TaDah Shark Tank Update | TaDah Net Worth

TaDah is a food company featured on Season 11 of the hit TV show Shark Tank. The company specializes in producing frozen falafel wraps, which are convenient to prepare and promote health and well-being.

TaDah wraps are made of natural chickpea fritters and other wholesome ingredients without preservatives. Also, catering to diverse dietary preferences, they are gluten-free and come in various flavors.

TaDah is committed to supporting the community. The company donates over 25% of its profits to organizations engaged in social change, furthering the spirit of giving back that is integral to the brand.

The founder of TaDah, John Sorial, initiated this ethos with his non-profit organization, Eat Good, Do Good, which later evolved into TaDah Foods. This commitment to social good also drew the attention of Daniel Lubetzky, one of the investors on Shark Tank, who eventually made a deal with the company.

The popularity of TaDah’s falafel wraps is evident in their broad availability across the country, with the products stocked in over 3500 locations, including large retail chains like Target, Sprouts, and Wegmans.

Consumers have consistently given positive reviews, lauding the product’s excellent taste, convenience, and health benefits.

TaDah, with its wholesome, convenient, and community-focused products, offers a unique proposition to consumers. The company’s growth since its appearance on Shark Tank is a testament to the effectiveness of its product and the resonance of its mission with the consumer base.

Their commitment to giving back to the community and their dedication to quality and flavor make TaDah a commendable choice in the frozen food market.

Company NameTaDah Foods
EntrepreneurJohn Sorial
ProductStreet food wraps filled with falafel
Investment Asking For$300,000 for 10% equity in TaDah
Final Deal$500,000 for 25% equity in TaDah
SharkDaniel Lubetzky
Episode Season 11, Episode 1
Business StatusIn Business
WebsiteTaDah Foods Website
Net Worth$4 million

What Is TaDah?

TaDah Foods is a brand committed to changing how people see and experience frozen food. They believe in the power of bold flavors and high-quality ingredients, creating a fusion of taste and health that stands out in the frozen food aisle.

TaDah Foods offers a variety of products centering around Middle Eastern cuisine, with their falafel street wraps being one of the most popular. Each product is made with a focus on nutritional balance.

They use non-GMO ingredients; many of their offerings are vegan-friendly and gluten-free. For instance, their falafel products are made with chickpeas, a great source of fiber and protein. The company also uses real spices and herbs to bring authentic flavors to its foods.

TaDah Shark Tank Update | TaDah Net Worth

TaDah Foods also prides itself on its social consciousness. They source ingredients responsibly, keeping environmental sustainability in mind. The packaging is also designed to be recyclable, reflecting their commitment to reducing environmental impact.

The brand’s name ‘TaDah’ indicates the surprise factor they aim to bring with every meal – a sudden realization that frozen food can be exciting, flavorful, and nutritionally balanced. With each product, TaDah Foods aims to bring a bit of the world’s flavor to your home quickly and conveniently.

Who Is The Founder Of TaDah?

Tadah Foods was founded by John Sorial, a trained chemical engineer and a food enthusiast. Growing up in an immigrant family that owned a restaurant in New York City, John was deeply immersed in a culture of international cuisine from a young age.

This sparked a passion for cooking and gave him a detailed understanding of the food industry. Drawing from this extensive experience and knowledge, John envisioned creating a business offering flavorful, convenient, and healthy Mediterranean cuisine.

In January 2011, after significant experimentation and careful refining of recipes, John created Tadah Foods, a business specializing in delicious falafel wraps, termed “Falafel Street Wraps.”

The concept was simple but unique: provide high-quality, flavorful Mediterranean food in a convenient form. The recipes adhered to traditional methods to ensure authenticity and used fresh ingredients like bell peppers, lemons, red onions, and garlic cloves.

The falafel wraps were completely plant-based and packed with protein, catering to health-conscious consumers.

John’s endeavor was a success, and his innovative product, the Falafel Wrap, was approved and made available in multiple supermarket retail stores such as Kroger Co, Lucky’s Market, and Publix Super Market, among others.

Tadah Foods quickly established itself as a beloved brand in the frozen foods section with unique flavors like Creamy Caramelized Harissa, Garden Veggie Feta, Spicy-Sweet Harissa Hummus, and Luscious Lemon Garlic Hummus.

Despite the success, John recognized the need for further investment and connections to expand the business and took the initiative to appear on Shark Tank in Season 11. He pitched his business on the platform, seeking $300,000 for 10% equity at a $3 Million Valuation.

Before Shark Tank, Tadah Foods had accumulated lifetime sales of $8.2 million. It’s also noteworthy that John held a deep sense of social responsibility, giving away 25% of his equity to social causes. As of the time Tadah Foods was featured on Shark Tank, it was a thriving business with a promising future.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of TaDah?

John Sorial, the founder of TaDah Foods, stepped into the Shark Tank with an ambitious pitch. With a background in chemical engineering from Johns Hopkins and an enduring passion for authentic Mediterranean cuisine, John proposed an enticing prospect.

He sought an investment of $300,000 in exchange for a 10% stake in TaDah Foods, a business focused on providing convenient, frozen falafel street wraps and poppers.

The Sharks were immediately intrigued by John’s product and company. Their interest was piqued even more after tasting TaDah Foods themselves. The business was promising, having sold over $8 million in products.

TaDah Foods was not just about profits; it was also about social impact, donating over 25% of its profits to organizations invested in global social change.

However, the pitch was not without its challenges. John revealed some manufacturing issues that had affected his business. His co-packer struggled to meet the company’s demand, which caused a dip in sales.

Furthermore, John had already sold a significant 75% of TaDah Foods to investors. The Sharks had to consider the implications of this alongside the company’s charitable donations and decreased sales.

Despite these concerns, the Sharks admired John’s passion for his business. When questioned why he hadn’t returned to his previous career as an engineer, John expressed an emotional belief in his company and its positive impact on the world.

In response to his pitch, two Sharks, Mark Cuban, and Daniel Lubetzky, made offers. Mark Cuban proposed $300,000 for 20% equity and a $500,000 line of credit.

On the other hand, Daniel Lubetzky offered $500,000 for 25% equity and suggested buying out some of John’s investors and potentially providing a line of credit in the future. After weighing his options, John decided to accept Daniel’s offer.

This deal proved to be a success in the years following the Shark Tank appearance. TaDah Foods generated $4 million yearly and expanded its reach to multiple grocery stores.

As such, the partnership between John Sorial and Daniel Lubetzky has been fruitful, leading to growth and continued success for TaDah Foods.

What Happened To TaDah After Shark Tank?

After appearing on Shark Tank, TaDah Foods experienced substantial growth and success. The founder, John Sorial, secured a deal with guest shark Daniel Lubetzky, who invested $500,000 for a 25% equity stake in the company.

This significant investment allowed TaDah Foods to expand its operations and gain popularity in the market. Following the Shark Tank appearance, TaDah Foods saw a boost in sales, with its net worth estimated at $4 million in 2023.

The brand’s frozen falafel wraps, made from natural chickpea fritters without preservatives and gluten, received positive reviews from consumers, further contributing to their success.

The company’s commitment to social good also significantly impacted its growth. TaDah Foods donates 25% of its sales to support organizations focused on social change. This ethos resonated with customers, making TaDah stand out in the market.

Expanding its product availability, TaDah Foods is now present in over 3500 retail locations across the United States. They offer variety packs catering to Mediterranean food enthusiasts and attract community-oriented individuals who appreciate the brand’s dedication to giving back.

The company’s success also led to collaborations with prominent retailers. Walmart selected TaDah Foods’ frozen line product, resulting in a 250% increase in sales in 2020. This expansion into major grocery chains further solidified TaDah’s position in the market.

Despite facing manufacturing issues until 2020, TaDah Foods remained in business and thrived. They are planning to enter the international market, a testament to the company’s determination and long-term vision.

John Sorial’s vision of making authentic Mediterranean cuisine accessible and doing good in the world through his business has translated into a successful venture.

TaDah Foods continues to grow, generating an annual revenue of $4 million and employing 10-50 people. With its commitment to quality, social impact, and innovation, TaDah Foods remains a remarkable success story post-Shark Tank.

TaDah Shark Tank Update

After John Sorial’s successful pitch on Shark Tank and securing a deal with Daniel Lubetzky, TaDah Foods experienced significant growth and expansion. The investment provided financial capital and lent credibility to the brand, generating consumer interest and boosting sales.

In the years since appearing on Shark Tank, TaDah Foods has made an impressive $4 million annually. This surge in revenue is also attributed to the increased availability of the brand’s products in multiple grocery stores, extending its reach to a wider consumer base.

The brand’s online presence also saw a spike after the show, with a considerable increase in website traffic. Consumers showed great interest in their frozen line of products, leading to higher sales figures.

The company has also expanded its product availability to various popular retail locations, including Target, Walmart, and Whole Foods, and plans to enter the international market.

TaDah Foods is committed to providing high-quality, authentic Mediterranean cuisine through its product innovation. The company’s frozen falafel street wraps, and poppers in different flavors remained a hit among consumers.

TaDah Shark Tank Update | TaDah Net Worth

Moreover, TaDah Foods has held steadfast in its social mission. Despite the significant business growth, the company continues to donate a substantial portion of its profits to organizations working towards social change worldwide.

This has not only helped to strengthen its brand image but also to connect with a consumer base that values socially responsible businesses. Therefore, TaDah Foods’ appearance on Shark Tank has proven to be a pivotal moment in the company’s journey.

It opened doors to new opportunities, allowing the company to scale up operations, increase sales, and strengthen its commitment to making a positive social impact. As of 2023, TaDah Foods is still in business, demonstrating steady growth and a strong market presence.

Is TaDah Still In Business?

Yes, TaDah Foods is still in business. After appearing on Shark Tank and securing a deal with Daniel Lubetzky, the company experienced significant growth and success.

TaDah Foods, founded by John Soriel in January 2011, offers delicious falafel street wraps and poppers made from high-quality, healthy, and natural ingredients.

The falafel wraps are completely plant-based and come in four flavors, each containing 16g of protein. These products can be found in various retail stores such as Kroger Co, Lucky’s Market, Publix Super Markets, Whole Foods, and more.

Since the Shark Tank appearance, TaDah Foods has experienced consistent growth and expanded its presence in multiple grocery stores. The company’s annual sales will reach $2.5 million by 2021, with total sales exceeding $10 million[.

TaDah Foods remains operational despite some manufacturing issues and plans to expand internationally. The brand also raised funds through equity-based crowdfunding in July 2021, further supporting its growth and business operations.

What Is the Net Worth Of TaDah?

According to our research, the net worth of TaDah is estimated to be $4 million. The valuation of TaDah was $2 million after securing an investment from Daniel Lubetzky on Shark Tank.