PDX Pet Design Shark Tank Update

Innovative Cat Toys: PDX Pet Design’s SHRU and Licki Brush on Shark Tank

Tara and Jason O’Mara presented their cat toy business, PDX Pet Design, to the Sharks on Shark Tank episode 13 of season 08.

PDX Pet Design is a company that offers a range of innovative pet products designed to enhance the lives of furry companions.

From unique paw print frames and no-mess ink pads for creating lasting memories to stylish pet collars featuring the iconic PDX carpet pattern, their collection combines functionality with aesthetic appeal.

With a focus on quality and creativity, PDX Pet Design aims to provide pet owners with thoughtful and charming solutions for their beloved animals.

Innovative Cat Toys: PDX Pet Design's SHRU and Licki Brush on Shark Tank

Their flagship product, SHRU, is designed to mimic and behave like a living animal, providing both mental and physical stimulation for cats.

The O’Maras, who are passionate about cats, believed that traditional cat toys were not engaging enough for their feline friends.

The SHRU, priced at $98 per unit, gained popularity among crowdfunding enthusiasts through a successful $170,779 Kickstarter campaign.

This egg-shaped electrical toy with a fluffy tail captivated cats and kept them entertained for hours. In October 2016, O’Maras started shipping over 5,000 units to satisfy customers.

Apart from SHRU, PDX Pet Design is also developing the Licki Brush, which is currently available for pre-order. This unique brush, resembling a cat’s lick, allows humans to engage in the social activity of grooming that cats typically associate with larger cats.

Jason and Tara O’Mara, the entrepreneurial couple from Portland, Oregon, behind PDX Pet Design, introduced their business on Shark Tank in January 2017.

The toys designed by PDX Pet Design may seem unconventional but are highly effective in engaging cats.

Following the success of their SHRU cat toy Kickstarter campaign, where they surpassed their initial goal by raising over $170,000, the O’Maras have proven their ability to create products that resonate with cat owners.

The toys they produce mimic natural movements, keeping cats entertained even when their owners are not around. It will be intriguing to see if PDX Pet Design can replicate its success beyond the Shark Tank.

PDX Pet Design Shark Tank Pitch

Tara and Jason stepped into the Shark Tank with a unique approach, donning fluffy dog ears and introducing themselves as the founders of PDX Pet Design.

Their pitch involved seeking a $300,000 investment from the Sharks in exchange for a 15% stake in their company, PDX Pet Design.

Tara shared how they, both being part of the online generation, had met online and eventually tied the knot, expanding their family with additional cats.

Jason identified a common issue with cat toys – while cats initially adore them for a brief period, they tend to lose interest quickly, leading to toys being discarded.

Tara painted a picture of an entire aisle in a pet store dedicated to cat toys that not only strengthen the bond between owners and their feline friends but also enhance the cats’ lifestyles.

This vision led them to create SHRU, an egg-shaped interactive toy designed to keep cats entertained in their owners’ absence.

The duo also introduced the LICKI Brush, a tongue-shaped grooming tool that mimics the way cats groom each other. Their products aimed to facilitate bonding experiences between cats and their owners.

PDX Pet Design Shark Tank Pitch

Tara and Jason’s presentation included a demonstration that brought a mix of amusement and skepticism from the Sharks, with some expressing interest while others found the concept unconventional.

As the pitch progressed, Tara and Jason revealed their sales figures for SHRU and LICKI, along with their pricing strategies. The Sharks raised concerns about the valuation of the business and the scalability of the products.

Despite some Sharks showing initial interest, the negotiation ultimately led to no deal being struck.

In the end, the Sharks cited concerns over valuation and market readiness as reasons for not investing in PDX Pet Design. Tara and Jason left the Tank disappointed but vowed to continue pursuing their passion for creating innovative products for pets.

Their journey on the show highlighted the challenges of bringing unique ideas to market and the importance of aligning valuation with market realities for business success.

Final Deal: No deal between Sharks and PDX Pet Design.

PDX Pet Design After Shark Tank: Navigating Success Beyond the “Shark Tank” Setback

In a twist of fate, failing to secure a deal on “Shark Tank” seemed to foreshadow challenges ahead for PDX Pet Design’s future endeavors.

Despite not securing a deal on the show, the O’Maras made a lasting impression on the sharks.

During their appearance on the show, Tara shared that the SHRU had already brought in around $250,000 in revenue, while the LICKI Brush had generated approximately $52,000.

Additionally, she mentioned that the company’s projected revenue for 2017 was about $180,000 and revealed that they had five more prototypes in development.

Following their time on “Shark Tank,” PDX Pet Design did not release any post-show revenue figures, and the five prototypes never made it to market.

In 2020, PDX Pet Design was highlighted as one of the show’s most memorable failed pitches on the “20/20” special, “Shark Tank: Greatest of All Time.” Amidst the sea of pitches, the O’Maras managed to stand out.

Currently, their website redirects to an Amazon listing for the LICKI Brush, which is marked as unavailable. Moreover, PDX Pet Design’s social media pages on Facebook and Instagram have not been updated since January 2022.

Even without a partnership from “Shark Tank,” PDX Pet Design continues to operate. While the owners maintain their full-time jobs alongside managing the company, their products are still available for purchase on the website.

They remain active on social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, engaging with their audience.

Annually, they participate in CatCon, showcasing their merchandise and engaging with potential customers. Additionally, PDX Pet Design shares interesting cat facts across their social media channels.

The SHRU Intelligent Cat Companion is priced at $119, the Licki Brush at $25, and the SHRU feather and tail attachments at $6 each, all available for online purchase. Despite the setback on “Shark Tank,” the latest update on PDX Pet Design is positive.

The company is thriving, as evidenced by the 4-star rating on the LICKI Brush Amazon page, which is based on 256 reviews.

PDX Pet Design’s products have been featured in notable publications such as Business Insider, Daily Mirror, and Jimmy Kimmel Live.

PDX Pet Design is still in business with an estimated net worth of $3 million.