First Saturday Lime Shark Tank Net Worth

First Saturday Lime, which appeared on Season 11 of the popular TV show Shark Tank, is an innovative, environmentally friendly insect repellent designed to prevent unwanted pests.

The product was developed by Oklahoma-based sisters Jana McDaniel and Jessica Jacobs, who leveraged their familiarity with lime’s insect-repellent properties from their father’s limestone industry.

They worked with a chemist friend to develop an insoluble form of lime that can be used safely around people and animals to create a pest control solution that would be safe for humans, pets, and the ecosystem.

In addition to being a safer alternative, the product has been certified by scientific studies as being effective at repelling insects. The product has garnered positive reviews and ratings on Amazon and has been recognized as an Amazon’s Choice product, affirming its high-quality and consumer satisfaction.

The product is also economical. A 20-pound bag of the lime repellent sells for $29.99, making it a cost-effective alternative to traditional pest management services. Despite its affordability, the company has demonstrated that it maintains a strong profit margin.

Its user-friendly application method is another feature that sets First Saturday Lime apart. The company recommends applying the product around the perimeter of your property on the first Saturday of each month, a schedule reflected in the product’s name.

Ultimately, First Saturday Lime offers a unique and environmentally conscious approach to pest management. Its non-toxic, effective, and economical features, combined with its easy application process, make it a solid choice for those seeking to control pests more safely and sustainably.

Company NameFirst Saturday Lime
EntrepreneurJessica Jacobs, Jana, and Zac McDaniel
ProductEfficacious pest repellent that’s safe for the environment
Investment Asking For$100,000 for 10% Equity in First Saturday Lime
Final Deal$100,000 for 25% Equity in First Saturday Lime
SharkKevin O’Leary
Episode Season 11, Episode 19
Business StatusIn Business
First Saturday Lime Website
Net Worth$1 Million

What Is First Saturday Lime?

First Saturday Lime is an eco-friendly, non-caustic, and naturally safe pest repellent and deodorizer. It was developed as a monthly treatment for the first Saturday of every month, which is how it got its name. The product is useful for various purposes, and its non-toxic nature makes it safe for pets and children.

First Saturday Lime Net Worth | First Saturday Lime Shark Tank Update

Composition and Safety of First Saturday Lime:

First Saturday Lime is primarily composed of insoluble crushed limestone. It differs from hydrated lime, which can be harmful due to its acidic properties. First Saturday Lime does not have such acidic properties, which makes it safe for use around living beings.

Usage and Functionality of First Saturday Lime:

  • Pest Repellent: It is an effective pest repellent for various insects, including ants, fleas, mites, and ticks. When insects come in contact with the product, it dries them out, thus repelling them.
  • Deodorizer: First Saturday Lime also acts as a deodorizer by neutralizing the smell of ammonia. This makes it a great solution for barns, chicken coops, or around the house.
  • Soil Amendment: It can be used as a soil amendment to balance the pH levels of the soil, promoting healthier plant growth.

Application of First Saturday Lime:

The application of First Saturday Lime is quite simple. It can be spread directly on the ground, in the garden, or the barn. For pest control, it can be applied around the perimeter of your home. As a deodorizer, it can be sprinkled in areas with a strong ammonia smell. While used as a soil amendment, it can be mixed directly into the soil.

Benefits of First Saturday Lime:

  • Safe for use around children and pets.
  • Effective pest repellent.
  • Acts as a natural deodorizer.
  • It can be used as a soil amendment.
  • Environment-friendly product.

First Saturday Lime is a versatile and eco-friendly solution for various household and garden problems, from pest control to odor neutralization.

Who Is The Founder Of First Saturday Lime?

First Saturday Lime is the creation of Jana McDaniel and Jessica Thompson, two sisters brought up on an Oklahoma farm. They had firsthand experience with the realities of farm life, including the constant battle with pests.

Their father owned a limestone business, and they knew that lime, a natural mineral, was a widely-used pest control agent in agriculture. Lime dehydrated insects, eggs, and larvae, keeping pests at bay.

However, the downside to using limestone was that it could burn skin and necessitate protective gear for safe handling.

When Jana McDaniel became a mother, she searched for an insect repellent that was safe for her children and pets. As a family, they also ran a small local restaurant, and Jana was uncomfortable with the routine chemical spraying conducted to manage insects.

Wanting to find a safer alternative, she teamed up with her sister Jessica Thompson in 2016 to work on a project related to their well-known product, lime. They aimed to develop a safer and more effective product than the standard lime mixture.

They leveraged their familiarity with lime and worked on it to devise an improved and harmless formula. They collaborated with a chemist to achieve this and created a non-caustic lime formula.

First Saturday Lime’s product was an insoluble hydrated limestone that didn’t react with moisture or cause burns or respiratory problems. Their innovation was designed to ensure safety for both humans and pets.

Before appearing on Shark Tank, the sisters sought a financial boost to grow their business. They entered the tank asking for $100,000 for a 10% equity stake in their company.

Kevin O’Leary was intrigued by their product and made them an offer of $100,000 for 25% of all purchase orders. After some consideration, the sisters accepted the offer, which was the best deal they received in the Tank.

To summarize, Jana McDaniel and Jessica Thompson, founders of First Saturday Lime, came up with the idea based on their experiences and needs.

Their journey was inspired by their background in a farm and the limestone business, combined with a strong desire to provide a safe environment for their family and pets.

They wanted to create an effective yet safe pest control solution, leading to the invention of First Saturday Lime.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of First Saturday Lime?

First Saturday Lime, a safe and eco-friendly pest repellent, was pitched on Season 11 of Shark Tank by Jessica Jacobs, Jana McDaniel, and Zac McDaniel. The founders were seeking an investment of $100,000 in exchange for a 10% equity stake in their company, valuing the company at $1 million.

The product was marketed as a pet- and kid-friendly alternative to traditional insecticides made from limestone and citric acid. The team had transformed their father’s proprietary lime formula into an impressive business, complete with a patent for the production factory and the application method. 

The product was noted for its high-profit margin, costing $1.60 to make and retailing for $19.99. However, the entrepreneurs offered free shipping, which significantly ate into the profits due to the shipping cost for the 20-pound bag.

First Saturday Lime’s annual sales were $150,000, but they projected they would end the year with $350,000 in sales.

The Sharks had mixed opinions. Robert Herjavec saw potential but felt the entrepreneurs had a long road ahead, so he decided not to invest.

Kevin O’Leary also recognized that a substantial educational component would be required to promote the product, and he wasn’t interested in undertaking that task, initially dropping out.

Mark Cuban, not well-acquainted with the industry, dropped out as well. Lori Greiner showed interest due to the product’s safety. She offered $100,000 for 33% equity, which the entrepreneurs attempted to negotiate down. Guest Shark Daniel Lubetzky offered to share the 33% equity with Lori.

While negotiations were ongoing, Kevin O’Leary had a change of heart. He interjected and accepted the entrepreneurs’ counter-offer of $100,000 for 25% equity, outmaneuvering Lori and Daniel and securing the deal.

Following their Shark Tank appearance, First Saturday Lime experienced a surge in popularity, known as the “Shark Tank effect,” leading to a significant increase in their revenue.

By the end of 2021, First Saturday Lime reported yearly revenue of $500,000. Their product is now available in several retail outlets, including Home Depot, Walmart, Amazon, and some independent garden centers across the U.S., in addition to their website.

What Happened To First Saturday Lime After Shark Tank?

After their appearance on Shark Tank, First Saturday Lime experienced substantial growth and a significant boost in visibility – a phenomenon often called the “Shark Tank effect.”

The company’s eco-friendly pest repellent product gained recognition and is now available in several major retail outlets such as Home Depot, Walmart, and Amazon, as well as independent garden centers across the United States. They also continue to sell their product through their official website.

The company received a considerable amount of media attention post-Shark Tank. They were featured in various media outlets, including Pets+, Better Homes and Gardens, and USA Today. This publicity further augmented their customer base and increased their sales.

By the end of 2021, First Saturday Lime reported a yearly revenue of $500,000, a significant increase from the projected $350,000 at their Shark Tank pitch. The financial injection and strategic partnership with Shark Kevin O’Leary certainly played a role in this upsurge.

In summary, First Saturday Lime appears to have thrived after its Shark Tank appearance, gaining wider recognition and experiencing a significant increase in sales.

The company’s journey showcases the power of strategic partnerships and the potential impact of high-profile exposure on a company’s growth trajectory.

First Saturday Lime Shark Tank Update

After appearing on Shark Tank, First Saturday Lime experienced significant growth and success. During their Shark Tank pitch, the founders, Jana McDaniel, Jessica Jacobs, and Zac McDaniel, sought a $100,000 investment in exchange for a 10% equity stake in their eco-friendly insect repellent business, which utilized limestone and citric acid as key ingredients. Ultimately, they struck a deal with Kevin O’Leary, who invested $100,000 for a 25% equity share.

Following their Shark Tank appearance, the company’s lime-based products gained wider availability and recognition. First Saturday Lime is now sold in major retail outlets like Home Depot and Walmart, as well as over 400 independent garden centers and feed stores across the USA.

The exposure and partnership with Kevin O’Leary helped increase brand awareness and secure valuable retail partnerships, leading to significant growth in their annual revenue.

First Saturday Lime Shark Tank Net Worth

First Saturday Lime’s annual revenue reached around $800,000. Another source mentioned that their annual sales had reached $500,000, and their net worth was estimated at $1 million. The product has received positive reviews and media features.

The company’s product is known for being pet-friendly, family-safe, and eco-friendly, making it a preferred choice for insect control. It offers an alternative to traditional insecticides, which can harm children, pets, and plants.

Although some users reported that the product did not work as advertised, First Saturday Lime provides an eco-friendly pest-repellent option. First Saturday Lime experienced substantial growth and success after its appearance on Shark Tank.

Their product’s availability expanded to major retailers and independent garden centers, increasing revenue and positive public reception for their pet-friendly and family-safe insect repellent solution.

Is First Saturday Lime Still In Business?

First Saturday Lime is still in business. The product is available in major retailers and garden stores across the USA, including Home Depot and Walmart. It has received positive reviews and media coverage for its eco-friendly and effective pest control solution, using lime to repel insects without harmful chemicals.

The founders, Jana McDaniel, Jessica Jacobs, and Jana’s husband, Zac McDaniel, have struck deals with sharks Kevin O’Leary and Lori Greiner, leading to substantial growth in sales. First Saturday Lime’s yearly revenue has reached $500,000; its net worth is estimated to be $1 million as of 2023.

Therefore, it can be inferred that First Saturday Lime is still active and operating successfully in the market.

What Is the Net Worth Of First Saturday Lime?

According to our research, the net worth of First Saturday Lime is estimated to be $1 million. The valuation of First Saturday Lime was $400,000 after securing an investment from Kevin O’Leary on Shark Tank.