Santa’s Enchanted Mailbox Shark Tank Net Worth

Santa’s Enchanted Mailbox, featured in episode 8 of Shark Tank Season 13, is a magical product designed to bring the Christmas spirit alive.

Created by Chris and Elisa Cirri, this mailbox allows children to send letters to Santa Claus at the North Pole.

The product, which originated from a family tradition, aims to make the holiday season more enchanting for kids.

Santa’s Enchanted Mailbox works by magically delivering letters to Santa, creating a sense of wonder and excitement for children. It is a creative way for kids to communicate their Christmas wishes directly to Santa.

Priced at $39.99, the mailbox includes blank letters, an instruction manual, and the mailbox itself. Additionally, customers can purchase a set of 5 letters for $15.

With its charming concept and success in top US retailers, Santa’s Enchanted Mailbox is a perfect choice for families looking to add a touch of magic to their holiday celebrations.

Company NameSanta’s Enchanted Mailbox
FounderChris Cirri and Elisa Cirri
ProductMagical mailbox system
Investment Seeking$150,000 for a 30% equity
Final Deal AcceptedNo Deals
Shark NameNo Sharks
EpisodeSeason 13, Episode 08
Business StatusIn Business
WebsiteSanta’s Enchanted Mailbox Website
Net Worth$750,000

What Is Santa’s Enchanted Mailbox?

Santa’s Enchanted Mailbox is a product that allows users to write a letter to Santa, place it in one of the included envelopes, insert it into the mailbox, raise the flag, and hear a magical song and chime.

Santa’s Enchanted Mailbox is a magical Santa box business that sells the Magical Red Color Mail System. It is a simple plastic container designed like a mailbox, where children can put a card inside and move the flag to make the card invisible.

Santa’s Enchanted Mailbox Shark Tank Net Worth

This product is popular among kids during Christmas as it adds an element of magic and excitement to the holiday season.

When the mailbox is reopened, the letter magically disappears. It is designed to bring joy and excitement to the holiday season by creating a special experience for children sending letters to Santa.

Who Is The Founder Of Santa’s Enchanted Mailbox?

The founders of Santa’s Enchanted Mailbox are Chris and Elisa Cirri, along with their family members who joined in the venture. Chris Cirri conceptualized the idea of creating a magic mailbox for Christmas traditions, inspired by their son Dominic’s excitement for sending drawings to Santa.

Elisa’s stepfather, Dave, initially crafted a decorated mailbox, leading to the development of a 3-D printed prototype that magically made envelopes disappear.

Eventually, Chris, Dave, and Elisa’s brother, Steve, formed C.S.S. Innovations and trademarked the name “Santa’s Enchanted Mailbox.”

Chris Cirri’s vision for Santa’s Enchanted Mailbox was to establish a unique Christmas tradition through a magical mailbox.

Elisa’s stepfather made a simple wooden and cardboard mailbox, which evolved into a 3-D printed prototype that played music and disappeared envelopes.

The Cirri family’s passion for creating a festive experience for children led to the development of Santa’s Enchanted Mailbox, offering a whimsical way for kids to send their letters and drawings to Santa.

Before appearing on Shark Tank, Santa’s Enchanted Mailbox gained popularity through the Cirri family’s website, where they sold 300 mailboxes within the first 30 minutes.

Subsequently, they secured partnerships with renowned retailers like Mr. Christmas, Amazon, Home Shopping Network, Home Depot, and others, expanding the reach of the Enchanted Mailbox.

A deal with Walmart further broadened their market presence by offering exclusive, more affordable mailboxes in thousands of stores.

The enchanting mailbox had already become a cherished Christmas tradition for numerous households worldwide, adding a magical touch to holiday decorations.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of Santa’s Enchanted Mailbox?

  • Founders: Chris and Elisa Cirri presented Santa’s Enchanted Mailbox, a magical mailbox for children to send Christmas wish lists to Santa.
  • Investment Sought: They sought $150,000 for a 30% stake in their company.
  • Product Demo: They demonstrated the mailbox’s working and showed a video of children’s joyful reactions.
  • Sales Performance: They achieved $120,000 in sales in the first year and received a $1.3 million order the following year.
  • Sharks’ Views: Kevin O’Leary, Mark Cuban, and Daymond John dropped out due to concerns over seasonal sales and product complexity.
  • Investment Offers: Barbara Corcoran and Lori Greiner remained interested but didn’t make an offer.
  • Final Deal: No deal was made; the founders left without securing an investment.

During their Shark Tank pitch, Chris and Elisa Cirri introduced Santa’s Enchanted Mailbox as a magical way for children to send their Christmas wish lists to Santa.

Santa’s Enchanted Mailbox Shark Tank Net Worth

Seeking $150,000 for a 30% stake, they showcased the mailbox’s functionality and shared their sales success, including $120,000 in the first year and a $1.3 million order in the second year.

While Kevin O’Leary, Mark Cuban, and Daymond John raised concerns about seasonal sales and product complexity and opted out, Barbara Corcoran and Lori Greiner expressed interest but didn’t make an offer.

Ultimately, the founders left without securing an investment, as no deal was reached. The table below summarizes the Sharks’ responses during the pitch:

Shark’s NameInvestment OfferedCounter Offer by FoundersFinal Deal Accepted by Founder
Kevin O’Leary
Mark Cuban
Daymond John
Barbara Corcoran
Lori Greiner

Did Santa’s Enchanted Mailbox Get a Deal on Shark Tank?

Santa’s Enchanted Mailbox, presented by Elisa and Chris Cirri on Shark Tank Season 13, did not secure a deal with any of the sharks.

Despite their innovative product designed to spread holiday magic, the sharks, including Mark Cuban, Lori Greiner, Kevin O’Leary, Barbara Corcoran, and Daymond John, all opted not to invest in the magical mailbox for sending letters to Santa.

The company faced challenges with high manufacturing costs, pricing issues, and a decline in sales after a previous partnership.

As of the latest update, Santa’s Enchanted Mailbox appears to be out of stock with inactive social media pages, suggesting potential business challenges.

Chris Cirri remains listed as the current owner and President of the company, but the future plans for the product remain uncertain.

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What Happened To Santa’s Enchanted Mailbox After Shark Tank?

Santa’s Enchanted Mailbox, despite not securing a deal on Shark Tank, managed to continue its business operations after its appearance on the show.

The magical mailboxes are still available for purchase on their official website, as well as through retail chains like Walmart, Amazon, Bed Bath & Beyond, and others.

Santa’s Enchanted Mailbox Shark Tank Net Worth

While the business faced challenges during the Covid-19 pandemic, including financial struggles and pricing issues due to a large order being discounted by a big box store, it persevered and maintained its presence in the market.

Santa’s Enchanted Mailbox is still operational and selling its products through various channels, which indicates that it has managed to sustain its business to some extent despite the setbacks faced on the show.

Santa’s Enchanted Mailbox may not have achieved immediate success through Shark Tank, but it has continued to operate and offer its magical mailboxes to customers, showcasing resilience in the face of challenges.

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Santa’s Enchanted Mailbox Shark Tank Update

Santa’s Enchanted Mailbox, after its appearance on Shark Tank, faced both challenges and opportunities. Despite the initial setback of not securing a deal with the Sharks, the business continued to operate and strive for success in the competitive market.

Cirris, Chris and Elisa persisted in promoting Santa’s Enchanted Mailbox through various online channels and social media platforms.

They focused on reducing manufacturing costs and maintaining sales through their website and retail partnerships with stores like Bed Bath & Beyond and Hobby Lobby.

Post the show, the product received free TV promotion, leading to increased sales. However, the business faced challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, resulting in losses.

The business aimed to expand its market presence and explore new opportunities to reach a wider audience.

Following the Shark Tank episode, the couple adjusted the pricing of the product, reducing it to $39 from the original price. This strategic move aimed to make the product more accessible to potential customers.

Santa’s Enchanted Mailbox is actively engaging with customers and retailers to promote its unique holiday-themed product.

The product was temporarily out of stock on various platforms. Despite not obtaining investment in Shark Tank, Santa’s Enchanted Mailbox remains in business, with its net worth estimated at $750,000.

Santa’s Enchanted Mailbox, despite the initial hurdles and the absence of a deal on Shark Tank, has persevered in the competitive landscape.

By adapting its strategies, maintaining partnerships, and adjusting product pricing, the business continues to bring joy and wonder to children during the holiday season.

With a focus on innovation and customer engagement, Santa’s Enchanted Mailbox remains a part of the market, aiming to create magical experiences for families and children alike.

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What Is the Net Worth Of Santa’s Enchanted Mailbox?

According to our research, Santa’s Enchanted Mailbox’s net worth is estimated to be $750,000. The valuation of Santa’s Enchanted Mailbox was $500,000 when it appeared on season 13 of Shark Tank.