Laid Brand Shark Tank Update

Laid Brand is a hair care company that was featured on Shark Tank. The company makes various hair care products, including shampoo, conditioner, hair treatment, and styling products.

The company was founded by Adam Rauch and Derek Shaw, who were inspired by their hair struggles. They wanted to create a line of hair care products that would be gentle on the hair and scalp and help promote healthy hair growth.

The duo appeared on Shark Tank in 2016. Since then, the company has grown rapidly and has a wide range of products. Laid Brand’s products are all-natural and free from harsh chemicals. They are also vegan and cruelty-free. The company’s mission is to help women feel confident and beautiful and to help them achieve healthy, strong, and beautiful hair.

If you’re looking for a hair care brand that is gentle on the hair and scalp and can help promote healthy hair growth, then Laid a Brand is a great option.

What is the Laid Brand?

The LAID Brand is a brand of professional hair care products infused with pheromones. You will not only be able to attract someone special, but you will also boost their confidence, leaving you feeling great and catching people’s attention.

The LAID Brand product contains pheromones (human chemical fragrances) and will also leave their hair smelling great because it contains chemicals that increase shine, repair damaged hair, moisturize, and protect it.

Laid Brand presents three unique products that boost confidence through brain-boosting pheromones. This Straight 2 Kinky Multi-Purpose Leave-In Conditioner tames frizz for a fresh look daily, while the Fill Me Up Texture Spray gives hair gentle bounce and depth, and the Rockin’ Multi-Purpose Oil adds shine to wet or dry hair. The substances found in these items are chosen for their health benefits based on the knowledge Rauch and Hensley have gained over the years.

With Laid Brand, you can find Pherottraction Technology, a proprietary blend of six stimulating pheromones. They are designed to evoke a specific reaction: attraction. Males now recognize these hormones and everyone to enhance confidence levels, increase compliments, and generally feel good.

Laid Brand Shark Tank Update
Company NameLaid Brand
EntrepreneurAdam Rauch and Derek Shaw
Product / BusinessHair products infused with pheromones
Investment Asking For$300,000 for 30% equity in LAID Brand
Final DealNo offers from any Shark
SharkNo Shark
Episode Season 5, Episode 13
Business StatusOut of Business
WebsiteVisit Website

Who is the Founder of Laid Brand?

Derek Shaw and Adam Rauch are the founders of the Laid Brand. Adam Rauch and David L. Hensley desired to combine their passions for hair and make ladies feel they’re the best. 

Nothing is more irresistible than the look of confidence in a woman’s eyes as she exits a salon after a hot new haircut. It was not something she could carry with her after that day. Using the power of science, Laid Brand is a new approach to bringing this feeling to life.

It is thought that pheromones are molecules that are produced by our bodies and are responsible for attracting others. David L. Hensley and Adam Rauch from Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, have created Laid Brand, a line of pheromone-infused hair care products.

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The Laid line includes Straight 2 Kinky Multi-Purpose Leave-In Conditioner, Fill Me Up Texture Spray, and Rockin’ Multi-Purpose Oil. 

Laid Brand Before Shark Tank

A trio of entrepreneurs enters an attractive business venture into the Shark Tank. They are all dressed pretty formally. Adam Rauch and Derek Shaw, co-founders of Laid Brand, are introduced.

The company is seeking a $30,000 investment for a 30% stake. Through the use of pheromones, Laid Brand assists individuals in becoming noticed for all the right reasons. You can use pheromones to attract a mate or boost your confidence, regardless of your goal.

Professional hair-care products that contain this exclusive blend of seductive pheromones promote confidence and beauty and enable others to feel good about you.

Laid Brand girls are instantly noticed when they enter a room. A Laid Brand woman enters the room. She attracts the attention of the handsome man in line for coffee because she oozes external beauty.

Her self-confidence helped her ace her job interview and become a Laid-Back Brand Girl. You don’t just smell amazing with Laid Brand; your hair also looks stunning. Pheromones are abundant in the air, so the Sharks may decide to bring Laid Brand to the world because of these pheromones.

Laid Brand girl sits down on a stool while a third trio member applies Laid Brand product to her hair. To assess the Sharks’ preferences, Jacqueline offers them samples of “phero-fabulous.”

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There are five bags in Jacqueline’s haul, one for each shark, including three women’s items from Laid Brand. In addition to protecting color, enhancing hydration, and repairing hair, each product in the collection enhances and protects hair. Additionally, they are paraben, sulfate, and animal testing free, making them healthy hair care products.

Laid Brand Shark Tank Recap

Adam Rauch and Derek Shaw appeared on Shark Tank requesting an investment of $300,000 in exchange for a 30% equity in Laid Brand. The duo starts their presentation by informing the sharks how they got the idea about Laid Brand.

According to Adam and Derek, the Laid Brand sells hair products that contain pheromones. The pigment in pheromones enhances hair’s color and protects and hydrates it. It is ideal for females to use these pheromones to boost their confidence.

Robert Herjavec, however, could not help but point out the brand’s most obvious flaw: its name. Adam and Derek explained, however, that cosmetic goods are often titled provocatively.

Adam and Derek had the opportunity to impress the sharks with their sales, despite their moniker having thrown a shadow of mistrust. The only issue was that they lacked any.

Adam and Derek assert that they have merely conducted a pilot test; hence they have yet to make any sales. The sharks were, therefore, skeptical of the product and its potential market success.

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Adam and Derek failed to convince the sharks of the product’s potential, so Robert was out. Mark Cuban and Barbara Corcoran also denied investing in the Laid Brand, followed by Kevin O’Leary and Lori Greiner.

The founders of Laid Brand left the Shark Tank stage without securing any deal from the Sharks.

Final Deal: No deal between Sharks and Laid Brand.

What Happened To Laid Brand After Shark Tank?

Laid Brand appears in a good position after its appearance on Shark Tank. The website of Laid Brand is yet to be available as of 2022.

Since then, they have remained silent for several months without following up on their appearance. They still had a website where you could purchase their products after appearing on Shark Tank. You can buy the three goods shown on Shark Tank on their website (

The products have fairly lackluster details. For instance, the description of Rockin’ Multi-Purpose Oil states that it “creates rapid shine and conditioning,” has “extremely light, non-greasy oil,” and is “infused with pheromones.” There are two reviews on the Rockin’ product page, both of which are from 2016.

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The Laid Brand is out of business, and its product is unavailable on Amazon as of 2022.

Laid Brand Shark Tank Update

Shark Tank entrepreneurs usually find a way to weather the storm when they fail to land the contract on Shark Tank. Adam and Derek, however, are unable to do so. As we discovered in our Laid Brand update, the Laid Brand company is no longer active.

Laid Brand Shark Tank Update

The Laid Brand ceased operations in December 2018 after spending years attempting to build a market niche. The lack of a contract can be beneficial to some businesses but also detrimental to others.

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Is Laid Brand Still In Business?

The Laid Brand is out of business as of 2022. The founders of Laid Brand decided to shut down the business in 2018.

What is the Net Worth of the Laid Brand?

The valuation of the Laid Brand was $1 million when it appeared on Shark Tank. The net worth of the Laid Brand is unknown as of 2022 since the company went out of business in 2018.

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