The Pocket Panty Shark Tank Update | The Pocket Panty Net Worth

The Pocket Panty is a product that appeared on episode 09 of Season 15 of Shark Tank. It is a pair of individually wrapped underwear designed to be convenient and accessible in various situations.

The product aims to provide a solution for when you need a fresh pair of underwear while on the go. Pocket Panty provides a quick and discreet solution after intense workouts, spills, or not having a change of clothes.

The Pocket Panty’s one-size-fits-most design prevents muffin tops and wedges by preventing muffin tops. This ensures a comfortable fit for most body types. Additionally, the panties are reusable, making them a sustainable choice.

The Pocket Panty stands out as a convenient alternative to searching through countless options at a mall during an inconvenient time. 

You won’t have to spend time sifting through expensive racks at a department store when you buy these individually wrapped panties. The product offers a cute, comfortable, discrete undergarment option that can easily carry in a bag or purse.

Created by Ashlee L. Turner, the Pocket Panty is more than just a business venture. Turner’s mission is to destigmatize life’s accidents and provide an affordable solution that includes different body types. 

As an activist and woman of color, Turner aims to give back to economically disenfranchised women in inner-city communities.

The Pocket Panty impressed Shark Tank with its founder’s real estate background and drive but faced marketing and pricing challenges. 

The retail cost of $10 per pair surprised and deterred some of the Sharks, leading them to decline to invest. Furthermore, the product’s lack of active social media marketing also raised concerns among potential investors.

However, the Pocket Panty could not secure a deal on the show despite Turner’s tenacious energy and personality. However, its concept and commitment to inclusivity make it an interesting option for those seeking a convenient and comfortable on-the-go underwear solution.

Company NameThe Pocket Panty
EntrepreneurAshlee Lena Turner
Product / BusinessUnderwear for emergencies
Investment Asking For$80,000 for 10% equity in The Pocket Panty
Final DealNo Deal
SharkNo Shark
The Pocket Panty Episode Season 15, Episode 09
The Pocket Panty Business StatusIn Business
The Pocket Panty WebsiteVisit Website
The Pocket Panty’s Net Worth$500,000

What Is The Pocket Panty?

The Pocket Panty is a discreet and convenient on-the-go undergarment option for women. It is individually wrapped, making it easy to grab and go whenever needed. This simple and flattering panty is designed to fit most body shapes comfortably, whether thin, curvy, or somewhere in between.

The Pocket Panty Shark Tank Update | The Pocket Panty Net Worth

The Pocket Panty is perfect when you don’t want to be inconvenienced by sifting through countless panty options at the mall. It can be kept in your purse, gym bag, glove compartment, or any other easily accessible place.

With The Pocket Panty, you can have a cute, comfortable, discrete undergarment solution for any occasion.

Who Is The Founder Of The Pocket Panty?

The Pocket Panty was founded by Ashlee L. Turner, an innovative entrepreneur passionate about creating practical and comfortable solutions for women’s undergarments.

Before establishing The Pocket Panty, Turner achieved initial success with Sweet Sugar, a candy lounge in Los Angeles. Although Sweet Sugar eventually closed due to external factors, Turner’s entrepreneurial spirit remained strong.

Following the closure of Sweet Sugar, Turner pursued a career in sales, where she consistently excelled. However, her desire to re-enter the entrepreneurial world persisted.

The idea for The Pocket Panty originated from Turner’s personal experiences and the need for a convenient and comfortable undergarment solution.

She recognized women’s challenges in maintaining freshness when transitioning between workouts and social events.

Seeing an opportunity to address these needs, Turner created The Pocket Panty as a reusable panty line that combines fashion, convenience, and discretion. The Pocket Panty is committed to inclusivity and body positivity.

Understanding that women’s bodies come in diverse shapes and sizes, Turner ensured that the panties comfortably fit various body types. This inclusiveness is a fundamental aspect of the brand, allowing women of all sizes to find comfort and convenience in their products.

Before appearing on Shark Tank, The Pocket Panty had already gained recognition for its innovative approach to women’s undergarments. The brand focused on providing a practical solution while promoting body inclusivity and combating societal stigmas.

The Pocket Panty Project, an important initiative of TPP, showcased Turner’s commitment to social responsibility.

This project provides feminine products to underserved communities through partnerships with non-profits, particularly women of color who face gender and racial discrimination together.

Each sale of The Pocket Panty contributed to organizations supporting the wellness and progression of women of color.

Regarding product design, The Pocket Panty’s panties were individually wrapped in biodegradable, smell-proof, reusable zip-lock packages.

This thoughtful packaging addressed concerns about odor and disposal, offering women a discreet and hygienic way to manage soiled panties.

Ashlee L. Turner’s journey from being the founder of a candy lounge to becoming a visionary entrepreneur in the women’s undergarment industry showcases her resilience, creativity, and dedication to positively impacting women’s lives.

Through The Pocket Panty, she provided a practical solution and created a platform that promotes inclusivity, combats stigmas and contributes to the welfare of marginalized communities.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of The Pocket Panty?

The founder of The Pocket Panty, Ashlee Turner, appeared on Shark Tank Season 15 to pitch her women’s accessory company. 

The Pocket Panty is a packaged back-up pair of underwear for women to use when changing. Ashlee was seeking an investment of $80,000 for a 10% equity stake in her business.

During the presentation, Ashlee explained that The Pocket Panty offers a discreet solution for women who need emergency underwear. 

The product comes in a small package that can be easily kept in a purse, and the underwear inside is comfortable and reusable. Although available in one size, Ashlee mentioned introducing a plus-size option.

Ashlee provided samples to the sharks and shared that she had conducted research by distributing The Pocket Panty to women in schools and gathering customer feedback.

She also discussed her sales, revealing that the company had generated $8,000 in sales in the last quarter of 2021, with lifetime sales totaling $60,000.

The Pocket Panty Shark Tank Update | The Pocket Panty Net Worth

The sharks, including Mark Cuban, Kevin O’Leary, Robert Herjavec, Lori Greiner, and guest shark Emma Grede, expressed their opinions on the product and business. Ultimately, none of the sharks offered to invest in The Pocket Panty.

Mark Cuban suggested that Ashlee should focus on using social media to promote the product and generate pre-sales. However, since Ashlee was unwilling to grow her social media presence, Mark decided not to invest.

Kevin O’Leary believed the product was too expensive, but his expertise was not in underwear pricing. Emma Grede agreed with Mark’s assessment regarding social media and suggested lowering the price of The Pocket Panty to $3.99.

In the end, none of the sharks made a deal with Ashlee. Despite this, The Pocket Panty has remained in business and experienced a boost in sales after the episode aired.

Here is a table summarizing the sharks’ names, their investment offers, any counteroffers made by Ashlee, and the final deal accepted by Ashlee:

SharkInvestment OfferedCounteroffer by AshleeFinal Deal
Mark CubanNo offer
Kevin O’LearyNo offer
Robert HerjavecNo offer
Lori GreinerNo offer
Emma GredeNo offer

No deal was made between any shark and Ashlee for The Pocket Panty.

Did The Pocket Panty Get a Deal on Shark Tank?

No, The Pocket Panty did not get a deal on Shark Tank. Despite appearing on the show and pitching her business to the Sharks, Ashlee Lena Turner did not secure an investment.

However, the exposure from the show helped generate awareness for her product and potentially led to increased sales.

What Happened To The Pocket Panty After Shark Tank?

After appearing on Shark Tank in Season 15, Episode 9, The Pocket Panty experienced a significant boost in visibility and business. The show provided a platform for the brand to showcase its innovative and practical solutions for on-the-go situations. As a result, The Pocket Panty gained increased recognition and exposure.

The brand’s feature on Forbes further emphasized their refreshing approach and innovative product, contributing to their growing success. The Pocket Panty’s commitment to inclusivity and sustainability resonated with consumers, attracting a broad audience.

Regarding their marketing efforts, The Pocket Panty’s Instagram page was crucial in building an inclusive and authentic brand image. 

By showcasing women’s bodies in their natural diversity of sizes and shapes, the brand made their product relatable to a wide range of people. This inclusive representation struck a chord with women who appreciated seeing themselves reflected in the brand’s marketing, fostering a sense of representation.

Additionally, The Pocket Panty implemented an ethical pricing strategy, making their innovative product accessible to a broad audience. The brand’s dedication to environmental sustainability was evident through their use of biodegradable and reusable packaging.

Furthermore, The Pocket Panty initiated The Pocket Panty Project, collaborating with nonprofits that serve underserved communities with female hygiene products. 

For every product sold, a proportional donation was made to these organizations, contributing to the overall wellness and growth of women of color.

The Pocket Panty’s appearance on Shark Tank and subsequent efforts to promote inclusivity, sustainability, and positive social impact have positioned the brand for sustained success. 

Their unique approach to women’s underwear resonates with consumers seeking practical and empowering solutions for unexpected situations.

The Pocket Panty Shark Tank Update

After appearing on Shark Tank Season 15 Episode 9, The Pocket Panty, founded by Ashlee Lena Turner, did not secure a deal with any of the Sharks. 

Despite the lack of investment from the show, the exposure from Shark Tank significantly boosted the company’s profile, leading to an influx of visitors to its website and likely an increase in sales. 

The business continued operations after the show and remains active as of today. The Pocket Panty’s exposure on Shark Tank highlighted its unique value proposition and could have attracted customers looking for portable, hygienic, and comfortable underwear solutions for women on the go.

The Pocket Panty Shark Tank Update | The Pocket Panty Net Worth

The company’s estimated net worth was around $0.5 million, with signs of potential growth within the expanding night & underwear market in the United States.

With its headquarters in Los Angeles, California, and a small team, The Pocket Panty aimed to leverage Ashlee Lena Turner’s retail expertise to succeed in e-commerce, emphasizing the need for an effective marketing strategy moving forward.

Is The Pocket Panty Still In Business?

Yes, The Pocket Panty is still in business. Despite not securing a deal on “Shark Tank,” the company continues to operate. Founder Ashlee L. Turner’s commitment to providing a comfortable, convenient, and inclusive underwear solution drives the brand forward.

Through her website and other sales channels, Pocket Panty maintains its presence in the market, offering individually wrapped pairs of underwear that cater to various needs.

The brand’s mission extends beyond profit, aiming to support women from diverse backgrounds and address life’s unforeseen mishaps with a practical product.

Turner’s entrepreneurial spirit keeps the business alive post “Shark Tank,” suggesting resilience and potential future growth.

What Is the Net Worth Of The Pocket Panty?

According to our research, the net worth of The Pocket Panty is estimated at $500,000. The valuation of The Pocket Panty was presented to be $800,000 by its founder when it appeared on Shark Tank.

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