What Happened To Villy Custom After Shark Tank?

A former fashion designer and owner of Villy Custom, a customized beach cruiser business, Fleetwood Hicks, presented the Sharks in episode 313 of Villy Custom.

The Porsche website inspired hicks’ website. You can design your bike online down to the color of your bike chain.

The idea came to Hicks while riding a bicycle in Venice Beach, California.

An old warehouse in Dallas, which also served as his residence, began selling custom motorcycles. He had no stock in the store or on the website.

Fleetwood launched the company as the first Rock the Post crowdfunding campaign, successfully raising $10,000.

What Is Villy Custom?

Villy Custom is well-known for customizing bikes for its adult customers. The company builds cruiser bikes according to customers’ specifications.

Villy Custom Shark Tank Update

The client specifies every aspect of the bike, from the color to the flat pedals, chains, and optional equipment such as cup holders.

The company also offers preassembled cruiser motorcycles.

Company NameVilly Custom
EntrepreneurFleetwood Hicks
ProductAdult Cruiser Bicycles
Investment Asking For$500,000 For 33% stake in Villy Custom
Final Deal$500,000 For 42% stake in Villy Custom
SharkMark Cuban And Barbara Corcoran
Episode Season 3 Episode 13
Business StatusIn Business
WebsiteVisit Website

Who Is The Founder Of Villy Custom?

Fleetwood Hicks created Villy Custom. He began his professional career as a graphic designer before customizing bikes. 

He also has his clothing line, Zedhed. He serves as the CEO of Villy Custom.

Villy Custom Before Shark Tank

Fleetwood Hicks started his firm by accident, which is an understatement.

The businessman visited Venice Beach, rented a cruiser bike, and rented a ride while in Los Angeles.

His ride was supposed to be just an hour, but he ended up taking six, which enraged the bike owner.

He bought a cruiser bike as soon as he returned to Dallas and acquired five more. Fleetwood was encouraged by his friends to start a cruiser bike company.

His response was to open a modest cruiser shop where he sold various brands of bikes.

Fleetwood ultimately went into the realm of bespoke motorcycles. He originally encountered difficulty raising funds to stabilize the business, so he dipped into his savings.

The crowdfunding campaign allowed him to raise over $10000, allowing mass production.

Additionally, the donations demonstrated that Villy Custom is a superior product, motivating Fleetwood to continue producing the bikes.

Fleetwood Mac’s mastiff, Deville, inspired the name of Villy Custom.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of Villy Custom?

Fleetwood appeared on Shark Tank with his dog Deville (or Villy for short, named after the firm). Fleetwood asked for $500k in exchange for a 33% stake in Villy Custom.

The previous year’s sales were approximately $130K, but sales have exceeded $250K year-to-date without any promotional spending.

Fleetwood wishes to establish a fashion accessory brand with his motorcycles, and the Sharks “get it.”

Daymond admires the designs, but he’s not interested in getting into the bicycle industry; he’s out. 

byKevin enjoys it as well, although he is still on the fence.

Robert likes the bikes and the concept, but not the price; he will not participate.

Mark and Barbara have a passion for Villy Custom and agree to collaborate on the sale. They offer $500K but demand 45%.

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Hicks counters 40%, and they agree to divide the difference at 42%.

Finally, Mark Cuban and Barbara Corcoran agreed to acquire Villy Customs for $500,000 and a 42 percent share in the company.

The two Sharks with whom Hicks hoped and prayed is now a reality.

What Happened To Villy Custom After Shark Tank?

Mark and Barbara made their deal after performing due diligence. Hicks received the bank wire from the Sharks while on vacation in Hawaii.

Villy Custom revamped its website and now sells hundreds of bikes per week.

The business was featured in a Shark Tank update section in season 4, episode 404, and again in season 6, episode 603.

Villy Custom Shark Tank Update

Villy Custom is now a Shark Tank Success Story!

Villy is making $2 million in sales, and they’re implementing a “corporate bike” program, according to the episode 603 update.

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Barbara pays a visit to the shop and is astounded by the new facility. Fleetwood is a jubilant Tanker!

The business has maintained consistent sales and will generate $3 million in yearly revenue by July 2021.

Villy Custom Shark Tank Update

Hicks struck a deal with Mark Cuban and Barbara Corcoran on Shark Tank for $500,000 in exchange for 42%.

Villy Custom saw sales soar above $2 million that they began creating motorcycles for corporate clients and celebrities.

Mark Cuban and Barbara Corcoran were both instrumental in securing the contract with Fleetwood and Villy Custom. Regrettably, DeVille, the dog, passed away this year.

Villy did not appear on television for the last time. During a December 2014 holiday gift episode of The Ellen Show, host Ellen DeGeneres gifted each of her audience members with a Villy (each valued at $1,000).

Is Villy Custom Still In Business?

Villy Customs’ story is unlike any other I’ve featured on the Shark Tank thus far.

Over the last five years, Fleetwood Hicks, the owner and inventor of Villy Customs Bicycles has made a crazy journey with his closest friend and mascot, Deville.

Even Fleetwood could not have dreamed of the opportunity that grew from a business trip bike rental into a full-time job opportunity.

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The company began in 2008 as a brick and mortar business, customizing Felt Cruisers and Hawk Classic Cruiser motorcycles.

You can completely customize your bike from a computer, thanks to the evolution of the concept.

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