KENT Underwear Shark Tank Update | KENT Underwear Net Worth

KENT Underwear is a sustainable fashion brand featured on the first episode of Shark Tank Season 14, notable for its unique product offering: compostable underwear for both men and women.

The brand focuses on producing environmentally friendly undergarments made from 100% Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified organic Pima cotton without using synthetic materials, microplastics, or petrochemicals that are harmful to the environment.

KENT Underwear is characterized by compostability; it decomposes 90 days after disposal, minimizing landfill waste.

This characteristic sets it apart in an industry dominated by textiles made from fossil-fuel-based synthetic materials like polyester, nylon, and spandex, which typically persist in landfills for extended periods.

Kent’s products are crafted to be stronger and softer than other fashion brands, offering enhanced comfort and fit. 

Organic Pima cotton, which constitutes only 2% of the world’s cotton production and is primarily grown in Peru, further emphasizes the brand’s commitment to quality and sustainability. 

Pima cotton’s rarity and organic certification ensure the products are luxurious and support ecological and ethical farming practices.

The brand’s GOTS certification is a testament to its adherence to stringent environmental and social criteria throughout production. 

KENT Underwear’s mission resonates with eco-conscious consumers seeking to make responsible fashion choices that align with their values.

Concerning practicality, KENT Underwear is designed to be machine washable, maintaining the convenience consumers expect from their clothing while still honoring its sustainable ethos.

You can purchase these undergarments on the brand’s website for $28 to $144. Founded by Stacy (Anderson) Grace and her partner, Jeff Grace, in 2016, KENT Underwear has successfully carved out a niche in the sustainable fashion market.

After securing a deal with Daymond John on Shark Tank for $200K in exchange for 15% equity, the company has gained exposure and is poised for growth, continuing to operate out of its Los Angeles headquarters while expanding its reach to international markets such as Canada, the UK, and Australia.

KENT Underwear’s dedication to creating a product that combines comfort, style, and sustainability makes it a compelling choice for eco-conscious individuals looking for an alternative to traditional underwear options, often detrimental to the environment.

What Is KENT Underwear?

KENT Underwear is a clothing line focusing on sustainability and environmental responsibility. KENT Underwear is a pioneer of eco-friendly fashion, especially when it comes to undergarments, being the first verified compostable clothing brand. 

Their products are designed to address the critical issues of landfill waste and plastic proliferation in the textile industry.

Kent’s range includes men’s and women’s briefs, tees, and reusable totes, all crafted from a proprietary blend of plant-based materials. These include GOTS-certified organic pima cotton, ensuring the garments are 100% organic, vegan, and free from petrochemical-based fabrics. 

The “Plant Your Pants” method by Kent allows their underwear to decompose naturally and become nutrient-rich soil by 90 days after composting.

This brand is not only about providing comfortable and stylish basics but also about promoting a sustainable lifestyle. Their products aim to capture carbon and assist in reversing climate change through their compostable nature. 

KENT Underwear Shark Tank Update | KENT Underwear Net Worth

Kent offers a practical solution for consumers looking to reduce their ecological footprint in a world where cities increasingly adopt composting practices.

Founded by Stacy Grace, who has a sustainable background, and her husband, Jeff Grace, who has expertise in advertising and comedy, KENT Underwear made a notable appearance on Shark Tank. 

There, they secured a deal highlighting their commitment to growing as a mission-driven brand. With products starting at $20, KENT Underwear is making sustainable fashion accessible while championing the cause of “gentle-on-planet” clothing.

Who Is The Founder Of KENT Underwear?

Stacy Grace is the Founder and CEO of KENT Underwear. Her background is steeped in sustainable fashion, branding, and strategy.

With a rich educational profile, Stacy earned an MA in Strategic Fashion Marketing from the London College of Fashion and participated in the Business Development Program at London Business School.

Her career includes roles such as Accounts Manager and Brand Partnerships at Liberty Ltd. and teaching positions at FIDM/Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising.

Her professional journey also covers valuable experience in sales and marketing with companies like We First and Piece & Co.

Alongside Stacy, Jeff Grace is also associated with the founding of KENT Underwear, contributing to the brand’s development and growth.

The idea for KENT Underwear germinated when Stacy searched for 100% cotton underwear to complement her everyday style.

Unimpressed by the synthetic options dominating the market, Stacy embarked on extensive research to design natural briefs and basics that aligned more closely with her values.

Her Canadian roots, including backyard gardening and composting, played a significant role in shaping her vision for creating compostable underwear from natural materials, thus addressing the environmental issues of synthetic textiles.

Before its appearance on Shark Tank, KENT Underwear was established in 2016 during Stacy’s time at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising.

The brand focused on creating underwear that was not only comfortable but also had less environmental impact.

The products were made using 100% GOTS-certified organic Pima cotton to ensure they were compostable, disintegrating back into nature within 90 days after their useful life ended.

The company’s early days involved direct conversations with customers about the benefits of natural materials, leading to the development of a product line that promised a better fit and fewer irritations without using synthetics.

Operating out of California, Kent partnered with a family-owned apparel factory, dedicating 1% of their revenue to environmental causes. The business model initially relied heavily on direct-to-consumer e-commerce sales, with plans to expand into retail partnerships.

By the time KENT Underwear appeared on Shark Tank, they had established a solid foundation for their sustainable product line and identified the need for further investment and expertise to expand their market reach.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of KENT Underwear?

Stacy and Jeff Grace entered the Shark Tank to present their environmentally friendly, dissolvable clothes venture. They were seeking a $200,000 investment in exchange for 5% equity in their company.

Their fashion brand aims for profitability while addressing climate change, as the materials used are eco-friendly and do not contain harmful plastics.

The product spotlighted was KENT Underwear, retailing at approximately $25 per unit while costing around $8 to produce, proudly made in the USA.

The company’s gross sales of about $99,000 have tripled since its inception. E-commerce drove 85% of sales, with the remaining 15% coming from retail outlets.

KENT Underwear Shark Tank Update | KENT Underwear Net Worth

The Sharks had mixed feelings about the potential market interest in this unique type of underwear.

Mark Cuban dropped out, citing a lack of interest in investing. Daymond John initially also withdrew due to the perceived risk.

Barbara Corcoran was the first to make an offer, proposing $200,000 for 20% equity. The live audience interaction revealed that most people purchase new underwear every few years.

Robert Herjavec saw potential and offered $200,000 for 15% equity. Lori Greiner matched Robert’s offer.

In a turn of events, Daymond John re-entered the fray with an identical offer. Ultimately, Stacy and Jeff accepted Daymond John’s deal of $200,000 for 15% equity.

The entrepreneurs left with a deal from Daymond John, looking forward to leveraging his partnership, investment, and mentorship. The official Kent Instagram page confirmed that the deal with Daymond was finalized.

Shark’s NameInvestment OfferedCounter Offer by FoundersFinal Deal Accepted
Mark CubanNo offer
Daymond John$200,000 for 15%$200,000 for 15%
Barbara Corcoran$200,000 for 20%
Robert Herjavec$200,000 for 15%
Lori Greiner$200,000 for 15%

Ultimately, Stacy and Jeff’s presentation on Shark Tank secured an investment for their environmentally conscious underwear business despite some initial skepticism from the Sharks.

Their commitment to combatting climate change through sustainable fashion garnered them a partnership with seasoned Shark Daymond John. Consumers eager to support green businesses highly anticipate future updates on Kent’s growth and eco-friendly initiatives.

Did KENT Underwear Get a Deal on Shark Tank?

Yes, KENT Underwear secured a deal on Shark Tank. The founders, Stacy (Anderson) Grace and Jeff Grace, entered the Tank seeking $200,000 for a 5% equity stake in their company.

After a series of negotiations, they accepted an offer from Daymond John, who provided the $200,000 investment in exchange for 15% equity. This deal occurred during the Season 14 premiere, Episode 1, aired on September 23, 2022.

The company’s valuation at the time of the deal was $1.3 million. KENT Underwear is still in business and continues to operate with its unique selling proposition of compostable underwear made from 100% GOTS-certified organic Pima cotton.

What Happened To KENT Underwear After Shark Tank?

After appearing on Shark Tank, KENT Underwear secured a deal with Daymond John, who offered $200,000 in exchange for 15% of the company. 

This deal was accepted by the founders, Stacy and Jeff Grace, indicating that KENT Underwear likely received the financial boost and business mentorship they sought. 

The company continued to promote its environmentally friendly, compostable underwear line. 

With the increased exposure from Shark Tank and Daymond John’s investment, KENT expanded its product line, which now includes items such as a crop top and a reusable tote bag. 

Their initiative to create more sustainable clothing options gained traction, as evidenced by their active marketing on social media and features on eco-conscious websites like Green Matters. 

The partnership with Daymond John suggests that KENT Underwear has positioned itself to grow further in the green apparel market following its Shark Tank appearance.

KENT Underwear Shark Tank Update

KENT Underwear secured a promising deal with Daymond John on Shark Tank, receiving a $200K investment for 15% equity. This partnership with Daymond, a respected figure in the fashion industry, provided the brand with capital and mentorship, which are essential for growth.

Following their Shark Tank appearance, KENT Underwear gained significant media exposure. They were featured in several publications, including Financial Times and Refinery29, which boosted brand awareness and consumer interest.

The company has been actively pursuing retail partnerships to expand its market reach. They are discussing distributing their compostable underwear and other products with popular retailers, aiming for national and international presence.

KENT Underwear Shark Tank Update | KENT Underwear Net Worth

By the time of the Shark Tank pitch, KENT Underwear had achieved $99,000 in sales for 2022. With Daymond John’s guidance, they aimed to increase sales by leveraging his expertise in scaling businesses.

Kent focuses on its mission to offer environmentally friendly products. Their commitment to producing 100% GOTS-certified organic Pima cotton underwear that is compostable remains central to their brand ethos.

As of 2024, KENT Underwear was still in business, operating out of its Los Angeles headquarters. The company’s commitment to sustainability and its strategic partnership with Daymond John suggests a positive trajectory for the brand.

Is KENT Underwear Still In Business?

Our research shows that KENT Underwear is still in business and making strides in the sustainable fashion industry. The recent collaboration with investor Daymond John, as revealed on Shark Tank Season 14, points towards a bright future for the company.

Their commitment to environmentally friendly practices is evident through their product offerings and production methods.

Consumers interested in supporting eco-conscious apparel can purchase KENT Underwear on the company’s website, and they can look forward to more innovative creations from this partnership.

Keep an eye out for further updates on Kent’s progress and expansions in their environmentally friendly clothing line.

What Is the Net Worth Of KENT Underwear?

Our research shows KENT Underwear’s net worth is $2 million. The valuation of KENT Underwear was $1.3 million after securing an investment from Daymond John on Shark Tank.

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