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The company has received positive feedback on both its website and Facebook page.

Potato Parcel is a true Internet company that understands its target market.

Despite the competition, it will undoubtedly succeed.

The company featured The Shark Tank Biggest of All Time Special in “greatest pitch success” in February 2020.

The company is still going strong as of December 2021, bringing in roughly $600,000-$700,000 per year.

Is Potato Parcel Still In Business?

Kevin O’Leary offered Alex Craig and Riad Bekhit $50,000 in exchange for a 10% stake in their business in Shark Tank Season 8 Episode 6.

The company that limits you to 140-character messages or a single image on a potato is still in business.

What Happened To Drip Drop After Shark Tank?

The potato postcard company grew rapidly after debuting on Shark Tank.

A publicity stunt in early 2017 saw Potato Parcel deliver dozens of anonymous potato postcards to Dirk Nowitzki of the Dallas Mavericks, congratulating him on reaching the 30,000-point mark in his career.

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