Original Man Candle Shark Tank Net Worth

The Original Man Candle is a unique product debuted in season 2 of the popular American television show Shark Tank.

While the traditional candle market is filled with floral, sweet, and fresh aromas, the Original Man Candle offers scents like leather, bacon, coffee, and gasoline.

The product has been designed to evoke memories and experiences typically associated with masculinity, striving to fill the gap in the market for candles designed specifically for men.

The candles are crafted with high-quality ingredients, ensuring longevity and a consistent scent throughout their burning time. The scents are carefully designed to reproduce the real-life experience, delivering an aromatic aroma that captures their essence.

The Original Man Candle is an excellent choice for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, it offers a fresh take on a product stereotypically associated with femininity, providing an option for men who enjoy the ambiance of candles but prefer scents more aligned with their tastes.

It caters to a unique segment of consumers often overlooked by the mainstream market. The scents are not just appealing to men; they can also be enjoyed by anyone who appreciates more unconventional aromas.

Company NameOriginal Man Candle
EntrepreneurJohnson Bailey
Product / BusinessCandles with scents for men
Investment Asking For$50,000 for 25% equity in Original Man Candle
Final DealNo Deal
SharkNo Shark
Episode Season 2, Episode 8
Business StatusIn Business
WebsiteOriginal Man Candle Website
Net Worth$500,000

What Is Original Man Candle?

Original Man Candle is a unique product line that adds a masculine touch to the world of candles. Established to fill the market for manly scented candles, this company offers various scents designed to appeal to men.

Fragrances in their range include fascinating smell profiles like Bacon, Fresh Cut Grass, Sawdust, Leather, BBQ, and even Draft Beer. Hence, their candles are far from the usually floral or fruity-scented ones in typical stores.

Each Original Man Candle is hand-poured and made with premium-grade paraffin wax to ensure a long, clean burn. They combine these high-quality materials with authentic scents to create a product that the modern man can enjoy.

Original Man Candle Shark Tank Net Worth

The candles are encased in sleek, minimalistic packaging that pairs well with any décor, emphasizing the masculine aesthetic. As such, an Original Man Candle is more than just a candle; it’s a lifestyle accessory that seamlessly blends scent, décor, and masculinity.

Whether looking to create an ambiance, remove unpleasant odors, or simply demonstrate their distinctive style, men can now turn to Original Man Candles. They offer an original way for men to express themselves and their preferences in a refined, sensory style.

Who Is The Founder Of Original Man Candle?

Johnson Bailey, a native of Tennessee, USA, founded the Original Man Candle. Bailey’s entrepreneurial spirit shone through even during his younger years. He worked in various roles in different sectors before finally setting his heart on starting his own business.

This diverse background endowed him with an understanding of varied customer needs and preferences, ultimately leading him to the creation of the Original Man Candle.

The conception of the Original Man Candle is rooted in Bailey’s observation of the market’s tendency to cater primarily to women when it came to scented candles. He noticed that the available scents were largely sweet, floral, or fruity – not quite aligning with the preferences of many men.

He realized there was a need for candles geared specifically to men, so he created a line of candles that included scents that would appeal to them, such as leather, bacon, freshly cut grass, gasoline, and barbecue aromas.

Before appearing on Shark Tank, the Original Man Candle was primarily sold online and at local markets. Although the product had a modest following, the business was still in its early stages and needed more exposure to grow.

The candles had already started to generate buzz due to their unusual scents and unique marketing strategy, which positioned them as the perfect gift for men.

However, the appearance on Shark Tank was seen as an opportunity to pitch this unique product to a larger audience and potentially secure investment that could help scale up the business.

Bailey saw potential in this niche market, which emphasizes the power of innovative thinking in entrepreneurship, as demonstrated by the product’s success post-Shark Tank.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of Original Man Candle?

Johnson Bailey made his appearance on Shark Tank in Season 2, seeking $50,000 in exchange for a 25% equity stake in The Original Man Candle, valuing the company at $200,000.

His request was primarily intended to expand his business, especially by increasing inventory and buying more marketing and advertising materials.

During his presentation, Bailey offered the Sharks a selection of his unique, masculine scents to sample. He underscored the novelty of his product, highlighting its distinctive appeal in the market.

By catering specifically to men with unconventional scents like barbecue, leather, and even fresh dollar bills, he claimed to have carved out a niche segment in the candle industry.

Bailey stressed that this product wasn’t just for men but also women seeking an unusual gift for the men in their lives.

The Sharks showed mixed reactions to Bailey’s pitch. Some were amused by the concept and found the idea interesting, while others were more skeptical about the product’s long-term appeal and marketability.

Some Sharks found the scents appealing, but others were not as convinced. The main points of contention were the brand’s scalability and whether or not the novelty aspect of the product could sustain long-term growth.

After a round of deliberation and negotiation, Robert Herjavec, one of the Sharks, offered to invest the requested $50,000 for a 40% stake in the company instead of the 25% that Bailey initially offered.

Bailey accepted the offer, acknowledging the value of Herjavec’s business acumen and the growth potential that his investment could bring.

Despite the increased equity stake, Bailey was excited about the opportunity to propel his business to new heights with Herjavec’s help.

Final Deal: No deal between Sharks and Original Man Candle.

What Happened To Original Man Candle After Shark Tank?

After its appearance on Shark Tank, The Original Man Candle garnered significant public attention. The television exposure propelled its sales and gave the brand a boost in visibility that would have been challenging to achieve otherwise.

The company’s website reportedly crashed due to the influx of traffic following the episode’s airing, a clear indicator of the heightened interest in the product. 

Working with Robert Herjavec, Johnson Bailey was able to strategize and streamline the business operations. The investment helped him to increase production and expand the product line to meet the surge in demand.

The Original Man Candle became more popular as a novelty gift item, especially for occasions like Father’s Day, birthdays, and other celebrations. 

Moreover, the company was able to expand its distribution channels. In addition to selling online, it started entering retail stores, further expanding its reach and accessibility.

The boost in sales and popularity helped solidify its market position and establish its unique niche. The Original Man Candle continues to provide uniquely scented candles for the male demographic.

Original Man Candle Shark Tank Update

After its appearance on Shark Tank, Original Man Candle did experience a boost in brand recognition and sales, largely due to the visibility provided by the show. The company continued to market its unique, masculine scented candles, targeting customers looking for unconventional fragrances or gift options for men.

However, problems arose when Johnson Bailey, the founder of the Original Man Candle, faced a lawsuit from investor Nathan Thornberry who had invested $65,000 in exchange for a 35 percent stake in the company.

Thornberry filed for breach of contract against Bailey and was awarded a judgment of $71,647. However, Bailey filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection and could not pay the judgment.

Despite these legal and financial difficulties, the company continues operating. It still offers its product line on its website and various other platforms, including Amazon.

Original Man Candle Shark Tank Net Worth

The Original Man Candle has continued to find its niche in the market, particularly among those looking for unique and humorous gift options. 

It is important to note that although the company has faced challenges, it has remained open and continued to sell its products. Therefore, while it may not have achieved the level of success initially hoped for on Shark Tank, it has still maintained a market presence.

However, the company’s social media accounts seem to have disappeared, which might indicate struggles in maintaining an active online presence or engaging with customers on these platforms.

While the company may have faced some significant obstacles after Shark Tank, it appears that Original Man Candle is still in business and offers its unique scented candles to customers.

Is Original Man Candle Still In Business?

Yes, the Original Man Candle is still in business. After Johnson Bailey’s appearance on Shark Tank, sales spiked, and he received some mentoring from Daymond John. However, despite eventually not securing a deal with the Sharks, his product was sold through various online retailers.

Unfortunately, Bailey’s original website for the Original Man Candle went dark for a while, and big-name companies like Yankee Candle have since taken over the market with their line of masculine-scented candles.

In a significant turn of events, Bailey was contacted by P. Nathan Thornberry in May 2011, who invested $65,000 for a 35% stake in Original Man Candles. However, their business relationship ended poorly, with Thornberry filing a breach of contract suit against Bailey.

Thornberry won a $71,647 judgment but couldn’t collect it because Bailey filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection. Despite these challenges, Thornberry continued to sell the product and has over 150 independent sales representatives promoting it nationwide.

He reported that the candles are available in over 150 stores and generate approximately half a million dollars per year in sales; 40% come from the Fart Candle alone. By August 2022, The revenue of Original Man Candle had increased to over $1 million.

After leaving Original Man Candle, Bailey worked for Stupid.com for a time but has since disappeared from the public eye. Despite his absence, the Original Man Candle company continues operations under Thornberry’s management.

What Is the Net Worth Of Original Man Candle?

According to our research, the net worth of Original Man Candle is estimated to be $1 million. The valuation of Original Man Candle was $200,000 when it appeared on Shark Tank.