Eco Flower Shark Tank Net Worth

Eco Flower is a company that specializes in creating and distributing a variety of flowers made from sustainable, recyclable materials. The product debuted in Season 8 of the reality television show Shark Tank, known for its high-stakes business pitches. 

Eco Flower is committed to providing an eco-friendly alternative to traditional fresh-cut flowers. The products comprise recycled paper, birchwood, burlap, and even repurposed novel pages, ensuring minimal environmental impact.

As a result, these flowers have a more sustainable look and feel and a unique look. Each Eco Flower creation is meticulously handcrafted, resulting in a product that’s not only environmentally responsible but also artistically appealing.

Traditional floral arrangements have a limited lifespan, whereas Eco Flower arrangements have a long lifespan. Fresh-cut flowers usually wilt and fade within a week or two, but Eco Flowers can last indefinitely with proper care. They are a wonderful choice for home decor or memorable gifts.

Eco Flower offers the option to customize your bouquet according to your preferred color palette and flower types, allowing you to craft the perfect arrangement for any occasion.

The company also offers a line of wedding products, including bridal bouquets, boutonnieres, and centerpieces, giving couples an eco-friendly choice for their special day.

Eco Flower is a remarkable choice for those who appreciate the beauty of flowers but are also conscious about their environmental footprint.

It provides a long-lasting, sustainable, and customizable solution for flower lovers everywhere, giving new life to recycled materials and making it a standout product in the floriculture industry.

Company NameEco Flowers
FounderMeagan Bowman
ProductSustainable and recyclable floral bouquets.
Investment Seeking$400,000 for 10% equity in Eco Flower
Final Deal$400,000 for 20% equity in Eco Flower
SharkDaymond John
EpisodeSeason 8, Episode 7
StatusBusiness Ongoing
WebsiteEco Flowers Website
Net Worth$0

What is Eco Flower?

Eco Flower is a company that specializes in creating sustainable and eco-friendly floral arrangements. They offer a wide range of products, including bouquets, centerpieces, and wedding flowers, all made from recycled and sustainable materials such as wood, paper, and fabric.

Eco Flower aims to provide an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional floral arrangements that often involve fresh-cut flowers. Eco Flower was founded in 2014 by Meagan Chapman and Alex Ledoux to offer eco-friendly floral arrangements that last longer than traditional fresh-cut flowers.

They wanted to provide an alternative to the wasteful nature of the floral industry, where flowers often wilt and are thrown away within a week.

Eco Flower Shark Tank Net Worth

Instead of using real flowers, Eco Flower creates their arrangements using sustainable materials such as recycled wood, paper, fabric, and sola wood.

These materials are handcrafted into beautiful blooms that mimic the look and feel of real flowers. The company also uses natural dyes to add vibrant colors to their creations.

Eco Flower arrangements can last for years without wilting, unlike fresh-cut flowers. They are, therefore, ideal as gifts, home decor, wedding decorations, and other special occasions.

In addition to their commitment to sustainability, Eco Flower also supports charitable causes. They have partnered with various organizations to donate proceeds to cancer research, disaster relief, and education initiatives.

Eco Flower has gained popularity for its unique and eco-friendly approach to floral arrangements. They offer a variety of products, including bouquets, centerpieces, wreaths, and even subscription boxes. Their creations have garnered praise for their beauty and the positive environmental impact they bring.

Eco Flower provides a sustainable and long-lasting alternative to traditional floral arrangements, allowing individuals to enjoy the beauty of flowers while being conscious of their environmental footprint.

Who is the Founder of Eco Flower?

Meagan Bowman, a visionary entrepreneur passionate about sustainability and creativity, founded Eco Flower. Before starting Eco Flower, Meagan had experience in various fields, including real estate and business development. This diverse experience laid the groundwork for her entrepreneurial journey.

The idea for Eco Flower was born out of Meagan’s wedding planning. She wanted her wedding to reflect her values, specifically her commitment to environmental sustainability.

She realized that traditional fresh-cut flowers, while beautiful, are often not environmentally friendly. They have a short lifespan, require much water and other resources to grow, and create waste when they die.

Meagan saw an opportunity to provide an eco-friendly alternative and created flowers from recycled materials.

Before its appearance on Shark Tank, Eco Flower was already a thriving business. Meagan initially launched the company out of her garage, with her first sales coming from a local farmer’s market booth.

The product resonated with customers, and the business quickly expanded. By the time Eco Flower appeared on Shark Tank, the company was already achieving online sales and had a strong following.

Meagan’s appearance on Shark Tank helped boost Eco Flower’s visibility. She presented her product with the same passion and dedication that helped her grow the company.

Despite the company not receiving an investment deal from the sharks, the publicity from the show continued to propel the business forward, reaching a wider audience than ever before.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch of Eco Flower?

The Shark Tank pitch by Meagan Bowman, the founder of Eco Flower, occurred in November 2016 during Season 8, Episode 7.

Eco Flower was presented as a company that sells eco-friendly, scented flowers made from recyclable and sustainable materials used for creating floral arrangements and bouquets.

Meagan originally sought an investment of $400,000 for a 10% equity stake in her company, valuing Eco Flower at $4 million. The pitch sparked interest among the sharks due to the sustainable and innovative nature of the product.

The beauty of the faux flowers and the variety of available scents, including Black Raspberry Vanilla, Strawberry Lemonade, and Japanese Cherry Blossom, were particularly highlighted.

Meagan revealed that Eco Flower had already made lifetime sales of $2.8 million, indicating a demand for the product. 

However, some concerns arose among the sharks. Robert Herjavec raised a question about whether women would appreciate receiving faux flowers over real ones, and both Barbara Corcoran and Lori Greiner preferred fresh flowers despite recognizing the business potential.

Meagan disclosed that she owned only 25% of the business; an investor owned 25%, and two others owned 50%. Barbara and Robert withdrew their interest following this revelation, as they preferred investing in businesses where the entrepreneur had a greater stake.

Mark Cuban was also out of the deal due to his lack of expertise in the sector. Lori Greiner and Kevin O’Leary followed suit, expressing concern about the market competition level.

The remaining shark, Daymond John, saw potential in Eco Flower and made an offer. He initially wanted 25% equity for his $400,000 investment to buy out the current investors, but he was willing to negotiate.

After Meagan countered with a proposition of $400,000 for 20% equity, Daymond agreed, making this the final deal.

Unfortunately, despite securing a deal with Daymond John, the company faced difficulties after Shark Tank. The other investors appointed a new CEO, leading to Meagan leaving the company.

JW Capital bought out the company but failed to meet orders and was accused of mistreating employees, ultimately leading to its closure. However, Meagan bounced back by founding Sola Wood Flowers, which has reportedly succeeded.

Final Deal: No deal between Sharks and Eco Flower.

Did Eco Flower Get a Deal on Shark Tank?

Yes, Eco Flower did secure a deal on Shark Tank. The founder, Meagan Bowman, initially sought a $400,000 investment for a 10% equity stake in her company. 

Daymond John made an offer to invest the requested amount in exchange for a 20% equity stake, doubling the percentage that Bowman initially offered. 

Meagan accepted Daymond’s offer, and they formed a partnership to grow the Eco Flower business.

What Happened To Eco Flower After Shark Tank?

After Eco Flower’s appearance on Shark Tank, the company experienced several changes and challenges. Despite securing an investment deal with Shark Daymond John, the company’s other investors changed the leadership structure.

They hired a new CEO, John Allard, which resulted in founder Meagan Bowman parting ways with the company.

A major change occurred in ownership of the company when JW Capital acquired 50% of the company and eventually bought out the remaining owners.

Unfortunately, under this new leadership, Eco Flower faced significant difficulties. It struggled to meet order demands and was accused of mistreating its employees. These operational challenges led to the eventual shutdown of the company.

Although Eco Flower’s story ended sourly, it wasn’t all bad. After leaving Eco Flower, founder Meagan Bowman started a new venture, Sola Wood Flowers.

This new company also focuses on sustainable and long-lasting flowers and has been successful since its inception.

Eco Flower Shark Tank Update

After appearing on Shark Tank, Eco Flower experienced both successes and challenges. Meagan Bowman, the founder of Eco Flower, showcased her concept of creating eco-friendly flower arrangements using materials like bamboo and recycled paper.

The sharks were impressed with the products and the company’s revenue of $2.8 million in the last 18 months. Daymond John offered a deal of $400,000 for a 20% stake in Eco Flower, valuing the business at $2 million.

Eco Flower Shark Tank Net Worth

However, problems with Meagan’s previous investing partners led to the deal falling. Despite this setback, Meagan focused on growing and expanding Eco Flower.

She built partnerships with major retailers like Walmart and Costco while developing new product lines to cater to eco-conscious consumers.

In 2018, Meagan started a new venture called Sola Wood Flowers, which is doing well as of 2021. Despite the challenges, Eco Flower remains successful by focusing on sustainability, partnering with local flower farmers, and delivering high-quality products.

Is Eco Flower Still in Business?

Our research shows that Eco Flower is no longer in business. The company faced challenges after Meagan Bowman appeared on Shark Tank and secured a deal with Daymond John.

In response to a new CEO’s hiring, Meagan parted ways with the company, which led to John Allard hiring another CEO. JW Capital eventually became a 50% owner of Eco Flower and later bought out the rest of the company.

Unfortunately, the company failed to meet orders, mistreated its employees, and ultimately shut down. However, Meagan found another successful company called Sola Wood Flowers.

What Is the Net Worth of Eco Flower?

According to our research, the net worth of Eco Flower is $0 since the company went out of business. The valuation of Eco Flower was $2 million after securing an investment from Daymond John on Shark Tank.

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