eCreamery Shark Tank Update | eCreamery Net Worth

eCreamery is a unique, custom-made ice cream delivery service that became prominent after being featured in season 4 of the TV show Shark Tank.

The business, based in Omaha, Nebraska, is known for offering its customers the opportunity to personalize their ice cream, gelato, or sorbet, choosing from various base flavors, mix-ins, and even custom packaging with unique labels. 

Founded by Abby Jordan and Becky App in 2007, eCreamery has transformed the ice cream experience into a personalized and intimate affair. Customers can choose from 16 base flavors and 40 mix-ins, creating unique ice cream. 

The flavor combinations can range from classics such as chocolate and vanilla to more adventurous ones such as lavender or spicy chili. This flexibility allows customers to tailor their orders to specific tastes or dietary restrictions, making it a more inclusive product for a wider variety of consumers.

Another appealing aspect of eCreamery is its personalized packaging feature. Customers can choose to have their names, personalized messages, or pictures on the pint labels. This feature has made eCreamery an excellent gift for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, or corporate events. 

Furthermore, eCreamery delivers its products directly to your doorstep in special, insulated packaging to ensure your order arrives frozen and ready to enjoy. This convenience is particularly appealing when online shopping and home delivery services are growing in popularity.

eCreamery’s uniqueness lies in its innovative approach to ice cream, allowing customers to customize their dessert experiences fully. eCreamery offers various flavors, personalized packaging, and convenient delivery, making it a popular choice among consumers seeking personalized and premium ice cream.

Company NameeCreamery
EntrepreneurAbby Jordan And Becky App
ProductCustom Gourmet Ice Cream
Investment Asking For$250,000 For 33% equity in eCreamery
Final DealNo Deal
SharkNo Shark
Episode Season 4, Episode 2
Business StatusIn Business
WebsiteeCreamery Website

What Is eCreamery?

eCreamery is an ice cream, sorbet, and gelato retailer founded in Omaha, Nebraska, by Abby Jordan and Becky App in 2007. eCreamery has become a worldwide destination for ice cream lovers since its inception. Its unique flavors, created with premium ingredients, have earned it a reputation as one of the best ice cream shops.

Abby Jordan and Becky App started the business with a shared passion for ice cream and a desire to create something special. Their dedication to quality has led to a wide range of delicious and creative flavors, from classic chocolate and vanilla to innovative options like lavender honey and goat cheese cherry.

eCreamery offers sorbet, gelato, and ice cream, making it a perfect sweet tooth destination. eCreamery has become a favorite of ice cream enthusiasts everywhere, with locations in Omaha and online ordering.

Most of their business is through their website, which offers nationwide shipping of their personalized ice cream offerings. They have one brick-and-mortar ice cream shop in the Dundee neighborhood of Omaha, responsible for 40% of their sales.

All online orders are shipped from their shipping warehouse and commercial kitchen in Omaha, Nebraska, packed with dry ice in a reusable cooler.

eCreamery Shark Tank Update | eCreamery Net Worth

eCreamery products are made with a 14% butter fat content base to ensure a rich and dense finished product. Each flavor is produced in a small batch process, with all mix-ins and swirls added by hand. 

Consumers can personalize the titles on the pints. eCreamery also offers ready-made collections for all major holidays and life events such as Birthday, Get Well, and Thinking of You.

Customers can create their custom flavors with over 50 base flavors and 40 mix-in options available. Their ice cream flavors change quarterly to offer new and exciting customer options.

The company is also active in local non-profit causes, such as Girls Rock, Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Midlands, Dundee Elementary, United Way, and Joslyn Art Museum. Every month, they have a featured Scoops of Support flavor, and for every pint sold, $1 is donated to the organization.

Who Is The Founder Of eCreamery?

eCreamery was founded by Abby Jordan and Becky App in 2007. Abby Jordan, who has a background in business, and Becky App, who has a background in finance, brought their complementary skills together to create this innovative venture. 

Abby’s extensive experience in the corporate world and Becky’s financial expertise proved to be the perfect combination to create a successful business model. The idea of eCreamery came to the duo when they realized a gap in the market for personalized ice cream. 

They envisioned a platform where customers could create unique flavors, add mix-ins of their choice, and personalize their packaging. They saw an opportunity to transform the traditionally generic process of buying ice cream into an intimate, personal experience. 

Their passion for food, creativity, and entrepreneurship inspired them to bring this vision to life; thus, eCreamery was born.

Before appearing on Shark Tank, eCreamery had already been gaining popularity locally and on a small scale online. Operating from their parlor in Omaha, Nebraska, they served customers who loved the experience of personalizing their ice cream.

They also had a delivery service, which was a hit, especially for those seeking unique gift ideas. They had already garnered a small but dedicated customer base who loved the novel concept of customizable ice cream. 

However, despite this success, they sought larger-scale expansion and a boost in their brand visibility. This is where the idea of pitching their business on Shark Tank came in.

They were looking for the investment, expertise, and exposure the Sharks could offer to help take eCreamery to the next level. eCreamery Shark Tank’s appearance exposed them to a wider audience and validated their innovative approach to ice cream, bringing their unique product into the national spotlight.

eCreamery Before Shark Tank

Abby and Becky found their shared interests in e-commerce and food at Borsheims, which inspired them.

They thought they could mix luxury presents and a treat without charging an arm and a leg, so with the help of Dundee Venture Capital, they converted an old drug store into an ice cream shop.

They transform something everyone loves into a personalized gift-giving experience that includes creating your flavor, naming it, and packaging it. That was their selling point for Hasebroock.

After much effort was put into marketing and visibility on their website, people noticed.

ECreamery was a licensed ice cream parlor in Omaha, Nebraska, before appearing on Shark Tank. They began launching the business’s website and made all ice cream in-house.

Their business was already controlled by an investor who owned a significant portion. Does this pose a problem for the Sharks?

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of eCreamery?

Abby Jordan and Becky App, the founders of eCreamery, appeared on Season 4 of Shark Tank to present their innovative custom ice cream and gift-giving service.

They began their pitch by providing samples of their personalized ice cream flavors to each shark, who tasted intriguing creations such as “Mr. Wonderful’s Shark Bait” and the “hot-and-cold Cubanero,” a dark chocolate and habanero sorbet.

Abby and Becky were seeking a $250,000 investment in exchange for 33% equity in their company, valuing eCreamery at $750,000. At the time of the presentation, eCreamery had earned $2 million in sales over the previous five years and projected earnings of $750,000 for the current year. 

However, despite these figures, their profit for the year was just $60,000. Kevin O’Leary inquired about the company’s profit margins, but Abby and Becky explained that the revenues were constantly reinvested into building infrastructure, so the profit margin was lower.

The cost of their product was also brought into question. A 4-pint ice cream gift set was revealed to cost a customer $55, with an additional $25 shipping cost for 2-day delivery in a reusable cooler with dry ice. Some sharks saw this total cost of $80 as steep, but others compared it to the similar pricing of sending flowers as a gift. 

Further discussions revealed that customer acquisition cost was approximately $20, and customers generally made two purchases per year, resulting in a profit margin of 60% on each purchase. Despite these seemingly positive numbers, the sharks remained unconvinced.

Becky and Abby shared that they weren’t the majority shareholders in their company. This presented a significant stumbling block. eCreamery owned 70% of its stock after receiving an investment from another venture capitalist.

This fact was not well-received by the sharks. Kevin O’Leary made an initial offer of $125,000 for 25% of the business, but Abby and Becky declined, hoping to hear other offers. O’Leary later withdrew his offer.

One by one, the rest of the sharks declined to make a deal. Daymond John did not want to work with another investor, Robert Herjavec felt the business was too complicated, Barbara Corcoran doubted she would see a return on her investment, and Mark Cuban foresaw too many issues.

In the end, Abby and Becky did not secure a deal with any of the sharks and left the Shark Tank without the investment they had been seeking. However, their business continued to grow and evolve after their appearance on the show. 

Their 4-pint package was lowered from $55 to $49.50, and shipping costs were lowered to $14.99. Despite not disclosing exact revenue numbers, eCreamery has expanded yearly since its Shark Tank appearance.

Final Deal: No deal between Sharks and eCreamery.

What Happened To eCreamery After Shark Tank?

Even though eCreamery did not secure a deal with any sharks on Shark Tank, the experience proved immensely beneficial for the company. The publicity from the show resulted in a substantial increase in sales.

In the three months following its Shark Tank appearance, the company experienced a surge in sales amounting to $500,000, a significant boost to its bottom line.

eCreamery expanded its operations, hired more staff, and purchased more freezers thanks to this increase in revenue. The exposure from Shark Tank also drew the attention of high-profile individuals like music icon Sir Paul McCartney and business magnate Warren Buffett, who visited the eCreamery parlor in the summer of 2014.

Beyond the initial sales surge, eCreamery continued to thrive and grow its business. The company expanded its distribution network, making its ice cream available at local supermarkets, restaurants, and movie theaters in the Omaha area and selling online. 

Customers can choose from various ice cream flavors and mix-ins, with 50 distinct flavors and 40 different mixes offered.

As of 2022, the company was still operational and thriving. It generated an impressive $2 million in annual revenue, and its valuation has increased significantly since the Shark Tank appearance, with a current net worth of $2 million. 

eCreamery’s custom-made pints continue to be delivered all over the country, and the company is regularly exploring new ways to enhance its service, including offering free shipping on orders over $14.99 as a springtime promotion.

While the eCreamery blog hasn’t been frequently updated, which could be seen as a minor shortcoming, the company’s focus has been on its thriving ice cream business.

Despite not receiving a deal from the sharks, the exposure and publicity from their appearance on Shark Tank positively impacted eCreamery’s growth and development, enabling them to expand their reach and continue thriving in the competitive ice cream market.

eCreamery Shark Tank Update

After appearing on Shark Tank, eCreamery, a personalized ice cream gift business, did not secure a deal with the Sharks and did not receive an investment from the show’s investors. The founders of eCreamery, Becky App and Abby Jordan, appeared on Season 4, Episode 2 of Shark Tank in 2012, seeking a $250,000 investment in exchange for a 33% equity stake in their business.

Despite not securing a deal, eCreamery continued to operate and grow its business. The company already had an existing physical ice cream parlor in Omaha, Nebraska, serving customers and making all the ice cream in-house. Additionally, they had an online business segment, shipping out personalized ice cream pints in reusable coolers to customers nationwide.

eCreamery Shark Tank Update | eCreamery Net Worth

Following its appearance on Shark Tank, eCreamery focused on expanding its production space and improving its business shipping logistics. They wanted to purchase a separate facility for shipping products outside the existing scoop shop.

Since the information available online is limited and needs to provide an up-to-date account of eCreamery’s current status, it is difficult to provide a comprehensive update on the company’s exact situation after appearing on Shark Tank. You can find the latest information about eCreamery by visiting their official website or contacting them directly.

You can buy eCreamery from its website or on Amazon. eCreamery is in business and generates $2 million in annual revenue.

Is eCreamery Still In Business?

Yes, eCreamery is still in business. eCreamery appeared on the ABC reality show Shark Tank in 2012, where the founders pitched their business to a panel of investors. The company received a $250,000 investment from Mark Cuban but ultimately decided not to take the money.

Since appearing on Shark Tank, eCreamery has continued to grow. The company now has a retail location in Omaha, Nebraska, and it ships its products nationwide. eCreamery has also been featured in national media outlets such as O, The Oprah Magazine, The New York Times, and Today.

In October 2019, eCreamery merged with Omaha-based Carson’s Cookie Fix to provide a broader range of dessert options. The company is still selling on Amazon and has an annual revenue of $2 million.

You can create a delicious and personalized ice cream gift with eCreamery. The company offers various flavors and toppings; you can customize your gift with a custom message.

What Is the Net Worth of eCreamery?

The valuation of eCreamery was $750,000 when it appeared on Shark Tank. The net worth of eCreamery is $2 million. In 2019, eCreamery reported $2 million in revenue and $60,000 in profit.