Buckle Me Baby Coats Shark Tank Update | Buckle Me Baby Coats Net Worth

Buckle Me Baby Coats, as presented on Season 12 of the popular reality show ‘Shark Tank,’ is a unique and innovative solution for children’s winter apparel that prioritizes safety alongside warmth.

The brainchild of Dahlia Rizk, a mother herself, Buckle Me Baby Coats addresses a critical concern of parents regarding the inability to safely fasten their children in car seats while wearing thick, puffy winter coats. 

The company, based in Londonderry, New Hampshire, was established after Dahlia recognized this gap in the market and decided to tackle it herself when existing coat manufacturers failed to address her concerns.

Her venture was launched with a successful Kickstarter campaign, which raised a little over $6,000 in March 2017. This led to the development of a coat design that offers the warmth of a traditional winter coat but eliminates the bulkiness that could compromise car seat safety.

Buckle Me Baby Coats are designed to allow the car seat harness to easily pass over the child’s shoulder and chest, thanks to a clever side zipper and heavier insulation on the front rather than the back.

This means there is no extra fuss around safety and an additional focus on comfort. Furthermore, Dahlia’s company diligently follows safety guidelines provided by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and the American Academy of Pediatrics.

The coats are designed for car use and can be worn comfortably at home and outdoors for maximum usability and value. Dahlia designs her coats with longer sleeves than normal because children grow quickly, and the coats must remain wearable for longer periods. 

The business has an environmentally and socially conscious aspect, with a $20 coupon for trading from a “gently used” Buckle Me Baby Coat to a new one. The traded-in coats are donated to local children’s charities.

Now, Buckle Me Baby Coats have a presence in the market, with products available on Amazon and the company’s website, ranging from $69.99 to $149.99. They also offer flexible payment options like shipping with a 25% down payment, no credit check, and no interest. 

Buckle Me Baby Coats is an exemplary product that brilliantly addresses a real-world problem with an innovative solution, combining comfort, safety, and warmth for children while ensuring parents’ ease of use and peace of mind.

Its additional commitment to social responsibility further enhances its appeal, making it an excellent choice for children’s winter apparel.

Company NameBuckle Me Baby Coats
EntrepreneurDahlia Rizk
ProductA coat with easy access to car-seat buckles
Investment Asking For$100,000 for 10% Equity in Buckle Me Baby Coats
Final Deal$100,000 for 20% equity in Buckle Me Baby Coats + 30% of licensing deals
SharkDaymond John
Buckle Me Baby Coats Episode Season 12, Episode 7
Buckle Me Baby Coats Business StatusIn Business
Buckle Me Baby Coats WebsiteVisit Website
Buckle Me Baby Coats Net Worth$2.5 million (As of 2023)

What Is Buckle Me Baby Coats?

Buckle Me Baby Coats is an innovative children’s outerwear company dedicated to ensuring the safety and comfort of children during the colder months. This innovative brand, founded by a committed and forward-looking mother, offers a unique solution for keeping kids safe in car seats while wearing bulky coats.

Buckle Me Baby Coats feature a patented design that allows the car seat straps to lie flat and snug against the child’s body, enhancing the car seat’s effectiveness. This design allows parents and caregivers to secure the child more safely and easily.

Furthermore, these coats feature cozy material that retains warmth without interfering with the car seat’s function. Buckle Me Baby Coats presents a practical solution that considers parents’ safety needs, comfort, convenience, and concerns.

Buckle Me Baby Coats Shark Tank Update | Buckle Me Baby Coats Net Worth

Buckle Me Baby has emerged as a beacon, illuminating the prospects of blending safety, functionality, and style effortlessly. They revolutionized children’s outerwear and emphasized the importance of child safety in cars, significantly reducing winter travel risks for children.

As such, the company’s inventions continue to receive widespread acknowledgment and positive reviews from parents and safety experts alike.

Who Is The Founder Of Buckle Me Baby Coats?

Buckle Me Baby Coats, an innovative solution to keep children both safe and warm in car seats during chilly weather was founded by Dahlia Rizk. Dahlia, a resident of New England and a mother herself realized the struggle and risk that traditional puffy winter coats pose when used with car seats.

Not only did they create a cumbersome routine for parents to follow, but they also affected the proper functionality of the seat’s safety harness. This made her realize a gap in the car seat-safe winter clothing market.

The idea for Buckle Me Baby Coats sprouted when Dahlia tried to secure her children safely into their car seats during the cold winter months. Dahlia didn’t want to compromise her kids’ safety or comfort by wearing bulky winter coats, making it hard to fasten the car seat’s safety harness properly.

In her quest for a solution, Dahlia visited several coat manufacturers, asking them to make seat-safe jackets for her kids. However, upon meeting resistance from manufacturers, Dahlia decided to solve the problem herself.

Before her appearance on Shark Tank in Season 12, Dahlia worked diligently to develop and launch her product. She initiated a successful Kickstarter campaign in March 2017, which raised a little more than $6,000, allowing her to design the first Buckle Me Baby Coats.

The coats were designed to be as warm as traditional winter coats but without the extra bulk that might interfere with car seat safety.

Her concept was a coat with a side zipper and heavier insulation on the front rather than the back, allowing the seat belt harness to fit properly. The coats were also designed to be easily worn at home and outdoors, with sleeves deliberately kept longer for extended use.

Dahlia’s innovative solution quickly gained traction, turning her home-based idea into a fully functioning business with a warehouse, website, and broader market presence.

Her products are available on Amazon, and she has extended her product range to include accessories like knit hats, t-shirts, escape safety tools, and touchless door openers.

Her dedication to the cause of children’s safety in cold weather while abiding by the guidelines provided by the NHTSA and the American Academy of Pediatrics is evident in her work.

Despite the challenges and the harsh realities of the market, Dahlia Rizk persisted with her vision and created a product that met a pressing need for parents and caregivers, making Buckle Me Baby Coats a game-changing invention in children’s safety and winter clothing.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of Buckle Me Baby Coats?

The Shark Tank pitch for Buckle Me Baby Coats was conducted by the company’s founder, Dahlia Rizk. She was seeking an investment of $100,000 in exchange for a 10% stake in her business, valuing Buckle Me Baby Coats at $1 million.

The company sells coats designed to be car seat-friendly for children, providing a safe and warm solution for the problem that conventional puffy jackets present when used with car seats. 

Dahlia began her pitch with a demonstration of how the coats work. Each has a slit that allows the car seat to buckle directly onto a child’s chest rather than over a puffy coat. This setup ensures that the child won’t move around in the event of an accident, thus enhancing safety.

While Shark Barbara Corcoran was the first to admit the appeal of these coats, Shark Kevin O’Leary inquired about parents’ awareness regarding the safety issue of buckling over a traditional coat.

Dahlia responded that many parents were uninformed of the problem but that social media was helping to spread awareness. 

The costs associated with the coats were also disclosed. Each coat requires $14-$15 to manufacture and sells between $60-$130. Over the past three years, Dahlia reported sales of over $700,000 worth of coats, most of which occurred in the last 12 months. 

Sharks Lori Greiner and Mark Cuban chose not to invest, stating that Dahlia didn’t need an investor.

Barbara offered $100,000 for a 20% stake and pledged to assist Dahlia in building up her business for eventual sale to a larger company. Kevin offered $100,000 for 2.5% equity and wanted a $2 royalty until $300,000 was paid back.

The last shark to make an offer was Daymond John, who offered $100,000 for a 20% stake and 30% of all licensing deals he brought in. Dahlia ultimately accepted Daymond’s offer.

Post Shark Tank, Dahlia reported a positive partnership with Daymond, stating that he provided valuable guidance and opened doors for Buckle Me Baby Coats to expand its mission of winter safety for children.

Since Dahlia’s appearance on the show, Buckle Me Baby Coats has grown by 200% and has expanded its product line to four styles of coats.

Dahlia added that she appreciated the show’s platform to educate parents about car seat safety. She reiterated her goal to eventually sell the company to a large coat manufacturer that shared her passion for child safety.

Final Deal: Buckle Me Baby Coats secured an investment from the Shark Daymond John of $100,000 for a 20% stake in the company.

What Happened To Buckle Me Baby Coats After Shark Tank?

After its appearance on Shark Tank, Buckle Me Baby Coats experienced significant success. Founder Dahlia Rizk accepted an investment offer from Daymond John, which resulted in an immediate increase in product orders.

Following the episode’s airing, there was such a surge in demand that the company quickly ran out of inventory and started accepting pre-orders. The company has demonstrated considerable growth since the Shark Tank episode.

As of 2023, Buckle Me Baby Coats generates annual revenue of $6 million, a stark increase from the sales figures presented during the show. The company’s net worth also grew significantly, reaching an estimated $2.1 million, up from a valuation of $500,000 when the deal was signed on Shark Tank.

Buckle Me Baby Coats also gained recognition from industry and consumers alike. In 2021, it received the Product of the Year Award from Creative Child Magazine. Furthermore, customers have rated the product highly on Amazon, with a 78% five-star rating.

Buckle Me Baby Coats remains in business as of 2023, continuing to grow and receiving more accolades. For instance, in 2018, Buckle Me Baby Coats was named the FedEx Small Business Grant Contest winner, and in 2019, it received the National Parenting Product Awards. 

The company’s success extended beyond increased sales and industry awards. The founder used the platform provided by Shark Tank to educate parents about car seat safety, a cause she is deeply passionate about. Additionally, the product line was expanded to include four styles of coats.

Buckle Me Baby Coats can be purchased in retail shops and online, notably on Amazon. Overall, the appearance of Shark Tank positively impacted Buckle Me Baby Coats, significantly boosting its business performance and market recognition.

Buckle Me Baby Coats Shark Tank Update

After appearing on Shark Tank, Buckle Me Baby Coats, founded by Dahlia Rizk, experienced positive developments and achieved significant success. On Shark Tank, Dahlia Rizk sought a $100,000 investment for 10% equity in her company.

She received an offer from Daymond John, who proposed a deal of $100,000 for 20% equity and 30% of licensing deals. The current status of the deal is unknown. Buckle Me Baby Coats expanded its product line and continued to innovate in the child safety space.

The company introduced Buckle Me Baby Jams, bamboo pajamas with adjustable features for year-round comfort and growth accommodation. The innovative design of the coats gained recognition, including the Product of the Year award.

Buckle Me Baby Coats Shark Tank Update | Buckle Me Baby Coats Net Worth

Buckle Me Baby Coats experienced significant revenue growth. In 2022, the company generated $6 million in annual revenue. This success can be attributed to the popularity of the coats and the trust they gained among parents seeking safe and practical winter wear for their children.

Buckle Me Baby Coats can be purchased in retail stores and online platforms like Amazon. The availability of coats in retail stores increases their accessibility to a wider customer base.

As of 2023, Buckle Me Baby Coats has an estimated net worth of $2 million. The company’s valuation is $2.1 million. Buckle Me Baby Coats has thrived since its appearance on Shark Tank.

The company has expanded its product line, achieved significant revenue growth, and gained recognition for its innovative design. Buckle Me Baby Coats continues to make strides in the market by addressing safety concerns and providing practical winter wear for children.

Is Buckle Me Baby Coats Still In Business?

According to our research, Buckle Me Baby Coats is still in business as of today’s date, 2023-07-05. After appearing on Shark Tank and receiving a deal from Daymond John, the company has experienced growth and continued success.

The company has expanded its product line, offering a range of jackets in different tiers, with prices ranging from $69.99 to $149.99. Buckle Me Baby Coats has achieved significant revenue, with $6 million in annual revenue in 2022.

The company has won awards, including the Product of the Year award, and has gained positive recognition for its innovative design. Buckle Me Baby Coats continues to operate and sell its products through retail stores, online platforms, and its official website.

What Is the Net Worth Of Buckle Me Baby Coats?

According to our research, the net worth of Buckle Me Baby Coats is estimated to be $2.5 million as of 2023. The valuation of Buckle Me Baby Coats was $500,000 after securing an investment from Daymond John on Shark Tank.

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