BedJet Shark Tank Update | BedJet Net Worth

BedJet is an innovative sleep technology product that appeared on Season 6 of Shark Tank, offering a solution to improve the comfort of your sleep environment.

BedJet is designed to allow precise, individualized temperature control for your bed, adding a new level of customization to personal sleeping comfort.

BedJet operates by pushing a gentle airflow (either cooled or warmed, depending on the preference) into the bed. The main features of BedJet include its ability to heat or cool the bed in a matter of minutes, a distinctive characteristic not found in typical heating blankets or mattress pads.

The BedJet is also equipped with a smart home integration feature, making it compatible with smart devices and allowing users to control it through their phone using a dedicated application or even voice commands.

Its rapid heating and cooling capacity allows you to create your perfect sleep environment quickly and efficiently. The dual-zone feature is a game-changer for couples, reducing disputes over thermostat settings and promoting harmonious sleep.

Moreover, BedJet is a durable, reliable, and energy-efficient alternative to conventional heating blankets or air conditioners, making it a wise long-term investment for improved sleep and comfort.

Company NameBedJet
EntrepreneurMark Aramli
ProductA smartphone-controlled heating and cooling system for beds
Investment Asking For$250,000 for 10% Equity in BedJet
Final DealNo Offers
SharkNo Shark
EpisodeSeason 6, Episode 17
Business StatusIn Business
WebsiteBedJet Website
Net Worth$30 Million

What Is BedJet?

BedJet is a climate comfort system for beds that uses forced air technology to provide heating or cooling. You can use BedJet to warm or cool your bed. This is especially beneficial for those who have partners with different temperature preferences.

BedJet system includes a unit on the floor and a hose directing the air under your sheets. You can control BedJet with an included remote, or a more advanced control is available through a smartphone app.

BedJet Shark Tank Update | BedJet Net Worth

The BedJet app also includes additional features, such as a sleep timer and biorhythm sleep settings, which can automatically adjust the temperature throughout the night. BedJet is compatible with most bed sizes and types, including adjustable beds.

BedJet is popular for those suffering from night sweats, hot flashes, and other temperature-related sleep issues.

Who Is The Founder Of BedJet?

The BedJet was invented and brought to market by Mark Aramli, a former NASA engineer. Aramli has an impressive background with extensive experience in the engineering field.

He was part of the team that developed the spacesuit for astronauts to be used on the International Space Station. This spacesuit was designed with a climate control system for the astronauts to withstand extreme temperature fluctuations in space.

This engineering and climate control background played a crucial role in Aramli’s conception of the BedJet.

He had the idea of creating a device that could control the temperature of a bed, which was inspired by the comfort system in the spacesuits he had previously worked on.

The main goal was to create a sleeping environment that could be personally tailored to each individual’s preference. 

Before appearing on Shark Tank, BedJet underwent rigorous testing and development. The concept was further refined, and various prototypes were created. The company initially struggled to get the product to market.

Traditional retail channels were wary of the new concept, making securing investment and distribution deals difficult. Despite these hurdles, Aramli persisted, believing in the potential of his product.

The decision to take BedJet to Shark Tank was strategic, hoping the show’s platform could offer the needed exposure. They were also seeking an investment to scale production and marketing efforts.

Despite the initial struggles, the unique concept of the BedJet and Aramli’s persistence eventually led to a successful product that has since been well-received by many consumers looking for a good night’s sleep.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of BedJet?

Mark Aramli, the inventor of BedJet, presented his unique product on Season 6 of Shark Tank. He asked the Sharks for $250,000 in exchange for 10% equity in his company, thereby valuing BedJet at $2.5 million.

Aramli began the presentation by discussing his background as a NASA engineer and how he got the idea to create a bed climate control system similar to the technology used in astronaut’s spacesuits.

He highlighted the key features of BedJet – how it can rapidly heat or cool a bed, the convenience of dual-zone temperature control for couples, and its smart home compatibility.

However, despite the uniqueness of the product, the Sharks were skeptical about the market potential of the BedJet. They expressed concerns about the high retail price (the unit cost was around $500 at the time), which they believed could be a significant barrier for most consumers.

Some Sharks also raised questions about the aesthetic appeal of the BedJet, noting that the design might not fit seamlessly with home décor.

The primary point of contention was the company’s valuation. The Sharks felt that Aramli’s $2.5 million valuation was too high, considering the product was yet to prove itself in the market. Kevin O’Leary was particularly critical, stating that the valuation was ‘loco’ and ‘nuts.’

Ultimately, despite the compelling presentation and the obvious passion Aramli had for his product, he did not secure an investment from any of the Sharks. They all dropped out, mainly due to concerns about the product’s marketability and the high company valuation.

However, Aramli didn’t let this setback stop him. Despite not getting a deal on Shark Tank, BedJet successfully raised funds through a Kickstarter campaign and has since enjoyed success in the market, proving that there was indeed a demand for this innovative product.

What Happened To BedJet After Shark Tank?

Despite not securing a deal on Shark Tank, BedJet has achieved significant success after its appearance on the show. It was one of those cases where the exposure from the show helped the company more than the investment itself could have. 

After their appearance, BedJet launched a Kickstarter campaign that exceeded its original funding goal. The campaign was so successful that they raised nearly $1.4 million, proving substantial interest and demand for a product like BedJet.

With this initial Kickstarter success, the company gained the financial resources to continue operations, scale production, and begin significant marketing efforts.

The product was improved, new features were added based on customer feedback, and a second version, BedJet V2, was launched.

BedJet Shark Tank Update | BedJet Net Worth

The company’s success continued to grow, and by 2021, BedJet had sold tens of thousands of units and generated millions in revenue.

They have successfully marketed their product to individuals seeking better sleep solutions and the healthcare industry, as BedJet can provide significant benefits to those suffering from certain medical conditions such as menopause and Raynaud’s disease.

Mark Aramli’s experience on Shark Tank is a testament to the potential for success even when the Sharks don’t bite. His belief in the product and his resilience in the face of initial rejection ultimately paid off, leading BedJet to become a recognized name in the sleep technology market.

BedJet Shark Tank Update

After its appearance on Shark Tank, BedJet experienced significant success and growth. Despite not securing a deal with the Sharks, the company thrived and became recognized in the sleep technology market.

Moreover, shortly after their appearance on Shark Tank, BedJet found success when they teamed up with Mattress Firm, the largest mattress retailer in America.

This partnership enabled BedJet to offer its climate-control system through, further expanding its reach and accessibility to customers across the United States.

Mark Aramli, the founder of BedJet, and his wife, Ida Aramli, faced challenges together on their journey to success. Ida, a practicing attorney, supported Mark and the company’s growth.

Despite initial setbacks, Mark’s determination and Ida’s unwavering support contributed to the company’s resilience and eventual triumph.

BedJet’s appearance on Shark Tank may not have resulted in an immediate investment, but it provided them with valuable exposure, which they used effectively to gain traction in the market.

BedJet is still in business and thriving in its category. Despite initial challenges, BedJet has persevered and thrived in the sleep technology market.

They continue to offer their innovative smartphone-controlled cooling and heating device for beds, aimed at improving sleep quality by aligning sleep with natural biorhythms.

Their continued innovation, dedication, and strategic partnerships contributed to their success, turning BedJet into a thriving business and a well-loved product for those seeking a better sleep experience.

What Is the Net Worth Of BedJet?

According to our research, the net worth of BedJet is estimated to be $30 million. The valuation of BedJet was $2.5 million when it appeared on Shark Tank.