Body Jac Shark Tank Update

Shark Tank episodes 105 featured “Cactus” Jack Barrington bringing his Body Jac push-up technique.

His name is Jack, and he has been an entrepreneur for all of his adult life. He previously sold over 10 million units of the One-Shot cleaning tablet.

The Shark Tank Sharks could be a valuable resource for helping him devise a new business strategy that poses fewer risks than his prior endeavors.

The Body Jac is an invention that uses a set of bands to help people do push-ups and enable customized workouts that target specific muscle groups.

Jack had the presence of a Texas tycoon and possessed the swagger of an Illinois native.

His appearance in the Shark Tank is as impressive as his outfit: a fringed leather jacket, a big belt buckle hidden underneath an equally impressive stomach, and snakeskin boots.

Along with him is his daughter, a personal trainer who will demonstrate the Sharks. Can they be duped, or will they be mesmerized?

What Is Body Jac?

Body Jac is a piece of fitness equipment that helps users do push-ups by providing multiple resistance bands that can be added or removed based on individual strength needs.

Body Jac Shark Tank Update

Additionally, you could modify it so that it targets additional muscle groups. The gadget comes with a repetition counter, displaying the calories burned during workouts. A workout chart and CD are also included with Body Jac.

Company NameBody Jac
EntrepreneurJack Barringer
ProductEasy Pushup Device
Investment Asking For$180,000 for 20% equity in Body Jac
Final Deal$180,000 for 50% equity in Body Jac
SharkBarbara Corcoran and Kevin Harrington
Episode Season 1 Episode 5
Business StatusIn Business
WebsiteVisit Website

Who Is The Founder Of Body Jac?

Jack Barringer is the founder of Body Jac, also known as Cactus Jack, a nickname given by his father.

His company One-Shot had already sold over 10 million One-Shot cleaning tablets, which made him a lifetime entrepreneur, peddler, and infomercial star.

Moreover, he also owns several other patents for inventions he has made. Jack continues to serve as CEO of Cactus Jack’s Marketing, founded in 1975.

Body Jac was founded in part by Jack because he was 30 pounds overweight. His doctor told him to lose weight and exercise by performing push-ups.

Anybody familiar with the process of weight loss would see that it entails a bit more than that. Jack had difficulty performing one because of pain in his joints.

In addition to this, he was spurred on by his bodybuilder daughter, who designed a device to help him in his efforts.

Jack could not bring his product to market personally after burning through a major chunk of the millions he earned from prior inventions. So he started looking for investors to assist him.

Additionally, he was sure that having an investor steering the ship would limit his temptations.

Body Jac Before Shark Tank

Often referred to as Cactus Jack, Jack Barringer has been an individual entrepreneur in Iowa for a long time.

In his 65 years, he has not held a job since his innovative and creative thinking has always been enough to support him.

He has spent years creating goods and successfully bringing them to market. Cactus Jack is also not limited to a single product category.

His innovations include everything from cleaning items to fishing equipment to sewing machines.

He had accumulated millions of dollars throughout the years but also dealt with adversity when his products were not so popular. However, the Body Jac is his latest creation, and he fully believes in it.

The Body Jac made workouts more comfortable while maintaining the same slimming effect.

A fairly heavy older man, Barringer designed this piece of fitness equipment to make it easier for him to perform push-ups without putting too much strain on his back and shoulders.

Some fitness professionals believe that pushups are the best exercise, but they can be extremely painful for the wrists and other joints in the body.

As a result, Barringer set out to build a gadget to alleviate some of that uncomfortable pressure.

Body Jac helps users maintain proper form when performing the perfect pushup.

Barringer states that upon testing the device, he discovered three 8-minute workouts each week could boost the body’s strength while also toning the parts of the body such as the arms, the back, the chest, and several others.

Cactus Jack is deeply convinced that Body Jac will succeed in the market, but he desires investors because of his previous financial ups and downs.

He subsequently decides to look for a partner on ABC’s Shark Tank.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of Body Jac?

Cactus Jack appeared on Shark Tank with a self-assured, perhaps even overconfident, air about him.

He’s been an entrepreneur for long enough to have patents for several innovative products.

Sharks may consider this a significant catch, but does his presentation have the necessary bite?

He’s looking for $180,000 in exchange for a 20 percent stake in his company in exchange for the money. Aside from his current invention, Jack also brings a lot more to the table.

He is the owner of patents for several goods that have previously been commercially successful. Robert Herjavec comes in to ask what should have been said all along:

“What’s the point of coming here and asking for $180,000 if you’ve made several million dollars?”

Barrington recounts how he made millions of dollars by the time he was in his early thirties but lost them just as quickly.

His business actions have hurt his family. He’s looking for a business partner with whom he can share the risks and earnings.

“You’re not simply making a financial investment in the Body Jac,” he explains. “You’re putting your money into Cactus Jack.”

Kevin O’Leary is dissatisfied with this method of operation. He believes that Barrington’s $27,000 personal contribution does not represent a significant enough percentage of the total interest he seeks to acquire. He’s no longer here.

Robert Herjavec follows suit for identical reasons. He’s no longer here.

Kevin Harrington offers $90,000, but he wants a stake in the company worth 50% of the total. Barrington must persuade another Shark to contribute the remaining $90,000 to complete the deal. Barbara Corcoran takes the initiative.

She is willing to pay up the remaining $90,000, but she has a backup plan in place.

She wants Barrington to lose 30 pounds using his equipment, which he has at his disposal. Daymond John intervenes to stop Kevin from pressing Jack to make a decision.

He puts forward his proposal, offering to donate all $180,000, but he also wants the whole package, including “I want to be part of the Cactus Jack enterprise.”

Kevin Harrington tells Jack that he should decide once more, and Jack agrees. In response, Jack ponders for a couple of seconds before nodding.

‘Cactus Jack’ is the man you’ve been looking for. If he is unable to do the task, no one else will be able to. “I’ll take you up on your offer.” 

He gives Corcoran a high-five in celebration of his achievement.

Final Deal: Kevin Harrington And Barbara Corcoran agreed to invest $180,000 for 50% equity in Body Jac.

What Happened To Body Jac After Shark Tank?

Cactus Jack kept his promise once he reached an agreement with Barringer, Harrington, and Corcoran and lost 30 pounds to prove that the product was effective.

Unfortunately, there was little success to be obtained following the deal’s conclusion. Body Jac had a website ( that was closed in 2012.

Cheek’d Shark Tank Update

Barbara Corcoran has revealed that investing in this company was the worst business decision she has ever made in public interviews, but she leaves it at that.

No further explanation as to why the company went wrong has been provided. There is no other information available except that Cactus Jack’s recap was removed from ABC’s website.

Body Jac Shark Tank Update

Jack Barrington lost 30 pounds by the deadline, and even more, so he secured the deal with Corcoran and Harrington.

The Body Jac update segment for episode 113 was based on this concept.

Cactus Jack was introduced to a major infomercial event by Kevin Harrington, who used infomercials to boost the Body Jac to fame.

Body Jac Shark Tank Update

The Body Jac deal’s meteoric success was mentioned in the episode 206 update.

Somewhere along the line, this transaction went wrong. Barbara Corcoran publicly referred to Body Jac as one of the worst bargains she’s ever made and claimed Cactus Jack cheated her out of her money.

Body Jac’s website went down in 2012, and it appeared as though the product had ceased to exist.

It appears that Corcoran remained involved in Body JAC through early 2013, as evidenced by this photo on the Facebook page.

It’s unlikely that Cactus Jack and Corcoran’s relationship will ever be revealed, but she still harbors resentment toward him, as her October 2014 interview with the Shark Tank Blog demonstrates.

Body Jacs are still available for purchase, and Cactus Jack runs his own marketing company. Body Jac ceased its operations in July 2021.

Is Body Jac Still In Business?

Jack met the deadline by shedding thirty pounds to close the agreement with Corcoran and Harrington.

Kevin brought Cactus Jack to a major infomercial trade show and launched Body Jac to success in the shark tank update episode 113.

In 2012, things between Jack and the Sharks did not go as planned. Barbara Corcoran has publicly stated that this was one of the worst deals she has ever made.

Better Life Shark Tank Update

The Body Jac website was down, and the product itself was ineffective. Barbara attempted to continue working in some way until 2013 but could not do so.

Due to the break with the sharks, Jack remained in business until 2015, when Body Jac was put up for sale. As of 22, Body Jac has been out of business.

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