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Blueland, which debuted in Season 11 of Shark Tank, is a revolutionary company that aims to minimize the environmental harm caused by single-use plastic waste in the cleaning supply industry.

The company, founded by Sarah Paiji and Syed Naqvi in 2018 in New York City, presents an innovative solution to the persistent issue of plastic pollution.

Blueland’s products revolve around cleaning tablets and reusable bottles. You don’t need to buy a new bottle of cleaning solution every time you run out of Blueland; instead, you just need to buy refills in tablet form.

When mixed with water, these tablets transform into various cleaning solutions. The company’s product range includes a multi-surface cleaner, a cleaning solution for the bathroom, a hand soap, and a cleaner for mirrors and glass surfaces.

The tablets are priced economically at just two dollars, making them a cost-effective alternative to traditional cleaning supplies. The reusable bottles provided by Blueland are made from an eco-friendly material that can be used repeatedly, significantly reducing the need for single-use plastic bottles.

According to the company, this system can eliminate waste from five billion single-use plastic bottles yearly. The effectiveness of Blueland’s products is validated by third-party laboratory studies, showing that they are just as potent as other cleaning products.

What’s more, Blueland’s products are not only affordable, but they also boast great sustainability. The tablets, made from sustainable ingredients, are biodegradable, and one tablet can last up to three months in a single bottle.

The company made waves on Shark Tank, gaining substantial exposure and securing a deal with Kevin O’Leary, who offered $270,000 in exchange for 3% equity and a $0.50 royalty per kit.

Blueland provides an innovative, cost-effective, and eco-friendly solution for home cleaning. Consumers who wish to contribute to a healthier environment can choose the company’s plastic waste reduction and quality cleaning solutions. It’s a prime example of how businesses can drive consumer habits towards sustainability.

Company NameBlueland
EntrepreneurSarah Paiji Yoo and Syed Naqvi
ProductEco-friendly cleaning products that revolutionize the cleaning industry
Investment Asking For$270,000 for 2% equity in Blueland
Final Deal$270,000 for 3% equity in Blueland and a $0.50 royalty per kit until his money is earned back
SharkKevin O’Leary
Blueland’s Episode Season 11, Episode 1
Blueland’s Business StatusIn Business
Blueland’s WebsiteVisit Website

What Is Blueland?

Blueland is an innovative eco-friendly company that aims to revolutionize how people consume household cleaning products. The Blueland company recognizes how detrimental single-use plastic packaging and toxic chemicals are to the environment and offers sustainable alternatives through its reusable bottles and non-toxic, concentrated cleaning tablets.

It is easy for consumers to minimize their plastic waste by dissolving the tablets in water and adding the solution to their reusable containers.

Blueland proves you can maintain a clean and healthy home without sacrificing our planet’s well-being with multi-surface cleaners, hand soap, and dishwasher detergent.

Blueland Shark Tank Update

Who Is The Founder Of Blueland?

Blueland was founded by Syed Naqvi and Sarah Paiji Yoo in 2018. Their journey began with a shared vision to tackle the environmental issues caused by conventional cleaning supplies and bring about a revolutionary change in the industry.

Sarah Paiji Yoo is an alumna of Harvard, where she studied economics as an undergraduate. Before attending business school at Harvard, she worked in private equity. 

However, she dropped out in her first year to pursue her first startup, a mobile shopping application, which she later sold to a major search engine. 

Syed Naqvi hails from Pakistan and moved to the US at ten. He overcame significant personal adversity when his parents passed away, leaving him with seven sisters and a brother.

He pursued chemistry as a field of study and subsequently worked as the director of the formulation at one of the world’s largest non-toxic cleaning companies.

Sarah conceived the idea for Blueland while reading about the environmental impact of microplastics dissolving in water. She recognized the need for a more sustainable cleaning solution, so she partnered with Syed, whose experience in the non-toxic cleaning industry was crucial to developing the product.

They created Blueland to offer a cheaper, more eco-friendly alternative to traditional cleaning supplies. They patented their idea of cleaning tablets dissolved in water, reducing plastic waste and water use in the cleaning supplies industry.

Before appearing on Shark Tank, Blueland already had a promising start. The founders had successfully raised $3 million from various investors, including notable names like Justin Timberlake.

They had also developed and marketed four products, including a foaming hand soap, a multi-surface cleaner, a bathroom cleaner, and a glass and mirror cleaner. Their innovative product line offered cleaning tablets that could be used with a reusable bottle (a Forever Bottle), providing a long-lasting, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly solution. 

When they decided to go on Shark Tank, they were seeking a partner to help them expand their market reach. They aimed to replace traditional cleaning supplies with sustainable, efficient, affordable alternatives.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of Blueland?

Blueland founders Sarah Paiji Yoo and Syed Naqvi made their pitch on the very first episode of Shark Tank Season 11. They came to the tank seeking an investment of $270,000 for 2% equity in their eco-friendly cleaning and personal products business, valuing Blueland at 13,500,000.

The Shark Tank pitch began with the introduction of Blueland’s revolutionary concept: an innovative way to address plastic waste through their Forever Bottles and refillable, dissolvable tablets.

They pitched their product line, which includes various home cleaning products and hand soaps, all available as tablets that dissolve in water and come in compostable and recyclable packaging. 

While the sharks initially seemed unimpressed with the pitch, the founders revealed that Blueland had made $200,000 in sales in just one month. This substantial early success and the chance for the sharks to test the products themselves piqued the investors’ interest.

Two offers were made: one from guest shark Daniel Lubetzky (founder of KIND Snacks) and Lori Greiner, who proposed a hefty offer of $1 million for a 25% stake in Blueland.

The other offer was made by Kevin O’Leary, who proposed $270,000 for a 6% equity stake in the company. After further negotiation, Lori and Daniel returned with an offer of $270,000 for 8% of the company.

Ultimately, the founders of Blueland agreed to Kevin O’Leary’s revised offer: $270,000 in exchange for 3% equity of Blueland, with an added clause of $0.50 in royalties per kit sold until he recoups his initial investment.

This deal was seen as a win for both Blueland and Kevin O’Leary, and the successful pitch resulted in promising growth for the company in the years following their appearance on Shark Tank.

What Happened To Blueland After Shark Tank?

Blueland’s appearance on Shark Tank marked a significant turning point for the business. Founders Syed Naqvi and Sarah Paiji secured a deal with Kevin O’Leary, who invested $270,000 in exchange for 3% equity in the company, with an additional agreement of $0.50 per kit in royalties until he recouped his investment.

This deal, along with the exposure from the show, brought a tremendous boost to the company’s growth and visibility.

After the Shark Tank episode aired, Blueland experienced a substantial increase in sales. The founders seized this momentum to expand their product line, introducing a range of new items in 2020, particularly in the personal care category. This included products like the Clean Skin Duo, Facial, Body Wash, and more. 

Blueland’s growth did not stop there. By February 2022, the company had secured a further $20 million in funding from multiple investors, bringing the total amount raised to $35 million. 

This funding has allowed the company to continue to innovate and expand its reach within the U.S. and potentially worldwide. 

The company’s revenues also saw a significant uptick. They were projected to make $10 million in revenue by the end of 2022, and their growth rate had reached 400% within two years of their Shark Tank appearance. The brand’s products have become widely available at major supermarket retailer stores in the US, including Costco.

While the financial deal with Kevin O’Leary might not have officially closed as of January 2023, he has been seen promoting the brand’s products, which suggests a continued relationship and support for the company. 

As of 2023, Blueland is valued at around $22 million. The company is in a strong position, with the popularity of its products growing and its presence in the market expanding. Despite not fully expanding within the United States, they are already looking towards exporting their products worldwide.

In summary, Blueland’s journey post-Shark Tank has been marked by accelerated growth, product line expansion, significant funding, and increased brand visibility. As of February 2023, the company continues to operate successfully and shows promising potential for further growth and expansion.

Blueland Shark Tank Update

After appearing on Shark Tank, Blueland, a sustainable cleaning products company, experienced positive developments in its business. While the details vary across different sources, the overall trajectory of Blueland’s growth and success is evident. Here’s a comprehensive response to your question:

Blueland, founded in 2018 by Syed Naqvi and Sarah Paiji, offers environmentally friendly cleaning solutions to reduce single-use plastic waste. Their products include refillable bottles and dissolvable tablets for various household chores, providing an effective and sustainable alternative to traditional cleaning products.

Blueland’s appearance on Shark Tank resulted in a partnership with investor Kevin O’Leary. Although the exact terms of the deal differ slightly in the sources, it is generally mentioned that Blueland secured a $270,000 investment from O’Leary in exchange for 3% equity and a $0.50 royalty. This partnership and exposure on Shark Tank played a significant role in propelling Blueland’s growth.

After the show, Blueland experienced substantial sales growth and raised $35 million in funding. The company’s estimated worth has been reported as $22 million. Blueland has been expanding its product offerings, including personal care items and cleaning products. Their innovative approach and commitment to sustainability have garnered customer satisfaction and media attention.

Blueland Shark Tank Update

Blueland’s products have been praised for their affordability, effectiveness, and environmental commitment. Their goal of eliminating single-use plastic bottles has prevented over 1 billion since 2019. This achievement and its sustainable business model have positioned Blueland as a key player in the industry.

Despite facing challenges, Blueland continues to thrive and shows potential for success. Their net worth has been estimated at $10 million. With ongoing expansion plans and dedication to its mission of combating plastic waste, Blueland remains focused on providing innovative and sustainable solutions for consumers.

Blueland’s appearance on Shark Tank, partnership with Kevin O’Leary, and dedication to sustainability have propelled their business forward. They have experienced significant sales growth, raised substantial funding, expanded their product line, and gained recognition for their affordable and eco-friendly offerings.

Blueland’s commitment to reducing single-use plastic waste and providing effective cleaning solutions positions them as a leading player in the industry.

Is Blueland Still In Business?

Yes, Blueland is still in business and doing exceptionally well. Blueland has demonstrated continued activity and growth since its appearance on Shark Tank. The company has achieved significant milestones, including eliminating 1 billion plastic bottles, securing funding, and expanding its product offerings.

They have raised $35 million in funding, and their net worth has been estimated at $22 million. Furthermore, Blueland’s commitment to reducing single-use plastic waste and its mission to combat microplastic pollution suggest an ongoing operation.

While specific up-to-date information about Blueland’s current status might not be available from the sources provided, the company’s recent funding announcement of $20 million and its dedication to eliminating single-use plastics from home cleaning indicate that they are still active and focused on its environmental mission. Blueland has also gained popularity and recognition through celebrity endorsements and social media support.

What Is the Net Worth Of Blueland?

According to our research, Blueland has an estimated net worth of $10 million. Blueland’s valuation was 9,000,000 after securing a deal from Kevin O’Leary on Shark Tank. The company’s net worth reflects its success and growth in providing sustainable cleaning solutions and reducing single-use plastics.

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