EDN Smart Garden Shark Tank Update

In Shark Tank Season 8, episode 17, Ryan Woltz pitched Edn Wallgarden (pronounced “Eden”), a hydroponic growing system.

The gardens let individuals cultivate fresh herbs, veggies, and flowers in the convenience of their own homes with minimal maintenance. 

What is EDN Smart Garden?

Edn Smart Garden is a dirt-free garden planted on a wall. To make it look attractive, you can plant EDN Smart Garden on your wall, terrace, and another part of your house.

Many people feel that you may cultivate outside only if you have a lot of room for gardening. Additionally, they feel they can only cultivate plants indoors if they have ample space. 

EDN Smart Garden Shark Tank Update

Indoor gardeners confront several obstacles: a lack of natural light and a lack of skill. Ryan Woltz set out to revolutionize indoor gardening.

Company NameEDN Smart Wall Garden
FounderRyan Woltz
ProductSustainable and recyclable floral bouquets.
Investment Seeking$150,000 for 10% in EDN Smart Garden
Final DealNo Deal
SharkNo Shark
EpisodeSeason 8, Episode 17
StatusBusiness Ongoing
Website https://www.edntech.com

Who is the Founder of EDN Smart Garden?

Ryan Woltz is the founder of EDN Smart Garden. Ryan previously worked as a civil engineer on trains and motorway expansion.

He developed a method to cultivate plants regardless of an individual’s skills to find a way to utilize his skills. 

His system could grow plants in the most hopeless gardener, as a self-described plant serial killer explained to the Sharks.

EDN Smart Garden Before Shark Tank

Ryan was a civil engineer before founding Edn Wallgarden. He collaborated with railroads and highway expansion. 

He determined that his talents could be put to better use elsewhere and set about developing a method for anyone to grow plants, regardless of their degree of gardening expertise. 

He founded his business in July 2014. It enabled individuals to acquire an exquisitely constructed gardening system that enabled them to leave for up to two weeks and return to find their plants alive and healthy. 

He received $10,000 in sales in the first five days after opening the company to the public. Let’s look and see if the Sharks are as enamored with the product as we are.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch of EDN Smart Garden?

Ryan Woltz confidently entered the Shark Tank from the stage. He confronts the sharks and introduces himself as a Denver, Colorado native. 

He asserted that he founded Edn Wallgarden. Ryan Woltz appeared on Shark Tank requesting an investment of $150,000 in exchange for a 10% stake in EDN Smart Garden. 

He said that his company’s mission was to green the concrete jungle. He desired to alter the way plants are grown around the globe. Gardening necessitated time, effort, and expertise. 

He remarked that even if you follow the correct procedures, you may still destroy your plants. He declared himself an expert on the subject.

He declared himself to be a serial killer of plants. He asserted that his invention was an intelligent indoor garden system capable of assisting even the most hopeless gardener. 

He sought to establish a system for individuals who enjoy being in nature but cannot nurture. 

Ryan asserts that the Edn Wallgarden is sophisticated software that automates the entire plant cultivation process. 

They would be able to regulate the plants’ lighting, watering, and feeding. This would enable people to cultivate plants throughout the year, including flowers, herbs, and veggies.

The method was demonstrated in the video behind Ryan. He described the film as it unfolded. He asserts that there is no dirt and that plant food, water, and seedpods are all required. 

The remainder would be handled by technology. It was created to be an enjoyable experience for the entire family. 

Ryan said he wants to be involved and distribute seedpod samples before delving into some questions.

He explained as he distributed the samples that he had brought each of them a seed pod. 

Kevin inquired whether they would be required to use Ryan’s seedpods or if any seeds inserted into the system would be accepted. 

Ryan explained that their goal was to provide a positive user experience, and while they preferred that customers buy Edn Wallgarden pods, they did allow users to use their seeds.

Lori enquired how he determined that Edn Wallgarden was distinct from Aero Gardens. 

Ryan noted that Edn Wallgarden’s design was stunning, as was the software’s intelligence. He stated that they were able to perfect the growth of many plant species. 

That, he stated, was the system’s strength. Robert inquired as to the pricing of each item. 

Ryan informed him that the large unit would cost $499 and the tiny unit would cost $99. He refers to the compact unit as the gateway garden. 

Robert inquired about a follow-up. He desired to know the cost of the subscription service. 

Ryan stated that the subscription service for seedpods costs $12 per month, including an 82 percent profit margin. He stated that each month, individuals would be able to obtain a new plant.

Kevin asked whether people would be compelled to acquire the subscription service, to which Ryan said they would not be. 

Chris Sacca, the episode’s guest shark, inquired whether participants would select their plants. That, Ryan stated, was the situation. 

EDN Smart Garden Shark Tank Update

Robert asked whether he could purchase it online, and Ryan informed him that they were currently only selling direct to consumers online. He foresaw the future of Edn Wallgarden being sold in large box retail outlets.

Ryan mentioned they had a winter campaign in which they generated $10,000 in sales in five days. Kevin explained that he spent the summer hunting for a setup comparable to Ryan’s to cultivate fresh cilantro. 

He mispronounced the term, and the other Sharks teased him briefly. Kevin shrugged it aside and carried on with his contemplation. He stated that there were many consumer-grade, tiny hydroponic labs for sale. 

Kevin specified that Edn Wallgarden expanded the design field, yet he observed some systems selling for as little as $40.

Brian stated that while the design did help distinguish his brand, technology was another critical component. He said that EDN stood for Environmental Data Network. 

The company’s ultimate goal was to prohibit the growth of any plan. Robert stated that he recognized Ryan’s desire for someone as enthusiastic about plants and gardening as he was. Robert stated that he was not that individual and excited. 

Ryan expressed gratitude to Robert. Mark was the next to speak, explaining that he was in a similar situation as Robert. 

He recounted an instance when he attempted to grow a cactus, but it faded and died during the day. Mark also went out.

Chris Sacca stated that the technical aspect of the company might be so far from nature that it has robbed gardening of its spirit. He admitted that it was strange to hear from the inventor of Uber. 

Normally, Chris would inquire about a business’s app, but he didn’t see the point with Edn Wallgarden. 

He stated that while there might be a market for those interested in knowing the data underlying plant growth, the market was not substantial enough for him to invest in. Chris exited.

Kevin expressed his interest. He said he believed he could assist Eden Garden Mall in gaining access to Target and Bed Bath and Beyond. 

He simply did not believe it would happen at that price point. He suggested that it could have to be a more simplified offering. 

Kevin argued that he was absurdly valued as a Shark. He stated that he would conduct the transaction for 150,000 in exchange for a 15% share in the business. 

Robert appeared perplexed, informing Kevin that that was an excellent offer.

Lori interjected a question before Ryan could react. She stated that she is constantly on the move and has never had the opportunity to grow anything. 

She would be interested in the product if Ryan assured her that she could go for weeks at a time and return to find everything intact. 

The lights would remain on, and everything would be sprayed with water. She inquired if this was the fact, and Ryan confirmed it was. 

Kevin interjected, claiming that he no longer desired to listen to Lori and desired to hear Ryan’s take on his offer. Lori stated that she desired to compete, whereas Kevin stated categorically that he did not wish to compete.

Lori stated that she was attempting to pick up on Ryan’s words. Kevin informed Ryan that the equity request would increase to 25% if Lori resigned. 

Lori stated that she was planning to make Ryan a conditional offer. She demanded $150,000 in exchange for 25%, and Kevin stated that his offer had suddenly increased by that amount. 

Ryan looked at him incredulously, and Kevin explained that Lori had sabotaged his agreement. Lori stated that she needs much ownership to take over manufacturing. 

She needed to reduce the price because he would want them in every home, and $500 was not an affordable price point.

Robert explained to Ryan that what mattered most was that he secured a deal. Ryan emphasized that he simply wanted to hear from everyone. 

Kevin stated that he had no contingencies, indicating that he desired a lower price and would assist him in doing so, but it was not a contingency. 

Regrettably, Ryan would have to pay a high price in equity for coercing Kevin into listening to Lori speak over him. Lori remarked that they both had the same offer.

Ryan inquired as to Kevin’s experience in manufacturing. Kevin maintained that he did, but Lori was adamant that he did not. 

Kevin stated that he created various items, including the most frequently delivered Shark Tank product. 

Each year, he also manufactures millions of Christmas lights. Ryan asked Kevin if they’d be willing to return to 15%. Kevin informed him that his time had come to an end. 

Robert asked why Ryan did not accept the deal when he had it, and Ryan stated that he desired to hear Lori’s side of the story. 

He attempted to get Kevin’s percentage down to 20%. Lori was enraged, and she ended up leaving.

Ryan winced as Mark informed him that he had learned a valuable lesson today. Ryan inhaled deeply and addressed Kevin. 

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He stated that he had a vision for an eating well garden and knew additional capital would be required. 

He stated that Kevin’s current arrangement did not make financial sense for his organization. 

Ryan ultimately walked away from the deal. Chris informed him that the walk down the hallway was quite costly. 

Robert added that the thing came out of the way to immediately take a deal he liked away. He failed to close the deal. 

Ryan thanked everyone for their time and went off stage. He added that he wanted to take the deal if he could turn back the clock.

Final Deal: No deal between EDN Smart Garden and Sharks.

Did EDN Smart Garden Get a Deal on Shark Tank?

EDN Smart Gaden received much interest from the Sharks, but he ultimately decided not to pursue the deal.

Is EDN Smart Garden Still in Business?

Edn Smart Garden is still going strong after walking away from Shark Tank without a deal. EDN Smart Garden raised an additional $1.535 million in 2019, raising the total to $1.6 million.

PDX Pet Design Shark Tank Update

The EDN small garden is now available for $199 directly from the Edn website. It takes very little space, and the pods are completely biodegradable and pesticide-free. This simplifies and benefits organic gardening.

What Happened To EDN Smart Garden After Shark Tank?

Edn Wallgarden has been primarily marketing the Wallgarden mini since their appearance on Shark Tank. On their website, it is referred to as the small garden. 

These were so popular that they sold out of their initial run and already accepted preorders for the next one. They did, however, have some access for the 2017 winter holidays, according to their Twitter account.

Additionally, they intend to deploy the WallGarden in time for the 2018 spring season. 

The company’s Facebook page announced in August 2017 that Edn Wallgarden would collect donations and arrange for free delivery to Harvey victims in Texas. EDN Smart Garden continues to operate despite the Sharks’ lack of investment.

Following his appearance on Shark Tank, Edn concentrated on promoting the little garden. They are still for sale today. The company is still operating as of 2022 

Nail Pak Shark Tank Update

They now offer a membership program to ship you replacement seed pods after your prior order is harvested. 

The company’s global yearly indoor garden sales amount to about $1.7 billion, though I couldn’t find any sales data.

What is the Net Worth of EDN Smart Garden?

EDN Smart Garden raised $1.6 million in additional funding after Ryan’s appearance on Shark Tank.

The SmartGarden is available from the company’s site for $199.95. The store also sells gardening supplies and flowers.

The valuation of EDN Smart Garden was $1.5 million when it appeared on Shark Tank. The net worth of EDN Smart Garden is $5 million as of 2022.

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