What Happened To First Defense Nasal Screen After Shark Tank? Update

In Episode 202, Joe Moore presents his First Defense Nasal Screens to the Shark Tank. His concept is straightforward: a little, stick-on filter. 

The filters eliminate up to 99 percent of allergens, dust, pollen, and dander when putting over each nostril, decreasing allergy symptoms and respiratory irritation. Asthmatics are especially prone to airborne particles; hence the product has medical applications.

First Defense Nasal Screens are a novel technique to keep harmful particles out of your respiratory system. 

First Defense Nasal Screens stick to the exterior of your nose, protecting only the nasal passages. They’re lightweight and unobtrusive, yet they keep nearly all particles out of your nose.

With First Defense Nasal Screens, you don’t need to feel self-conscious wearing them in public, unlike the regular masks. 

There are no rubbing elastic straps on your head or stuffy masks to wear. First Defense Nasal Screens offer all of the benefits of a mask without any of the drawbacks.

What is First Defense Nasal Screen?

The First Defense Nasal Screens are self-adhesive nasal screens made of 100% breathable, non-latex, hypoallergenic materials. These nasal screens fit over and cover the nostrils.

First Defense Nasal Screen Shark Tank Update

Lab tests have shown that the revolutionary Nasal Screen from First Defense blocks nearly 92 percent of particles with a diameter of 1 micron and nearly 77 percent of particles with a diameter of 0.1 microns.

As a result, First Defense Nasal Screens are a simple, practical, and low-cost way to defend against viruses, germs, allergies, and pollutants.

Company NameFirst Defense Nasal Screen
FounderJoe Moore
ProductHypo-Allergenic and Self-Adhering Nasal Nose Filter
Investment Seeking$500,000 For 10% equity in First Defense Nasal Screen
Final Deal$750,000 Loan For 30% + 10% Royalty In Perpetuity
SharkMark Cuban, Daymond John, and Kevin O’Leary
EpisodeSeason 2, Episode 2
StatusIn Business

Who is the Founder of First Defense Nasal Screen?

In 2011, Joe Moore conceived the concept for a nasal screen after nearly losing his life due to a sneeze attack. 

Joe Moore nearly collided with the back of a semi-trailer vehicle when he became distracted from the road due to a sneezing attack on the interstate. 

This event motivated him to strive to find a solution to similar problems in the future. He considered using face masks, but they were too heavy and uncomfortable for him.

Moore was able to identify the ultimate product after numerous trials and errors. However, he couldn’t launch the product on his own since he needed financial backing and assistance. 

With almost no experience in the marketing field, it would take him a long time to get the business up and running. Moore decided to approach the sharks for this reason.

First Defense Nasal Screen Before Shark Tank

Joe Moore launched the company in 2011 after suffering a near-fatal sneeze attack.

Joe Moore is a visionary with a wonderful idea for a product that could make so many people’s lives a little bit easier. 

Millions of individuals worldwide suffer from asthma and allergies, which can make day-to-day life difficult. 

Moore’s goal with his product was to eliminate as many elements that could aggravate these diseases as possible. 

So he devised a practically imperceptible nasal strip that is fitted over each nose hole. The First Defense Nasal Screen is essentially a nasal filter. 

It removes a large part of allergens from the air you breathe, lowering the likelihood of an allergy or asthma attack.

Joe was driving one day when his allergies suddenly flared up. He nearly collided with a tractor-trailer truck after losing control of his car due to sneezing caused by allergies.

The incident led him to look for a solution that would prevent a similar occurrence in the future.

Naturally, his first thought was to experiment with face masks. Face masks were cumbersome, uncomfortable, required frequent adjustment, and ultimately could not provide adequate protection since air could escape through the edges.

After some trial and error, he eventually devised the nasal filters that would save noses worldwide and make him a fortune today.

Joe pitched his breakthrough nose filters on Shark Tank in Season 2 Episode 2, where he was initially mocked before claiming that he had sold millions of units and had orders for millions more.

The mockery rapidly transformed into many offers, including one from Robert Herjavec for the entire company at $4 million. 

Joe declined but later stated that he would have accepted if the offer had been for $10 million.

He eventually departed the Shark Tank with a contract from Kevin, Mark, and Daymond — a $750,000 loan at 30% interest with a 10% royalty and season tickets to Dallas Mavericks games.

Moore’s product concept is amazing, but he cannot effectively launch his First Defense Nasal Screen independently. 

His company would take a long time to get off the ground if he did not have the necessary financial backing or connections in the marketing field. 

That is why he chose to pitch his idea to Shark Tank, a show that has the power to launch or kill a new firm. 

Moore hoped that at least one of the Sharks would see the potential in his unique new concept and make him the offer he needed to get this product to market.

How was the Shark Tank Pitch of First Defense Nasal Screen?

Moore debuted on the show’s second season, seeking a $500,000 investment in exchange for 10% of the company’s stock. 

Moore claims that so many individuals seek nasal treatment that one out of every five advertising on television is for nasal treatment. 

As a result, he decided to develop a non-inconvenient nasal therapy. He ended up investing in the world’s first lightweight nasal screen, and a no-insert nasal screen clinically proved to filter out particles as small as 0.1 microns.

Moore stands after completing his lecture to ask if any sharks have any questions. In his first statement, Mark Cuban asks Moore, “Are you serious?”? 

Moore is surprised by the question despite knowing how important this product can be. Some sharks were unconvinced. They do not understand the significance of the product.

Daymond John inquires as to how many sales he has made to date. The answer astounds them all, and nothing is humorous anymore. 

Moore claims to have made over $1.7 million in sales since introducing the product. He also revealed that he had signed a contract with the corporation to pay him $8 million after six years. Moore displays the contract to the sharks as proof.

All of the sharks are now interested in what Moore has to offer. O’Leary is unsure whether the product will work in other countries. Moore responds that he is confident that the product will be available internationally. 

He claims that the nasal screen has been shown to lessen respiratory ailments because people breathe 90% of their air through their noses. 

Moore claims that the money he obtained from the shark will fund production to fulfill contract orders.

The sharks question him on why he does not simply license the screen. Moore claims that he attempted to market the product to medication companies but was told that the product idea would be shelved since they would rather address the problem with $14 than a $1 remedy. 

Moore has raised $1 million from family and friends so far, which is why he needs to make the product work after investing so much time and money into it.

Barbara enters, stating that the only issue is that it is difficult to understand what the product is intended for unless there is an image of a nose printed on the container. 

They would have to spend more money on educating people. O’Leary then speaks up and offers $500,000 in exchange for a 10% royalty on each unit sold.

Moore begins to receive proposals from sharks, each attempting to outdo the other. 

Daymond is offering $800,000 in exchange for 30% equity and 10% royalties. O’Leary offers to buy the entire company for $1 million, but Moore believes it is worth billions. 

Mark Cuban asks Moore what price he would like to sell the company for, and Moore responds that he wants to be a part of the company because he wants to be a part of the revolution. 

By the end of the meeting, Joe Moore had three offers from Daymond John, Cuban, and O’Leary. 

Finally, Joe More is offered $750,000 in exchange for 30% stock and 10% royalty on three sharks. Joe requests a payment of $1.2 million to assist him with the production. 

A trio of sharks says they’ll put money up to deal with any potential problems. The sharks offer Joe a deal, and he decides to join up with them.

How Does First Defense Nasal Screen Make Money?

When Joe Moore appeared on the show, The First Defense Nasal Screen had been under contract for six years. Moore stated that each nasal screen costs $0.60. The nasal screen comes in three sizes: small, medium, and big, and it is available on Amazon and the company’s website.

Who is the Investor of First Defense Nasal Screen?

Joe Moore claims that he raised more than $1 million with the support of his family and friends, which enabled him to begin production. 

Moore went on Shark Tank to acquire further financial backing and marketing advice. 

He received offers of $700,000 for 30 percent stock and a 10% royalty on each unit sold from Daymond John, Mark Cuban, and Kevin O’Leary.

What Happened To First Defense Nasal Screen After Shark Tank?

Joe decided it was in his best interests to walk away from the Shark Tank arrangement since he had global contracts waiting for him and a strategy for expansion in the East.

First Defense Nasal Screens is now accessible in over 50 countries worldwide, with patents issued in India, Japan, China, the United States, Canada, and Europe.

The $4 million offer set a new Shark Tank record. Moore has no remorse. He stepped out of the Tank with 70% of his company still intact. 

The bargain struck on the air did not come to fruition. More is currently the president and CEO of First Defense Nasal Screens. 

The Shark Tank exposure sent the company into the stratosphere, making First Defense Nasal Screens one of the most profitable enterprises to participate in the show.

It struck cooperation with Filter Your Life Healthcare Private Limited, an Indian company, in 2018 to distribute its products in India.

First Defense Nasal Screen is predicted to be valued at $50 million as of August 2021.

The company’s expansion has been fueled mostly by demand in the Middle East and Asia, where air pollution has long been a major issue.

First Defense Nasal Screens have risen in popularity in the United States for various uses and industries, including mining, construction, and those suffering from chemical sensitivities. Still, the majority of its sales continue to come from those suffering from allergies.

First Defense’s nasal screens are becoming increasingly popular as an alternative to the increasingly scarce supply of face masks. Face masks on their own are a poor solution, but First Defense’s nasal screens mitigate their shortcomings.

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