Pick-Up Bricks Shark Tank Update | Pick-Up Bricks Net Worth

Pick-Up Bricks is a vacuum designed for children that appeared in Episode 08 of Season 15 of Shark Tank. This product is specifically created to help and encourage children to clear the floor of Legos and other small items after playtime.

The founders, Aurora Weinstock and her brother-in-law Steven Weinstock, came up with the idea while considering motivating their kids to pick up Legos.

The vacuum’s toy-like appearance and ease of use make it appealing to children, turning the cleanup chore into a fun activity.

Pick-Up Bricks is known for its versatility. It gained attention for its ability to clean Legos, but it can effectively clean any toy with many small parts.

For instance, videos on the Pick-Up Bricks Instagram account showcase its ability to suck up puzzle pieces and Scrabble tiles with ease. This adaptability indicates that the product has many applications beyond just Legos.

Pick-Up Bricks also offers an innovative cleaning function. The vacuum incorporates a layered design that separates dust or other particles from the Legos or small toys it sucks up.

The top layer, where the items end up, includes slots that allow the vacuum’s suction to pull away dust and direct it into a lower container. Each layer is removable, and the lower layer contains a removable foam filter to keep dust out of the vacuum’s motor.

This cleaning function distinguishes Pick-Up Bricks from traditional Shop-Vac style vacuums, ensuring that whatever it cleans up improves.

Pick-Up Bricks has largely been praised for its effectiveness and design by reviewers. On Amazon, customers have rated it 4.5 stars, highlighting its ease of use and enjoyable experience of cleaning Legos and small toys.

The product’s toy-like design also appeals to children, making them more likely to use it willingly.

With positive customer feedback and its unique features, Pick-Up Bricks is an excellent choice for parents looking for a convenient and fun solution to the problem of cleaning up small toy items.

Company NamePick-Up Bricks
EntrepreneurAurora Weinstock and Steven Weinstock
ProductChildren’s vacuum for cleaning up their building bricks
Investment Asking For$200,000 in exchange for a 10% equity in Pick-Up Bricks
Final Deal$200,000 in exchange for a 16% equity in Black Paper Party
SharkLori Greiner and Mark Cuban
Pick-Up Bricks Episode Season 15, Episode 08
Pick-Up Bricks Business StatusIn Business
Pick-Up Bricks WebsiteVisit Website
Pick-Up Bricks’ Net Worth$1.25 Million

What Is Pick-Up Bricks?

Pick-Up Bricks is a toy vacuum designed specifically for kids. It offers a fun and interactive way for children to clean up their toys, particularly small plastic bricks like LEGOs.

This cordless vacuum features a patent-pending multi-stage collection system that effectively separates the plastic bricks from dirt and dust. As a result, kids can keep their toy bins free from cookie crumbs, lint, and pet hair.

The Pick-Up Bricks vacuum has gained significant recognition and has been featured on popular shows like The Today Show, Daily Mail, and The Sun, as well as in many other major news publications.

It has received positive reviews from customers who appreciate its effectiveness in encouraging children to take responsibility for cleaning up after playtime.

Pick-Up Bricks Shark Tank Update | Pick-Up Bricks Net Worth

With the Pick-Up Bricks vacuum, cleanup becomes an enjoyable activity for kids. Its user-friendly design and functionality make it easy for children to use and operate.

The vacuum’s ability to suck up to 1,000+ bricks per minute ensures a quick and efficient clean-up process.

The Pick-Up Bricks vacuum is currently available for purchase for $99.00 with free shipping for a limited time within the continental U.S. (additional charges may apply for international, Alaska, and Hawaii orders). The product is in stock and ready to be shipped.

Pick-Up Bricks is a kid-friendly vacuum that helps keep toys organized and instills good cleaning habits in children. Its fun and effective cleaning capabilities make cleanup time enjoyable and hassle-free.

Who Is The Founder Of Pick-Up Bricks?

The founders of Pick-Up Bricks are Aurora and Steve Weinstock. They are parents of three children and have a background in product development.

The idea for creating Pick-Up Bricks came to them as they noticed the constant struggle getting their kids to clean up their toys, particularly small pieces like LEGO™ bricks.

Aurora and Steve spent four years developing Pick-Up Bricks, creating multiple prototypes, and extensively testing the product with children. They wanted to make tidying up more appealing to kids, reducing the need for constant reminders from parents.

Before appearing on Shark Tank, Pick-Up Bricks had already gained attention from various media outlets, including The Today Show, Daily Mail, and The Sun. 

The product’s innovative features, such as the clear dome that allows children to see the toys being collected and the patented multi-stage collection system that cleans the toys as they are put away, have generated excitement among parents and toy enthusiasts.

The founders focused on safety by making Pick-Up Bricks cordless, using a rechargeable battery to eliminate the risks associated with wires and plugs. 

They also ensured that the suction power was calibrated to be strong enough for toy pieces but safe for use around children. The vacuum’s design also included removable baskets, making it easy to transport and empty.

Aurora and Steve Weinstock’s passion for creating a cleaning solution that is both effective and appealing to kids led them to develop Pick-Up Bricks. Their dedication to safety and innovation has garnered attention even before their appearance on Shark Tank.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of Pick-Up Bricks?

During their Shark Tank pitch in Season 15, entrepreneurs Aurora Weinstock and Steven Weinstock presented their solution to toy messes with Pick-Up Bricks.

Aurora Weinstock and Steven Weinstock pitched their child-sized vacuum, Pick Up Bricks, on Shark Tank Season 15. They sought a $200,000 investment for a 10% equity stake in Pick-Up Bricks, valuing the company at $2 million

The founders highlighted the pain of stepping on building bricks and the challenge of getting kids to clean up their toys. They introduced Pick Up Bricks, a child-sized vacuum that not only sucks up the bricks but also separates dirt, dust, and pet hair from the toys.

Pick-Up Bricks Shark Tank Update | Pick-Up Bricks Net Worth

The Sharks were intrigued by the product and its potential. Lori Greiner and Mark Cuban made an initial offer of $200,000 for a 16% equity stake in the company. 

Daymond John offered $200,000 for a 15% equity stake, while Barbara Corcoran proposed a $400,000 line of credit for a 20% equity stake. 

Kevin O’Leary did not make an offer due to concerns about profit margins.

After some negotiation, Lori Greiner adjusted her offer to $200,000 for a 15% equity stake, matching Daymond John’s offer. Mark Cuban also offered $200,000 for a 12% equity stake. 

Eventually, Steven and Aurora countered with a joint deal proposal of $200,000 for a 16% equity stake, with Mark Cuban and Lori Greiner as partners. The Sharks accepted this counteroffer, and the founders secured a deal.

Here’s a table summarizing the Shark’s names, their initial offers, the counteroffer by the founders, and the final deal accepted:

SharkOfferCounter OfferFinal Deal
Lori Greiner$200,000 for 16% equity$200,000 for 15% equityAccepted Lori’s Offer
Mark Cuban$200,000 for 12% equityAccepted as partner
Daymond John$200,000 for 15% equity
Barbara Corcoran$400,000 line of credit
Kevin O’LearyNo offer

After appearing on Shark Tank and securing a deal with Lori Greiner and Mark Cuban, the Pick-Up Bricks founders gained valuable exposure and were expected to experience a boost in sales. The product became available on Amazon in addition to their website. 

After negotiations, they accepted an offer from Lori Greiner and Mark Cuban for $200,000 in exchange for a 16% equity stake. The product is now sold on Amazon and their website, receiving positive customer reviews.

Did Pick-Up Bricks Get a Deal on Shark Tank?

Yes, Pick-Up Bricks did get a deal on Shark Tank. Mark Cuban and Lori Greiner invested $200,000 in the business for 16% equity. 

This investment will provide financial support and the expertise and mentorship of Mark and Lori, who have a successful track record in launching and scaling businesses.

With their support, Pick-Up Bricks can expand its product reach, enter retail stores, and explore international markets. This deal has significantly boosted the prospects of Pick-Up Bricks and its potential for growth in the toy industry.

What Happened To Pick-Up Bricks After Shark Tank?

After appearing on Shark Tank, Pick-Up Bricks experienced a surge in popularity and evolved into a thriving business. As a Weinstock family-owned enterprise, the company prioritizes customer satisfaction and continuously works on developing new products and designs to enhance the lives of its customers.

Pick-Up Bricks is a convenient solution for kids and a game-changer for Lego enthusiasts who find constant cleaning a hassle. Their cordless vacuum efficiently separates and captures dust, pet hair, lint, and food crumbs, keeping the play area pristine.

Its patented design incorporates a multi-stage collection system that allows the vacuum to handle up to 1000 Lego pieces in just one minute.

The positive response from customers has been overwhelming, with the product being featured in prominent media outlets such as The Today Show, Daily Mail, and The Sun.

The Pick-Up Bricks website and social media pages are adorned with glowing reviews from satisfied customers, praising the vacuum for its multifaceted benefits.

As a testament to their commitment to customer satisfaction and sustainability, Pick-Up Bricks offers reasonably priced products, with their vacuum priced at $99.

They also provide sales and discounts, such as their Christmas sale with a generous 30% off on their products. Additionally, they offer accessories and replacement parts to ensure the longevity of their offerings.

Pick-Up Bricks provides a solution for cleaning up toys and instills a positive habit in children by turning cleaning into a more engaging activity. It goes beyond mere functionality, contributing to the younger generation’s positive and responsible mindset.

Ultimately, Pick-Up Bricks has experienced success and growth after appearing on Shark Tank. Their commitment to customer satisfaction, sustainability, and innovation has made them popular among parents and Lego enthusiasts.

Pick-Up Bricks Shark Tank Update

After appearing on Shark Tank, Pick-Up Bricks experienced significant growth in the toy industry. The company expanded its distribution channels, making the product available through its official website and various online retailers, and started penetrating the retail market.

The vacuum for LEGO and other small building blocks resonated well with parents and educators seeking a hassle-free clean-up solution. The business focused on widening its reach, targeting domestic and international markets.

Pick-Up Bricks Shark Tank Update | Pick-Up Bricks Net Worth

Pick-Up Bricks also positioned itself as an eco-friendly option in the toy industry by incorporating recycled materials and reusable mesh bags, encouraging sustainability and a cleaner production process.

Customers responded positively to the effectiveness of Pick-Up Bricks, praising its ease of use and efficiency in cleaning up small pieces, particularly after playtime.

Is Pick-Up Bricks Still In Business?

Yes, Pick-Up Bricks is still in business and thriving. The company, founded by Steve Weinstock and Aurora Weinstock, offers the world’s first kid-safe vacuum to collect bricks and other small items.

Since its launch in June 2023, Pick-Up Bricks has gained significant traction and positive reviews, especially after securing a deal on Shark Tank with investors Mark Cuban and Lori Greiner.

With their expertise and mentorship, the business aims to expand its reach into retail stores and international markets.

Pick-Up Bricks is headquartered in Los Angeles, California, and has 1-10 employees. Despite the competitive toy industry, Pick-Up Bricks continues to perform well and maintain strong sales.

What Is the Net Worth Of Pick-Up Bricks?

Our research shows Pick-Up Bricks’ net worth is estimated at $1.25 million. The valuation of Pick-Up Bricks was $1.25 million after securing an investment from Lori Greiner and Mark Cuban on Shark Tank.

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