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CoolWraps, a unique product featured in Season 4 of Shark Tank, revolutionizes the task of gift wrapping. The brainchild of Jeffrey Miller, CoolWraps is a clever solution designed to ease the often tedious process of wrapping presents, eliminating the need for rolls of paper, scissors, and adhesive tapes.

CoolWraps works through a simple process: the user places their gift inside a CoolWraps bag, seals it, and then uses a hairdryer to shrink the bag tightly around it, creating a professional, snugly wrapped appearance.

What sets CoolWraps apart is its simplicity and utility. With a few quick steps – stuff the gift in, seal, and then shrink the wrap – the product eliminates the hassle traditionally associated with gift wrapping.

CoolWraps is particularly beneficial when dealing with irregularly shaped gifts, where traditional wrapping paper and techniques might fall short. Its user-friendly design and easy process save time and effort, allowing users to wrap their gifts quickly and with minimal fuss.

While CoolWraps might be convenient and easy to use, they might not be appropriate for everyone. If you value the aesthetic of traditional wrapping, the craft involved, or if you enjoy making your gift wrapping a family activity involving children, this product may not be your first choice.

Additionally, a certain level of care is needed when using the hairdryer to ensure the heat is evenly distributed, preventing the wrap from clinging excessively in one area. 

Nevertheless, CoolWraps serves a need in the market, particularly catering to individuals seeking practicality and speed over traditional aesthetics or the customary gift-wrapping experience.

You can use this product if you’re constantly pressed for time or have a lot of gifts to wrap. Plus, it is affordable and provides multiple wraps in one package, extending its value over several presents. 

After its appearance on Shark Tank, alternatives to CoolWraps have emerged, giving consumers a choice. However, the originality of the concept when it first appeared, coupled with its practicality, still makes CoolWraps a noteworthy product. You can use CoolWraps if you’re looking for a hassle-free and time-saving gift-wrapping solution.

Company NameCoolWraps
EntrepreneurJeffrey Miller
ProductGift wrap shrinking technology
Investment Asking For$100,000 For 40% equity in CoolWraps
Final Deal$250,000 For 100% + 3% Royalty equity in CoolWraps
SharkMark Cuban
CoolWraps Episode Season 4, Episode 20
CoolWraps Business StatusIn Business
CoolWraps WebsiteVisit Website

What Is CoolWraps?

CoolWraps is a groundbreaking and innovative product designed to revolutionize how we package and present gifts. It is a unique, reusable gift wrap solution combining convenience, ingenuity, and eco-friendliness in one package.

CoolWraps offers an easy-to-use, environmentally friendly alternative to messy, wasteful paper wraps that often tear apart before use. CoolWraps are made from high-quality, durable materials, so they can be reused countless times, which reduces waste generated during gift wrapping.

These wraps feature an ingenious self-adhesive closure system that eliminates the need for tape, scissors, and other traditional wrapping tools. You can wrap gifts without skill, even if you are not skilled in the art.

Moreover, CoolWraps come in various sizes, colors, and patterns, ensuring a perfect option for every gift, regardless of shape or size.

CoolWraps brings a fresh, modern approach to gift-wrapping, making it an excellent choice for anyone looking to elevate their gift-giving experience while staying environmentally conscious.

You will save time, avoid frustration, and contribute to a more sustainable future for our planet when choosing CoolWraps. So, why not ditch the old-fashioned, wasteful gift wraps and embrace the stylish, eco-friendly, and practical solution that CoolWraps offers?

Coolwraps Shark Tank Update

Who Is The Founder Of CoolWraps?

The founder of CoolWraps is Jeffrey Miller. Before his venture with CoolWraps, he was involved in various design and project management roles, including a stint as a Global Design Project Manager at Bose Corporation and a 3D Environmental/Experimental Designer at Freeman Company.

However, in his journey as an entrepreneur, he faced a common problem that plagues many people: gift-wrapping.

This challenge sparked the idea of CoolWraps. Miller saw an opportunity in the market for a solution that makes gift wrapping easy and fun. Thus, the idea for CoolWraps was born. 

CoolWraps are shrink-wrap gift bags designed to simplify the process of gift wrapping. These bags are easy to use, removing the need for tape and scissors and reducing the mess typically associated with wrapping presents.

Before appearing on Shark Tank, CoolWraps had already demonstrated its potential. The product had been featured on QVC twice, where it sold out on both occasions, showing a demand for it.

A test run in a CBS pharmacy also resulted in the product selling out, reinforcing the product’s commercial viability. However, despite the early successes, the CoolWraps team faced significant financial hurdles.

They approached banks for a loan to keep up with the high demand for their product but could not secure funding. While Miller was willing to put up his home as collateral, his partners were not. This disagreement and lack of sufficient funding resulted in a stalemate, with the product lying dormant for a decade.

Nevertheless, Miller persevered. He believed in the potential of CoolWraps and acquired full ownership of the company after his partners left the business.

Despite the hurdles he faced, including an unsuccessful Shark Tank deal and a seemingly inactive business for several years, Miller continued to push forward, seeking new ways to introduce CoolWraps to the market.

Today, despite CoolWraps being in a state of apparent inactivity, Jeffrey Miller continues his entrepreneurial journey. He now operates as a freelance entrepreneurial designer, working on projects for Fortune 50 companies and new theater venues, demonstrating his resilience and commitment to innovation.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of CoolWraps?

Jeffrey Miller, the creator and sole equity holder of CoolWraps, appeared on Season 4 of Shark Tank seeking an investment of $100,000 in exchange for a 40% equity stake in his business, valuing the company at $250,000.

CoolWraps are shrinkable gift bags designed to make gift wrapping easier. During the pitch, Miller demonstrated the simplicity of using CoolWraps – stuff the gift in the bag, seal it, and then shrink the bag around it with a hair dryer.

However, despite the product’s ease of use, the pitch was marred by confusion and awkwardness as Miller stammered through his presentation, sometimes seeming speechless. 

Mark Cuban, one of the Sharks, attempted to move the pitch forward by encouraging Miller to talk more about the history of the business.

Miller revealed that CoolWraps had been on the market ten years prior but could not fill orders due to funding issues. This led to all his partners walking away, leaving Miller as the only remaining stakeholder. 

The Sharks expressed their bewilderment at the situation. Robert Herjavec was particularly perplexed about why a bank would refuse to grant a loan for a product with demonstrated market demand.

Miller explained that the bank had demanded the partners’ homes as collateral for a loan of $300,000 to $500,000, a condition not all partners were willing to meet.

When Lori Greiner asked if Miller had been demonstrating the product at tradeshows, he admitted that he hadn’t due to financial constraints instead of handing out business cards. 

This led to a discussion among the Sharks about the need for direct demonstrations for a product like CoolWraps to sell its benefits truly. It was also revealed that there were no direct competitors due to Miller’s utility patent.

When making offers, Robert Herjavec was the first to drop out, citing difficulties in seeing a market for the product. Lori Greiner, however, saw potential in CoolWraps but believed it needed revamping. She offered Miller $150,000 to purchase the company outright. 

However, before Miller could consider Greiner’s offer, Mark Cuban made a counteroffer. He proposed $250,000 for 100% equity, with a 3% royalty per unit sold. The catch was that Miller had to accept immediately. Without hesitation, Miller agreed to Cuban’s deal.

Despite the successful pitch and agreement on the show, the deal with Mark Cuban never actually closed, and CoolWraps were not available anywhere.

While Miller managed to bring CoolWraps back online for sale in 2015, it was short-lived, and by 2023, the company was considered out of business.

Final Deal: Mark Cuban agreed to invest $250,000 For 100% of CoolWraps and gave a 3% Royalty to Jeffery.

What Happened To CoolWraps After Shark Tank?

After the exciting pitch and deal made on Shark Tank, the fate of CoolWraps took a turn for the worse. While the entrepreneur, Jeffrey Miller, made a seemingly successful deal with Mark Cuban for $250,000 for 100% equity, with a 3% royalty per unit sold, the deal never materialized off-air.

This meant that despite the appearance of success on the show, Miller and CoolWraps didn’t receive the intended investment and guidance from Cuban.

In the years following the show, it was reported that the product was unavailable anywhere, suggesting that Miller had to start from scratch to rebuild the business.

By 2015, Jeffrey overcame some hurdles and started selling CoolWraps online again, but this was not sustained. The product availability was short-lived, and before long, all items were listed as out of stock. 

As of 2023, CoolWraps were no longer sold anywhere and was considered out of business. Unfortunately, despite the promising concept of the product and the initial interest from Shark Tank’s Mark Cuban, CoolWraps was unable to maintain its momentum and secure its place in the market.

This shows that while exposure and agreement on Shark Tank can provide an initial boost, it doesn’t guarantee long-term business success, especially if the deal doesn’t close after the show.

CoolWraps Shark Tank Update

CoolWraps, a product created by Jeffrey Miller, was presented on Shark Tank as a line of shrink-wrap gift bags. The bags provided an easy and stylish way to wrap gifts by sealing them and then shrinking the wrap using a hairdryer.

CoolWraps offered three pattern options and came in sets of nine bags of different sizes, making them particularly useful for wrapping irregularly shaped gifts.

During the Shark Tank pitch, Jeffrey Miller sought a $100,000 investment in exchange for a 40% equity stake in CoolWraps, implying a valuation of $250,000.

Mark Cuban expressed interest in the product and discussed the challenges faced by CoolWraps, including a lack of funding and partners backing out. Although some sharks raised concerns, Jeffrey’s utility patent protected CoolWraps from direct competitors.

Ultimately, Mark Cuban offered $250,000 for 100% equity and a 3% royalty. Jeffrey accepted the deal with Mark, but unfortunately, it did not proceed beyond the show. Despite the potential investment from Mark, CoolWraps faced difficulties meeting customer demand.

As time passed, the fate of CoolWraps became uncertain. The company struggled to reach the right market and secure the necessary funding. CoolWraps’ website eventually went offline, indicating a possible closure in 2015.

Social media accounts related to CoolWraps remained inactive for several years. This suggests that the company is no longer in operation. It is unclear whether CoolWraps successfully continued its business after the Shark Tank appearance or if it faced challenges that led to its closure.

Jeffrey Miller appears to have pursued a career as a freelance designer. The future of CoolWraps remains uncertain, and the product is no longer available for purchase online.

After appearing on Shark Tank, CoolWraps struggled to secure funding, faced challenges meeting customer demand, and eventually went out of stock.

The company’s website went offline, and its social media presence remained inactive, indicating a possible closure. Jeffrey Miller, the creator of CoolWraps, has since pursued a different career path as a freelance designer.

Is CoolWraps Still In Business?

No, CoolWraps is no longer in business. The company was featured on Shark Tank in 2013, where Mark Cuban invested $250,000 in exchange for 100% equity. However, it appears the company never took off after the show.

The website is no longer active, and the social media accounts have not been updated in years. There are also no mentions of CoolWraps on any major retailers’ websites.

The company is still in business but is not selling directly to consumers. However, there is no evidence to support this claim. As of 2023, CoolWraps appears to be defunct.

What Is the Net Worth of CoolWraps?

Our research shows CoolWraps’ net worth is estimated to be $500,000 as of 2023. The valuation of CoolWraps was $250,000 after securing an investment from Mark Cuban on Shark Tank.

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