Gently Soap Shark Tank Update

Unveiling Gently Soap: A Natural Skincare Brand for Sensitive Skin and Eczema Relief

Gently Soap, a herbal brand that specializes in crafting natural skin care products, made a notable appearance on Season 15 of Shark Tank.

Gently Soap is an herbal skincare brand that offers botanical bath bars crafted to cleanse and soothe sensitive skin, including those with skin conditions like eczema. They are free of harmful ingredients and designed to add joy to your everyday routine.

With real herbs and a focus on gentle care, Gently Soap aims to provide a refreshing and skin-nourishing experience. These soaps are full of natural goodness that will help you embrace a skincare regime that pampers and nurtures your skin.

Founded in October 2020 by Kristen Dunning, Gently Soap was born out of a desire to cater to individuals grappling with skin conditions like eczema.

Gently Soap prides itself on using only natural ingredients. The company’s products are vegan, essential oil-free, fragrance-free, dye-free, and palm oil-free.

Gently Soap is an excellent candidate for people with sensitive skin or for those who prefer to use minimal artificial additives in their skincare routine.

Unveiling Gently Soap: A Natural Skincare Brand for Sensitive Skin and Eczema Relief

Gently Soap offers a variety of soap options formulated specifically to address skin problems like eczema. The Gently Soap formula provides relief and protection from eczema, a prevalent skin condition characterized by dry, itchy patches.

The brand’s emphasis on natural ingredients known for their soothing and nourishing properties underscores its commitment to quality and safety.

Gently Soap is committed to accessibility, offering its products on Amazon and its official website. The brand’s accessibility makes it convenient for individuals to experience its benefits.

The brand’s dedication to providing gentle and effective bath products for sensitive skin, particularly for those with eczema, sets it apart in the skincare market.

Kristen Dunning, the founder of Gently Soap, has a personal connection to the brand’s mission.

Kristen’s experience with eczema and skin sensitivities since a young age inspired her to create a skincare line that prioritizes natural ingredients and sustainability.

She developed Gently Soap’s philosophy and product line using her academic background in Horticultural Science and Agricultural Communications.

Before its Shark Tank debut, Gently Soap had already made significant strides towards its vision.

Kristen’s determination to offer a gentle yet effective alternative for individuals with skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis while upholding eco-conscious and community-supportive values drove the brand’s early success.

The brand’s unique approach to infusing soap bars with herbs for natural aromas, along with its focus on sustainability through zero-waste, vegan, and organic ingredients, distinguishes Gently Soap in the skincare landscape.

Additionally, the brand’s philanthropic initiatives, such as the LOVE GENTLY Wellness Initiative, underscore its commitment to creating a positive impact on both individual skincare routines and broader societal well-being.

The Story of Gently Soap: A Journey to Soothe Sensitive Skin on Shark Tank Season 15

Entrepreneur Kristen Dunning is the mastermind behind Gently Soap, a brand specializing in gentle, all-natural soap products tailored for sensitive skin.

She was seeking an investment of $75,000 for a 10% stake in her business in a compelling pitch.

Kristen’s journey with Gently Soap began from a personal struggle with sensitive skin, a challenge many individuals face when it comes to bath products.

After years of searching for a suitable soap without success, she delved into horticulture studies for three years to understand how plants could benefit sensitive skin.

Gently Soap, a line of soap that avoids the use of essential oils and synthetic fragrances that often irritate sensitive skin, is the result of this dedication.

Instead, Kristen’s soaps harness the gentle and soothing properties of plants to provide a calming aroma without any harmful side effects.

During her pitch, the Sharks had the opportunity to experience Kristen’s products firsthand. The scents captivated them, particularly guest Shark Candace Nelson, the renowned founder of Sprinkles Cupcakes.

With current online sales and an upcoming Amazon launch, Gently Soap has already generated $113,000 in sales since its February 2021 debut.

Impressively, $66,000 of these sales were from the previous year, resulting in a profit of $38,000. Moreover, an impressive 78% of orders come from repeat customers.

Kristen highlighted that a significant 71% of the population suffers from sensitive skin, a percentage that has increased by 55% in the last two decades. This statistic underscores the vast market demand for products like Gently Soap.

Although some Sharks like Lori Greiner admired the product, others like Mark Cuban and Daymond John couldn’t relate to it and opted out.

However, Kevin O’Leary expressed interest by offering $75,000 for 10% equity along with a $1 royalty per bar sold until he recoups $500,000, after which the royalty would reduce to $0.20 per bar indefinitely.

Candace Nelson made a competitive offer of $75,000 for 30% equity in Gently Soap, skipping the royalty fee and promising to connect Kristen with a major player in the beauty industry – Thirteen Lune.

After negotiations back and forth, Kristen sealed the deal with Candace at 25% equity, marking a successful partnership with the founder of Sprinkles Cupcakes as she exited Shark Tank Season 15.

The Success Story of Gently Soap: From Shark Tank Spotlight to Industry Recognition

After its feature on Shark Tank, Gently Soap witnessed a positive impact on its business. The exposure garnered from the show significantly boosted brand recognition and attracted a broader customer base.

The financial backing, coupled with the exposure received, propelled the brand’s business forward and positioned it for continued growth and success in delivering herbal-infused bar soaps backed by research for sensitive skin care.

Kristen Dunning, the company’s founder, also used this opportunity to showcase the company’s products and dedication to providing sensitive skin care.

Gently Soap’s appearance on Shark Tank highlighted its diverse range of herbal-infused bar soaps specially crafted for ultra-sensitive skin.

The brand’s focus on using soothing, natural ingredients and sustainable practices struck a chord with consumers and the television audience alike, contributing to its increasing popularity and credibility in the market.

The Success Story of Gently Soap: From Shark Tank Spotlight to Industry Recognition

Following its stint on Shark Tank, Gently Soap experienced remarkable growth and achievements. The show enhanced the company’s reputation and widened its customer base by enhancing its visibility.

Subsequently, Gently Soap emerged as a highly acclaimed skincare brand, with founder Kristen Dunning also receiving notable accolades, such as being recognized in the 2023 She’s Next Visa Program among 50 women-owned brands.

Additionally, Gently Soap’s products are now available on Amazon and through their online store, ensuring easy access for customers. The brand’s partnership with the BLK + GRN marketplace further expanded its reach, marking a significant milestone in its retail presence.

Moreover, by becoming the first Black-owned soap brand to be sold at Hallmark Mahogany, Gently Soap solidified its brand identity and market position.

In terms of recognition, Gently Soap has been featured in reputable publications like Eco Parent Magazine, elevating its reputation and visibility in the industry.

The company’s proactive approach to building a robust social media presence has enabled it to engage with its audience effectively and promote its brand authentically.

Financially, Gently Soap has secured funding to support its growth trajectory. Its notable achievements include receiving a $10,000 grant from the Startup Runway Foundation and receiving seed funding from Techstars New Orleans.

These financial successes underscore investor confidence in Gently Soap’s potential for sustained growth and prosperity.

Kristen Dunning, the driving force behind Gently Soap, has been actively involved in expanding the company’s footprint. 

By participating in various events and conferences like the Consensus Brands Show in New York City and the Black In Ecom Conference, Kristen has not only increased brand exposure but also fostered valuable connections within the industry.

Moreover, Kristen’s selection as a semifinalist for Pharell’s Black Ambition Prize Competition presents Gently Soap with a unique opportunity for mentoring and further growth.

Gently Soap is still in business with an estimated net worth of $1 million.