Village Scholarships Shark Tank Update

The Village Scholarships project modernizes the financing of education in the 21st century. The initiative connects contributors to students who need financial assistance innovatively. You will become a member of the expanding Village Network once you register.

Crowdfunding is used to raise online community funds, allowing multiple donors to participate. Students and customers were both considered when designing this ground-breaking solution.

Village Scholarships assists students in pooling funds from family, friends, and donors. This cooperation helps you attain your financial objective more quickly than conventional approaches.

You can keep track of your fundraising initiatives using the Village Scholarships database. You can connect with potential donors and establish attainable goals with this tool. You can also apply for scholarships and contests organized by organizations.

Donors can create scholarships for a wide range of interests. You can tailor it to a specific school, major, or career path. It is also possible to cover expenses for a longer time.

There are multi-year awards available. Donors can rest easy knowing that every dollar they contribute goes directly to the beneficiary institution. You can quickly track the development of each pupil.

Village Scholarships finances student education and gives donations with tax benefits. Today, create a free profile to initiate the fundraising process. Donor accounts can be active for a lifetime, whereas student profiles are active for the student’s college tenure. Both can enjoy the long-term benefits of membership in the Village Network.

Village Scholarships offer premium services to students who register in advance. You can register by filling out the short form at the bottom of the homepage. You will also receive updates on all Village Scholarship opportunities by joining the official mailing list. You only need to provide your email address and name to subscribe.

There has never been an easier way to finance education. Village Scholarships may help you find available funding.

What are Village Scholarships?

Village Scholarships is a new way to finance your college education. It’s an online platform lets you crowdsource your tuition from family, friends, and your community. Village Scholarships is a crowdsourcing service that awards college students scholarships funded by crowdsourced donations. A student seeking financial aid creates an account and launches a campaign on the website.

Their campaign can also mention the institution to which the funds will be donated, along with their current circumstances. Village Scholarships donors may then match the campaign’s funds, and once the required amount is raised, the money will be transferred directly to the student’s college of choice.

Village Scholarships idea is simple: you set a goal for how much money you need to raise, and then people can donate to your campaign. If you reach your goal, you get the money you need to pay for tuition. If you don’t, you don’t have to pay anything back.

It’s a great way to get people involved in your education, and it’s a way to make college more affordable.

Village Scholarships was founded by two University of Pennsylvania students looking for a better way to finance their education. They were tired of the traditional college financing system, which they felt was unfair and didn’t give people enough control over their education. So they created Village Scholarships.

The platform is still in its early stages, but it’s already helped hundreds of students raise thousands of dollars for their education. If you’re looking for a new way to finance your college education, Village Scholarships is worth checking out.

Village Scholarships Shark Tank Update
Company NameVillage Scholarships
EntrepreneurAntonio Adams and Tasha Adams
Product / BusinessStudent crowdfunding site to assist with college fees
Investment Asking For$125,000 for 10% equity in Village Scholarships
Final DealNo Offers
SharkNo Sharks
Episode Season 7, Episode 14
Business StatusOut of Business
WebsiteVisit Website

Who is the Founder of Village Scholarships?

Antonio Adams and Tasha Adams are the founders of Village Scholarships. They founded Village Scholarships, an organization that helps students create campaigns to fund their college tuition, with their twin sister, Tasha.

Village Scholarships platform connects student and donor profiles facilitate the collection of donations and the creation of scholarships, and facilitates the transfer of funds directly to colleges, universities, and other educational institutions. Their mission is to assist more students in affording higher education.

Kane and Couture Shark Tank Update

Adams understands the difficulty of financing a college education. The University of Colorado is Antonio Adams’ fifth college, where he is seeking a bachelor’s degree. After high school, he was recruited by Stanford University, the Air Force Academy, Dartmouth College, and Brown University.

He lost two basketball scholarships due to injuries. Tasha attends the University of Arizona on a full scholarship for Ph.D. work in optical sciences.

Village Scholarships Before Shark Tank

Antonio Adams founded Village Scholarships after he lost his scholarship. It was an athletic scholarship, but Antonio could not participate because of his disability. He began considering alternative means of financing his education due to his misfortune.

IReTron Shark Tank Update

He began studying crowdfunding platforms because he believed that traditional channels lacked something. Antonio created his crowdfunding platform, Village Scholarships, with the support of his sister Tasha. Would the Sharks view such a site as advantageous? Let’s have a peek.

Village Scholarships Shark Tank Recap

The Adams siblings entered the Shark Tank and introduced themselves. The twins disclosed to the Sharks that they are identical twins from Denver, Colorado and that they started a scholarship organization called Village Scholarships. 

Adams twins requested an investment of $125,000 in exchange for a 10% stake in Village Scholarships. Tash said that getting into college is one of the biggest accomplishments for an adolescent, but funding it is another obstacle. Antonio wanted to know if there were any practical and profitable solutions to the problem. Village Scholarship solved this problem.

According to Tasha, Village Scholarships is a crowdfunding platform that allows friends of students to contribute to scholarships, with “those who care” matching their contributions. One twin initiates a phrase, and one completes it. The phrases they contributed each played an important role.

Antonio suggested that anyone interested in the cause contribute to a college fund. There was a large screen showing a sample of the website. Antonio stated that a student’s profile would include information about their school, major, and tuition prices. The kid could send their fundraising link to friends, family, or social networks.

The funds raised would be deposited into the university student accounts. Tasha and Antonio questioned whether the Sharks could assist them in making a difference.

According to Robert, it was simply a means for relatives and friends to contribute money to someone. The Village Scholarships platform is a conventional crowdsourcing platform offering matching donations.

He stated that the children would raise money from their families to be paired with another individual. Kevin inquired about the current number of users on the Village Scholarships website.

Aquapaw Shark Tank Update

Antonio stated that the website still needs to be completed. Lori clarified that the website was in the conceptual stage and that the company had yet to release the product or generate revenue.

Robert inquired once more whether it wasn’t simply a means to donate. He explained that it wasn’t a business. Mark asked Tasha if they had a business model, and she said they would charge a service fee.

Kevin inquired about the fee, to which Antonio responded that it would be 8.5% of the total amount raised by the student. Kevin and Mark appeared stunned. Antonio attempted to convince them that 8.5% was a regular cost for the services they were giving, but Kevin remained unconvinced.

Chris explained the distinction between a crowdfunding website such as Kickstarter, which provides distribution to a project that would not otherwise have it, and Village scholarships, where the cash comes from known donors rather than anonymous ones. This made the 8.5% charge seem excessive, especially considering that Village Scholarships did not add anything to the table, as noted by Kickstarter.

Antonio objected and insisted that their position was more comparable to GoFundMe. Mark indicated that Chris was correct. Kickstarter and other crowdfunding sites connect donors with those in need of funds.

Robert wanted to know what Village Scholarships’ key competitive edge was. Fund matching, according to Antonio, is the competitive aspect. Robert became bewildered and asked if strangers would genuinely match donations from friends and relatives. It isn’t easy to picture anyone being driven to accomplish it.

Antonio said the student would urge friends and family to donate to the Village Scholarship webpage. Chris inquired as to how the siblings were able to pay for college.

Tasha said she earned a full scholarship and a fellowship to study optical engineering at Oxford. Antonio responded to Lori’s inquiry about his past by stating that he was an entrepreneur with three startups. He was also a collegiate basketball player whose ailments cost him scholarship opportunities.

Just the Cheese Shark Tank Update

Robert told the pair they would need many donations or candidates for this to succeed. Both parties would benefit from that. Robert stated that he believes that friends and family of the student would only pay Village Scholarships 8% to donate money to the kid when they could give the money to the student directly.

Antonio stated that the market study they conducted indicated otherwise. Hundreds of thousands of students are already using crowdfunding to raise money for their expenditures, knowing there is a fee.

Kevin stated that their price was excessive. He left after funding a competitor to their business concept. Robert remarked that he believed the concept had value but needed clarification. He also went out.

Lori and Daymond collaborated on similar software, according to Lori. She added that the concept was intriguing since they might join forces and combine the two entities. However, she was concerned because the couple had only begun the procedure, so she left.

Chris informed the couple that they had dispersed. They pitched four distinct businesses simultaneously: a platform for friends and family to give, one for strangers to give, one for scholarship funds to set up, and one for kids to find scholarships.

He stated that he believed that only some four ideas could be addressed simultaneously, despite their particular interest. He left, stating that he was seeking greater concentration. Tasha apologized for her lack of concentration but reassured the surviving Sharks that they had a strategy.

Mark said that their early arrival was the problem. His idea was good, so he wanted to see it through to completion, but he needed help from the prototype stage. He went out.

Vengo Shark Tank Update

Tasha assured them their feedback would be incorporated into the company’s improvement. Lori wished them well, and the two individuals exited the tank. Kevin said they couldn’t receive 8%. Mark added Village Scholarships was not at a place where such a sum would be significant.

Final Deal: No deal between Village Scholarships and Sharks.

What Happened To Village Scholarships After Shark Tank?

The founders of Village Scholarships left the Shark Tank stage without securing any deal from the Sharks. The Adams twins initially seemed to have been focusing on Village Scholarships.

However, the platform Village Scholarships never had any strong business plan to survive in the long run. Village Scholarships went out of business and ceased its operations in 2016.

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Village Scholarships Shark Tank Update

As far as Village Scholarships are concerned, the siblings seem to have lost sight of their roots. There is a very small following on all of their social media websites; they update them very rarely, often taking months to post anything new on their social media sites.

Village Scholarships Shark Tank Update

The Village Scholarships website is down, and Antonio told that the program was supposed to begin in the summer of 2016, but we are more than halfway through the season. 

Is Village Scholarships Still in Business?

Village Scholarships went out of business in 2016. Village Scholarships never had any business plan that could generate any profit. Hence, the platform could never take off.

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What is the Net Worth of Village Scholarships?

The valuation of Village Scholarships was $1.25 million when it appeared on Shark Tank. The net worth of Village Scholarships is unknown as of 2022 since the company went out of business in 2016.