EZ VIP Shark Tank Update

EZ VIP is a revolutionary new product recently debuting on the ABC reality series Shark Tank. Founder and CEO Alashe Nelson created the concept behind EZ VIP.

EZ VIP is an easy-to-use online platform that allows customers to quickly and easily purchase tickets for exclusive events from anywhere in the world.

EZ VIP Shark Tank Update

The idea behind EZ VIP was inspired by Smart’s experience as a ticket-buyer for special events. He noticed how long it took to buy tickets for exclusive events, often with no guarantee of getting any tickets.

With EZ VIP, Smart hopes to revolutionize the ticket-buying industry by making it easier for customers to find and purchase tickets for premier events worldwide.

What Is EZ VIP?

EZ VIP is an easy-to-use reservation system for any special event or nightclub. The company has been in operation since 2001 and has experienced rapid growth. 

EZ VIP provides various services, including high-end clubs, locations, and events. Customer assistance is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for any requests and needs. 

EZ VIP Shark Tank Update

EZ VIP removes the fear of being turned away from the door by standing in line at a club. EZ VIP sold tickets to Miami’s hottest, high-end venues and escorted bottle service to your choice table, all while any potential difficulties were avoided. 

Once you’ve secured your reservation, no one, not even Daymond John or Mark Cuban, can “bump” you. 

You never had to provide additional funds to maintain that table. The service avoided the situation where friends or clients accompanied you to an exclusive club only to be denied entry.

Company NameEZ VIP
FounderAlashe Nelson
ProductVIP Service Booking Company with Advance Reservations
Investment Seeking$150,000 For 15% equity in EZ VIP
Final Deal$150,000 For 30% equity in EZ VIP
SharkMark Cuban And Daymond John
Episode Episode 1 Season 3
Business StatusOut Of Business
WebsiteVisit Website

Who Is The Founder Of EZ VIP?

Alashe Nelson is the Founder and CEO of EZ VIP. He’s been in the concierge profession since he was 13 when his mother founded “Concierge with a Smile.” 

Alashe had always intended to succeed his mother. Still, after witnessing her success without him, he wanted to build a company that would allow him to express himself independently of his mother’s company.

Alashe Nelson was humiliated after refusing to enter a club, which ruined his chances of dating the woman. 

He pledged then that he would never allow this type of social snubbing’ to happen to anyone else, including himself. This concept manifested itself in the form of EZ VIP, which was formed in 2001. 

He aimed to join prestigious, hot clubs by helping high society members obtain reservations. Alashe quickly expanded EZ VIP into Miami after working with club owners in Miami and has plans to expand into Las Vegas. 

Alashe approached Shark Tank investors in search of a partner with plans to increase the awareness and value of EZ VIP.

EZ VIP Before Shark Tank

Alashe Nelson suffered the ultimate societal snub throughout his adolescent years. The club turned him away at the entrance, effectively destroying his image and any chance of getting the girl on his arm. 

His next step was to devise a plan to prevent anything from happening to anyone, including himself. In 2010, EZ VIP evolved from that concept to provide clubs with a way to book tables without asking questions. 

The Miami native explored the Miami club scene and became acquainted with local proprietors. 

Alashe entered the shark tank after reaching a critical mass and announcing ambitions to expand her business in Las Vegas. 

The strategy was to find a strategic partner to help him increase the brand’s value and visibility.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of EZ VIP?

Alashe Nelson appeared on Shark Tank requesting an investment of $150,000 in exchange for a 15% stake in EZ VIP. 

Barbara withdrew from the race before things became too heated. Alashe needed someone who could relate to club business, and she was not that person. 

She’d much rather remain in and read a good book. For the same reason, Kevin has withdrawn…for the time being.

The true shocker was Mark’s departure. He was somewhat acquainted with the club scene compared to Barbara and Kevin. When he was young, he practiced disco dancing and worked as a bartender during his college years. 

While he appreciated the concept of EZ VIP, he struggled to connect with the business. He frequently states that he invests only when he believes he can “kick ass,” which was not one of those instances. 

EZ VIP was looking bleak as three sharks were instantly dispatched. They offered no constructive criticism of Alashe, only inexperience. Perhaps he had approached the wrong audience.

Since Daymond could not spend hundreds of thousands of dollars in a single evening, he was skeptical of Cuban’s approach. 

He’d witnessed firsthand how difficult it might be for an average guy to gain entry to an exclusive club. Would they honestly let in any schmuck who made a reservation? 

Alashe stated that EZ VIP’s relationships included a cap on the number of tables available per night. 

Even on typically sold-out nights, such as game days, EZ VIP members could easily obtain tables. 

The bouncers would be equipped with lists of EZ VIP reservations to avoid issues (or unneeded scuffles) at the door.

Robert appeared to be following in the footsteps of Barbara, Kevin, and Mark. He described himself as “an old, dull guy” (We’ve read about your race cars, Robert!) 

He recognized the business’s potential, though, and was eager to partner with Daymond on a halfway basis. 

Sarcastically, Daymond anticipated partying with a Croatian if he partnered with Robert. What’s the catch? 

He would not invest less than 45 percent in total. This would value EZ VIP a third of a million dollars after earning nearly that amount in its first year. It was a deal for someone, and it was not Alashe.

He categorically refused the offer. Daymond’s assertion that “Robert understands technology” seemed unconvincing. 

Furthermore, Alashe predicted that EZ VIP would eventually grow to a $100 million or $500 million company. 

While investors prefer not to base their valuations on anticipated revenues, they should maintain an eye on growth. 

He replied at 18% for $150,000, a mere 3% increase over the initial offer. Daymond and Robert agreed that such a little modification constituted an insult. 

“I’m not interested in wasting your time,” he stated. “This is not a waste of time…we are discussing money!” Alashe reacted with confusion. Sharks may value a tough negotiator.

Daymond’s mood had shifted, and he was prepared to sweeten the bargain. He included an A-list endorsement for the service, noting his friendship with Pitbull, a well-known rapper. 

Mark made his stunning comeback before this offer gained traction by offering to team up with Daymond, effectively shutting Robert out. 

Daymond’s celebrity endorsement was alluring. Alashe required traction to expand into other markets.

Kevin made a considerably sweeter offer for EZ VIP: $150,000 for a 25% stake to add spice to the proceedings. Robert boarded the O’Leary train. They made up for their lack of cool factor with money and financial services. 

This appeared to be a downward spiral. Daymond met EZ VIP in the middle, halving his equity. He and Mark would provide 30% of the $150,000. 

Even so, they still had an advantage in the nighttime industry despite the less favorable financial arrangement. Kevin fervently wished to reach an agreement. 

By providing the same amount for only 20%, he came perilously near to the initial valuation. Robert agreed hesitantly. 

Alashe was unconvinced despite the bargain. The promotion was critical, and he would require a shark capable of ensuring this.

Barbara spoke out after nearly ten minutes of silence. “Take a break!” she yelled. Alashe may make this choice rationally or emotionally. 

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Barbara believes people earn the most money when having fun with their enterprises. Despite their plea for increased equity, she steered him toward Mark and Daymond. “Are you going to give away 10% equity for amusement?” Kevin inquired. 

It was more of a test than anything else. They were all aware of the stench of blood in the water. 

After assessing the advantages and disadvantages, Alashe chose Barbara and followed his heart. He accepted Mark and Daymond’s offer.

Daymond cheered, endorsing Alashe’s impulsive nature. “We’re going to have a good time and party. We accomplished it!” Everyone except for Robert appeared satisfied, aside from the grimace on his face. 

“Daymond, it is something I expect from Cuban, not you,” he pouted. Alashe and his lovely EZ VIP salesman walked away from the tank with a good deal. 

Mark Cuban’s star power and celebrity endorsement were sure to propel him to success, even though he gave up more ownership than he had anticipated.

What Happened To EZ VIP After Shark Tank?

We saw Daymond’s job in the season three finale since EZ VIP landed a deal. He met with Alashe and informed her that he had hired an A-list artist to serve as the company’s spokesperson – Armando Perez, AKA Pitbull! 

Grammy award-winning rap artist and dance music creator are most famous for his hit rap tracks. 

Pitbull was the company’s face, so with Daymond, Alashe, and Pitbull at the table, failing for EZ VIP seems highly unlikely.

EZ VIP Shark Tank Update

Unfortunately, it’s difficult to call EZ VIP a failure in recent years. Alashe’s business was predicted to be successful early on; however, in 2014, it was frozen in time. 

The EZ VIP website is still “functioning” in the most rudimentary sense. On the front page are search fields for events that return nothing. This is validated while performing a venue search. 

It is the same story for all of them: “Zero occasions were found.” The locations, however, are Miami and Las Vegas. Several years ago, a deal struck with the sharks had not led to EZ VIP expanding into new cities.

There has been little further communication from Alashe Nelson or EZ VIP. Alashe’s Twitter account was deactivated in April 2014, and he canceled his Instagram account. 

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The most recent Facebook status update occurred in December 2014. In September 2015, Daymond John shared a Facebook post regarding the Shark Tank Season 7 closing party over a year later. 

At the very least, EZ VIP’s full radio silence had not ruined Daymond and Alashe’s connection. Daymond’s wording begs the question: Is the business genuinely dead, or are they preparing a pivot?

We have evidence to support this. While EZ VIP’s website is unavailable, the company has collaborated with Wantickets, a traditional ticketing company. 

Some Miami and Las Vegas concerts and events seem to be conducted through them. There is, however, a tenuous connection between the two. 

Wantickets does not appear to have a direct link to EZ VIP, and EZ VIP makes no reference to Wantickets on its website or social media. 

We can only speculate as to what is occurring here. Perhaps a deal was being negotiated, and this page is a reminder of what might have been. 

It’s a difficult question to answer. Whatever the case, this appears to be a Shark Tank disaster unless Daymond has anything else up his sleeve.

EZ VIP Shark Tank Update

Robert Herjavec is unmistakably disappointed with the outcome. Daymond John says, “I expect Cuban to do that, but not you.”. EZ VIP had the potential to be a huge business for the Sharks. 

True to his word, John got Pitbull on board as EZ VIP’s ambassador. This was addressed in an updated piece on episode 312, five months after the episode originally aired. 

Company representatives established themselves in New York and Las Vegas, and the company appeared to be gaining traction. 

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Shortly after the updated piece aired, the website went offline, and the company vanished like a puff of smoke. 

Nelson still lists the business as open on LinkedIn, but there are no job postings, and the website is unavailable.

Is EZ VIP Still In Business?

Sadly, EZ VIP is out of business as of 2023.

What is the Net Worth of EZ VIP?

The valuation of EZ VIP was $1 million when it appeared on Shark Tank. The net worth of EZ VIP is unknown as of 2023 since the company went out of business.

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