M.C. Squares Shark Tank Net Worth

M.C. Squares (MC Squares) is an innovative company specializing in creating reusable, connectable, and customizable whiteboards. It was introduced to a broad audience on season 11 of the TV show Shark Tank.

The cornerstone of the product line is the MC Squares whiteboard squares, which are individual dry-erase squares that can be combined to create a larger surface, perfect for brainstorming sessions, business presentations, or at-home study environments.

This reusable and eco-friendly product makes it a great alternative to paper-based products. This can save businesses, educational institutions, and individuals money over time and help reduce their environmental impact.

Furthermore, the product’s modularity enhances collaboration, creativity, and organization. MC Squares can contribute to more effective communication and problem-solving by facilitating visual learning and group discussions.

The MC Squares product line offers a versatile, durable, and environmentally-friendly solution for various communication needs.

Company NameM.C. Squares
EntrepreneurAnthony Franco
Product / BusinessSticky pads and tiles for dry-erase whiteboards
Investment Asking For$300,000 for 10% equity in M.C. Squares
Final Deal$300,000 for 11% equity in M.C. Squares
SharkMark Cuban and Lori Greiner
EpisodeSeason 11, Episode 23
Business StatusIn Business
WebsiteM.C. Squares Website
M.C. SquaresNet Worth$3 Million

What Are M.C. Squares?

M.C. Squares is a company that designs and manufactures innovative collaboration and brainstorming tools. They are best known for their personal whiteboards and reusable, dry-erase sticky notes called Stickies. These products can be used individually or linked to create a larger workspace.

M.C. Squares aims to foster creativity and productivity while reducing paper waste, making its products more sustainable than traditional paper-based products. M.C. Squares sells its products through its online store and other retailers.

M.C. Squares Shark Tank  Net Worth

The company’s products are designed to foster creativity and productivity in various settings, from classrooms and offices to homes and more.

M.C. Squares aims to revolutionize communication and collaboration by offering innovative, sustainable, and user-friendly tools.

Who Is The Founder Of M.C. Squares?

Anthony Franco is the founder of MC Squares. Franco has been an experienced entrepreneur in the start-up scene for many years. He has a rich background in the tech industry, having co-founded multiple successful companies, including a technology consultancy and a cloud-based software firm.

His diverse business background gave him valuable insights into how organizations communicate, collaborate, and brainstorm ideas. 

Franco conceived the idea of MC Squares out of his own need for a more efficient and effective way to organize thoughts and communicate complex ideas.

During his years in the tech industry, Franco frequently encountered situations where traditional whiteboards and sticky notes fell short regarding flexibility, efficiency, and environmental impact.

He saw a need for a reusable, highly customizable product to facilitate more dynamic and engaging discussions. This led him to create MC Squares, bringing together the best aspects of whiteboards and sticky notes in an environmentally friendly product.

Before appearing on Shark Tank, MC Squares had already gained some traction in the market. The product was well-received for its versatility and usability in various settings, from corporate meetings to classroom discussions to personal study sessions.

Despite this initial success, the company was still relatively unknown to the broader public. The appearance on Shark Tank helped propel MC Squares into the spotlight, offering an opportunity to reach a larger audience and gain valuable exposure.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of M.C. Squares?

The Shark Tank pitch of MC Squares, led by founder Anthony Franco, proved to be a mix of intrigue and challenges. Franco sought an investment of $300,000 for 10% equity in his business, which comprised modular dry-erase products to replace traditional sticky notes, valuing M.C. Squares at $3 million.

The products were designed to facilitate collaboration and teamwork in office environments. In the year preceding the pitch, MC Squares had made $213,000 in sales.

The Sharks, however, expressed some concerns during the pitch. Mark Cuban, one of the seasoned Sharks, opted out before Franco could delve into the details of his business model.

Cuban cited a conflict of interest as he already had a similar company in his portfolio. Lori Greiner followed suit, stating she wasn’t passionate about the product.

Guest Shark Rohan Oza voiced confusion about the product’s functionality and decided to bow out, and Barbara Corcoran also dropped out, professing her love for traditional sticky notes.

Despite the withdrawals of the other Sharks, Kevin O’Leary saw potential in MC Squares. Although he was initially concerned about the scalability of the business, O’Leary offered Franco $300,000 for a 25% stake in the company, which was higher than the original 10% equity Franco was willing to part with.

Franco attempted to counter at 20%, but O’Leary remained firm on his offer. Eventually, Franco agreed to O’Leary’s terms, resulting in a final deal of $300,000 for a 25% stake.

After their appearance on Shark Tank, MC Squares has seen significant growth. Although the deal with O’Leary was eventually revised to $50,000 for an 11% stake in the company, the business has flourished, boasting an annual revenue of $3 million as per the update.

MC Squares’ expansion led the company to move into a 25,000-square-foot building powered by wind energy, plant 50,000 trees, and hire more employees to meet order demands.

Despite the initial concerns and difficulties during the Shark Tank pitch, MC Squares has emerged as one of the show’s biggest success stories.

What Happened To M.C. Squares After Shark Tank?

MC Squares generated revenue from the education and conference markets, offering bulk order discounts and actively engaging with customers via email or phone. The success of MC Squares continued even after the Shark Tank episode aired.

The company’s revenue reached $3 million annually, and they managed to move to a wind-powered, eco-friendly 25,000-square-foot facility. MC Squares also planted 50,000 trees as part of their sustainability commitment.

Furthermore, they partnered with the Novi School District, supplying 6,000 whiteboards for students and teachers. The company continued to raise funds through successful crowdfunding campaigns, collecting over $650,000.

MC Squares’ innovative products extended beyond its business success. Their reusable sticky notes proved to be a hit, replacing thousands of paper notes and contributing to a greener environment.

The company planted a tree for every order, showcasing its commitment to eco-friendliness and sustainability. The company’s sales had exceeded $4 million, and Anthony Franco remained active on LinkedIn and Instagram, promoting their online products.

MC Squares’ continued growth and success showcase their innovative products’ value and commitment to positively impacting the environment and collaborative spaces.

M.C. Squares Shark Tank Update

After its appearance on Shark Tank, MC Squares experienced a significant growth trajectory. Anthony Franco’s pitch on the show, asking for $300,000 for a 10% equity, led to an agreement with Kevin O’Leary to invest $300,000 for a 25% stake in the business. However, this deal was eventually revised to $50,000 for 11% equity. 

This revision didn’t seem to hinder MC Squares’ progress. The exposure from Shark Tank boosted the company’s visibility, and it generated an impressive $3 million in annual revenue shortly after the episode aired. The business continued to flourish, necessitating increased staff to handle the growing order volume.

Furthermore, the company demonstrated its commitment to sustainability by moving into a new, 25,000-square-foot, eco-friendly facility powered by wind energy. They also made a notable contribution to the environment by planting 50,000 trees as part of a partnership with Trees for the Future.

M.C. Squares Shark Tank  Net Worth

MC Squares also extended its impact to the education sector, partnering with the Novi School District in Michigan to supply 6,000 whiteboards for teachers and students.

The company also engaged in crowdfunding campaigns through platforms like WeFunder and StartEngine, raising more than $650,000 to fuel future growth.

Anthony Franco has remained active on social media platforms, including LinkedIn and Instagram, regularly posting updates about MC Squares and its products.

With its commitment to reducing paper waste and enhancing collaborative efforts in various settings, MC Squares has cemented itself as a successful, sustainable business post-Shark Tank appearance.

Our research shows that M.C. Squares is still in business and has experienced significant growth and success post appearing on Shark Tank.

What Is the Net Worth Of M.C. Squares?

According to our research, the net worth of M.C. Squares is estimated to be $3 million. The valuation of M.C. Squares was $1.2 million after securing an investment from Kevin O’Leary.