What Happened To Sunday Night Slow Jams Shark Tank?

If you want a unique way to express your love for someone special, Sunday Night Slow Jams is the perfect radio program. This globally broadcasted radio program is not your ordinary music show; it features love songs that touch the heart and soul of every listener.

Sunday Night Slow Jams is an innovative radio show that combines old-school soul and R&B with current trends in music. The concept for the show was created by longtime radio personality DJ Don Juan and later pitched to television’s ‘Shark Tank.’

Sunday Night Slow Jams offers listeners a unique journey from classic 70’s music to today’s hottest hits. It features hit songs from some of R&B’s greatest icons of R&B, like Marvin Gaye, Chaka Khan, Luther Vandross, and more.

The show also provides an interactive platform for fans of all ages to engage with each other. Listeners can join a live chat room during the broadcast or post their comments directly on social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

In this article, we will dive deep into what Sunday Night Slow Jams is all about, how it works, and why it’s a great way to show your love.

What Is Sunday Night Slow Jams?

Sunday Night Slow Jams is a radio program that airs every Sunday evening, featuring love songs that are perfect for slow dancing or simply enjoying with someone special.

This program has been running for years, becoming a favorite for many listeners worldwide. The show’s host, R Dub!, is passionate about love songs and has dedicated his career to sharing this love with others.

Sunday Night Slow Jams is a radio show that features classic love songs dedicated to special people. The Sunday Night Slow Jams program is broadcast on over fifty radio stations worldwide and focuses exclusively on slow love songs.

You can take calls from people on the other side who wish to dedicate songs to their significant others. The concertgoers can ensure no one misses the performance by sending their family and friends personalized greetings.

Sunday Night Slow Jams is an experience designed to bring back the old-school slow jams of the ‘90s and early 2000s in a modern way. This program quickly became one of the city’s most popular live music events.

Sunday Night Slow Jams Shark Tank Update

Sunday Night Slow Jams brings together people from all over the city each Sunday night to experience old-school R&B, hip-hop, and soul music. It’s a relaxed atmosphere, and the DJs are on hand to keep the crowd moving to their favorite slow jams.

Company NameSunday Night Slow Jams
EntrepreneurDJ R Dub
Product / BusinessA slow jam radio station
Investment Asking For$75,000 for 10% equity in Sunday Night Slow Jam
Final DealNo Offers
SharkNo Shark
Episode Season 5, Episode 4
Business StatusIn Business
WebsiteVisit Website

Who Is the Founder Of Sunday Night Slow Jams?

DJ R Dub is the founder of Sunday Night Slow Jams. R. Dub is a radio DJ that hails from the state of California. He is the founder of Sunday Night Slow Jams and hosts the show. 

He performs various love songs and classics and includes these unique dedications known as Oral Expressions. He intends to promote his syndicated program to reach a broader audience.

Brian McNight promotes Sunday Night Slow Jams on the Shark Tank and admits that he watches the show. McNight is a fan of the show. He is looking for financial backing to expand the audience of his show.

Sunday Night Slow Jams Before Shark Tank

The Sunday Night Slow Jams series was founded by R DUB at sixteen. He was born in Chicago but spent his childhood in Los Angeles and Orlando.

He claims that since he was thirteen, his interest has been listening to music, specifically Slow Jams. His interest in music led him to seek the opportunity to start and host his own Slow Jam radio show.

When he was fifteen and sixteen, R DUB’s family moved from Iowa to Tucson, Arizona. He also received his first employment at this station, allowing him to gain experience hosting radio shows.

He stated that even though there most likely weren’t too many listeners, he still enjoyed playing Slow Jams on the local radio station where he gave his time.

R. DUB began his career as a full-time radio host in 1994 when he was still a senior in high school. Although he had to switch radio stations several times throughout his career, he always brought his Slow Jams show, ensuring listeners would continue to enjoy it.

R DUB claims that due to these occurrences, he desired a change. He claims that he has always desired to make Brazil his permanent home and place of employment, and of course, he would take Sunday Night Slow Jams with him.

Bubba’s Q BBQ Shark Tank Update

He accepted a job offer from a radio station in Los Angeles while packing up his belongings and preparing to move, which was his dream job. According to R DUB, the Sunday Night Slow Jams show continues to take place every Sunday night, in addition to various weeknights.

He feels that receiving an investment from the Sharks will enable him to deliver Friday Night Slow Jams to many people worldwide rather than simply the homes of people in the United States.

How Was the Shark Tank Pitch Of Sunday Night Slow Jams?

DJ R Dubs pitched Sunday Night Slow Jams to Shark Tank’s investors in the 4th episode of Season 5. He asked for $75,000 in exchange for a 10% stake in the Sunday Night Slow Jams. The headquarters of the corporation is currently located in San Diego, California.

It is part of a syndicated radio network that broadcasts Sunday Night Slow Jams in San Diego, California. DJ R Dubs is in charge of the show, and every week, he invites a different group of exceptionally skilled musicians to appear on it.

DJ R Dubs had just walked into the meeting in the hopes of securing financial backing so that he could grow his company. 

Sunday Night Slow Jams, which a syndicated radio station produces, must first garner the attention of sponsors before it can be marketed to radio stations interested in broadcasting the show.

Sunday Night Slow Jams would only be able to expand beyond the limited number of networks currently available with sponsors’ support.

Sunday Night Slow Jams needed $75,000. This would pay for an investment in a salesman. The Sharks are typically less enthusiastic about investing when the money would be used for pay rather than expansion.

However, the reality is that the business would only be possible to grow if a salesman worked there to bring in more advertising. As a consequence of this, the Sharks did not consider this to be a “turn-off” element.

They thought, however, that funding wouldn’t be needed for DJ R Dubs if this were all the company’s obstacles to growth.

They believed that by offering a commission on advertising sales to his sales staff, he would likely be able to accomplish the level of development he had set for himself.

The fact that the Syndicated Radio Business is so bad is the fundamental issue that prevents the Sharks from moving forward. These days, it doesn’t even come close to making a profit.

Henry’s Humdingers Shark Tank Update

Those that run radio shows not only have to compete with other businesses attempting to get on the airwaves but also contend with the abundance of currently available technology capable of delivering music without the radio even having to be turned on.

This led to the Sharks not believing they could get their money back. They all left the room very immediately.

Final Deal: No deal between Sunday Night Slow Jams and Sharks.

What Happened To Sunday Night Slow Jams After Shark Tank?

R DUB was unsuccessful in securing an investment from the Sharks, but this setback prevented him from working toward a more ambitious goal. When he appeared on Shark Tank, his company was already profitable, so he had no financial concerns.

R DUB successfully distributed Sunday Night Slow Jams to over one hundred cities in the United States and internationally; currently, the show can be heard in over fifty countries.

There is no indication of how profitable his show became, but his expansion typically indicates that his business is going well. In the episode “Shark Tank,” there is no discussion over whether R DUB’s radio show is the best or the worst.

None of the Sharks were interested in R DUB because they didn’t think it required investment for a salesperson.

Simply go to the website with the URL http://www.slowjams.com/ to listen to the Sunday Night Slow Jams show. You won’t have to pay anything to tune in to or listen to R DUB’s show on that platform.

There are a lot of glowing testimonials about R DUB’s work and Sunday Night Slow Jams on social media platforms like Facebook. These testimonials can be seen all over the internet. 

Most listeners have quite favorable opinions of the radio program; some even go so far as to declare that they never want the program to be discontinued.

Surprise Ride Shark Tank Update

It is easy to get in touch with R. DUB and arrange a meeting with him if you want to broadcast his radio show on your radio station. His website states that United States residents do not need to pay a license fee to use it. His concerts are made available once a week, each lasting for a whole day.

Why Sunday Night Slow Jams is a Great Way to Show Your Love?

Sunday Night Slow Jams is an excellent way to show your love for someone special. Whether you are in a long-distance relationship or want to express your feelings to someone, dedicating a love song to this radio program is a unique and memorable gesture.

The personalized message and the love song create a magical moment that will be remembered for years. It’s a simple but powerful way to tell someone how much you care.

Sunday Night Slow Jams Shark Tank Update

R. Dub has recently decided to move to Brazil to fulfill his lifelong ambition of performing slow jams there. He purchased a beachfront condo in Brazil after getting approval for a work visa, packed up his belongings, and notified the radio station in Tucson, Arizona, where he worked full-time as the Program Director and Afternoon host, that he was moving to Brazil. He then moved to Brazil.

Even though he was about to leave the country permanently, Dub received an offer to work at Los Angeles’s all-time favorite radio station, Hot 92.3, just four days before he was supposed to leave.

In March 2009, he was released from a service agreement that had him working as the Program Director of the radio station for two years. At this time, he eventually made his way to Brazil, where he would spend the next two years of his life.

Sunday Night Slow Jams Shark Tank Update

R. Dub currently divides his time between Tucson, Arizona; Recife, Brazil; and San Diego, California, where he hosts an afternoon radio show on Magic 92.5FM every weekday from 3 PM until 8 PM.

His Sunday Night Slow Jams is still broadcast every Sunday night, and there is also a version that airs during the week; it can now be heard in over 170 cities in the United States and other countries worldwide.

R Dub has been honored with several prestigious industry honors, such as Gavin’s Music Director of the Year, three times as a recipient of the S.I.N. Music Director of the Year award, two ADDY Awards, and multiple nominations for Billboard’s Music Director of the Year award.

R Dub has a passion for adventure and exploration and is now working toward seeing all of the world’s 193 nations. So far, he’s been to 125 countries, including North Korea, Somalia, Libya, Iraq, Venezuela, and South Sudan. He was on schedule to complete his degree in 2022.

GloveStix Shark Tank Update

Is Sunday Night Slow Jams Still In Business?

R Dub’s appearance on Shark Tank did not discourage him. R. Dub has created a dating website called SlowJamsLove for the people who listen to Sunday Night Slow Jams, and the show can currently be heard on fifty radio stations across three continents. Yes, Sunday Jams Is still in business as of 2023. 

What Is the Net Worth of Sunday Night Slow Jams?

The valuation of Sunday Night Slow Jams was $750,000 when it appeared on Shark Tank. The net worth of Sunday Night Slow Jams is above $1 million.