Copy Keyboard Shark Tank Net Worth

Copy Keyboard is a revolutionary product that simplifies the process of copying and pasting computer data, making it a valuable tool for individuals who frequently perform these tasks.

Created by Scotty Trujillo, Copy Keyboard gained widespread attention after going viral on TikTok and appearing in episode 13 of season 14 of Shark Tank.

This plug-and-play macropad features two keys: copy and paste. Its compact design allows for easy integration into any workspace setup. The device is available in two versions: the original version with two colors and the new LED version with additional color options.

Copy Keyboard offers affordability without compromising quality at $19.99 for the original version and $24.99 for the LED version.

Copy Keyboard stands out from other similar products on the market due to its handcrafted construction by Scotty, which ensures quality and attention to detail. This dedication to craftsmanship contributes to the positive user experience and sets it apart from mass-produced alternatives.

The device’s simplicity is its greatest strength. With just two keys, users can effortlessly perform copy-and-paste actions, eliminating the need for complex keyboard shortcuts. This streamlines workflow and saves valuable time, particularly for individuals working in tech and administrative roles where copying and pasting are frequent tasks.

Copy Keyboard has garnered positive feedback from users, with an average rating of 4.9 stars out of 5 on Its popularity can be attributed to its ease of use, durability, and effectiveness in enhancing productivity. The product’s success is evident through its strong sales and the high demand that led to inventory challenges.

To purchase Copy Keyboard, interested customers can visit or Amazon. While the device is currently out of stock, it is expected to be available again in February 2024.

Copy Keyboard is a game-changing tool that simplifies copy-and-paste actions with its plug-and-play macropad design. With its affordable price, handmade construction, and user-friendly operation, it has gained significant popularity among tech and administrative professionals.

Its positive user reviews and strong sales demonstrate its effectiveness as a valuable productivity-enhancing device.

Company NameCopy Keyboard
FounderScotty Trujillo
ProductCopy-and-paste keyboard with two keys
Investment Seeking$40,000 for 25% equity
Final Deal AcceptedNo Deals
Shark NameNo Sharks
EpisodeSeason 14, Episode 13
Business StatusIn Business
WebsiteVisit Website
Net Worth$200,000

What Is Copy Keyboard?

Copy Keyboard is a device that makes copying and pasting information easier and more convenient. It is designed to streamline the process of copying text or data from one location and pasting it into another location, such as between different documents or applications on a computer.

Copy Keyboard Shark Tank Net Worth

The Copy Keyboard typically functions as a separate peripheral that can be connected to a computer via USB or other interfaces. It provides dedicated keys or buttons specifically for copying and pasting, allowing users to perform these actions quickly and efficiently without relying on traditional keyboard shortcuts or mouse commands.

By simplifying the copy-paste workflow, the Copy Keyboard can help increase productivity and reduce strain on the wrist and hand, particularly for individuals who frequently perform repetitive copy-paste tasks in their work or daily activities.

Who Is The Founder Of Copy Keyboard?

The founder of Copy Keyboard is Scotty Trujillo. Scotty Trujillo has a background in computer science and a passion for enhancing productivity and efficiency in the workplace.

He conceived the idea of creating a Copy Keyboard after realizing the need for a simple and convenient tool to streamline the process of copying and pasting text on a computer.

Before appearing on Shark Tank, Copy Keyboard went through a meticulous design and construction process. Scotty Trujillo put a lot of thought into ensuring that the keyboard is of high quality and durability.

The keyboard is made with high-quality acrylic and is CNC precision milled, guaranteeing its longevity even with heavy use.

The keys on the Copy Keyboard are mechanical and laser etched, providing satisfying tactile feedback and ensuring that the letters and symbols on the keys do not fade over time. It is also compact, measuring approximately 2″x2″x1″, making it convenient to use and carry.

Copy Keyboard is designed to be plug-and-play ready, eliminating the need for software installation or complicated setup processes.

All that is required is to plug the keyboard into an open USB port, and it is ready for use. Additionally, the keyboard comes with a 6.5ft flat USB cable for easy connectivity.

To maintain the keyboard’s cleanliness, users can simply use a damp cloth to clean it. The keys and keycaps are also removable, allowing for easy cleaning.

Copy Keyboard was created by Scotty Trujillo with the aim of providing a high-quality, durable, and user-friendly tool to enhance productivity and efficiency while working on a computer.

Whether you are a student, a professional, or someone who spends a lot of time on a computer, Copy Keyboard can help you work smarter and faster.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of Copy Keyboard?

The entrepreneur, Scotty Trujillo, pitched his product called Copy Keyboard on Shark Tank Season 14.

Copy Keyboard is a USB accessory that simplifies the process of copying and pasting by providing a two-button keyboard device. Scotty sought a $40,000 investment in exchange for 25% equity in his business.

Copy Keyboard Shark Tank Net Worth

During the presentation, Scotty demonstrated how the repetitive task of copying and pasting documents caused hand cramps.

He explained that his device eliminates the need to reach across the keyboard and press multiple buttons, as it only requires two buttons—one for copying and one for pasting. The product is priced at $19.99 for the standard version and $24.99 for a version with integrated RGB lights.

While some of the sharks expressed interest in the product, none of them ultimately offered a deal to Scotty. Mark Cuban was the first to drop out, followed by Lori Greiner, who wasn’t keen on tech products.

Daymond John and Kevin O’Leary also declined to invest, with Robert Herjavec being the last shark to opt-out.

As a result, Scotty did not secure a deal with any of the sharks and left the show without an investment. However, Scotty is still operating his company and selling the Copy Keyboard product on the company’s website.

Despite not having a partner from Shark Tank, he remains motivated to develop new ideas and potentially expand the Copy Keyboard product line.

To summarize the sharks’ responses:

  1. Mark Cuban: Not interested in investing.
  2. Lori Greiner: Not interested in tech products.
  3. Daymond John: Did not relate to the product.
  4. Kevin O’Leary: Not interested in the product.
  5. Robert Herjavec: Did not like the product.
Shark’s NameInvestment OfferedCounter Offer by FoundersFinal Deal
Mark CubanNoneN/AN/A
Lori GreinerNoneN/AN/A
Daymond JohnNoneN/AN/A
Kevin O’LearyNoneN/AN/A
Robert HerjavecNoneN/AN/A

None of the sharks found the Copy Keyboard product compelling enough to invest in. Hence, Copy Keyboard did not secure any investment on Shark Tank.

Did Copy Keyboard Get a Deal on Shark Tank?

No, Copy Keyboard did not get a deal on Shark Tank. During the pitch on Season 14 Episode 13, Scotty Trujillo, the founder of Copy Keyboard, asked for $40,000 for a 25% equity stake in his company, valuing it at $160,000.

However, none of the Sharks were interested in investing. Mark Cuban, Lori Greiner, Daymond John, Kevin O’Leary, and Robert Herjavec all declined to make a deal. Despite not securing funding from the Sharks, Copy Keyboard is still in business.

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What Happened To Copy Keyboard After Shark Tank?

After appearing on Shark Tank in 2023, Copy Keyboard experienced a surge in popularity and sales. The founder, Scotty Trujillo, showcased his innovative two-key macropad that simplifies the copy-and-paste function.

Despite impressing the Sharks with his hands-on approach to manufacturing, he did not secure a deal due to low sales figures at the time.

Copy Keyboard Shark Tank Net Worth

However, the national television exposure propelled Copy Keyboard into the spotlight once again. The product went viral on social media, leading to a significant increase in sales.

Within 30 days of airing on Shark Tank, Copy Keyboard should have generated at least $50,000 in sales. The virality of the product helped drive demand, but the company faced challenges in keeping up with inventory due to overwhelming demand.

Copy Keyboard can be purchased on their website,, as well as on Amazon. The original version of the keyboard comes in two colors and is priced at $19.99. They have also introduced LED keyboards in two colors, priced at $24.99. Currently, the keyboard is out of stock but is expected to return in February 2024.

While there are similar products available online, Scotty Trujillo emphasizes that the Copy Keyboard stands out due to its superior quality as he handcrafts each device. He has also expanded the product line by designing a three-keyboard version to cater to different user needs.

Copy Keyboard has received positive reviews from users on, with an average rating of 4.9 stars based on 47 reviews. The product has gained popularity among individuals working in tech and administrative roles.

After appearing on Shark Tank, Copy Keyboard experienced a surge in sales and popularity thanks to its viral social media presence. Despite not securing a deal on the show, Scotty Trujillo’s unique product and hands-on approach to manufacturing have contributed to its success.

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Copy Keyboard Shark Tank Update

After appearing on “Shark Tank,” Scotty Trujillo’s Copy Keyboard did not receive an investment from the sharks. Despite this setback, Trujillo expanded his product line to include a three-keyboard design featuring a “cut” option and a volume knob.

Following the show, Copy Keyboard continued to operate and focused on scaling its small keyboard device. Scotty utilized social media marketing to promote the product and increase its visibility.

Copy Keyboard Shark Tank Net Worth

With his years of experience in e-commerce marketing, Scotty recognized the potential of using Shark Tank as a marketing platform.

He also introduced another keyboard with a “select all” button that can be connected through Bluetooth. These new keyboards have garnered positive reviews for their convenience and ease of use.

However, Trujillo still faces challenges in keeping a stocked inventory and is active on TikTok with a significant following. Currently, Copy Keyboard is in business with estimated net worth of $200,000.

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What Is the Net Worth Of Copy Keyboard?

According to our research, Copy Keyboard’s net worth is estimated to be $200,000. The valuation of Copy Keyboard was $160,000 when it appeared on season 14 of Shark Tank.