Basic Outfitters Shark Tank Net Worth

The best way to refresh your underwear and socks drawer is to go to Basic Outfitters. The company sells several basic items at very affordable prices.

Basic Outfitters allows customers to make underwear and socks for only $60. Basic Outfitters will send a woman to the dump with all the old and faulty underwear and socks she had used.

They will have them thrown away and replaced with new ones. You can buy basic articles such as underwear and socks separately for $30.

Buying three pairs of underwear and four pairs of socks is as affordable as paying $30 for three. A tee shirt costs $12, and a pack of undershirts costs $10.

Basic Outfitters is a company that has received the WRAP certification. This means the production methods used by the company are ethical, humane, safe, and legal. Basic Outfitters uses ethical, safe, and humane production methods.

Basic Outfitters founders Laura and Micheal Dweck tell the Sharks that men usually wear the same clothes for seven years.

Laura couldn’t live without the underwear and socks that Micheal was wearing, so she disposed of them. Micheal was looking for a way to get good quality underwear and socks at a reasonable price.

Basic Outfitters sells ten pairs of socks, three pairs of underwear, three sweatshirts, and three pairs of shorts for $60. That’s an affordable price for 17 basic things.

Laura says guys keep their underwear on average for seven years! The company’s “Create a Drawer” service enables men to organize their socks and underwear drawers for $60.

Three pairs of briefs, eight pairs of socks, three tee shirts, and a “wild card” item are stored in the drawers from Basic Outfitters.

In addition to underwear and socks, the brand sells cotton tees for $12 and three packs of underwear for $30. This bundle provides the best value without a doubt.

Basic Outfitters is a WRAP subscriber. WRAP (Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production) certified facilities ensure that their products are produced safely, ethically, and with compassion.

Company NameBasic Outfitters
EntrepreneurMichael Dweck and Laura Dweck
ProductSubscription service for underwear, socks, and undershirts
Investment Asking For$125,000 For 10% equity in Basic Outfitters
Final DealNo Deal
SharkNo Shark
Episode Season 8, Episode 12
Business StatusIn Business
WebsiteBasic Outfitters Website

What Is Basic Outfitters?

Basic Outfitters specializes in helping men replenish their wardrobes quickly with basic clothes.

Basic Outfitters’ extraordinary men’s clothing firm specializes in high-quality, customizable, trendy apparel.

Basic Outfitters Shark Tank Net Worth

Basic Outfitters offer a wide range of clothing items, such as t-shirts, underwear, socks, and jogging sweatpants.

Who Is The Founder Of Basic Outfitters?

Laura and Michael Dweck started Basic Outfitters. Laura came from a fashion design background. On the other hand, Michael Dweck had previously worked in the chemotherapy and surgical units at Memorial Sloan Kettering.

Laura and Michael left their day jobs to operate the company full-time in midtown Manhattan in a shared office.

Basic Outfitters founders Laura and Michael Dweck tell the Sharks that men keep their underwear on average for seven years. Laura threw away Michael’s socks and underwear because she was annoyed by them.

Michel was looking for a way to get high-quality underwear and socks at an affordable price. The package includes 10 pairs of socks, 3 underwear, 3 undershirts, and jogger sweat pants for $60.

Basic Outfitters Before Shark Tank

The founders’ narrative goes as follows. Laura became concerned that Michael’s collection of basic clothes, such as socks and underwear, took up too much space in their New York City apartment after they were married and moved in.

Laura challenged Michael to discard everything he had worn in 6 months. They were surprised that this was nearly everything.

He and his wife decided to start their own business due to the cost and effort involved with refreshing basic clothing.

Michael was a 2009 Rutgers graduate who developed a business strategy for Basic Outfitters. Laura’s design skills inspired their ideas.

Millennial guys between 18 and 34 can purchase high-quality and cheap necessities from the brand, launched in 2015. Forbes also recognized the brand for its retail and online presence.

Michael and Lauren Dweck decided to open a business after encountering a relevant situation.

The new bride decided to rid her husband of his old, ragged underwear and socks when she and her new husband began their married life together. He was struggling to find new clothes on a budget.

Basic Outfitters was created through their combined knowledge of fashion and business.

The choices they made along the way were ultimately terrible. Would the Sharks still be interested in investing? 

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of Basic Outfitters?

Laura and Michael entered Shark Tank seeking an investment of $125,000 for a 10% stake in Basic Outfitters.

They reveal early in the pitch that they control only 25% of their company, discouraging the Sharks. The year’s sales are expected to be $500,000.

Mark approves of the concept but not of their execution, therefore withdrawing. Robert is no longer employed due to his inability to reconcile with the equity divide.

Daymond does the same thing. Kevin is impressed by the concept and will invest $125,000 for a 25% stake if the rest of the investors are willing to contribute the same amount. Lori makes a similar proposal.

Laura and Michael respond with 15%, and Kevin leaves.

Lori counters 20% but goes out due to uncertainty between the other investors.

Final Deal: No deal between Sharks and Basic Outfitters. 

What Happened To Basic Outfitters After Shark Tank?

Basic Outfitters appears to be thriving despite not receiving financing from the Sharks. reports that they are considering adding a drawer for ladies, but they don’t yet have a women’s section.

What Happened To Potato Parcel After Shark Tank?

They just expanded their shipping territory to include Canada. Lauren and Michael were featured in People Magazine and included in Forbes’ list of the top 30 under 30 in the world.

Basic Outfitters Shark Tank Update

Basic Outfitters increased sales by 1,000% to $5 million following Shark Tank, despite not getting a deal.

Basic Outfitters revamped their Amazon store, started physical pop-up shops, and collaborated with Jet Blue. Jet Blue’s Mint amenity packs include their items. The pair made Forbes’ 2018 list of 30 Under 30.

Basic Outfitters Shark Tank Net Worth

Basic Outfitters founders “withdrew” from the business in June 2019. There is no further information on who acquired the company. 

The company’s Facebook page has been inactive since January 2020, and the Amazon store is “temporarily unavailable.” The website does not include a purchasing option.

Basic Outfitters is probably out of business as of 2022.

Are Basic Outfitters Still In Business?

It appears that Basic Outfitters is doing well at first glance; however, that is not the case in late 2021.

A few of the company’s clothing items are still available on Amazon. Although the website still works and has the creation narrative from Laura and Michael Dweck, it no longer accepts orders, and its social media accounts have been inactive since early 2020.

The business was sold in 2019 and is considered purchased at this time. The owner of the company and the reason they’re keeping the domain up nearly two years later continue to be a mystery.

What Happened To NOHBO After Shark Tank?

Michael is now identified as a Senior Vendor Manager at Amazon. Laura is now the president of Shore Magic, a firm dedicated to health and wellness.

Miscoot Outfitters follows a similar name and business model, focusing exclusively on the essentials.

Additionally, they sell loungewear, socks, and other articles of apparel that are generally reserved for use at home or as undergarments. They also have a women’s collection.

What Is the Net Worth of Basic Outfitters?

The valuation of Basic Outfitters was $1.25 million when it appeared on Shark Tank. The net worth of Basic Outfitters is $0 since the company went out of business.