Liquid Money Shark Tank Update

Liquid Money is a fragrance collection for men and women developed in honor of the world’s most powerful aphrodisiac: MONEY.

Patrick McCarthy, a former Microsoft vice president of sales and creator, pitched his business to the Sharks in season three premiere episode 301.

The scent of crisp, new banknotes coming from his ATM machine inspired McCarthy to create Liquid Money.

McCarthy explains that the idea for Liquid Money was inspired by a Japanese study that demonstrated that the scent of a green thing kept us operating more efficiently.

A study of factory workers showed that they worked harder when a strong odor of money was pushed through the air vents.”

The entrepreneur registered the trademark and sought advice from Larry “the Nose” Murrison, one of the most acclaimed fragrance experts and developers of Michael Jordan Cologne.

They created colognes and perfumes with cotton, silk, and linen fragrances, which earned money.

The packaging for His Money and Her Money colognes is genuine shredded banknotes.

What Is Liquid Money?

Liquid Money is a perfume for men and women that mimics the smell of money to result in better productivity.

Every bottle of Liquid Money contains a genuine aroma of freshly printed money derived from authentic elements found in legal tender.

Authentic dollar bills are inside the cartons of Liquid Money bottles for an authentic look and feel; the packaging also matches the perfume.

The sense of smell is a powerful trigger that plays a role in expressing many different emotions and sensations.

Liquid Money Shark Tank Update

Money has a distinct scent that has an addictive effect – the fragrance of money.

Liquid Money embodies the sensation of wealth in a bottle, so you may now proudly wear the wonderful scent of wealth.

There are two scents available to choose from His Money and Her Money. You’ll smell just like a million dollars!

Company NameLiquid Money
EntrepreneurPat McCarthy
ProductCologne with a money fragrance
Investment Asking For$125,000 for 5% equity in Liquid Money
Final DealNo Deal
SharkNo Shark
Episode Season 3 Episode 3
Business StatusIn Business
WebsiteVisit Website

Who Is The Founder Of Liquid Money?

Patrick McCarthy is the founder of Liquid Money, who worked as a Vice President of Software at Microsoft for 20 years. He has also been in the software business for a lot of years.

He has worked on his resume for SAP America, BroadVision, and Autodesk. McCarthy motivated and inspired his team for years before starting a new business and developing Liquid Money.

Liquid Money, a perfume whose scent is like money, was developed by a Japanese study because workers did better when they were exposed to artificial money scents.

McCarthy came up with the award-winning Liquid Money scent with fragrance expert Larry Murrison due to the study before launching the product on ABC’s Shark Tank in 2013.

Liquid Money Before Shark Tank

Patrick McCarthy began his work on Liquid Money after working as a sales representative for Microsoft, BroadVision, Autodesk, and SAP America.

He believes that working for these organizations for more than two decades; he has developed a reputation as one of the industry’s most successful and innovative sales representatives.

Patrick McCarthy was in charge of a large sales team, so he searched for ways to boost productivity.

Patrick McCarthy learned of a research study conducted in Japan that showed that workers became more productive when exposed to the smell of money, which led him to create his fragrance.

He collaborated with Larry Murrison, a well-known perfumer, for his inventions.

Patrick McCarthy created Liquid Money using ingredients commonly found in real money from the United States of America.

The components include linen, silk, and cotton extracts, and the box contains bits of genuine United States of America currency.

Patrick McCarthy needs investment from the Sharks because they have extensive connections to increase Liquid Money’s popularity and availability globally.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of Liquid Money?

Liquid Money offers two products entitled His Money and Her Money. The same materials that make up real cash are used in making these: cotton, silk, and linen.

McCartney is not earning much money from Liquid Money, a product that entered Shark Tank with only $52,000 in sales, but the Shark Tank Effect will undoubtedly change those numbers.

The sight of even a single drop of blood can make a shark enraged. The same reaction is experienced by humans when they sniff the smell of money. The Sharks are enraged by Liquid Money.

A smell of crisp new banknotes stuck together at an ATM convinced Pat McCarthy to invest $50,000.

He then read about an experiment conducted in Japan in which the scent of the office was diffused via vents.

Several banks have approached him about the possibility of being presented with Liquid Money as a gift. They will return your money when you deposit it.

Liquid Money is made up of shredded cash purchased from the United States Treasury.

Patrick appeared on Shark Tank requesting an investment of $100,000 in exchange for a 5% equity in Liquid Money. He generates $52K in annual revenue but has a limited distribution.

McCarthy says several banks have approached him about offering Liquid Money as a gift or incentive to new customers.

Mark Cuban believes Pat violated one key rule by starting with billions and pursuing a fraction of those; you are not an entrepreneur, you are a wantrepreneur. He has departed.

Daymond John expresses this business is entirely dependent on advertising. He wonders why he would only offer 5%.

He likes the notion of a license and will pay him $125,000 in exchange for 80 percent ownership. Mark Cuban says that Daymond will put himself to work for you.

Kevin O’Leary says the only meaningful term in the fragrance category is “Money,” but everything else is absurd. 

He is fascinated with money, and money is infatuated with him. It breaks his heart to tell Pat that he has been released.

Barbara Corcoran withdraws $500 from the cash machine and smells it because she likes the aroma.

However, Pat’s product does not smell of cash. She is out despite Pat’s resemblance to Robert Redford.

Robert Herjavec does not smell money with his current plan; he has exited.

Final Deal: No deal between Liquid Money and Sharks.

What Happened To Liquid Money After Shark Tank?

During his time on Shark Tank, Patrick McCarthy hoped to win an investment from the Sharks to launch his unique fragrance.

Liquid Money is a perfume created from the same materials as actual dollar banknotes, which has the scent of freshly pressed dollars.

Patrick McCarthy was unable to secure funding from any of the Sharks, which is unfortunate.

The Sharks did not seem impressed by his larger-than-life entrée, which featured two models flinging money into the air and making it rain.

The Bobble Place Shark Tank Update

Liquid Money is not mentioned as one of Shark Tank’s greatest or worst products. However, none of the Sharks thought the solution could be used as a perfume.

Nevertheless, Daymond John offered Patrick McCarthy $100,000 in exchange for $80,000 in Liquid Money, but he declined.

Patrick McCarthy did not receive an investment from any of the Sharks, but it seems he did not give up on his idea or his money pursuit.

Liquid Money’s official website is available at, where you can learn more about Patrick McCarthy, his media appearances, and the story behind his liquid money scent.

You can also purchase Her Money, His Money, or the His & Her Money Collection in the Liquid Money store.

Liquid Money Shark Tank Update

Her Money and His Money are priced at $42,50, but His & Her Money Collection is $85. There appears to be a discount going on right now, considerably reducing the prices of the scents.

If you’re interested in purchasing a bottle of Liquid Money, you should visit the website. Few websites discuss or review Liquid Money.

Liquid Money received a rating of two and a half stars on one website because customers deemed it a novelty item rather than a true perfume.

Those who have used Liquid Money as a fragrance have remarked that the scent is weak and short-lived, making the perfume prohibitively pricey.

Liquid Money Shark Tank Update

Patrick McCarthy gained significant publicity as a result of his Shark Tank appearance. He and the company received significant media publicity in the months following the original broadcast.

Las Vegas declared it the “official fragrance,” and Mrs. America picked it as the “official scent.”

Athletes, celebrities, and money managers rave about the scent! Kentucky and Texas have endorsed the brand.

You can get Liquid Money online and at over 200 retail locations across the country.

The Natural Grip Shark Tank Update

Liquid Money is featured in a follow-up story on episode 416, just a year after the initial presentation. Patrick McCarthy is another success story from Shark Tank.

As of February 2022, the company is still operating and generates $4 million in annual revenue. He also works as a business motivational speaker in addition to selling fragrances.

Is Liquid Money Still In Business?

The price of Liquid Money 1.7 fl oz bottle of His or Hers Money was $42.50 following the episode of Shark Tank.

You can still purchase Liquid Money bottles at their website; however, they are unavailable on Amazon as of 2022.

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