BarBees Bartending Shark Tank Net Worth

BarBees Bartending is a company that offers personalized cocktail-making classes, featured on Season 15, Episode 12 of Shark Tank.

Founded by Jessica Blakley and Willow Sprague, BarBees stands out by bringing the cocktail class experience directly to its customer’s homes.

The company’s instructors travel to various cities across the United States, allowing clients to host classes in the comfort of their own spaces. Alternatively, virtual classes are available for those unable to host in person.

Customers can choose from a selection of around 10 cocktails for their class, purchasing the necessary alcoholic beverages while BarBees provides the remaining ingredients and bartending tools.

With a focus on enhancing connections and providing a unique experience, BarBees successfully adapted its business model during the pandemic, transitioning from large event bartending to virtual cocktail classes.

The company’s expansion to multiple cities and glowing customer reviews highlight the appeal and quality of the BarBees experience.

For a fun and engaging way to learn mixology skills and enjoy cocktails in the comfort of your own home, BarBees Bartending offers a top-notch option worth considering.

Company NameBarBees Bartending
FounderJess Blakeley and Willow Sprague
ProductMobile cocktail class
Investment Seeking$75,000 for 10% equity
Final Deal Accepted$75,000 for 20% equity
Shark NameDaniel Lubetzky
EpisodeSeason 15, Episode 12
Business StatusIn Business
WebsiteVisit Website
Net Worth$500,000

What Is BarBees Bartending?

BarBees Bartending is a company that offers mobile cocktail classes in various cities across the United States. Their classes are designed for different occasions, such as corporate events, bachelorette parties, virtual gatherings, and date nights.

The company’s mixology instructors are skilled in crafting cocktails and engaging with people, creating an interactive platform for guests to enjoy fancy drinks and meaningful conversations.

BarBees Bartending Shark Tank Net Worth

BarBees Bartending aims to provide a unique and unforgettable experience for any event, whether it’s a private party, team-building activity, or special celebration.

Participants can book classes directly through the company’s official website and choose from a variety of cocktail options tailored to their preferences.

BarBees Bartending has received positive reviews from virtual class participants, highlighting the fun and engaging nature of their sessions.

Who Is The Founder Of BarBees Bartending?

BarBees Bartending was founded in 2019 by best friends Jess Blakley and Willow Sprague. Jess and Willow, based in Nashville, Tennessee, shared a passion for cocktails and bringing people together.

Their friendship and mutual love for mixology inspired them to start BarBees Bartending.

Jess Blakley and Willow Sprague founded BarBees Bartending out of their shared enthusiasm for cocktails and hospitality.

With a background in event planning and a deep understanding of mixology, they saw an opportunity to offer mobile bartending services for weddings, parties, and events in Nashville. Leveraging their skills and passion, they quickly gained success in the Nashville area.

Before appearing on Shark Tank in January 2024, BarBees Bartending had already established itself as a reputable provider of mobile bartending services.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, they pivoted their business model to offer virtual cocktail classes, expanding their reach nationwide.

Their innovative approach during challenging times earned them recognition, including the Industry Impact Award at the Belmont University Top 100 Alumni Entrepreneur Awards in 2023.

BarBees Bartending’s commitment to providing unique, interactive, and educational cocktail experiences had already set them apart in the industry before their Shark Tank appearance.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of BarBees Bartending?

Founders: Jess Blakley and Willow Sprague
Business: Mixology classes/cocktail classes
Investment Seeking: $75,000 for 10% equity
Final Deal: $75,000 for 20% equity from guest shark Daniel Lubetzky

Willow Sprague and Jess Blakley presented BarBees, their mobile cocktail-making class company that offers classes for various events and celebrations, on Shark Tank Season 15.

Starting in 2019 as an event bartending service in Nashville, Tennessee, the business has seen significant growth, expanding to multiple cities and projecting sales of $400,000 for the year.

They initially sought a $75,000 investment for 10% equity but ended up accepting an offer from guest shark Daniel Lubetzky for $75,000 for 20% equity.

BarBees Bartending Shark Tank Net Worth

Despite positive feedback from Mark Cuban and Daymond John about their entrepreneurial spirit and business concept, concerns about scalability and industry alignment led them to decline investment offers. 

Kevin O’Leary also opted out due to the mixed drink focus conflicting with his wine preferences.

Ultimately, Jess and Willow accepted Daniel Lubetzky’s offer after some negotiation, recognizing the value of his expertise and systems to help BarBees grow further.

SharkInvestment OfferedCounter Offer by FoundersFinal Deal Accepted
Daniel Lubetzky$75,000 for 20%$115,000 for 20%$75,000 for 20%

Daniel Lubetzky invested $75,000 for 20% equity in BarBees Bartending.

Did BarBees Bartending Get a Deal on Shark Tank?

BarBees Bartending successfully secured a deal on Shark Tank with investor Daniel Lubetzky. They received an investment of $75,000 in exchange for 20% equity in the business.

This deal was finalized after some negotiation, making it a significant milestone for the company’s growth and expansion plans.

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What Happened To BarBees Bartending After Shark Tank?

BarBees Bartending, founded by Jessica Blakley and Willow Sprague, experienced a significant boost in business after appearing on Shark Tank. The company secured a deal with Daniel Lubetzky, which is expected to increase its sales further.

Despite Some Sharks’ Concerns About The Company’s Rapid Growth, Willow And Jess Accepted The Offer To Fuel Their Expansion Plans.

Post-Shark Tank, BarBees Bartending Focused On Enhancing Its Services By Investing In Automation, Onboarding Improvements, And Expanding To New Cities. 

The Company Continued To Offer Mobile Cocktail Classes And Instructors For Various Social Gatherings, Maintaining A Strong Customer Base Primarily Composed Of Bachelorettes, Corporations, And Other Social Events.

With funding and guidance from Daniel Lubetzky, BarBees Bartending is aiming to solidify its position in the market, capitalize on the growing demand for unique cocktail experiences, and further establish its presence in the cocktail event industry.

BarBees Bartending Shark Tank Net Worth

They are anticipating a surge in demand and revenue in the upcoming weeks. BarBees Bartending offers cocktail classes for parties and corporate events, both in-person and virtually. Their services are available in various cities and can be booked through their website.

Despite the challenges of scaling the business, the founders are optimistic about the future growth of BarBees Bartending.

Post-Shark Tank, the Company demonstrates resilience, adaptability, and strategic growth planning, demonstrating how a successful pitch on a renowned platform can propel a business toward achieving its expansion goals and catering to a wider audience.

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BarBees Bartending Shark Tank Update

After appearing on Shark Tank, Bar Bees Bartending experienced a significant boost in business and recognition. The exposure from the show helped them expand their mobile mixology and bartending services to new locations across the United States.

Their interactive cocktail classes gained popularity, offering a unique and personalized experience for clients.

By prioritizing client satisfaction and tailoring services to each event’s needs, Bar Bees solidified its reputation as a go-to mobile bartending outfit for memorable occasions.

BarBees Bartending continued to offer mixology classes, including virtual classes and expanded to more cities. The founders, Jess Blakeley and Willow Sprague focused on increasing their customer base and growing the business nationwide.

BarBees Bartending is still in business with a net worth of $500,000, showcasing its resilience and success in the competitive mixology class market.

The Shark Tank’s appearance not only increased their clientele but also showcased their commitment to creating exceptional mixology experiences.

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What Is the Net Worth Of BarBees Bartending?

According to our research, BarBees Bartending’s net worth is estimated to be $500,000. The valuation of BarBees Bartending was $350,000 after securing an investment from Daniel Lubetzky on season 15 of Shark Tank.