Katamco Toilet Timer Shark Tank Update

The husband-and-wife duo of Adam Stephey and Katie Stephey make a pitch for the Toilet Timer during Season 12 of “Shark Tank.”

Katamco Toilet Timer is a sand-based timer that counts down 5 minutes and is a useful tool for “poo-crastinators.” Too much time spent in the bathroom can cause you to become anxious.

Adam Stephey is an entrepreneur, tinkerer, and serial inventor, and he is the brains behind the invention known as the Toilet Timer.

In the end, ever since he got his hands on his first set of LEGOs, he has been unable to be stopped from building, as is evidenced by the fact that he runs a side business called 1 Up Card.

Adam realized that after procrastinating going to the bathroom for so long, he lost all feeling in his legs and could not even get up from the toilet; it was time to stop “poo-crastinating.” 

He misjudged the passage of time since he had so much time to spend with his smartphone.

Adam also knew that he shouldn’t blame the device since it would have been a book or a puzzle if it hadn’t been the device. The device would have been if it wasn’t for anything.

Adam and his wife Katie, who specializes in marketing, came up with the idea for the company Katamco, LLC after Adam realized that he, along with thousands, if not millions, of other people around the world, required something to alert them when their allotted amount of time on the toilet had expired.

Adam and Elliot Worth, Adam’s friend and business partner in a side business, got to work on a five-minute glass, which is like an hourglass, but only counts down to five minutes instead of a full hour.

They put the timer into production and began selling it almost immediately after their prototype was well-received by their circle of friends and after their Kickstarter campaign demonstrated a real market by raising more than $23,000 over their goal of $20,000.

You might be interested to learn about the Katamco Toilet Timer Shark Tank Update since it was featured on Shark Tank. Here is what we found:

What Is Katamco Toilet Timer?

Katamco Toilet Timer is a one-of-a-kind timer set for a certain amount of time to be spent in the restroom, and it makes a sound called a “poo-crastinator” while it’s there to make people feel like they’re wasting time.

The Katamco toilet timer is helpful for individuals who enjoy spending an extended amount of time in the restroom. The Katamco Toilet Timer is a brand that stands out among other brands within the Greater Bloomington, Illinois, creative community.

Katamco Toilet Timer Shark Tank Update

This one-of-a-kind timer makes a “poo-castigator” sound in the toilet so that people will feel as though they are squandering their time when they use it.

The Toilet Timer is a joke present designed specifically for folks who spend excessive time in the restroom. It’s a sand timer for the first five minutes. 

Once the sand in the bucket has been removed, it’s time to get up and out of the bathroom. The only way to reset the countdown timer is to spin it like a regular sand timer. 

Company NameKatamco Toilet Timer
EntrepreneurAdam Stephey and Katie Stephey
Product / Business5-minute sand timer for bathroom breaks.
Investment Asking For$200,000 for 10% equity in Katamco Toilet Timer
Final Deal$200,000 for 20% equity in Katamco Toilet Timer
SharkMark Cuban
Episode Season 12 Episode 7
Business StatusIn Business
WebsiteVisit Website

Who Is The Founder Of Katamco Toilet Timer?

Adam Stephey and Katie Stephey are the founders of Katamco Toilet Timer. Adam Stephey concluded that he was spending too much time on the toilet, most of which was talking on the phone. 

Adam says he would pick up a book or a puzzle if he weren’t talking on the phone-basically anything that would distract him and make him wonder where his time was.

Adam Stepney has had a knack for comedic writing ever since he was a little boy, and his wife, Kate Stepney, was an expert in marketing.

Adam knew that his routine was not unusual and that many individuals spent excessive time in the restroom. He also knew that many people required a reminder to stop spending so much time in the restroom.

While searching for the Toilet Timer, Kate and Adam found Katamo, LLC. Adam used his knowledge of 3D printing to create the first model of his creation.

They acquired the necessary molds, materials, and accurate specifications with the assistance of their day jobs at the weapons storage facility. This gave them access to the resources they needed.

Adam and Kate established their business in 2017 with an investment of $300. The duo raised more than $23,000 through the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter to get this production off the ground.

The restriction of five minutes is completely arbitrary; it is only a suggestion made by physicians and gastroenterologists. Any longer than necessary duration is detrimental to one’s health and puts them at risk for hemorrhoidal hemorrhage.

Katamco Toilet Timer Before Shark Tank

Adam Stephey developed the Toilet Timer due to spending too much time on the toilet and being constantly distracted by his phone after finishing his business.

He would look for anything besides his phone, like a book or a puzzle. It was impossible to determine what caused him to spend an excessively long time on the toilet, and he was perplexed about how the time had passed.

Stephey was aware that his routine was not unique. He reflected on the number of individuals who allowed themselves to become overly distracted while using the restroom.

He knew people required a gentle nudge regarding how long they were expected to spend “doing their business.” Adam Stephey founded Katamco, LLC, with his wife, Katie. The couple’s initial offering was the Toilet Timer.

Adam had been a maker and a tinkerer with things ever since he was a child, unlike Kate, an expert in marketing. First, he created the Toilet Timer using a 3D printer he had designed for himself and then printed it out.

The Stepheys tried to raise money for their product by posting it on Kickstarter, and they were successful. They were able to surpass their goal of $20,000 and raise $23,000 through Kickstarter, thanks to the support of thousands of backers from all over the world.

While this is intended to be a joke present, the five-minute limit is based on how long doctors prescribe their patients to care for their medical needs. Dr. Bradley Rieders, MD, a gastroenterologist, says a trip to the bathroom shouldn’t take more than five minutes.

Anything longer than that poses a risk of bleeding from the hemorrhoids and is not good for one’s health.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of the Katamco Toilet Timer?

Kate Stepheny strolled in front of the sharks alone, pretending that her husband would be there if he didn’t waste so much time in the restroom. Adam Stephen joined her after that. He replies, “If that’s the case, then that’s why I can’t feel my legs.”

Adam claims that he intended his product, the Toilet Timer, for “poo-castinators” who spend too much time in the bathroom. Adam and Katie were seeking an investment of $200,000 in exchange for a 10% stake in the Katamco TOilet Timer. 

Mark’s response is, “Hell no!” Mark remarks, delighted at being limited to only five minutes, “I think this is the only time we get to be alone for the men in America.”

Adam also admits that they were excited about the prospect of investing in a new production line in China, increasing their production capacity.

Barbara advises business owners not to get sucked into the rabbit hole and instructs the existing production business to improve products without incurring extra costs.

Adam explains to the Sharks that, for the past two Christmases, they have avoided spending a significant amount of money on advertising because of the ability of the Amazon algorithm to forecast sales.

Adam adds that the price of a single Toilet Timer is $3, but the suggested retail price is $14.99.

Barbara stated that “they were a gimmick and not a business” and subsequently withdrew her support, following in the footsteps of Kevin O’Leary, who was the first to pull out of the deal by claiming that the applicants were asking for too much money.

Daymond John was blown away by the amount of money made from sales. He stated that it was an accomplishment that they had taken $300 in capital to track $1 million in sales, but he stated that he did not find the Toilet Timer to be appealing because it took away the only time that a man has, therefore he was no longer involved.

Mark Cuban appears to be interested in the product, given that he has previously invested in a company that manufactures gag products. Mark proposed $200,000 in exchange for a 25% share of the stakes.

Sharks did not take an interest in the company despite the phenomenal sales. Adam and Kate decided to accept Mr. Cuban’s offer. Mark concluded, “There will always be Father’s day, and there will always be a demand for gags like this.”

Final Deal: Mark Cuban agreed to invest $200,000 for 20% equity in Katamco Toilet Timer.

What Happened To Katamco Toilet Timer After Shark Tank?

After its appearance on the show, the Katamco Toilet Timer experienced a spike in sales, just like most of the goods featured on Shark Tank. You can purchase Katamco Toilet Timer on Amazon for $14.99 or the company’s website.

Katamco Toilet Timer appears to include an option to upload a picture of a dad in addition to the basic version that is currently available. A book is also available for purchase with purchase.

Mark commented on the broadcast about how the Katamco Toilet Timer seems to be a popular gift.

What Happened To Lose 12 Inches After Shark Tank?

The fact that the product is still doing well after all this time is encouraging, but at the moment, it is not obvious how well it has done in terms of sales. However, the Katamco Toilet Timer is not nearly as well-liked as many other Shark Tank-featured products.

It does not have a significant presence on social media, and it does not appear that there has been much news on the item in the recent past.

Katamco Toilet Timer did not develop as much as all involved had hoped it would, despite being subject to a business transaction.

It would appear that the other Sharks were probably correct in their situation assessment. A company like Katamco Toilet Timer cannot survive on its own. However, as a product, it is a sustainable one.

Although Mark Cuban does not typically choose ventures that turn out to be unsuccessful, it would appear that he made a mistake with this one.

Katamco Toilet Timer Shark Tank Update

Although Mark Cuban agreed to invest $200,000 for 20% equity in Katamco Toilet Timer, however, there was no information on whether the deal was finalized or not.

The popularity of Katamco Toilet Timer skyrocketed after Kattie and Andy’s appearance on Shark Tank, and they sold more than 5000 units just a week after the show broadcast.

Katamco Toilet Timer Shark Tank Update

Katamco Toilet Timer has about $1.5 million in annual sales as of 2022.

Is Katamco Toilet Timer Still In Business?

Toilet Timer by Katamco, a Bloomington, Illinois company, works like any other hourglass sand timer, except the sand runs from the man’s stomach to the bottom of the toilet.

There are also female and father variants available. You can purchase the Katamco toilet timers from the company’s website or Amazon for $14.99 each.

The company also offers “Get Off the Pot” greeting cards, Smartphone Wall Docks, and a poetry book, “When Dad Poops: Bathroom Book,” by Adam Stephey.

What Happened To EmazingLights After Shark Tank?

They need a wall dock; the rest of the package contains everything else. The Katamco Toilet Timer has received much attention over the past few years, evidenced by its 21+ million organic views on Facebook, 1000+ positive reviews on Amazon, and mentions in articles by 40+ media outlets.

Importantly, it is stated that the systematic aspect of the Katamco Toiler Timer might aid in potty training even autistic children.

The predictability of the Katamco Toilet Timer can assist a youngster shift from diapers to the toilet when all other tactics have failed.

What Is the Net Worth Of Katamco Toilet Timer?

The net worth of Katamco Toilet Timer while appearing on Shark Tank was $650,000, with a valuation of $2 million. However, Katamco Toilet Timer’s net worth as of May 2022 is about $800,000.